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Plate U. London: Merton Music , No.

Grand Duo Concertant Op 48

This file is part of the Merton-Ourtext Project. The pages have been arranged 2-up in imposition booklet order for duplex printing on A3 paper and require an A3 printer. Alternatively, this work can be mail-ordered from Ourtext's website: click here. Ourtext prints have undergone editing for legibility and accuracy and can be expected to be superior to Merton archive files here. Arranger unnamed. Arranger Franz Xaver Gleichauf d.

Clarinet Quintet in A major, K.581 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

Vienna: Artaria , n. Arranger Matteo Falloni. There are two bars missing in the Trio II to the Minuet. These bars fall between pages 22 and The first clarinet G on page 23 belongs in the first of these bars. These bars are bars 99, on page 19 or the Feldmahler complete score on this page. Also, at the conclusion of the Minuet, both endings contain three beats. Rather obviously, the last beat must be omitted when going to Trio II and at the last iteration of the Minuet.

Arranger Hugo Ulrich — Robert Wittmann ?? Arranger Paul Wagner Paris: Schonenberger , n. Plate S. Arranger Gustav Saenger — New York: Carl Fischer , Arranger Hans Sitt Trio-Album Leipzig: C. Violin part Included in the category Intermediate Works for Violin.

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The violin part s is in 1st to 3rd position. Arranger Kleinecke? Heilbronn: C. Schmidt , n. Plate C. Arranger August Wilhelmj — Berlin: Schlesinger Lienau imprint , n.

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This is a conflation of the clarinet and 1st violin parts, with bars transposed up an octave. Moscow: P. Jurgenson , n. Included in the category Intermediate Works for Violin. Bassoon Concerto, Op.


This Solo is from the Romantic era. Woodwind Solo. This new edition of this major piece of clarinet repertoire is extracted from the critical editions in the Complete Works of Carl Maria von Weber, edited by Knut Holtstrater. Includes a preface in English and German. This new edition adheres to the original in regards to articulations and phrasing. Clarinet Concertos Nos. These popular clarinet concertos, both written in , follow in the classical tradition of Mozart while showcasing the instrument's new technical possibilities.

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They arose from the fortunate introduction of composer Carl Maria von Weber to one of the era's greatest clarinetists, Heinrich Joseph Baermann. Excited by the performer's virtuosity, von Weber created these two works, which have since become cornerstones of the clarinet repertoire. In the Concerto No. The Concerto No. These two works appear here in full score and for the first time in a single volume, offering insightful delights for performers and listeners alike. LKM Music. Written for virtuoso clarinetist Heinrich Baermann, Concertino would become the first work of an impressive oeuvre for clarinet, one which along with that of Mozart, Spohr, and Brahms constitutes the backbone of the repertoire.

Internationally-recognized clarinetist Charles Neidich unites for the first time Weber's original text with the edition published by Baermann's son, which had formed the basis of most subsequent editions. Also presented are examples from Cyrille Rose's edition which was the foundation of the French tradition and which held much more closely to Weber's original. This new critical edition inspires those learning the piece to develop their own personal, yet informed interpretation of Weber's premiere clarinet masterpiece. Peter Brown. The third volume to appear in the magnum opus of A. Peter Brown takes as its topic the European symphony ca.

Brown's series synthesizes an enormous amount of scholarly literature in a wide range of languages. It presents current overviews of the status of research, discusses important former or remaining problems of attribution, illuminates the style of specific works and their contexts, and samples early writings on their reception.

Grand Duo Concertant, Op. Der Freischutz Overture, J. Weber completed the opera in which was premiered the following year with international success. Long regarded as the first German nationalist opera and the first German Romantic opera for its patriotism and stark emotion. His musical portrayal of the supernatural is both scary and gruesome which inspired many young composers of the then new Romantic school including Richard Wagner and Hector Berlioz. The overture - which has been a concert favorite since the premiere - is presented here in a newly engraved edition by Richard W.

Based on the composer's manuscript and other authoritative sources, this new score has been meticulously researched and showcases Weber's orchestral brilliance for the enjoyment of professionals and amateurs alike. A virtuoso of the piano and a pioneer of musical Romanticism, Carl Maria von Wolfe wrote piano music of elegance and grandeur enhanced with bravura technical effects that profoundly influenced later 19th-century piano music.

This volume presents virtually all Weber's works for piano solo: the four piano sonatas -- Opus 24 in C Major , Opus 39 in A-flat Minor , Opus 49 in D Minor , and Opus 70 in E Minor -- considered the core of his output; his most popular piano composition, Invitation to the Dance, a waltz later orchestrated by Berlioz and used for the celebrated ballet Le Spectre de la Rose; eight lively and engaging sets of variations; and the dazzling Momento Capriccioso, Grande Polonaise, Rondo Brillante, and Polacca Brillante. Pianists will enjoy exploring this richly varied collection of piano masterworks, reprinted from the authoritative edition published by C.

Peters of Leipzig. Edited by Claudia Theis. Schott Music GA Kalmus Edition. Masterwork; Romantic. Part s. Kalmus Classic Edition K Published by Kalmu. By Anton Webern. Arranged by James Beale. For String Quartet.

Published by Carl Fischer. Early Vocal Music - Edited by Matthew R. Arranged by Matthew R. Listen Details. For Clarinet. Classical chamber.

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Includes a high-quality printed musical score and a compact disc featuring complete versions of each piece with piano accompaniment ; then performed again minus the clarinet soloist. Published b. Classical orchestral. Includes a high-quality printed music score for B-flat clarinet and a compact disc containing a complete version with soloist, in split-channel stereo soloist on the right channel ; then a se. For Piano. Includes a high-quality printed music score and a compact disc containing a complete version with soloist, in split-channel stereo soloist on the right channel ; then a second version in full stereo of the orchestral a.

Naxos Classics. Listening CD. Published by Naxos. French composer, Alain Weber b. Following graduation from the Paris Conservatoire, Weber spent time in Ita. Concerto No.

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Allegro - II. Allegro 2. Romanze Andante 3. Alla polacca.