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If you wanted to be completely authentic about it, you would do the whole project with people-power.

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It's believed the great pyramid was built with the labor of 5,, 20, or , people depending on which expert is doing the estimate over the course of 20 years or so. No matter how you slice it, that's a lot of person-years of effort. Even if you paid your workers minimum wage, just the labor of the project would cost billions of dollars.

The Great Pyramid is also amazing from a materials standpoint. The pyramid measures by feet at the base and is feet tall. It is made up of more than 2 million blocks weighing on the order of 3 tons each. To build it out of blocks, you would have to find a quarry containing that much stone, cut the stone out of the quarry, load it onto a truck or a train, haul it to the site, unload it, lift it and so on.

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Working with stone blocks is definitely going to be a major pain. It's certainly doable, but it's a pain nonetheless. It really does, yeah. It did especially in the first few years.

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I really, really miss it. Being in a bar, being in a pub and just being part of a crowd is a really nice feeling. By the end of that year it had reached number two on the Billboard Hot , where it sat for three weeks. In an ad for Beats by Dre headphones basketball player LeBron James can be seen working out to the song. With that kind of success behind him, does he find it easier writing songs for an audience of strangers rather than a small venue in Ireland with a crowd made up of friends and family?

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But he has seen how some artists change how they write when they start playing to large crowds. Yeah, it happens. Maybe they just want to write happy music and make people dance. I get that too. Avoid the difficult stuff. Not for him the persona of the rock star wearing sunglasses indoors. Instead he blends in with the crowd — as much as someone who towers at 6ft 5in can — with his hood up and his head down. He walked from the Dublin hotel he is staying in to the interview with the look of a student who is sitting final-year exams, wearing jeans and a tracksuit hoodie, with his distinctive long hair tied back and his prescription glasses on.

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A few years ago Irish comedian and Hozier fan Alison Spittle wrote a piece for the Irish website Headstuff about street harassment and the body shaming that women experience. Why did she single him out as an example of a sound modern Irish man?

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  5. He uses his platform with the best of intentions. Years ago, when he sang on Saturday Night Live , I cheered for him like a football team. More recently he tweeted his support for the striking nurses. I would do what marketers would have wanted me to do, which is to take a younger hip, pop artist. The backlash was swift and pointed. How does he feel now about that experience? However, I did get to meet good people from a very different industry, and gain an appreciation for just how hard they work and how dedicated they are to their field.

    You shake a few hands and say hello and thank you and then you leave. She has been with Hozier since the very beginning; before the beginning actually. Her daughter told her about this talented singer with the memorable surname from school, and when Downey saw him perform at a transition-year concert she says the hair on the back of her neck stood up. Hozier has performed on Other Voices twice. His first performance was recorded in December , three months after the release of Take Me To Church, and it aired in early She recalls his performance at the influential South by Southwest SXSW industry festival in Austin, Texas, a festival that is considered as a showcase for artists who want to expand their reach.

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    I could see the heavy hitting industry reps lining the front rows in anticipation of seeing their artists perform, and perform he did. Every bar in Austin was playing Hozier, Woodlock says. Even when she was travelling through the airport, she heard his music. The American music market is a tough one for any musician to crack, no matter how popular they are in the charts elsewhere: just ask Oasis or Robbie Williams, who have both failed on numerous occasions to make it Stateside. They look to the place that that artist came from.

    By supporting the up and coming you are investing in the next generation of AHBs [referring to Hozier by his initials]. I just give up on the calendar.

    Hozier: ‘If I wanted to make a f**king pop song, I would’

    I really do. You just give up. He treats work as one gig at a time because if he looks at the bigger picture it can be too much. I just only finished mixing and mastering the record so After our interview he is signing posters for fan giveaways — he aims to sign at least a day — and then he has band rehearsals in The Academy on Abbey Street, just ahead of his American, Australian and New Zealand tour, which will keep him tied up until the start of June.

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    When he returns he begins the summer circuit of gigs and festivals in Ireland, the UK and across Europe. Unintentionally, he makes free time sound like a complete luxury that he can rarely afford. With his lyrics rich in literary references, I wonder is he a big reader? Podcasts are a good option for the time-pressed. I never have time. Instead he listens to lectures in the background as he goes about his day, with one lecture by astrophysicist Katie Mack on the end of the universe inspiring a song on the album.

    No Plan is what could be described as an apocalyptic love song. In the lectures Mack goes through the five most likely ways that the universe might end.