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I had some horrible and scary experiences while hospitalized as a year-old in an adult Psychiatric ward. I also met some amazing people along the way who began to help me rebuild my life and uncover the causes of my severe clinical depression. I lost and found friends along the way. My parents endured unimaginable pain and sorrow. With the help of a therapist provided by the hospital where I had been an inpatient, I was able to do a great deal of healing. With the right medications I was able to move past the deep depression and anxiety and function again. He repeatedly told us that he wanted to die.

That life was too hard and he wanted to die so it all would stop. He begged us to keep him safe. We were sent home from the emergency room. There were no beds available; we were told there was nothing they could do. We made calls, pounded on doors and refused to stop until he received the treatment that he needed.

It goes without saying that I am glad I did not die that day in But my pain was so real and so raw I still break into a sweat when I think about those days. I am glad my son was able to tell us that spring how horrible and desperate he felt. Unfortunately too many people die from suicide every day. The general public often thinks those that attempt or die from suicide are weak or desperate for attention. Mental illness is as much a true illness as Cancer and Diabetes.

People who are struggling with any form of a mental illness need our support and assistance not our judgement. Tina Szymczak is a wife and mother of two very spirited teenage boys. She is passionate about disability rights; inclusion; adoption and infertility. Also she blogs about her struggles with mental illness, namely depression. She works part time as an early interventionist in Ontario Canada. Writing has always been a passion and she enjoys scrapbooking her family's adventures as well. Grief , Inspiration , Journal , Relationships.

Faith , Suicide. Child Loss , Featured , Grief , Journal. Death of a Parent , Grief. You may feel a mixture of judgment or disbelief when you think about suicide. It will never happen to me. Suicide is the 17thleading cause of death worldwide, 10thin the US, and 2ndfor teens and young adults.

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Yet, there is so much stigma, so many misconceptions and unhelpful attitudes around suicide. What if we likened it to cancer? Like cancer, suicide does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, or socioeconomic status. There is no stereotypical face of it and no one single path that leads to it. For some, it is a sudden, intense phenomenon that takes life rapidly and with little warning.

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For others, it is a war waged internally for years. And, like with cancer, what if we did not blame the sufferers, even if their actions seemingly contributed in part to the outcome, and instead understood that they, tragically, lost their battle? Suicide is not a selfish or cowardly act. It is not due to a lack of discipline or religion or to a weakness of character. In that final moment, there is no alternative, no way out.

Like when a heart no longer has the capacity to keep beating during a heart attack, they die of a brain attack. Maybe it is sometimes. That brave soul is fighting for their life! Help if you can.

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I urge you to be kind to others. Arm yourself with education and compassion. Suicide is a public health issue and affects us all. If someone is not suicidal, asking about it will NOT cause them to be. And, if they are, asking about it may just save their life. My heart breaks that you suffered alone. Know that I love you and that my life is better because you were in it. Be in peace. Ashley Smith, PhD, began studying and treating anxiety disorders in graduate school.

In , she relocated to Kansas City to serve as a senior staff psychologist at the Kansas City Center for Anxiety Treatment before starting a private practice in In addition to direct clinical work, Dr. Smith is actively involved in other scholarly activities. She has been an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and has provided supervision, trainings, and consultation for students and other professionals. She has several publications see below and maintains active involvement in professional organizations like the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

She regularly presents workshops and trainings on a local and national level and has been involved in planning and producing local and national conferences. Smith strives to provide top-notch care in a collaborative and supportive manner. You will find her to be direct and knowledgeable, open and honest, and enthusiastic about guiding you through your journey. It would be nice if this experience was all but just a dream. What a bizzare, twisted and tormented experience life is when you haven't been dealt a good hand. My mind can't cope with how people are valued and I can't seem to get past my perception of lacking in it.

I keep trying but to no solution past these dark thoughts. Really good article, great in fact, but I agree with Kyle. There are things in life that are simply unforgiveable and irreversible. An example that immediately came to mind, a drunk driving accident that caused the demise of someone or severe unrecoverable injuries. Aside from that, excellent piece. Dear Ashley, I can tell you've never experienced the pain yourself. You don't 'get' it. Too many people out there with initials and titles before and after their names, such as yourself.

You've studied and researched and probably written interesting papers on this subject. Plus, the loss of someone you knew gives you an interesting perspective But, you don't get to the heart of the matter because you've never been there. I'm There's a 7 month old orphan left behind.

Suicide Note Quotes

Until you really get down into it, you don't know how it feels to grieve the loss of a child. It never ends. You wish morning wouldn't come.

You don't know what day it is, and you don't care. The depth of the pain is unfathomable. Friends and family think you should be over it already, they don't come around. Don't assume everyone has caring relatives and friends. You really need to learn more about this. Your knowledge is superficial and your writing is condescending and full of platitudes. I'm sorry to come across as being rude, but you need more than institutional learning. Nothing prepared me for this level of pain My hope in writing these letters was that by sharing how I made sense out of and came to terms with the death of my person, I could help others do the same.

An Open Suicide Letter

I am so very sorry for your loss and for your pain, and I am sorry that my words could not offer any comfort. Your comments, you accuse Ashley of being rude?

Real suicide notes, real people.

You are the one that rude. Give her credit for that instead of bashing her. You don't know exactly how she or anyone else truly feels. You're not that powerful. No one is. She is showing compassion. You'd be better to do the same.

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There is much to say about suicide and depression. No one mental health professional can cover all perspectives. But Ashley has been there, and she admits it. Yes, she has, and she says so. I didn't feel I was being talked down to. I lost my brother to suicide many years ago, so I recognize the pain you're in, and I empathize. But your criticisms are of Ashley are unduly harsh and unfair. As a guy who is writing a play about a suicidal teenager, I have read dozens of books and online articles about depression and suicide among teens.

One thing Ashley emphasizes that many others don't: the convictions of worthlessness that people who want to die feel and express are essentially lies, not just as cognitive-behavioral psychologists would have it "cognitive errors". When we hear someone talking this way, we should know it's time to intervene and help in some way.

Because truly, it's never hopeless until you're dead. My brain runs constantly make it hard to focus and just be able to breathe. I have been in and out of rehab and hospitals over 12 times. Out of those 12 times maybe more I have seen the pain I have caused my mother and grandmother everytime. I just want the pain inside of me to end. If yoire going to kill yourself, and not try and keep riding the merry go round, try leaving. There's no reason to not radically change whatever you can. If you can afford a ticket than do it, who cares about rent or hotels or plans. Just go. After 30 years of clinical depression and suicidal thinking, all I get is no one cares and it doesn't get better.

Every time I've tried to seek help, I become a liability and people get away from me as fast as possible. Therapists, teachers, counselors that say they will help.