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Laura is persuaded by Katie, played by Nina Sosanya , to seek professional help for her many issues in the form of a long-term commitment to intensive psychotherapy with the enigmatic 'Dr F' - who will be played by Sharon Horgan.

Sharon Horgan and Lorna Martin bring Women on The Verge to W | News | UKTV Corporate Site

Divorced and single, Katie has recently contemplated a course of IVF to 'complete' her family without a man and have a much longed for sibling for her young daughter Ella. Meanwhile, Alison, played by Eileen Walsh , completes the trio as a character who, after a series of disastrous and border-line scary Tinder-based one-night stands, finds herself back together with her ex Martin.

Alison is hooked up to an electronic device that measures her fertility cycle and describes sex with Martin as 'not too bad really, now that there's some sort of point to it'. The chance to bring this project to life for W represents an exciting opportunity for us as a broadcaster, and for W as a channel. We're delighted to be working with the talented and much in demand teams at Merman and House Productions alongside a brilliant cast - led by the extraordinary Kerry Condon - to delve into the chaotic, sometimes tragic but always gripping lives of Laura, Katie and Alison.

Women on the Verge offers a highly original, no holds barred take on a subject matter that will be instinctively familiar to the W audience.

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Taking the gloss of Sex and the City , combined with the brutal honesty of Girls , this is a project unlike anything else on British TV. Merman co-founders Clelia Mountford and Sharon Horgan added : "We were huge fans of Lorna's book 'woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown' that told her personal story so compellingly and honestly. We are very happy that we're finally getting to bring her story to the screen and destroy whatever privacy she has left.

Juliette Howell, executive producer for House said : "House are thrilled to be working with such a talented team on this sparklingly funny, truthful and original comedy for UKTV. Story from TV Shows.

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What stage of life are you at? Have you hit the milestones you were meant to by this age? Have you done enough to fulfil your role in society?

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Do you have everything you want? These sorts of questions penetrate our lives way more than we may care to recognise on a day-to-day basis.

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Related Stories. How about when you're competing for your daughter's attention with her dad who you divorced and her shiny new stepmum? It's tragic, but it's laughable. These sorts of awkwardly relatable scenarios are explored in a new television series that finally tackles the messy, traumatic, funny, ridiculous reality of thirtysomething womanhood.

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  5. Women On The Verge was inspired and co-written by Lorna Martin, whose magazine column turned memoir has now manifested in a six-part comedy drama coming to the W channel in October. Primarily based on Martin's experiences and the lives of some of her own pals, the series follows the lives of three friends in their 30s who are thankfully far removed from the Sex and the City example — it's outrageous that this remains the lasting example for the limbo between the better documented quarter- and mid-life crises, don't you think?

    Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios)

    The Gone Girl phenomenon has meant we've spent a lot of time watching interpretations of women at thriller-oriented psychological breaking point. But how often do we watch the comparatively mundane chaos of just trying to keep your job, drinking a bit too much too often and actively pursuing therapy through the lens of women who are neither middle-aged nor navigating teenage turmoil?

    Investigative journalist Laura, single mum Katie and Alison, recently reunited with her ex-husband, are the "women on the verge" in this new series and poised to fill that gap. Far from the typical romantic narratives with which we're bombarded, Women On The Verge questions why we lean towards assuming that finding a man is the solution to whatever issues we're dealing with in our personal lives.

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    It tackles the expectation of being wiser just because you're a bit older. It approaches the difficult conversation around being in your late 30s, without a partner and really wanting to have kids. It's also a reminder that as we look around, comparing ourselves to peers who have ticked all the boxes we thought we were meant to have achieved by now, even though the outlook seems pretty bleak, a dark sense of humour and a couple of understanding mates will serve you pretty well in getting through it.