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How often do you show those you love just how much love you have for them? OK, well how often do you show them?

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Before we know it, time is running out and those we care for begin to slip away or die without warning. Below you will find 6 tried and tested ways that I have found to be profoundly beneficial for expressing sincere love towards others, and towards ourselves. These 3 exercises can be performed in only a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds.

Just imagine the feelings of sincere love you will transmit to those you care for, and how appreciated and nurtured they will feel as a result. What gift can be better than that? This exercise is profoundly powerful and is perfect for rekindling an immediate sense of connection between you and your loved one.

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This is one of my favorite things to do on a daily basis, and invigorates and deepens the bond I have with my loved ones. Try setting aside some time to look silently and softly into your loved ones eyes. One of the saddest things I have observed in some couples is their continuous lack of eye contact.

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These couples almost always display dysfunctional behaviors, such as hostility, aggression, irritability and general boredom toward each other. Imagine how disconnected you would feel from someone if you never made eye contact! No one likes to feel like a beggar constantly asking and nagging for things to be done. When we do kind things that we were never asked to do, we make our partners and loved ones feel like Kings and Queens.

We show the people we love consideration, respect and appreciation when we open ourselves to serve them. How often have you taken out the bin, done their dishes, bought them an unexpected gift, or simply offered a massage? Why not treat your loved one as a King or Queen today? This may seem difficult at first, but just remember that each day we are all evolving. Each day our bodies become just a little bit older, each day we see just a little bit more and experience a little bit more. The beauty of life is its growth, its evolution, and its transformation.

We do this many times, often unconsciously during the day. Have you noticed anything new? A mischievous coy look they adopt? A newly developing virtue of open mindedness? We can never run out of things to admire in those we love.

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No matter how minuscule it is, verbalize your appreciation. After all, tomorrow could be too late.

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Self love is essential for anyone hoping to live a peaceful existence with themselves. You could even say that love starts with ourselves, and the way we treat ourselves. Eventually the level of self love we have is reflected in our dealings with others. Below are 3 of the techniques I found were the most helpful and healing in regaining a positive relationship with myself. Hopefully they will help you as well. Looking at pictures of yourself as a child can have a powerful psychological effect on you.

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When I first started, I broke down and wept reflecting on my present embittered self, and the gentle, peaceful child I was in the pictures. This way, you can take a few minutes out of each day to reflect on the soft, vulnerable and innocent side of yourself. This may sound wishy washy, but looking at pictures of your younger self truly reminds you that you need to take care of yourself. At all times. How many of us criticize ourselves, berate ourselves and punish ourselves on a daily basis?

The truth is, many of us are our own worst enemies. Our subpersonalities : the victim, the skeptic, the perfectionist, and the idealist all wreak emotional and mental havoc inside our minds on a daily basis. What we need is to befriend ourselves again. We need to support ourselves, encourage ourselves and embrace ourselves as the people we are. We can do this on a daily basis very easily. For instance, when we make a mistake, we can choose to support ourselves instead of berate ourselves.

When we feel scared or apprehensive, we can encourage ourselves, instead of bringing ourselves down with negative, defeatist thoughts. And when we find ourselves depressed, struggling, or ailing, we can nurture ourselves and treat ourselves, instead of wallowing in our melancholic mires. Not everyone has A-class friends, and not everyone even has friends at all, so why not take the time to show yourself how much you believe in yourself each day?

Many people mistakenly think that self love is looking at all the positives and filtering out all the negatives. Sure, that may be a good approach at first, but after awhile we need to come to terms with the darker places of ourselves.

15 Sincere Ways to Say Thank You and You’re Welcome in German

To live in an illusion of greatness, where everything you see in yourself is beautiful is not only narcissistic, but self-deceptive. But what about the times your team put forth a ton of effort but didn't achieve the anticipated results? Agree on goals, then acknowledge and reward the team members who meet or surpass those goals.

Money isn't everything, but most employees won't turn their noses up at a little extra cash or a gift when they've done an outstanding job -- combined with verbal gratitude, of course. In addition to performance-based incentives, you may also want to consider a profit-sharing program to remind employees that the company's overall success is their success, too.

Additional paid days off was overwhelmingly popular and appreciated among his team.

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Public recognition among a person's peers is a great way to make them feel valued and appreciated. Make it personal.