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Jul 07, Tee loves Kyle Jacobson rated it it was amazing. Warning: This book will give you nightmares! This book is full of suspense at every corner and will have you on the edge of your seat! My Rating: 5 of 5 This book is really great! My Cover Thoughts: The cover is what drew me to read the book. It is a picture of a girl in a white dress standing in a door way.

When you look at it you wonder if it is a ghost or something else more sinister. It was full of Warning: This book will give you nightmares! It was full of suspense and at times something out of a horror movie! Bean is harassing Caleb because he is going to Africa to write about the AIDS epidemic instead of staying home for the summer and surfing and hanging out. Caleb and Bean have been best friends for years and Bean does not want Caleb to go to Africa because he wants to hang out before they go off to college.

While he is getting a second piece of cake he wanders over to the table where the gifts are. He sees a lot of envelops and gifts and while he is trying to balance his second piece of cake he drops it right on the envelope. He is curious so he cleans it off and opens it up. Once he opens the letter all his nightmares that he has had as a child come flashing back to him.

He shows the letter to Bean and asks for his opinion. It is decided he will not be going to Africa but to his childhood home to see his best friend from childhood. Once they get there they find that the town that Caleb grew up in is no longer how it was. There are children missing and people missing and no one in the town seems to care. That is when Caleb and Bean go to see his best friend Christine and find out that kids go missing all the time and that they are locked up in this place and no one helps them get out.

Caleb swears to Christine he is going to get her out of that place and help her because he owes her that. The only thing that Caleb does not realize is that he is in for a serious journey when he tries to free Christine. Will they make out of alive or will they die trying? This story has lots of twists and turns and will have you at the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.

Gabriel Gates is the next Stephen King with this book! You will not be disappointed once you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down. Sep 24, Savannah Books With Bite rated it really liked it. This is one of those books that you must read with ALL the lights on, your back to the wall, and someone else in the room with you. Once I started this book, I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure nothing was coming after me! This book reminded me of the movie House on Haunted Hill, but in a teen version.

I don't why I continue to read scary books even though I know they scare me. But holy cow! This book is written amazingly and just creeped me out to the bone. I mean, it really shook my up This is one of those books that you must read with ALL the lights on, your back to the wall, and someone else in the room with you. I mean, it really shook my up. Gates did an amazing job in scaring the begezzus out of me. And I am sure he will do just a fine job doing that to everyone else. His story line is filled with non-stop mystery, action, and plenty of raising the hair on the back of my neck moments.

The plot line slowly creeps out on you as you read. Nothing is what is seems, but before you know it, Mr. Gates writing jumps out on you so fast! I loved that the reader is kept at bay from secrets, but also get secrets reveals little by little. There are some crazy parts in this book.

Heck, it made me think I was crazy! The characters of this book are very well developed. I loved that they are smart, witty, and very fast to catch on to everything quickly. The main character Caleb is a fighter. As the reader travels with him, Caleb develops more. We seen him fight, uncover mysteries, and save a friend. Caleb is an easy going guy that everyone will love and fight for. If you love a good scary book, one that will have you looking over your shoulder read this book!

Not only will if have you biting your fingernails off, you will be at the edge of your seat! Gates writing is easy to read and easy to get into. He captures the readers with one word, and does not let you go. Shelves: loved-it-to-bits , paranormality , favourites , , horror , dark. I need to breathe. Started out with heavy psychological horror, went from that to book version of a B slasher flick and then proceeded to become a crazy satanist cult God-can't-help-you-now sort of thing.

It was crazy and at times terrifying and even though I was shocked and had my heart practically beating out of my chest, I loved it. Gabriel Gates should definitely write more, his visual style and his knack for psychological horror make for a gre Ok. Gabriel Gates should definitely write more, his visual style and his knack for psychological horror make for a great combination when it comes to writing horror books, and honestly, I'd put him right up there with the likes of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Debatable in terms of experience, of course, but hey, if he's this good now, imagine what chillingly terrifying books can come out of this guy's mind in the future?

It's not that some of the things in this book were screaming "over the top! Not that it mattered, really. If ever horror book was as much of a blast as it was paging through this, I'd have read them all by now. And now to the only reason I'm not giving it a full five stars - because you must be wondering how is it I praised the hell out of this book and only gave it four stars, but there's a perfectly good explanation for it: Bean. I loved Bean. He wasn't the main character and I guess he was written with the purpose of being very likable, but "likable" just doesn't cut it.

Bean is perfect. If Bean was a real person, I'd stalk his facebook, loiter around his house and take pictures of his naked self through the blinded windows and then find a way of getting myself married to him so we could ride off gloriously into the sunset, him saying something snarky as he slipped an arm around my shoulders and me grinning at him and, for some reason, wearing a big ass sombrero. Gabriel Gates gets my eternal thanks for creating such a character, but as a vendetta for what Gates did next, I shall take away one meaningless star off his review because screw him, he's not the only douchebag around here View all 5 comments.

Where to start with this one? How about with the fact that I'm torn. How I felt about this book: 2 stars. What the writing deserves: 4 stars. I was expecting great many things from this book. I was expecting to be sucked in and be lost for few hours, maybe couple of days. I was expecting to be entertained with riveting action filled story and characters I could cheer to get through the horrifying events.

I was underwhelmed. One thing I can't blame is the writing. It was short and to the point, an Where to start with this one? It was short and to the point, and descriptive at the same time. The grammar was stellar and I love, love, loved the fact that majority of this book was written in third limited. He and she, as opposed to I , makes me swoon every time. The events were marched by in such a way that I could see them playing out vividly behind my eyelids - when I was paying enough attention - in a film like fashion.

And therein lies my problem with this book. Was this a script that was rejected and then reworked into a book? I can't tell for sure, but that's how I read it. As something that belongs on the silver screen instead on the pages of a book. I've had this problem before with certain stories: What would make a great finish for a film or a series won't have the same emotional effect on a reader of a book.

With The Sleepwalkers , though, it wasn't just the ending. Gates gave me plenty of reasons to like Caleb, Bean, and Christine, it just wasn't enough to reach me. There was something missing, and I suspect that something was the portrayal of a gifted actor. You'll notice I haven't said much about the plot, there's a reason for that.

Although, this wasn't my cup of tea, it very well may be yours and I don't want to spoil you the joy of finding out for yourself. May 30, Arushi rated it really liked it Recommends it for: basket cases in the making. Shelves: young-adult , praise-god. Don't read this book if you're one of those people who crap their pants and jump five feet in the sky when your best friend hides behind the door and whispers Boo. There are worse things out there.

Like The Sleepwalkers. So, God help you if you actually get heart attacks from jump scares. I advise you to close this tab and crawl under your blankets and pray for your life. Because shhh, do you hear that? They're coming. The Sleepwalkers does not have the best writing you've seen in your life. It won't make you drool wishing you were ever that good but what it does have is a good plot and bomb-ass characters. Which is enough. The story will have you gripping the edge of your seat, your mind will be a mess trying to figure out what in the feckin' hell is going on and you'll enjoy the feeling.

And if you don't, you have the permission to shoot my kneecaps. If there's anything I hate, it's horror books that end like fairy tails. No, that doesn't mean I want the characters lying in a pool of blood with their neck sliced. I like pink, confetti-filled happy endings but no need to drag the cheese in. Gabriel Gates wrote the most perfect ending for a horror book. It was amazing and I keep rereading last line to see if I hadn't dreamed the whole thing up. Then why didn't I give it five stars? Trust me, I'm tempted. In the near future, when I can't stop thinking about Caleb and Bean I will change my rating to five stars.


Right now, I have all the this-part-was-written-in-a-rush and you-forgot-to-mention-that-again fresh in my mind. Praise God. View all 3 comments. Jul 18, Carol rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-lit. Finally, a young adult horror novel that is just the right level of, well, horrifying. Caleb, formerly known as Billy, receives a mysterious letter from a childhood friend and takes off from his home in California to the small Florida town where he grew up.

He's accompanied by Bean, his best friend and comic relief, but the mystery deepens when Caleb discovers that his father has disappeared along with "hundreds" of others. Which is odd, since the population of the town is where did the hu Finally, a young adult horror novel that is just the right level of, well, horrifying. Which is odd, since the population of the town is where did the hundreds of missing folks come from?

But I digress. I literally had to walk away from the book at points because I got too nervous for the characters reminding myself they weren't, in fact, real people or reread parts because I blasted through them in my hurry to see what happened next.

The characters are well-developed, the plot twists are surprising, and the writing is rich and engaging. I can't wait to recommend this book to the teens who complain that there are no "scary" books. And then I'll dare them to sleep with the lights off. View 1 comment. Oct 16, Donna rated it it was ok Shelves: horror. The book as a whole reads as scattered and nominally disjointed as that blurb read, to me at least. I always get a little excited at the prospect of what sounds like a good horror novel. On first look, without reading the novel, I wouldn't think that blurb too bad.

But in hindsight, everything runs into everything else, just like it does in the novel, and it doesn't make for too great of a read. I won't say I had high hopes for it. I just get excited to read horror. But I'm well aware of the pitf The book as a whole reads as scattered and nominally disjointed as that blurb read, to me at least. But I'm well aware of the pitfalls of the genre, and how massive turds could be laid in the dark corners of it.

It was slow-going to start, taking it's sweet time getting into the meat of the plot. I didn't really mind like I normally would. So I waited. Some needless characters were introduced that didn't serve a purpose beyond the first couple of chapters. But when Bean and Caleb went on the road, that's really when the story started and things started getting weird. Bean I really could have lived without. I just found him horrendously grating in his incessant need to be obnoxious. I just felt the character was pushing for something that didn't feel natural at all.

He just always grated on me. Caleb ended up being your classic horror hero, or anti-hero, as it were. I didn't really feel one way or another for him, which isn't really a good thing. He kept getting these unexplainable needs to stay when all signs pointed to get the hell out of there and that bugged me. Classic in horror, but it wasn't played very well here and he ended up with a lot of blood on his hands. Which he dwelled upon for about half a chapter and then it wasn't really mentioned again. So that didn't sit well with me either. I was fading from the plot and then quickly hooked back in once the sleepwalkers were introduced.

I thought those things were pretty creepy and the idea of people so controlled, and possessed, like that while asleep is pretty terrifying. But it all jumped the shark once clown make-up and end-of-days prophecies starting showing their ugly faces. Once a horror novel or movie turns towards the downright silly, you can't really recover from that. And I don't mean making light of the moment, silly, but scoffing at the pages silly. Once I hit that point the book was lost to me. It could have had redeeming moments but it really didn't. It ended how I figured it would end, the telltale showdown came to fruition and I turned off my eReader and moved on to the next book.

Instead of letting the creepiness of the asylum be it's down character and pull the reader in despite how cliche that is, it can still work when done right , the door exploded in an orgy of horror tropes, as if the author were trying to cram as many of them into the pages as possible. Like Scary Movie but without the humor. I felt inundated by horrorness instead of horrified by it.

I wanted to be afraid but wasn't. I wanted to be creeped out and for a couple of instances I was but they were few and far between. I didn't feel like the characters were real. They recovered from their ordeal far too easily for my liking and while it didn't really end on an up-note, it just felt too neatly tied into a pretty bow for me. I wasn't scared at the end of the book. I was just done with it. Letting the sleepwalkers be sleepwalkers would have been more than enough. But throwing in the Joker and overcooked prophecies just doesn't leave enough room for anything else.

Jul 12, Leslie Working for the Mandroid rated it it was amazing. The fact that Gates is able to tie this idea into a conspiracy-theory filled suspense story filled with curveballs is impressive. The comedian best friend to lighten the mood? That would be Bean. Creepy kids? Many, many of those. A freaky, batshit insane clown?

Yes, dear god, get it away from me! Our main character saving the girl? That happens a time or two. People hearing voices, telling them to do bad things? The haunting voice heard through the static of a radio? Used wonderfully multiple times. Despite all these things, it still felt like a fresh and creative book. The dialogue felt natural and the characters were all intriguing. Best of all, not once did Caleb or any of the other characters do something so stupid that I started screaming at the book.

The shift in perspective between Caleb and other characters, such as Ron, the man searching for his missing daughter, and Margie, the beaten down waitress that just wants things to be normal, allowed for different perspectives that filled out the world more than if Caleb was our only point of view. It was momentarily distracting the first time I noticed it, though it was a nice touch to the mood of the story at times. I just wish it had been used more consistently.

For some reason, I kept imagining Caleb and Bean as the two guys from Reaper, even though they were the wrong age and wrong appearance, but it still worked out. Putting familiar faces on to the characters helped me not have nightmares in the end. I just found a similarity to the dialogue styles that brought those television characters to mind. Shelves: stand-alones , books-of-the-month , february I finished this book just a few minutes ago. I read it in one sitting. Reading others reviews, I didn't want ti out it down, because I truly thought, 'this is going to get good and scary.

It really didn't. The entire thing was a little creepy. But, i'll be honest, I am a wimp, I jump at shadows. But after reading this book, I was able to walk through my creepy year old farm house that This book is in the February Paranormal Addicts and Newbies Group book of the month.

But after reading this book, I was able to walk through my creepy year old farm house that I have always sworn is haunted in the dark. It's just creepy. Not scary. But then again this is a YA story, and I haven't been that for awhile. And I was reading Stephen King at 10, so perhaps my definition of a scary book isn't everyone's. Also, the present tense was a little awkward, but I did get used to it. The point of view skipped around so much that it made no sense at all in some places. And there were a few times words seemed a little misplaced. But otherwise the writing was slightly better than okay.

The story was decent, but confusing. He gets this letter and all of a sudden he feels like he's been living a lie? I can't see it. I don't see the evolution of even his entire thought process that makes him come to that conclusion. That makes no sense to me. Caleb left there at what, seven or eight? And even though Bean was funny, that thought wasn't. As for Bean's actual death, how could Caleb not know that he was going to run out and get himself killed so that he and Christine could get away?

That was so obvious, and he let him go. Caleb was supposed to play a role, but he didn't bother finding out what it was. He'll never forget that it was regained only through Wolfgang's blood. Gabriel remembers a time when he and Mosely used it illegally with a couple of babes in a white convertible. The signal device emits a signal that appears on the tracker L. It's covered with shiny, iridescent sequins. I'll ask the questions around here. When he's ready to use it, he'd be better off flashing it at someone specific. He can sketch specific things, but isn't inspired to just draw for the fun of it.

Comment msg 1 9 1 97!!! Comment msg 1 7 1 99 There's enough light without the flashlight at the moment. I don't gamble. It's very old. It looks hot. It's fairly light. His jeans are too tight. Try the walk icon. I don't think I should handle it too much. I'm trying to cut back. He'll be damned if he lets it get lost again. This sleep thing is getting to be a real problem. I'm even less informed than you. Gabriel Knight. In case someone wants to know. He'll have to find someone to lend him an artistic hand. There's nobody here but me.

Never mind. John's Eve? Not many animals, though. Course, there're plenty of animals underneath. Isn't that kinda the same thing? You should too, Knight. What, do I look like someone who'd dance around in a loincloth to you? Blank msg 7 27 1 1 7 27 2 6 "Can't say that I do.

Blank msg 7 27 54 1 1 "Where is the crime scene? Is it related to the Voodoo Murders? We don't need any more lookie-loos than are probably already there. Back off! I didn't say that! You'll read all about it in the papers tomorrow--oh, I'm sure. You keep it up, and there'll be a crime scene right here!

See a Problem?

Sounds foreign or somethin'. I'm the desk sergeant, Frick. You got a problem with that? See this book? People that bother me. Want me to put your name in this book? I think not. Sounds like someone's pulling your leg on that one. Is she the one that hangs out on Conte and Nash? Go on back. I've seen him all week! We don't have a Detective Mosely on the force. Now get lost. If it weren't for that one month a year, being a cop in New Orleans would be a real pleasure. Good Cajun coffee! A man can die happy in this city. Why don't you check out the travel bureau? And who are you? Soon as you're done talking, I'll give it to ya.

I said no. A zoo? Nah, I don't know nothin' 'bout no snakes. John's Eve, that's what. We're busy all night. What kind of crazies? They don't look no weirder than them that comes in during Mardi Gras. Never can tell, though. You want a history lesson, go read a book. Never heard of it.

I'm a Catholic boy. Blank msg 7 27 98 1 1 7 27 98 2 6 "I'm not allowed to give out information on police cases. What would that kind of low-life look like? Sorry I asked! You know that. You don't want to alienate us mere mortals. Blank msg 7 54 1 1 7 54 2 2 "I'd rather not hear about your sex life, Knight. Now what are you getting yourself into? Do you? Where there's a yin, there's a yang. I told you, I can't help you. Blank msg 7 54 1 1 7 54 2 2 "Hmmm. Sounds French, though. Is she 'related to the murders' the same way your friend, Malia Gedde, was?

Cazaunoux's at least seventy! I'll see what I can find. Makes my skin crawl, though. Soon as I get it, I'll let you know. I don't think we have any books on that topic in the shop, but I'll contact our suppliers. I can see where a Rada Drum book would be incredibly urgent. Anything else? Blank msg 7 54 60 1 1 7 54 60 2 2 "In New Orleans?

You're not going to try to find this Voodoo group yourself, are you? The name Gedde sounds familiar. What's your interest in her? If you can get an address The murders. I'll see what I can find out. None right now. There's more when you want them. WARM I keep meaning to get over there. What'd she say? Did she sound good? I didn't go into detail about your cardinal sins. Not that anything about you could surprise her. She adores you anyway.

You got a call from someone named Wolfgang Ritter.

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He said he was calling from Germany. Like hell. If it's really important, he'll call back. Let's just hope he's not with the German lottery for pitiful American authors. Talkative, isn't he? What'd he want? He told me to tell you that his mother's maiden name is Humphrey. At the front desk. You're getting privileged information, aren't you? Did you tell him you'd put him in your new Voodoo book?

The Sleepwalkers

You know you'll never put him in your book! Your main character is a female orthodontist! You're going to be reincarnated as a pit bull if you keep screwing with your karma. Anyway, that's all the messages. Thank God. I bet. Wolfgang Ritter? Now he's claiming to be a relative of yours. If you change your mind and want to give him a call back, just ask me for it.

Blank msg 7 54 68 1 1 7 54 68 2 2 "I've only been here two months, but I love it. It feels like anything's possible here. I'd rather be anywhere else in the world right now. My folks wanted me to go on right away for my Ph. I needed a break. I thought spending a few months here would clear my head. I'm sick of libraries and lecture halls. I don't even remember Japan, myself. I was three when we came to the States. It's a very spiritual discipline.

I'm sure discipline of any sort isn't something that would appeal to you, Gabriel. His parents are traditional Japanese, too. I might eventually, but right now No, 'fraid not. I'll give it to you when we're done talking. Is that a Voodoo word? It's German. No, but it has a nice ring, doesn't it? I don't speak German. I mean real snakes. You know--scaly, cold-blooded. I would have thought you'd find them empathetic. I know very little about reptiles of any kind and prefer to keep it that way. I think there's a book on snakes around here somewhere, though.

I hope you don't think this subject is erotic. It's not. George's Books? If you ever pay me, that is. It must be a local custom. New Orleanians love any excuse to celebrate. No, what are they? Used in Voudoun. I can't help you out, though. What is it? You shouldn't carry this kind of thing around. Who knows WHAT these symbols mean! Blank msg 7 54 95 1 1 7 54 95 2 2 "I didn't know much of anything about it until you started researching it for your book. You should be careful investigating it.

Sorry I can't be more help. I wish you had never messed with this Voodoo stuff in the first place! I think we have everything we need. This guy's name is Hartridge. He was a professor in African studies at Tulane. Yesterday, I went to see him about the Voodoo Murders case. He calls me up this morning, tells me he's onto something big, and when I get over there, the guy's dead! There was a traveling preacher back then--a big fella named Reverend Jim. I even remember his slogan--'Come to Me to find your Way.

I swear Harrison and I were the only ones that noticed! Everyone looked at us like we were a couple of loonies. It was then I knew that he was for me. My daddy owned a lot of land outside of town. We grew peas, corn, cotton--all kinds of things. He didn't much let me out of his sight. The doctors told me I couldn't have any more after him, so I'm afraid I spoiled him rotten. I loved him so ferociously I call one of them if I'm feeling blue.

I also take long walks. It's the only way to keep an old body like mine from stiffening up. I'm older than the hills! Do you mean Mardi Gras masks? Is that something new? My French is so rusty! I swear, my mind is going! Louis Cemetery 1 and visit the family tomb? It would be a sweet gesture. I'll tell you what, though, he hated every minute of it. Didn't really like bookkeeping one bit. Oh, the nights he'd come home afraid to tell me he'd lost another! And I would tell him, it didn't matter to me, but he felt ashamed, Gabriel.

Your father was eight years old at the time. Your grandad was hit by a streetcar in the business district. He was! He wrote the most beautiful poetry for me when we were courting. Didn't believe in chasing after dreams. Where did you hear that name? He changed it to Harrison Knight legally when he arrived. I tried to ask him about his family, his life before America, but he didn't want to talk about it. Your grandad was the best man I ever knew. He never did sleep well, and he would often get a faraway, guilty look in his eyes.

It's a terrible way to live. Surely you have something more interesting to talk about! What do you want to hear? What ARE you up to these days? You know you're the only family I have left. It's okay. Your grandad, your father, or your mother? Of course! She was that Voodoo woman, wasn't she? There are always those willing to take other people's money for nothing. She came from a very wealthy Creole family in New Orleans. She was madly in love with your father, of course, but I also think she liked defying her family. All she had left was a modest trust fund from her great-aunt, who happened to like Philip.

The remainder of your mother's trust fund became yours when she died. That's what you used to open your book shop. They never wanted anything to do with us, of course. What a waste. It's gotten much more influenced by the east coast and that California stuff! We've always been happy here. I can't tell you much that you don't already know.

How we adored him! They were two peas in a pod. They were married two weeks later! Never looked at a girl seriously until then--and he'd looked at plenty! It was the thought of taking care of you that kept me going, Gabriel. Perhaps a deer in the road--or a wild cat. He pushed Philip to go to law school, but Philip was driven to art.

His work was just too dark and disturbing for the public, you know. Your father had a little drum set when he was small How odd, Gabriel. I haven't heard that word in years! Your grandad used to say that sometimes in his sleep. Do you know what it means? I asked him about it once. I don't think he answered me. Thanks, Gran. Blank msg 4 83 1 1 "You know, you get prettier every time I see you. Are you courting a new man?

GK1 transcript

Don't be silly! You know there'll never be anyone but your grandad for me! So does You shouldn't talk so! What kind of snakes, Dear? Milk snakes and garter snakes are also around these parts, but they can't hurt you. I remember when I was a girl, we always had a St. John's Eve mass. They didn't hurt us, but I was frightened! We never went to St. John's Eve mass after that. I'm sure there's still mass in the more traditional churches, but I don't go. KIND Never mind. What an odd question, Gabriel! You get that from your father and grandad.

Of course, it was very big in New Orleans at one time, but you don't hear so much about it these days. Nothing, and I don't want to! I sometimes wonder what this world is coming to! You'll see. You mean like those Halloween masks they sometimes use in robberies? More like REAL animals. Sounds like a put-on to me. Is that French? My mother spoke it, but I always had a hard enough time just speakin' English. You want coffee? It's just that what we got here hardly qualifies. I'll get you some when we're done talkin'. I'll go now! Enough is enough! All right!

Just shut the hell up! What're you talkin' about? I just let him go this morning. You're losin' it, Knight. Crash said Crash is--was--a junkie. Ya gotta read through the hallucinations, know what I mean? Where's the body, anyway? Well, we'll make sure he's picked up sometime today so he doesn't scare the shit out of some nun. But chill, Gabe. In this business, you see a lot of stiffs. What are you talkin' about?

Gabriel's Inferno, Book by Sylvain Reynard (Paperback) |

I let him go yesterday. At St. Guess he was tryin' to get a last minute A-train ticket, eh? Poor bastard. He was killed by the Voodoo cult. Did he mention pink elephants, too? Did you actually SEE someone kill him? Actually, I was with him when he died. Could have been poison, though. If it's anything other than an overdose, I'll get a report. I know these guys. Lock 'em up overnight, and they tend to overdo it the next day. Have at it. John is her right hand man. You sure know how to pick 'em, Knight. She's not really responsible, though, because during these ceremonies she's 'ridden' by the spirit of her ancestor, Tetelo.

Anyway, I have something--a talisman--that I can use against them. It will help, but they probably still have a power source somewhere in their hounfour. My family does this shadow hunting thing, and about three hundred years ago You worry about all that metaphysical stuff, and I'll just try to catch the bad guys. I've heard enough. I don't want to know any more! Blank msg 4 82 1 1 "So, fill me in on what you've been doing for the past five days.

The Geddes are untouchable from that angle! And most people are scared shitless of 'em--or they don't know about 'em at all. You seem to know more about the inside of these guys than I do. You know I love bein' a cop! And New Orleans--it's the best place in the world to be one. We have to find her and save her, and we can't count on the police department for any help.

We sure ain't gonna help her by sittin' around here! A professor at Tulane. You're not gonna to start this again! Look, Hartridge's death looked just like Crash's. I'm telling you, they were both murdered--and by the same people who did the Voodoo Murders! Besides that, the case is closed, Knight.

If the coroner's report asks for a homicide investigation on either of these guys, fine! Was the guy's heart ripped out? The coroner will pick him up. If he asks for a homicide investigation, we'll do one, otherwise Why not? Whaddya wanna know? That's all you need to know! We're not doing the book anymore. Besides, you already know too much about me, Knight! Makin' your life miserable! Don't you shoot, or chew, or something like that? I play trumpet, too. Why don't ya just bring in some frickin' salt?

My home life is shit. Sorry about that. She followed his gaze slowly, looking up into a pair of angry, peering blue eyes. She swallowed noisily. The other graduate students shifted in their seats and stole furtive glances at one another. Their expressions said what crawled up his ass? But they said nothing. For it is commonly known that graduate students are loath to confront their professors with respect to anything, let alone rude behavior.

The young woman opened her mouth minutely and closed it, staring into those unblinking blue eyes, her own eyes wide like a frightened rabbit. A raven-haired woman seated at his right hand tried to stifle a laugh, smothering it into an unconvincing cough. She turned to face him and beamed as she answered his question in great detail, making a show of herself by gesturing with her hands as she quoted Dante in his original Italian. When she had finished, she smiled acidly at the back of the room, then proceeded to gaze up at the professor and sigh.

All that was lacking from her display was a quick leap to the floor and a rubbing of her back on his leg to show that she would be his pet forever. Not that he would have appreciated the gesture. The professor frowned almost imperceptibly at no one in particular and turned his back to write on the board. The frightened rabbit blinked back tears as she continued scribbling, but mercifully she did not cry.

He smiled more widely this time, almost eagerly, and glanced down at the paper. She saw it and blinked. Carefully watching the back of the professor as he drew endless circles around endless Italian words, she brought the paper to her lap where she quietly unfolded it. Emerson is an ass.

No one would have noticed because no one was looking at her, except for the man at her side.