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Nothing beats training in OW to get a feel for pace.

2019 Open Water National Championships - 5k full race

A hard training swim in a lake followed by a cycling workout might provide some insight to limits in the swim. Every once in a while, prescribe a swim test that replicates race distance and gives your athletes a chance to see how hard they can attack the swim. For a 1, meter event I would suggest:.

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There should not be enough rest to recover, but just enough to help them keep the pace high. Instruct your athletes to start their watch as they push off into the first meters and subtract minutes from their total time to estimate their 3. Test again in a month and push a little harder. Too fast? Heart rate too high? A little experience will help you find the best pace. You might be surprised how congested the back of an OW start can be, and adding breaststrokers to the mix makes overtaking very hard.

Starting too high can also lead to issues if swimming is not a strength. Athletes may be driven off course by advancing packs of swimmers resulting in additional sighting as they need to navigate more frequently. Learning to settle into an effective mid-race cruise is essential after the excitement of a swim start.

Prescribe this main set after a good warm up to help with pacing after the start:. Athletes should pull on the steadier mid-race cruise MRC. Leg kick will assist swim speed to a point, however, too much will leave your athlete fatigued for the bike.

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The absence of kicking will put more pressure on the arms, slow the athlete down, and result in the same amount of fatigue. Athletes will find a better balance when the full body contributes by recruiting more muscles to do less work keeping them fresh for the bike. Lots of sharp turns required lots of sighting and slowed progress.

When I raced Tri Standard distance competitively I would try to avoid comparing races, but it was sometimes helpful looking at an average of a few of them to see how the season was really going. So, if you are comparing a few OW races to your pool speed check to see if they are slow races i.

It is useful to look at pro times and mid-pack times from race to race to get a feel for the speed of the course.

  • 1. Big Swim: Palm Beach to Whale Beach, Australia.
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  • Going too fast and blowing up and drafting off of someone slow who drags you around to a slow time will leave you equally frustrated and annoyed. No wonder it can be tricky deciding if the pace is too fast or too slow. Too fast and I let them go. Not quick enough and I drop them to join a faster group going by.

    LEN European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships, Malta – FrancisSwim

    I teach the concept of trying to be an adaptable swimmer. Being able to change tactics and technique as conditions dictate can be helpful. As conditions change, the stroke especially tempo can adapt to take advantage of changing weather or water conditions and assist your swim speed. Keep in mind, lengthening and stretching out the stroke or lowering stroke count against a slight current will slow swimmers dramatically. Speeding up stroke turnover in coordination with the flow might not be the best use of economy of effort, either.


    Arriving early and watching earlier waves swim, if possible, for clues about the water conditions can help your swim. Is there any wildlife floating on the water in a river you are about to race in? How fast is it flowing? Are the ducks struggling to stay stationary?

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    • Encourage your athletes to adjust their technique based on what they see and feel in the water. Are you comparing like for like and being fair to yourself? There could be as much as 10 second difference between meters in those two pool lengths. Over 3. It wasted a ton of time and energy. That may mean going to the backstroke or breaststroke for a bit to catch up and help you be more deliberate. If you feel panicked, float on your back and catch your breath. Try to find a rhythm. What helps me is looking at the beautiful lake or surrounding nature at every stroke and remembering how lucky I am to be swimming in a gorgeous lake with lots of people.

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