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Director Writer Actress. Floria Sigismondi is a photographer and director. Apart from her art exhibitions she is best known for directing music videos. Her trademark dilating, jittery camerawork, noticeable as early as her video for Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People", has been replicated by a great number of directors since. Her parents, Lina and Domenico Sigismondi, Born: in Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Share this page:. Projects In Development The Bohemians. I actually just went back and looked. I had sent him a Facebook message in asking to meet with him, and I sent him another last year.

And [former Runaways member] Vicki Blue and I phoned him and asked to get together with him. He used his illness as an excuse and said, "Hey, when I feel better let's get together. So I think he knew before I did what I wanted to talk about. I would much rather [have] confronted him privately, but when he died I had no place to go with my newfound anger.

And when I say it was newfound anger, it's because up until then I had been putting my anger on the bystanders.

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I had been blaming them because I expected more of them. Because Kim was not a good person, but I believed that they were. And it turns out that even good people don't often know what to do when something like that happens. I'm disappointed by the lack of support from my bandmates. Until Kari's account came out and I started thinking about this, and remembering a few things about that night — not much.

I want to be very clear about what that class of drugs does. You don't hallucinate things.

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You don't imagine things. Your memory of certain things is just gone. I had always questioned whether my memories were accurate, and I've never pretended to remember anything I don't. I only have a few clear memories of that night, but those are very clear. And they've since been validated by other witnesses.

Mostly that I'm just really saddened by how many other people have gone through something similar. I hope that by coming out, I somehow give a voice to people who still don't feel safe telling their stories, if vicariously they can feel like they've spoken out. And by other people who have emailed saying, "You've given me the courage to tell people what happened to me. I'm focusing on the supporters, because there are thousands of them.

And for a lot of people, it's a relief to hear other people talking about rape in such an open fashion, because there are a lot of silent victims. It's just the more people that are willing to talk about it, the easier it will get for victims of rape to speak up and to speak up earlier. Indie Focus: Your field guide to only good movies. Following their conversation at the gala, Jonah gave Frank Healing Gloves. He was confronted about this decision by Leslie, who feared that Jonah was trying to undermine her authority in the Church of Gibborim.

'Vanity Fair,' New Season of 'Runaways,' 20th Anniversary of 'Home for the Holidays'

However, Jonah replied that despite everything Leslie had done for it, the Church belonged to the past and that Leslie's focus should be in PRIDE, which was all what mattered. Jonah arrives to revive Victor Stein. Jonah told that the person responsible for the situation had to be sacrificed and reassured Leslie Dean when she thought he was talking about her.

Instead, Jonah ordered Janet Stein to give her life for her husband's. However, Janet refused, blaming Jonah and the serum he had given Victor to cure him. Jonah then remained silent as an argument erupted within the members of the PRIDE as to who they should sacrifice. Annoyed by their struggling, Jonah threatened to kill them all as well as their children if they did not quickly decide. As the argument continued, Jonah told Janet that he would sacrifice either Janet or her son Chase.

Janet agreed to give her life, but requested some time to say goodbye to her son, something Jonah initially refused. However, as they were all distracted, Jonah and the others realized that Robert Minoru intended to sacrifice himself instead. Although Jonah did not see any problem in that, Tina refused to let her husband die and destroyed one Dematerialization Box with the Staff of One before Jonah could stop her, thus making the sacrifice impossible. Disappointed, Jonah still stopped Dean from attacking Tina, claiming that he no longer needed to be revived. Jonah activates the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine.

He then welcomed the members of PRIDE into the site and informed them that they were close to their objective. Ignoring Dale Yorkes ' and Tina Minoru 's requesting details about the energy source they were supposed to find there, Jonah activated the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine , enacting the final phase of his plan. Later, Jonah was asked by Frank Dean for a private interview. Jonah warned the members of the PRIDE that they had hard choices ahead of them and that he would punish anyone who defied him.


Jonah later got into a car with Frank. As Frank hung up, Jonah congratulated him on his performance and claimed that Frank would be a good leader to the Church of Gibborim. Jonah fights against Karolina Dean. Using his powers, Jonah incapacitated Hernandez as she attempted to attack them. He disarmed Minoru before turning his eyes on the Runaways and knocking them over with a powerful light beam. The teenagers briefly stood back before fleeing when asked by Karolina, who knew Jonah was only interested in her. Jonah countered Karolina's light beams with his own, which created a powerful vortex.

In the end, Jonah was more powerful than Karolina's, enabling him to capture his daughter. Jonah took Karolina into his secret room at the Church of Gibborim's office, waiting for her to regain consciousness. When Karolina woke up, Jonah told her that he was her biological father.

Jonah also told Karolina that he was willing to guide her through the use of her newfound powers so that she would not feel as lonely as he had felt in the past. Later, Jonah was informed that the Wilders had come to the Church's office. Jonah went to see them and informed them that Leslie was not here. However, the Wilders replied that they had come to see Karolina, prompting Jonah to pretend that she was still recovering and unable to have visitors.

As Geoffrey's tone became more threatening, Jonah signed to some members of the Church of Gibborim to be ready to intervene should the situation escalate.

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Jonah then subtly mocked the Wilders and dismissed them before leaving. As Karolina Dean was successfully rescued from the Church of Gibborim Executive Office by her friends , Jonah received a text message from an unknown sender informing him that the mission they had been assigned to was accomplished. Jonah and Frank Dean agree to collaborate. Jonah assured Dean that their collaboration would be very successful and that things would get even more interesting once Stein would have been revived. However, Jonah also noticed that the skin on his arm started to peel, signalling that he was slowly returning to his decrepit condition and thus that time was running out.

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