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Philosophy and Medicine

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Handbook of Analytic Philosophy of Medicine

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Wartofsky, eds. Forum , 1, , Knaani, ed. Quarterly , Monograph Series, No. Ideas , 30, , Review of C.

Italian translation, Le radici etc. Paris: Blanchard, , 22, JA, I. Excerpt from Faraday as a Natural Philosopher , Finnish Translation, Paradoksi , 3, , Borger and F. Review of Theodore Mischel ed. Ideas , 34, , Hebrew Translation, ; SAS. Jewish Studies , 25,, Schilpp, ed. An extract from a paper first published in Settle, JA, and I. V Elkana, ed. Also discussion notes, , , , Hebrew version, Keshet , 16, , ; SAS. JA and Paul T. Robert S. To view it as such, would shift medicine toward bio- and anthropotechnology where morality and ethics would lose their meaning and significance.

As an aid in preventing such an autolysis of medicine, the present book elucidates and advances the view sketched above by:.

Philosophy - Medical Ethics Key Terms

To this end, the book offers in its final Part VIII, as an appendix so to speak, a concise introduction to some focal systems and methods of logic that are needed and used throughout. Each line, paragraph, and page of its remaining seven parts relies upon what precedes it and what has been said in Part VIII. The readers, therefore, should study the book systematically following the instructions given in Figure 1 on page 8.

In that case, it will prove absolutely self-contained. It does not require any special knowledge and is easily accessible to all interested students. By virtue of its didactic style, the book is also usable in graduate courses in the philosophy of medicine, bioethics, medical ethics, philosophy, medical artificial intelligence, and clinical decision-making.

My thanks are due to H.


Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. It is thus a deontic concept from the Greek deon , for "what is binding", "duty" which obliges us to act. Today, however, the situation has radically changed, mainly due to three quite different reasons: First and most obviously, physicians today are faced with a tremendous development of new possibilities and techniques which allow previously unheard of medical interventions such as cloning, cryo-conservation, ge- netic interference, etc.

Traditional medical education did not prepare physicians for coping with this new brave world of mod- em medicine. Secondly, there are the deep philosophical crises and the philosophical diseases of medicine mentioned in the preface that lead to a break-down of firm and formative legal and ethical norms for medical actions.