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Too often congregants are engrossed in lifting themselves up in worship; but worship should not be an autonomous act of egocentrism directed toward nothing in particular. This is vital information for the Theologian: attaining knowledge of God leads to deeper, more meaningful worship. The perception is often the opposite, that one becomes rigid and aloof with more theological education, but Kapic successfully argues that knowledge of God leads to intimacy and not detachment.

For theologians—which as explained in chapter 1 is everyone who endeavors to know God—it is encouraging that any understanding of God increases the joy found in knowing God. To truly know someone is to love them; to truly love them is to know them. He purposefully explains how the knowledge of God helps us to understand and conform to God in ways that are simple yet worship-filled, wonderful yet unique.

With the help of ideals from timeless theologians such as Augustine, Kierkegaard, Barth, Chesterton, and Calvin, Kapic challenges his readers to take this relationship seriously as we join on the pilgrimage of faith together. Kapic argues that, despite the rise of postmodern ideas, the Holy Spirit should be the true leader to helping us understand God.

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To prove this, he introduces us to some great theologians of the ages: Paul, Gregory of Nazianzus, Charles Hodge, and J. All agree that the mark of a true theologian lies not in the depth and breadth of intellectual maturity with a goal of perfection; rather, it lies in the realization that we are all sinners saved by grace and directed through the daily struggles of life by the Spirit—that is true faithfulness. A person does not simply know God through studying scripture hermeneutically and purposefully; she also needs to experience the presence of God and prepare herself spiritually for everyday encounters with the living God.

However, Kapic does take care to warn that pride and piety can very often step in the way of theological discussions. Instead of studying and speaking of God with arrogance and feeling as if we have God completely figured out, we should come to speak of theology in a way that reflects the humility in our study and softness in our hearts. Inevitably, our ultimate goal is to apply our thoughts about theology into our lives as spiritual beings serving a God who communes with us, cares for us, and reveals himself to us humbly. We become great theologians by being devoted to, as Kapic explains throughout the rest of the book, faithful reason, prayer and study, humility and repentance, suffering, justice, and knowing God, tradition and community, and love of scripture.

Kelly Kapic moves mountains with this compelling and faith-filled, one-hundred page book.

A Contemporary Jewish Theology of Creation

He clearly has worked many long hours and had conversations with many to put together his thoughts about theology into this succinct guide. Desiring to know God and study what God is like proves a challenge but is something that all Christians must attempt because God is not only at the very center of our core and our being, but knowing God also ties together within us the relationship between worship, wisdom, and knowing our own selves.

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We cannot separate our Christian life from theology, for the two are like a basket that has been tightly woven together to create a strong holding place for whatever may be carried within. Summary: In his book, A Little Book for New Theologians , Kelly Kapic seeks to put forth an accessible understanding of what theology is, identifies the reader as a theologian, and gives a lay of the land for theological practice.

Chapter Six is a very brief treatise on the role of prayer and study in the practice of theology. He writes in the acknowledgments section of the book:. I hope students might read this book near the beginning of their theological studies, whether such education takes place formally within a classroom or informally as one sits reading and reflecting. My prayer is that this book might, in some small way, help new theologians avoid the strong dichotomies of theological detachment.

I would suggest that Kapic's Little Book is the kind of reading that is suitable for all believers, regardless of their level of training and years of experience. This is actually the kind of book that we probably all need to read and reread every now and then to keep ourselves grounded, humble and approachable to those with whom we interact, teach and minister. It would make a great gift to give the current generation of "new theologians" but is also a good reading for the "old" theologians as well. Kapic runs about twice as long as Thielicke's work but is probably much more accessible to today's generation.

The Accordance version of the title includes the following tagged search fields: Titles, English Content, Scripture, Transliteration, and Page Numbers. The Name, Subject and Scripture indexes of the original print edition are included as well. One more thing If anything, after pulling it off the shelf and thumbing through it, I feel compelled to read it now, even after all these years.

I would imagine that reading it and Kapic's newer book back to back would make for great comparison and reflection. CHAT My Account.

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