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After the fun snowball fight, they went ice-skating.

The snowman had blue ice skates and the girl had pink skates. They also had matching gloves. They had the best day in their life! All About a Ladybug One time a ladybug peed on me. My friends were begging me to put a ladybug on my arm. I put it on my arm. Hot Cocoa The best thing to do on a snow day is drinking hot cocoa.

Hot cocoa makes you warm. Hot cocoa is my favorite color. Hot cocoa is brown. Hot cocoa is nice to drink. We got it at a farm. I was really pointy. I picked it out. It has some hay on it and my mom got the hay out. We had to set it up on our car. My dad had to climb up on the door. We drove and drove and drove.

Then, we got home. We put the Christmas tree in the living room. My mom put some water in the Christmas tree. We got all of the boxes out, so we could start putting ornaments on our tree. My dad said this year I could put the angel on the tree. My name is Pilgrim Sadie. I am so exciHello! I am talking to them!!!! My family and I are leaving so we can worship God. Today I got on the Mayflower. It is very smelly, ve…hi again! You again? As I was saying… very smelly. Land ho! We have finally found land!

I am so excited! An Indian named Squanto helped us grow food. Squanto was so nice to us. They were just jumping over obstacles and crushing cars and having a good old time when along came a gang of loud and mean Dinosaurs. The not very nice Dinosaurs began to call the Monster Trucks mean names and make fun of their tricks. The two gangs began to argue loudly with both sides saying not so nice things to each other.

Then along came the good and wise King Jake who came to see what was up. King Jake suggested the two leaders of the gangs should have an arm wrestling competition. Both gangs agree. Both the leader of the Dinosaurs, T-Rex the Terrible and Flame Crusher sit down at the arm wrestling table to face off.

Then they realize that neither of them has the right kind of arms for arm wrestling. At least you can crush cars. Then we left. It was a long car ride. Finally, we got there. Then we got to our cabin. We looked around. The we went outside. I saw mountains and animals. The next day we went fishing. We did lots of fun stuff.

I was happy to go home though. My Farm I have a farm My great grandfather bought my farm. A lot of my family lives on my farm. I found an arrowhead on my farm. I believe that the arrowhead is real I found special rocks on my farm. The special rocks are really big. The Missing Alien One day there was an alien. He landed in my room in his spaceship. It was cool. I told my mom. She said I could keep it. My two sisters said it was cool. I loved it. I said cool again. I told my mom it happened.

My mom said it too. I felt better. My sisters said they did not care. I ate before school and then I packed my lunch. My mom brought me and my sisters to school. Then we were there. I walked to my cottage. Then I walked to chapel. After chapel, my group and I went back to my cottage and I went to my class. When it was time to go, I packed my bag and when I got home my alien was there. When it was Christmas, we went sledding.

Then we went inside, and we drank some hot chocolate together. We built my Legos. We got tired and we went downstairs. Mom said I could keep him forever. It was a baby rattlesnake in our back yard. It frightened my mom. I was shocked! The snake had slithered out. No more snake! Dollywood When I went to Dollywood, I was in the car for three hours. When I got to Dollywood, I went straight to the pool. Then I went to get my football.

We played with my football in the pool. My head got very wet. Wake was there too. Then I went on a train to get to the park. It was very fun. The park had 30 rollercoasters. I rode all of them. Then at night, I went in the hot tub. It was degrees. It was very hot! The lights were on. The jets were on too. Dreams I like to go to sleep, because when I do, my dreams take me to amazing places.

First, I went back to the time of the dinosaurs. I was walking through the forest and I saw a tyrannosaurs rex. It was awesome. The T-rex was so big that it was taller than a tree. It saw me, and I ran away. As I was running, I saw a large rock to hide behind. It ran past me, but I stayed there until I fell asleep. I was flying high over an island, and an enemy plane came out of nowhere.

He tried to shoot me down, but I rolled over to get away. I slowed down and got behind him. Then I shot him down. After that happened, I woke up with the Indians. They were getting ready to go hunting. They asked if I wanted to come. I said yes. I got on a horse and I went hunting for buffalo. I got one down. I brought it home to eat and share with the Indians. I spent the night in an adobe. When I woke up I was back home.

The Ocean The ocean in special because dolphins live there. The ocean has lots of seaweed. The seaweed is gross. The seaweed is itchy. The fish live in salty water. In the salty water there is sand. In the fish make bubbles. Untitled If you were a line, You would hop to school. If you were a line, You would be number one.

If you were a line, When meanies were chasing you, You would hide in a crack. If you were a line, Your backpack would be a square. If you were a line, It would be cool! Basketball Stripes. Caleb Copeland Grade 2 St. Peters Episcopal School Sandy Stinnett. Friendship I learned what friendship means at school today: It means, friends are on a ship. Playing friend-sy games Eating friend-sy snacks Making friend-sy cracks I wish, I wish upon a star I could be on one of those many jokes; Riding bikes through the heights On one of those Only if I could go on one Come with me, and we might!

Dreaming of that day, It surely would be fun. But how would we get in touch? Because I like you very much. All of that seems fun Until that day I will stay Lyrah Spake Grade 2 St. The Messy Cat When the owner of the messy cat came home, she saw that her cat had made a terrible mess. Messy Cat had spilled a cup of orange juice and taken bites out of an apple! He also left toys all over the house. He destroyed a toy and left its stuffing all over the couch! Messy Cat was always leaving messes all over the house. Everywhere he went he left a trail of messes behind him.

His owner wanted to find a way to make it where he would not be so messy. She thought of a wonderful idea! The next day she came home with a surprise for Messy Cat. She sat the box down for him to see. Messy Cat saw that there were holes in the box, so he went up to smell what was inside it. When he put his nose up to the hole a cold nose touched his!

His owner opened the box and a little kitten popped out of the box! Messy Cat was so excited to finally have a friend of his very own! Messy Cat loved his new friend, Precious, immediately. Messy Cat and Precious got along so well that Messy Cat did not have to destroy his toys to have fun anymore. He and Precious played together all day every day! Their owner was so happy to not have to clean up so many messes anymore. Untitled Do you want to learn about my day as a Cherokee child? When I woke up I went downstairs and had breakfast.

Then I did my chores to gather berries, nuts and leaves for tea. Also, I went to help my little sister named Wild Rose to scrape the meat off a beaver and deer. Also, I helped my brother Strong Deer grind the corn. Then I was done with my chores! I went to go play flinch with my friends. It was fun because I was first in the middle and I got a lot of people out. After I played flinch everyone went to Grandmother Graceful Leopards to hear a story about how the brown bird became red.

Then I had dinner and went to bed. It was a sunny day. Then the food was ready for us to eat. We at mac-and-cheese, salad, and turkey. Then we played some more. After that, we tried to catch fireflies. It was dark and windy, and we could see the fireflies. So, I said goodbye to Meira, and we went home. Allison Crenshaw Grade 2 St. I decorated it. My mom put one present under the Christmas tree. Days and days came. Finally, it was Christmas Eve. Me and my sister put milk and cookies at fire. Then I went to bed. Then it was morning. Me and my sister went to the Christmas tree.

Santa brought two presents: one was for my Mom, and one for my Dad. And my mom already put a present under the tree for my sister. Then I went to play with my sister. She got a bike. We rode around our house. This is the best Christmas ever! Nicholas School Katie McCorkle.

I got to see a lot of my family while I was there. We made biscuits the next morning and played some football. We had a big Thanksgiving lunch later that day. The next morning, I played with Emma again. She likes to copy me. When I sat on my big ball, she tried to sit on her smaller ball and fell off! Later that day we got to shoot at a pumpkin with my Uncle, brother and cousins. We drove a Kabota UTV through the woods. We looked at the hog trap, but there were no hogs in there. In the evening we went fishing. The only thing caught was a stick!

The next day we went to LSU and we tailgated. We got to watch football on the tv and we played some football. Then, we went into the stadium to watch the LSU vs. LSU won the game 45 to We drove back home the next day and listened to the same song about 15 times. I had a great time! Untitled Osiyo! As a Cherokee Native American, I would gather fruits and berries and grind corn with two small rocks into small bits. I would also listen to old stories with my children and play games with them.

In the cold seasons, I would sit around a warm fire. I would have lived in a wooden cabin with my family. In the warm summer, I would gather fruits for the cold winter seasons. At night, I would look at the bright yellow moon. In the day, I would take a long hike and see the beautiful nature.

I would pick some sweet berries off bushes and eat some along the hike. I would teach my children how to make medicine bags. When we got back home we would dig for soft clay and make pottery to trade. I would also make dreamcatchers for my children. Now you know what it would be like to be a Cherokee Native American. The Rainbow Llama Once upon a time there was a rainbow llama in the middle of the road. The rainbow llama was so scared he pooped jelly beans! But the car slammed on the brakes and opened the door. There was a dog in the car. So, the man driving the car took the leash and put it on the llama.

The poor llama was so scared he pooped jelly beans again! The man put the llama in the back seat, shut the door and started driving. They drove it to Texas. They donated the llama to the Texas food bank. They were making the llama really scared. But one day long after that the man came back! The rainbow llama was so excited that he cried jelly beans! This time he brought a little girl. The little girl screamed sooooo you probably know what happened. The rainbow llama pooped more jelly beans. The llama learned to love the girl just like he loved the man.

They lived happily ever after! Just kidding! After that the llama was always out at night. He had to sleep outside. He had to get so many haircuts, so he lived really badly ever after. The Magical Adventure Summer is eight years old. She is on an adventure. She packed her backpack with a blanket and her favorite stuffed animal, a cheetah named Spot.

Her Grandma gave her some snacks, graham crackers and a juice box. Summer went out the back door with her back pack full. She took her dog Trixie. Summer walked to her magical magnolia tree. It was a very big tree. It was as large as a house behind the leaves. Everything inside the large tree was magical. The birds always sing beautiful songs. Trixie often danced with summer. Summer put down the blanket and snacks on the ground. She fed the birds and shared her snack with Trixie too. Today Summer saw something new in the magical tree.

There was a deer in her tree! She shared her snack with the deer too. Summer was happy she made a new friend. It was time to go home. Summer packed her back pack and went home. She told her Grandma of her magical adventure in the magnolia tree. Summer was happy to be home sweet home. The Two Sisters Once upon a time there lived two sisters. One sister was nice. The other sister was mean.

The nice one was named Maggie. The mean one was Charlee. The mean one lived in a cottage and the nice one lived in a beautiful castle. This is where the story begins: One day Maggie was working on her garden when she found a secret of their mother. It said that Maggie was older than Charlee. Maggie enjoyed the messaged.

She mailed it to Charlee and Charlee was furious. The next day Charlee came to the castle and said you are not older than me. Many years past and Maggie got married to a prince named prince Ben. They had peace, but one day a visitor arrived at the castle. Charlee said I will make a spell and Maggie was furious.

I will put a spell on the prince. She thought but the prince heard, and he was not happy. The prince was sleeping, and the security camera was on, but the security was not watching the prince. So, Charlee snuck in and cast a spell on the prince. The prince did not love the princess any more.

He loved Charlee. A spell bottle was on the ground and the prince stepped on it. The prince was back to normal and Charlee was too. Charlee was nicer now and Maggie was happy she had the prince back. Prince Ben and Maggie had two children named Lily and Rose. Charlee also got married to Prince Dylan. This book was made for my sisters named Charlee and Maggie.

Charlee is actually old than Maggie. This is a story that my sisters will love. Cherokee Did you know Native Americans hunted with spears? As a Cherokee Native American, I would prepare my own food by taking two hard rocks and grinding yellow corn into small, tiny pieces. I would also tell old stories to the young children. I would watch my fearless children play games that helped the prepare to be a Cherokee adult.

I would also live in a small, wooden, brown house with my family. Out artifacts would be a beaver and elk skin and a peace pipe. We would eat cranberries next to a warm, crackling fire. We would have our special medicine bags in case someone gets sick or hurt. We would also take a long hike in the forest to hear the birds sing.

The boys would go hunting in the pretty forest while the girls would pick yummy, red, sweet berries from the bushes. Go the bushes. I would make dream catchers for my children. Untitled As an eight-year-old in my tribe I would have to go on a journey. I was a little scared. It was time for me to go when I heard the signal and said good-bye to my parents. I ran into the woods. It was getting dark, so I started to find brown leaves and branches. I also started to find rough branches for my fire. I smelled the smoke and it felt like home. When I got up I started to find edible berries to eat.

Once I had my breakfast I walked back to my tribe. When I got home I hugged my parents and I was glad I would never have to go again. Then I told them about the spirits. Papi was swirling around my home trying to tell me something that I did not understand. I guess they were telling me that our tribe moved. The animals slowly woke up one chilly morning. I got out of my bed and woke up my brother. We went down the old ladder and woke up our parents.

Then they made a little breakfast outside. When we were finished my brother and I started to play outside in the old forest. My mom started to grind corn. My dad went hunting. When I felt bored with my brother we helped our mom grind the corn. When we were done grinding the corn my mom went in the garden to pick the corn. She said we could play an arrow game. When our dad came home he brought elk meat home and then we ate a delicious dinner. We had dinner on the floor. After dinner we got in our hay beds and went to sleep. The Whirling Winds The whirling winds welcomed me on my journey.

I heard the leaves crackling below my feet. I sat around the toasty campfire. I set out to find some long branches to make shelter. I came and built my home. Then I mashed some corn into meal with different kinds of rock. Then I went hunting for a bear. It was a long time before I found one but when I did I heard it. It was the biggest bear I ever saw! I got my spear out and killed it and brought it home to eat. I set the fire and the smoke swirled into my nose. I knitted a quilt out of elk fur to keep me warm during the night.

I finished my quilt then went to sleep. Adventures in Reading Once there was a princess, and her name was Lola. She had long curly blonde hair with bluish green eyes. She was very kind and gentle to everyone. She fed the poor and helped the sick. Lola had a pet guinea pig, Gumball and a brother named Jimmy. The dragon was going to eat them. Who is this knight you speak of?

Our plan was to avoid the fire. Nobody wants to be grilled today. We decided to bring a fire extinguisher. He ran away never to be seen again! We defeated the dragon. Gumball and Jimmy were safe! I slammed the book closed and ran to dinner. Tomorrow will be a new adventure.

Untitled Have you ever learned about Native Americans? I woke up on the floor, went down stairs, and went outside. Then I helped my mommy grind corn. I saw the colorful corn. I felt the hard stone in my hands. Then I went to play chunky with my friends. It was time for dinner. I could smell the roasting meat. We ate deer that my daddy had hunted in the dark, quiet forest and sweet berries that my mommy had gathered.

Then, it was time for bed. I said goodnight and my mommy heard me say good night and she said good night too. I hope you learned a lot about Native Americans! Singing Heart Tweet, tweet, tweet. I hear the birds that sing a beautiful song. I can smell the tasty rabbit that is over the fire. I see my four sisters downstairs.

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My name is Singing Heart. I eat rabbit stew. After breakfast, I went outside and played with my sisters.

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  • It was time to go and harvest the crops. I harvested the corn. Then I went to make baskets. All of the boys came back with the deer. I skinned five deer and then I went to get some water. I got three buckets of water. I went back to the village and cooked the deer.

    I ate dinner and went to bed. One sunny day, the bunny appeared in the forest. She was on a mission to gather all of her friends to do a very important thing. She was gathering donkey, fox, and chick for a great plan. They knew that they had to have the party at night because owls are nocturnal. The animals planned to sleep during the day, so they can stay up at night. The first night, they went to their usually gathering place, the tree house in the forest. They decorated the tree house with leaves, feathers, and berries.

    They worked all night to make the tree house as beautiful and colorful as it could be. After a long work night, they went home to sleep all day in their bed because they remembered that they had to stay up at night. The second night, the animals were excited. They talked about what to give owl. They had a great idea and knew it would be so much fun.

    They hoped that owl would love the idea. At the tree house, all the animals, bunny, donkey, fox and chick, got in position, and close all the windows to keep the light out. Just in time, they heard owl flying toward tree house singing. When owl got into the tree house, it was so dark, and owl did not know his friends were there waiting for him.

    For a split of a second, he thought they had forgotten his special day. Owl jumped up and down clapping his wings. His eyes were widened with surprise when he saw his friends and the presents they prepared for him. The animals prepared a fun game. The game is called, put the tail on the donkey. Guess what? The donkey was the donkey! Fox and chick cut out a paper donkey tail and glued some feathers on to it. The animals got in line. Bunny blind folded owl with a piece of long cloth. Owl went first because it was his birthday. Fox turned owl in circle three times, showed owl to walk toward donkey.

    Owl got to donkey and placed the paper tail on donkey. After he placed the paper tail onto donkey, he opened his eyes. Owl laughed the loudest. After each animal had their turn at the game, they gathered around a round table for five and sing the Happy Birthday song. Owl blew the birthday candles on a cake made of berries of all colors and the sweetest honey found in the forest. Bunny was so happy that the cake tasted so good. Bunny had not one but two pieces of the yummy cake. Owl thanked all his friends. It was still night when the party was over, bunny disappeared into the forest, went home and slept in her warm and cozy bed all night.

    All her animal friends did too, but one. The Mascot Once there was a mascot. Then it was the bottom of the ninth inning. The Mets were down by one run against the Braves. It was seventeen to sixteen with two outs. Curtis Granderson stepped up to the plate. When the game was over, the mascot started to take off his suit. He could not get his mask off! He had to get it off somehow. He tried everything he could think of to get it off, but nothing happened. He was making such a loud noise trying to get the mask off that someone heard him.

    They decided to try and help him. Met, the mascot, was so thankful for the help but did not know who it was. The other person pulled and pulled on the mask and pop! The mask finally popped off his head. After Mr. Met turned around to see who had helped him, he was so surprised.

    The two became great friends and promised to always help one another if they needed it, even though they were rivals. I will drink you out of the can. Buy it buy it if you can. Barbie sauce. He is, he is the big boss. I like Barbie Barbecue, I hope you do, you do too. Relish, relish is the man. Even drink it out of a can. Make it shine again and again, Until it makes the snow melt away.

    Actually, I kind of like to build snowmen And see frost on the trees. They gazed at their baby as he lay. The star over the stable was very bright, Jesus came to lead us with a light. Fire As I sit here by the fire Drinking my warm cider Laying on a soft pillow as The fire crackles and burns me to Sleep.

    Terror Eyes of an Enderman. A spider ready to pounce from above. Standing in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, the zombies swarming around you. Always wailing like a Ghast or hissing like a Creeper. It takes Harry Potter and swaps it for school. It breaks your wand in half and crushes Hogwarts. Horseshoe Crab I look like a stingray but I am not. I have a hard-outer shell and I can blend in with the sand. My tail is my weapon. I Am a Dog Once I found two old banana peels and painted them brown and cut them in half. I went to my bedroom to get some tape.

    Then, I went back downstairs. I taped the banana peels to my head. Then, I found brown pants and a shirt. She threw me out of the house and screamed. Poetry is hard. Is this my poem? Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Okay. A very pink orchid Magenta inside its home Rich green leaves sing spring. He pushes, I pull.

    But Haiku are fun Bright sparkly silver ribbons Explode in my brain. The day my eyes were in tears. I had nothing to say but sadness. I looked for happiness but no, I saw black. How I missed her Oh, how I missed. She made me happy. But it was her time. She said her last goodbye As she floated away to heaven where God welcomed her and her very pure heart. Ink, Ink The ink is coming, Coming today. The light is going, Going away. But if you looked Into the light, a fright in the ink.

    So inky black, You see. Crazy Blur of color, swirls so fast. Twists and turns, like a waterslide. Always on the move, like a fast and furious dragonfly. Numbers adding at lightning speed. It does not think before it leads. Constant Energy. Field of flowers blooming rapidly. For Anonymous who remembers the stories of the boy with the messy room.

    I think you are remembering the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle stories. Hope this helps you find it. What a wonderful memory! I would be searching for that turtle, too. Some are things, some places, some foods or smells. I took it out of the library at least twice a month from the the time I was 4 until I was around 7. My bank account may not be so thankful, but my heart is! Tying My Shoe I know how to tie my shoe I take the loop and poke it through. A unicorn book, whose title I cannot remember, but whose stories were my favorite.

    I took it out of the library every time we went. We searched for that song for YEARS without success, and when I got married almost 11 years ago, a friend found it for me and we played it as a surprise for my dad for my dance with him at my reception. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Moving and so true. Thank you for all you write. Your words ring the truth of my mind and heart. Perhaps the turtle was not a chair but a playground climber? At the top of the Comments about a boy stuck in his room with the toys.

    The Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle lives down the street. The boy gets trapped in his room. This one is about a girl that wouldnt bathe so they put radish seeds on her and they grew on her skin. One random day while shopping at the bookstore, I found the with all the stories.

    I loved the book and even took a small box I found, drew a picture of a dragon and cut it out, put the paper dragon in the box and taped the box up. The book is long out of print, but about 10 years ago, my mom tracked down a used copy and gave it to me for my birthday. I seriously cried when I unwrapped the present and saw what it was. Way way back when I was 3 or 4 I went to a nursery school that had this really great wooden teepee.

    I was about 6ft tall, 4 sided and had holes cut in all the sides so you could climb to the top or crawl through the bigger bottom hole to sit inside. The wood was so smooth and smelled like fresh cut wood. It always felt cool and quiet inside. Years later, my mother found the building plans for it. She had volunteered at the nursery school and had received a copy.

    The boys are taller than it now but I just adore it. Luckily it has hinges so it folds flat and stores well. I was the kind of a kid whose mother would catch her at at night, huddled under the covers reading by flashlight. But she also taught me to love reading. When I went away to college my mother who taught elementary school took all my books to her classroom, for her students to read.

    And they read them to death. When I came home from college…at the end…I came home to a room empty of my books. I have been spending the last twenty years trying to replace them all…and it has been, occasionally, impossible. It had wonderful little stories about pixies and leprechauns and fairies and gnomes…and great illustrations. A little too steep. Finally, years later, I found another one — not a first edition — that I could afford.

    I treasure all my newly-recovered, hard won childhood books. I just wish I had daughters and granddaughters to pass them on to. I found one of my childhood books at a Goodwillthat I lost 15 years earlier when my dad died. It still had the inscription from my mom and dad on the inside even! I broke down into a sobbing puddle in the middle of a Goodwill with even my toddler looking at me like I was nuts!

    Mmmmcmmm, yes. And just like that I got lost in thought. And I want my Mickey Mouse talking phone back, right now. At 8 years old I ruled the world with that phone. I took calls for orders, handled complaints, scheduled the now infamous and revolutionary Tupperware parties, planned meetings; essentially did all the heavy lifting while my grandmother just schlepped the goods.

    They still have mechanical ponies. Her name is Sandy and she only costs a penny to ride. Whenever we go in people have left pennies just waiting for kids to ride. What a great post. It brought back the memory of the fabulous excitement I used to get when my sister and I were allowed to buy 1 book from the list of book choices on the back of the Weekly Reader flier that was passed out once quarter at school.

    We were dirt poor but my parents always let us choose 1 book when the flier was passed out on Monday. We had to decide by Friday and turn in our choice and money. It was the hardest most thrilling decision I could imagine at the time. Thanks Jenny. I spent probably 2 decades looking for the books that had paper houses that could be punched out and assembled with tabs.

    I remember setting up full villages as a kid. I did eventually find one At the store Five Below if anyone else is looking , but the magic was gone and it ended up just being more paper around the house. I recall how she envied this couple who had a house inside the camp grounds. I wish I could remember the name on that book. This is lovely, Jenny. I still yearn for a really really heavy cotton quilt that my grandmother made that was extremely heavy, and yet cool at the same time. It was only as an adult that I discovered that heavy blankets make my anxiety diminish greatly you mentioned this in a post not long ago , but this was the first thing that did it for me.

    Books that truly touched me. But only the oven cooked anything. I made many culinary masterpieces with that, and bless my mother for trying every one with a smiling face. This reminds me of my old library. No fun animals, but the silence and the smells are dead on. I love the smell of books, both old and new. The pages were rice paper and I always felt it was a valuable book. It held all of the knowledge and I have specific memories of looking up words to understand what I just heard.

    I also remember spending time curled up in his recliner, reading the dictionary. If I could learn the words maybe I could figure out what part of me was broken. He threw the dictionary away when the Internet became a thing. I was and am so sad about that. I did search out a library book I used to read at school and oddly enough found a discarded library copy to buy.

    Too much has happened. And my mom took me to the sealing ceremony when I was very little. Will this earth even last that long with this climate denial? Tourism boards and the like. Well, there was a booth sponsored by something from the country of Tunisia. And it was instant love.

    Just a bit more than my allowance. I still think about it with a deep longing, though. Yup, that was his name. He was my stuffed tiger, my security, my best friend. I left him in a restaurant. When we went back, Dirty Old was gone. I have a picture of him with his paw in my hand. That was a lifetime ago but seems like yesterday.

    Mine was a Barbie doll dress my sister and I used to fight over when we were kids. I recently found it and had it framed for her. It now lovingly resides in her beautiful closet. That was shown in school, for about 31 years now. There are a few other things, too. A book about a mouse who ran a cafr, with lovely illustrations, I specifically remember cute red and white checkered table cloths and Cafe chairs. And the rub a dub doggy I asked Santa for for yeears. Mine is that old tan fisher price record player then three of the records one was the smurfs one was Disney songs and one was an adult CD that several years ago my favorite song from the record was on the radio title and band not said so it was like landing back in time on my belly in what was our very 70s very blue dining room with the lights out listening to it and moving the needle back to play the song all my record player memories are in that blue room just me Disney and smurfs during the day laying in a sun beam.

    Randomly my hand made second birthday gift of ragidy Ann and Andy lamp. A wind-up toy! It was a green plastic cow that was wearing a milk bottle imagine like the characters wearing barrels and her green feet stuck out the bottom. When you wound her up she would shake — possibly to indicate a milk shake? I was too young to know. My little cousin over-wound her and I suspect that at some time my parents threw her away. I would love to find this toy. I am a Youth Services Librarian — and this post just fills me with so much joy.

    I am grateful to have a job where I can be a part of creating safe spaces and honoring memories like this. In addition to the space, I have had many adults over the years come up to my desk with memories of specific books just like some of the ones shared in the comments.

    Sometimes, we can find the books they are thinking of, and it is genuinely a delight to see their faces when we can track down an old book and let them read it again. Many even stand up to time. Mine is a place…I dream of going back to the lake we lived by and spent so much time at. Walking and swimming our dogs, hiking, canoeing, fishing, throwing rocks down the spillway. The funny thing is, I only live 4 hours away. I have yet to make the drive.

    I mentioned it to my husband ok, I probably went on and on about it and when he spotted it in a charity book sale he snapped it up for me. So many memories. I used to have this big red dog could have been Clifford but not sure that I was given along with all my other cousins at Christmas one year back when I was still pretty young. I carried that dog around everywhere. Uncertain if I lost it or it was retired quietly by my parents. Now what? I would love a Skip-It. I played with mine until it broke and I had to get a new one. I liked to see the counter roll back around to all zeros. I wanted a Lite-Brite but never got one.

    We started building a dollhouse but never finished it and I am sure that, eventually, when my Mom cleaned out the house when she and my stepfather divorced, it got tossed. The penguin staircase! I grew up in a family of four kids and we would sit around that thing for hours. It was so obnoxiously loud and annoyed my parents to death, but there was something about watching those penguins hop their way up the stairs and then slide down to the bottom again that soothed our souls.

    My sister and I found it at a garage sale and bought it for her two year old daughter… we are now the adults that must endure the obnoxious sounds of her entertainment. Your article inspired me to try again. I found it! Thank you! I wish I could edit my comment. I loved The Boxcar Children book that had only silhouettes for the illustrations. I gotta dig around in my basement…. I have a feeling that I may still have them. Yes, I still have that one.

    For some reason, the most precious things from my childhood were books……….. Another success story I had was a few years ago, a friend was telling me how one of her kids lost a stuffed bear years prior and still brought it up occasionally. She took it home to her son, then 10 years old. Stoker is alright. Later she found the bear propped up waiting for her son on his pillow. Kathy — I had that wooden apple and tea set as well! My gramps had ODOL breath freshener that me my brother and sister used to hold contests to see how many drops you could take it was concentrated and we did not see this for YEARS!

    My gramps had a pharmacy in NYC and it was pretty unusual. Well thanks to the internet — my brother sent me a bottle a few years back…:. And Mrs. I had a Mrs. Beasley doll and some little twat up the street stole her and to this day, I want to beat the shit out of her. I remember on library day it was pretty much a race once you made it to the library to find a book and get in that hot air balloon because there was a limit on the number of kids that could lay and read at a time. I miss that hot air balloon. I dream about looking for it. Gary Lum recently posted A fish out of water.

    I was possibly as old as seven, but no older. I have to say, right here, right now: I have found my tribe.

    Your Story

    I love you people. Thank you Jenny, for bringing us together. I still love this book! Thank goodness for used book sites like Thriftbooks, Alibris, and BookFinder! I loved the library as a kid, still do as an adult, My mom just called it my second home actually. I guess I do search for being that comfortable calm feeling. I have yet to fully capture the way I felt back then. By the way, I hope you are feeling better, and I hope you find your turtle.

    Looney Tunes by K-Tel records. I used to listen to that record over and over again. Oh, I miss that record…. The kids section of my library had old claw-foot bathtubs that had been carpeted on the inside. I felt the same way about them you did about the turtle.

    It was about several toys, including a stuffed cat named Bellerophon, who journey to find a fellow toy, I think a kewpie doll, who was washed away in a river. I wish I could find my childhood diaries to share with my daughter, when I have one, and also old family photographs that I missed placed as a teeneager. Sin recently posted Another life day celebration. The song Greenfields by the Brothers four. Took me forever to track it down. But most of all I miss my moms cooking. I wish I could find that.

    I wish I could find my childhood diaries to share with my daughter, when I have one. I also wish I could find photos of myself as a toddler that I misplaced years ago.

    • ;
    • List of films: N–O!
    • Young Southern Student Writers - Winners by Joe Wilferth - Issuu.
    • Color Me Happy!.
    • !
    • Pilgrims and Puritans: 1620 - 1676 (The Drama of American History Series Book 3)!
    • I feel like I had a turtle like that in a preschool classroom when I was little. Also, did you even know today is world turtle day?! My public library, way back in the sixties, had these perfect white spheres on a single pedestal. The insides were upholstered in soft red fabric. Think of the metaphor for that. The best thing was crawling into one with six or seven books and cradling myself inside with one leg dangling outside and my foot touching the floor.

      I could use my toe to spin in lazy circles while I read. And the librarians never once told me to stop spinning. Thank you for reminding me of that. When I was about nine or ten, Universal Studios in Hollywood had a theme park area for kids. One year, say when I was about 14, it was just gone. Even as a teen, I missed it. I read non-stop as a child. Helped me deal with a not so great childhood. Omg, LeighTX! That instantly brought memories back! That smell of mints and pressed powder and whatever other sundries my mother always had in her purse when I was a child. I just remember a little girl who had a fur muff and loved the fox.

      The descriptions in it were so beautiful. Precious memories of books that stay with us forever are why I became a librarian. I always loved books and escaped in them throughout my childhood. My favorite librarians were my high school librarian and a Episcopalian nun who ran a little librarian in our poor neighborhood. She was do unorthodox in her approach to libraries because we could read and checkouts as many books as we liked.

      We had plays and lots of fun too. She made cookies and popcorn for us too. Her habits always flour on it from baking for us. I spent many happy hours there reading and snacking. I grew up and became a librarian like her, totally unorthodox too. Thanks Deaconess Sims for being my role model long after you were gone from Kansas and back in Arizona in your church home.

      You always encouraged me and empowered me to be my very best. She came to do this in our poor neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks and she succeeded too. Mine are mostly books. I want to reread a book that I read a thousand times when I was young. It can be a shock though. Summer of the sky blue bikini was a loved book and when I found it and read it as an adult.

      Very different read from the adult perspective! Laurie recently posted Real Life and Priorities. I had this furry blanket that resembled the skin of Grover from Sesame Street. I wish I still had that thing. When my daughter got old enough, I was NOT invited to the tea parties my grandmother and mama threw.

      I think one of the most joyous things was the tea party names. Good times. Beautiful blog post Jenny. I am lucky to have my treasures: My old blanket that my daughter now sleeps with. And the deck of Garfield playing cards that my grandpa and I used to sit at their kitchen table and play War and eat oatmeal cookies with for hours. Hey Jenny, get yourself to Pier 1 and climb into a papasan chair.

      No child should have the memory of being bitten by mother goose. One day my friend showed up with one in pristine condition they had found while shopping for vintage Fisher Price for her girls. Then the internet happened and I have a digital copy, and two backups. I read a book in 2nd or 3rd grade, about a witch name Yaga Baba, or Baba Yaga. She lived in a house that had chicken legs, and the house could stand up and turn around or walk away. I think k it might have been a Russian fairy tale.

      I would love to have those stories or that book again. One day I was leaving the baby storytime at the library with my kids and I heard the song playing for the toddler storytime. We actually stayed and waited for the other storytime to end so I could ask what CD it was and I immediately went home and bought it.

      It was the exact same recording we had on cassettes. A puppy named Shiny. I was 3 yrs. Stuffed monkey named Mugs My dad…Gone at 7. Cocker spaniel named Rebel Rock collection-left behind. Turtle named Georgia. Countless childhood friends. My middle-school band trumpet. Comic book collection. Goodbye to my first girlfriend Polly. All gone but not forgotten. Similar idea. This is one of my favorite posts! My mom kept a lot of my stuff and has slowly passed some of my old toys and books to my children.

      Those Disney read-along records they were little 33s that came inside a picture book. They used to play a chime when you had to turn the page. I played them on a Playskool orange and white plastic record player. I would love to have that whole collection again, down to the record player. Anybody else remember those? The Rescuers was my favorite. I have most of my treasures… save the one that got away. Or more precisely that my mother threw away.

      Her rule was that if I left it out and she stepped on it, it was going into the charity box. It was just a cheap little yellow plastic grocery store promotion… but I want Molly back. I have always wanted my old Whammo Magic Window. It was pink and glowed in the dark. I used to watch it under the covers at night. It made me feel safe. Mine is sort of weird. My mom recently gave me my baby book, in the back was the family tree. I sobbed. Such a tiny thing, but it was such a special thing to me. It is a smell. I long to be in my grandparents house by the lake, breathing in, and breathing out the essence of their being.

      To this day, if I smell anything that remotely resembles the smell of that house, I go spiralling back in time and am right back there with them once again. To Anonymous Who is missing the Red book about the boy who does not clean his room I found your book for you. It is a Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book. My grandma used to read me those. They sell it on Amazon. Description All the children love Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and she loves them, and even better, she knows exactly what to do to get rid of their bad manners.

      Hope this helps! I have spent my life trying to recreate my childhood, gathering pieces here and there. Songs, books oh, so many books! There is no in-between, apparently. My husband had a little Tonka pick-up truck that he loved and his mom made him give to a cousin when they moved. When they went back to his hometown several months later, the truck had been totally destroyed no surprise, really his cousin is kind of a jerk now, he probably was then too. Or maybe green…. His oldest son gave him a present for his 55th birthday not long ago.

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      It is called the magicians nephew. I loved that book!!! I have looked for it off and on over the years but have not found a lot of copies out there. For me it is all about the books, some I have remembered and managed to find, others I cannot remember the titles so I search in vain..

      My childhood library in Eau Gallie, Florida, had a duck pond, and a tree which grew over it; it had a little bend in it that was the perfect place to sit and read. I went back — 40 years later — and the pond was filled in, the tree long gone. I had to buy a Holly Hobbie doll from eBay, ostensibly for my young daughter, but mostly because I missed the one I had as a child.

      I finally found a cassette sung by Jerry Garcia no less! Definitely a win! My family was very poor. We moved around town a lot, always one step ahead of eviction. Once, a few days after I got married, my then-mother-in-law called to say that someone had called her because they had just bought some boxes at auction from a locker with my last name. My mother had failed to pay storage fees once again, and this was the last of the last of my childhood stuff.

      My mother-in-law bought the boxes back, but they contained few things of mine. The next visit home, the second hand shop had a necklace that looked exactly like one my dad had given me. Was it mine? Were there thousands out there like it? Did it matter? It upset me so much I had to leave the store. My ex went back and bought it for me. I still have it. I can spend my life hoping to find things from my childhood, but it means opening a whole new exploding jar of emotion and memory.

      Is it worth it to keep searching? Do I need this memory? When our baby brother was born my younger sister and I went from separate rooms to sharing a bed.

      Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled from 3 Small ESL Dictionaries (21877 Words)

      A little way down the road we finally got matching twin beds. Our mother sewed matching quilts for us to put on our new beds. My sister and I both loved those quilts the way most love their baby blankets. We are both in our 40s now and both still have those quilts. The check out cards in the back of those books were mostly filled with my name. I still check used book stores and thrift shops.

      Guess other people loved them too. I still had it until I moved out and left it in a box at home… my dad accidentally thought the box was one to go to the dump when they were moving and it was gone forever. I only have the vaguest memories of exactly what he looked like. I would love to be able to find all of the cassettes at once that I was part of.

      These tapes were recorded by myself and brother, or in most instances, myself and one of the best friends. Finding all of those at once would be better than finding a million-dollar treasure. Memories are worth much more. Dann Alexander recently posted Rebels and Renegades. I was 13 when she passed. Something out of my childhood I wish I could get back.

      We had an enormous mother goose, and under her wing was a place to put a tape. And she was animatronic so her mouth would move and her eyes would blink while she read you the book from the tape! I know it sounds horrific, but she was made of magic and I loved my mother goose reading to me!

      Those are the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books. I loved them, too! Piggle Wiggle lived in an upside-down house built by her pirate husband who was never in the stories, but always referenced , who hid treasure all over the house and just as Mrs. Piggle Wiggle would despair because she was running out of money, the children would come over and search the house and they would find enough that Mrs Piggle Wiggle would carry on with no troubles.

      A paraphrase, but I hope I remember it in the spirit it was intended…. Totally has that smell and taste! I thank eBay for helping me reconstruct the puzzle collection my brothers threw out when they moved my mom. My baby blanket that I called Bee. I slept with it every night until after I was married. It was soft from the wear and tear of being held all night.

      It had silk edges I would rub between my feet or my fingers to fall asleep. I buried it with my puppy many moons ago, but I am always on the look out for that soft silk and loved up cotton in clothes, blankets, and jackets. It is my connection to child me. Somehow, a rainbow sash figures into it, and I remember marvelling at the contrast in the illustrations between the white linen clothes, the deep amber skin tones, and the bright rainbow spectrum of her sash.

      My sister found one of my fav books from childhood a few years ago. It meant so much to me that she tracked it down. It was about a Lonely Doll. Anyone remember the doll Dawn? I loved her. She was smaller than Barbie. I was thinking about selling the one I have but I think the smile she gives me is worth more than money.

      Our little library in a scruffy little beach town was the recipient of the most amazing gift; an ornate wooden cabinet containing a large collection of old Victorian stereo photographs on glass with a number of viewers. My brother and I would sit at the table next to it carefully loading pictures, with the patient assistance of the little old lady librarian.

      Natural wonders of the world in one box, castles of Europe in another. Dozens of slides in each box, dozens of boxes in the cabinet. To this day I love libraries, bookstores, travel, old junk stores, etc. I have been trying to find a book series? I would check those out or Nancy Drew books.. Also, I miss my Disney records, I would listen to them all the time, especially the one for Dalmations, my sister and I will still sometimes sing Canine Crunchies at each other.

      And I miss her smile like I would miss one of my legs if I had it amputated. So many things. On assigned preschool days, the bus stayed parked outside the elementary school building, and we were periodically herded inside for bathroom breaks and gym time. The cover you describe is what I remember from that exact book. My husband found a very battered copy of the first book in an antique store and I found a copy of the second online. And they both lived up to my memories! My baby blanket.

      It was soft and lined with silk. I slept with it until after I was married. I would fall asleep rubbing the silk between my fingers or feet. I buried it with my puppy years ago, to keep her comfortable on her journey since she was so young. I look for that soft loved cotton and silk in everything from blankets to clothing and jackets.

      List of films: N–O - Wikipedia

      It reconnects me to my childhood and encompasses the essence of unconditional love. The cover was red, and had a picture on the cover. I think it was of a girl in a white dress laying in a garden wearing combat boots. And a picture that hung in the or house when I was a kid of a mom and her baby. A book about a little girl who becomes a ballerina. I wanted to be a ballerina for years because of that book, but we were too broke to afford dance lessons.

      Also, the plastic two-headed dragon that my sister and I found on the empty lot next to our house, where the previous house had burned down years before. Parts of the dragon were burnt and I scraped them down to clean plastic with a pocket knife. We built a fort on that lot and played with that dragon for hours at a time. After my step-dad passed away I have no idea where it went, but I wish I had it. The inside was pink felt and it had a small triangle mirror.

      When you opened the music box a little ballerina sprung up and twirled to the music. The outside of the box was almost a shimmery blue and had a bunch of sleepy animals napping on the moon painted onto it. My mother put it in a garage sale about 10 years ago when I was away at college.

      I was so sad. I remember Ms. Concord Massachusetts, mysterious missing children, an Indian Prince, clues scratched into a window, transcendentalism…. I checked it out from my elementary school library as often as possible. Maybe something about Nite Bright Kids. Animals as children playing together, I recall porcupine siblings and a snow scene; perhaps bear children too. Mom thinks it had glow-in-the-dark properties. She did find and surprise me with a copy of Pickle Pickle Pickle Juice several years ago. Babushka is a Baba Yaga story where she disguises herself as an old lady because she wants to see what being a grandmother is like; I remember reading Babushka in third grade.

      One day I dream of owning a working grandfather that is as magnificent as the one that belonged to my Great Uncle. He was a very misunderstood and isolated man. To this day it breaks my heart when others speak of him in such a negative and heartless way. I found comfort, safety, joy, and something very special with him.

      His home smelt like a mix of wood, tobacco, and felt ancient… to me it was very grand. On days I was to sick for school I would stay there and he would always bring me melon wrapped in prosciutto. He would tell me stories, give me advice on how to be when I grow up go to college, be good, read many books, etc , and show me pressed flowers he had hidden in books for his wife. The home had this big library with wall to wall old books, but what I remember most was when the silence would be broken by the sound of the grandfather clock.

      Some days I would lay on the floor in front of it watching and listening. He is gone, so is the clock, the home was completely gutted years ago even the library ,.. That reached all the way to the moon. I want to cry again just thinking about it. I volunteered at a library when I was I felt like a pervert.

      I was so ashamed. I had a turtle, too! It had a Bell logo on it, but I have never seen another one like it since mine was lost in a move. I loved visits to the library as a child. The Rockford Public Library was a modern building — brick, with accents of square chrome and glass. I loved to go, and loved when mom would let me check the books out at the front desk.

      It was a curved sword earring. I lost it at an amusement park. Never found anything like it since. Loved that book. I was about three year old and memorized this book, so it look like I knew how to read. And there was another book about cats and one of the cats was named Paddy Paws.

      You have no idea how excited I am!! Thank you thank you!!!!! My little stuffed Panda. My only hope is that some other child got to love her as much as me. One was a beautiful clock that my parents had inherited from a great-aunt. Mom dropped it once, and because she is not the sort of woman who saves things, threw it out. I found an identical one although this one does not have the small chip in the varnish that my father patched! The other is a lamp shaped like a pair of Siamese cats which I had on my headboard throughout my childhood.

      I remember crying and crying when it got tugged off by its cord and shattered. When I saw it sitting in a window at a thrift store one day, it was like greeting an old friend. When I was a girl, we went to Balboa Park so often I can walk the paths in my dreams. My grandmother bought us zoo passes for Christmas each year, so we would go to the zoo and the part every Saturday and Sunday because it was free for my family and fun and got us out of the projects for a little while.

      There was this tree there. The huge roots tumbled over themselves and grounded the solid trunk. All the children would climb all over it, slide down its roots, and cuddle into the shallow beds they made. I used to whisper to the tree and tell it my secrets. It was magical and fostered a permanent affection for trees and outdoors. I went back there on a recent trip home. It took me a few minutes to find my bearings because there were no children splashing in the fountains and none of the raucous laughter I remember.

      The most painful part was when I arrived at my tree, ready to come home to the embrace of a long-lost friend and whisper my secrets. She was there, waiting, but there was a fence in a wide berth around her, keeping us out. I wanted to cry and tear down the fence with my bare hands and run into the waiting embrace. It was crushing. It still brings tears to my eyes. Later I went again and sat on a bench and watched the tree wave at me in the wind.

      It felt better, somehow. Like we could still communicate, even from afar. Sometimes, when you think the magic is all destroyed, it can come back in the most surprising ways. I especially always loved the one poem that went: If you are a dreamer, come in.

      If you are a dreamer, a wish-er, a liar, a hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer. For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. They were my high-school-introvert-anxiety-ridden-saving-grace! Oh Jenny, I have a few. That book called to me as a little girl, I swear. Are you thinking of the Dorrie the Witch books?

      They were my gateway into a lifelong love of the supernatural. They were also some of the first non-picture books I read on my own as a kid. I remember them fondly. Google tells me they were written by Patricia Coombs. When I turned 40 the 40th Anniversary edition of the Easybake Oven came out. I bought one, used it several times, and still have it. To the anonymous at the top I think you have Mrs. Several things I miss from my childhood. One was a book about rainbows- I think it was a Little Golden Book, but not sure. Claire, the book-knower, you are so good at this game!

      Are you a member of Goodreads? I loved that book. I wish I still had that copy. When I was 22 years old and planning my wedding, my soon-to-be sister in law decided to make dresses, so my Mom drove us to this old weird fabric store on a street we never went to, and when we pulled into the lot I felt this rush of familiarity. The lights barely shone back into there, the toys were antiques, but fascinating, and the walls were made of rickety cupboards not even 3 feet tall.

      It absolutely boggled my mind that it was still there, almost exactly the same as it was 16 years before. The building, old and stuffed to the roof with rolls and rolls of different fabrics, lace, buttons and beads, still SMELLED exactly the same. I wanted to buy everything just because of the memory it captured. As far as places things we wish we could get back, mine was always the home I grew up in. My parents moved from one side of town to the other when I was nearly Leaving behind the bedroom I loved, the big trees, especially my favorite climbing Maple.

      The living room with the high vaulted ceilings and the floor to ceiling book cases. They were probably only about 8ft tall, but to me those books shelves were a t least 20feet high. The house is still there. The neighborhood has changed, even though a few of our neighbors still live there. Twelve is a difficult age, where reality is starting to rewrite over fantasy, and everyone seems to insist you start outgrowing childish whimsy. From the cuckoo clock in the creepy store room that sometimes went off unexpectedly if you nudged it.

      Down to the basement kitchen that was never used and poorly lit, but my Dad decided to set up a fishtank full of rocks and water from the creek, to make a home for the crayfish my sister caught in the creek, and a small school of minnows from that same murky water. Repainted, probably took out walls and redid the kitchen.

      Nice that your memory is from the library said the librarian , even if it is bittersweet. I just looked them up and I nearly burst into tears seeing the exact image I have had in my head for Years.. I may have to save up for a bit, but they will be mine.. Also, I completely agree those books being a gateway to magic and more.

      I am in fact, wearing purple and black stripey socks right now and have a pumpkin patch tattoo ;p. Can you possibly sketch the turtle? I will swear to you that when I was young, I could fly. It was more like gliding, but I remember running the length of my bed-it was a big thing, probably about seven or eight feet long-and throwing myself off in a classic superhero pose, arms outstretched in front of me-and gliding through the entire length of the front room, probably ten or twelve feet across.

      And gently coming to a stop on the floor.