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What you are doing is subjecting yourself to a form of mental torture. From now on, I challenge you to associate fear with mental torment for motivation to overcome it. This is the second death. We are not bold because of our own righteousness; after all, we have none apart from Jesus.

Facing Fear (…and stomping all over its head!)

So we can get rid of tormenting fear to the degree that we remind ourselves of the greater one who is in us and with us. Many Christians fear because they face situations and think to themselves, "Where is God?

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Author Ravi Zacharias has a great answer to those who ask such a question:. In addition to reminding ourselves of our identity in Christ and His presence with us, we must receive His perfecting love to cast out fear. So if worry, anxiety and fear continues to torment you, then that means you need to receive the Lord's perfect love all the more in the midst of your situation.

I often use a short prayer in the midst of any fear that tries to come my way: "Lord, perfect me in your love. As God's people, let us refuse to accept tormenting fear in our minds, in our lives. The only fear we should allow to dwell with us is the fear of the Lord—which is reverencing, honoring, and respecting the Lord enough to do what He says.

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Let us fulfill our destiny according to Daniel , "But the people who know their God will be strong and take action. Be blessed in health, healing and wholeness. Is releasing excess weight one of your fears? I used to fear that I would become someone I wouldn't like if I lost weight!

So I would sabotage myself subconsciously when I would get down to a certain size, afraid to go any further. But the Lord gave me courage to face my fears through His perfect love.

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As a result, I reached my ideal weight and have maintained it for several years. Visit today for inspirational health and weight-loss tips. Great Resources to help you excel in ! Prayer helps you overcome anything life throws at you.

Stomping Out Fear: Finding Courage in Christ

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Stomping Out Fear

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