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They knew quite well that He had four, and that the fourth explained Sula. There was no creature so ungodly as to make them destroy it. To do so was not only unnatural, it was undignified. The presence of evil was something to be first recognized, then dealt with, survived, outwitted, triumphed over. But perhaps, rather than thinking about whether the devil can be saved, we can consider whether God can be held responsible for evil and why such an acceptance is so often seen as requiring one give up theological inquiry.

An author like Delores Williams, for instance, manages to hold up the indifference and ambivalence of God towards Hagar as precisely the point at which theological inquiry becomes urgent and necessary.

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Rather than leaving the logic of redemptive suffering to work its magic and buy freedom on the backs of black women, Williams argues that a quality of life and survival ethic become the measure for salvation. Perhaps these kinds of values offer a real possibility of life for the Devil. Rather than trying to escape the reality of suffering by reproducing a freedom built on the slavery of the demonized and disparaged, such reflection would require us to continually examine the inequitable distribution of blame that makes life and survival damn near impossible for so many.

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I am really intrigued by the idea of a constructive theology that would admit God is responsible for evil. A colleague has suggested that the obvious result of my critique of monotheism in TPOTW is to return to polytheism — and a salient feature of polytheism is that virtually every god is at some point openly and unashamedly responsible for evil and destruction. A hard holiness, a hard struggle, a hard walk, slow, painful, but transformative in its result.

Every worldly authority, whether secular or religious, tends toward the Satanic in so far as its real motive is what E. The battle for the Redemption of the world is thus, in William Blake, the battle between Satan and Christ. In short, he creates a sickness and then offers to remedy it provided we do exactly as he commands!

It is a neat, but closed, circle. The circle goes like this.

Glimpses of the Devil: A Psychiatrist's Personal Accounts of Possession, Exorcism, and Redemption

A major consequence of this Satanic System is that desire as such, passion as such, life in its pith, juice, and thrust, come to be regarded as inherently evil. Hell is energy, and heaven is restraint of energy— which is why hell is active and alive while heaven is passive and dead.

Satan is therefore the spirit who limits the human, always compelling the human through fear and guilt. We try to be good, but our desire and passion are always stirring beneath, and they might lead us into sin! This fills us with the moral terror of transgressing, and so we arrange our face, our public mask, of behavioural correctness, but we are none the less always found out when the beasts of soul desire and heart passion erupt, breaking out of the cage. But from the Catholic Inquisition through the Protestant witch burning to the Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals of today, it is Satan the Accuser who is worshipped with the holy names of Father, and Christ.

Mother Maria Skobtsova was, along with two other monastics, killed by the Nazis for hiding Jews in her refuge in Paris.

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Stephen Muse, , p 17], the early Eastern Christian church in Byzantium supported many philanthropic institutions, including homes for the poor [ptochotropheia], homes for orphans [orphanotrophia], homes for the aged [gerokomeia], and hospitals [nosokomeia and xenones]. Demakis, p 17]. Moreover, as Patriarch of Constantinople [from AD], St John Chrysostom thundered against slavery and on behalf of the equality of women, and threatened fire from heaven upon the luxury and vanity of the rich [R. Payne, p ]. Perhaps over time as the church increasingly sided with the rich and powerful, in effect backing the most worldly, so monasticism became increasingly other worldly.

This is the road to total heartlessness. This is the evil of Mephistophles. The person becomes too attenuated, too thin, to really live. Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Dostoyevsky, all warned against the increasing abstractionism of Western culture.

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Whether religious or secular, this abstractionism is anti-incarnational; it is transcendence of the world. The seeker can read these for the secrets they contain. Thus he is a hierophant, an adept, an initiate, in Higher Knowledge beyond the ken of the mass of people operating at a lower level of reality. Consciousness is higher and matter is lower.

Keener, F. Michael J. Louis, Missouri. Logos 8.

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