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Sensitivity & Strength

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Heather Gunter. Julian: A Fairytale Love. Anna Katmore. Please Don't Tell. Kelly Mooney. Studying animal physiology and focused on the functioning of the brain, Professor Loeb conducted a series of experiments on different animals, among them the Porthesia larvae, during the last decade of the 19th century.

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  • Sensitive Periods: Hugo De Vries, Jacques Loeb, and the Porthesia Larvae.
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In his book, Comparative Physiology of the brain and comparative psychology — G. The warm spring sun drives them out of the nest and they crawl up on the branches of the tree or shrub to the tip, where they find their first food. After having eaten the tips, they crawl about until they find new buds or leaves, which in the meantime have come out in great numbers.

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Were they not guided by such an instinct, those that crawl downwards would die of starvation…. Until they have taken food they are positively heliotropic. This positive heliotropism leads them to the tips of the branches where they find their food…. Why does the light not hold them on the highest point permanently? Professors Loeb and De Vries met in California in and they remained friends. Did they discuss their work and find the connections between their fields of experimentation? A further reading from The Secret of Childhood can be interpreted differently in the light of the above:.

We may take, for instance, the butterfly caterpillar…. This has been proved in scientific laboratories where there are neither trees nor leaves but only the caterpillar and the light. The caterpillar will wriggle rapidly towards any ray of light that comes through a hole in the dark box in which it has been enclosed for the experiment. After a certain period, rays of light leave it completely indifferent. In this paragraph, Dr. Montessori does not directly attribute the work with the butterfly larvae to Prof.

De Vries. But in all these years of reading this text, I have always jumped to the conclusion that it was De Vries who had worked with the Porthesia larvae. Have you ever made promises that you came to regret? Sara and Ben made a pact that nothing would change between them when they started high school. But that was before they knew what high school is really about and before they realized that maybe there was more to being a couple than longtime friendship. Being a teenager is hard enough with all the hormonal changes going on, but dealing with bullies, pressure, and stress makes it way worse.

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Sensitivity & Strength, Larva High School 1

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