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Tall, lithe and lean, he was just as blunt, rude-and powerfully sensual-as he'd been ten years ago. His cold formality gave her the goose bumps. And his icy blue eyes watched her like those of a hungry cat-daring her to look beneath his savage surface. She thought marriage had cured her of desire. Then the raging passions of a Texas cowboy gave her a new lease on love. The Rawhide Man. Diana Palmer. Eye of the Tiger. Snow Kisses.

Champagne Girl. The Humbug Man. Miss Greenhorn. Unlikely Lover. Silent Night Man. Betrayed by Love. The Reluctant Father. His Girl Friday. After the Music. The Cowboy and the Lady. Friends and Lovers. To Have and to Hold. Texas Born. The Australian. Tender Stranger.

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Mystery Man. Diamond Girl. Mountain Man. Blind Promises. Night of Love. Soldier of Fortune. Long, Tall Texans: Quinn. If Winter Comes. Long, Tall Texans: Tyler. Long, Tall Texans: Justin.

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Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun. Long, Tall Texans: Ethan. Nelson's Brand.

Long, Tall Texans: Guy. Christmas Cowboy. Long, Tall Texans: Jobe. That Burke Man. Circle of Gold.

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Sudden Danger. Sharon Sala. The riot squad was called in, blue helmets and khaki uniforms. We saw the crowd break up chairs, pull the poles down which held the canvas stand-covers and stoned the police. Fires blazed. This is bloody hard. Richards indicated he had not touched the ball. Immediately bottles and all sorts of hardware were flung onto the field. Jamaicans Courtney Walsh and Jeffrey Dujon went to calm the crowd. Richards himself went over to quell the riot after half an hour. Cricketers feel Calcutta, Karachi and Kingston are volatile centres.

Is that a fair judgement? How often did Sir Neville Cardus remind us that the behaviour at cricket matches, of player or spectator, only reflects the society in which they live. Can we crave Calcutta's roar without being prepared to put up with occasional rage? Cricket is part of India's social fabric. This is its strength, the reason why youcan watch many matches going on side by side at Shivaji Park in Bombay and spot the Gavaskar or the Tendulkar of the future.

India embraces overseas cricketers, offering them warmth, hero-worship and terrific passion. India embraces its own too but, by a peculiar chemical process, it also pillories them. India, like Pakistan, prefer to play away from home.

Tribalism in sports is not unusual, and the one-day format serves to intensify it

Mohammed Azharuddin has filled Eden Gardens with golden memories for all who have seen him there, but his poor stroke against Sri Lanka has condemned him to the Chamber of Horrors. It is impossible to separate the identity of an Indian cricket fan from that of the players. If India fail, the fan fails. With India's success soars the standing of the fan. Fury can come from jingoism, but mostly it's disappointment which leads to riot.

Calcutta might well have been saying: "We are incensed that our cricketers have made us a loser and in front of the whole watching world, too. In India, I sense that limited-over cricket is taking over the appeal of a Test.

ISBN 13: 9780373598977

The World Cup is considered the pinnacle of playing possibilities. See more. Marry Me, Cowboy. Peggy Moreland. Seemed all of Temptation, Texas, was wife-hungry—except for Harley Kerr! The rugged rancher had done the wedded bliss thing before, and he'd rather wrestle a rattler than get tied up with another woman, even one as pretty as his new neighbor. Mary Claire Reynolds and her two adorable kids were everything Harley had lost and thought to never have again.

Then one moonlit night he kissed Mary Claire with a passion that was more than just neighborly…and discovered he'd just been bit! Betting on Texas. Book 1. But the property came with some unexpected extras: a few cattle, a couple of horses…and one surly cowboy. From the minute Jesse Langtry first laid eyes on Miranda, she captured his heart. Beautiful and determined, Miranda is everything Jesse wants in a woman.

There's just one little hitch. Jesse's dream girl just stole his ranch! Sure that rural life will be too much for Miranda, Jesse bets her that she won't last a month at Double Trouble. If he wins, she'll sell him the land—if she wins, he'll leave for good. Pushing each other away seems to bring them closer—and that's where the real trouble begins! Long, Tall Texans: Donavan.

New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer delivers a classic Long, Tall Texans tale of a cowboy and his lady, originally published as Donavan in The electrifying instant Fay first gazed into a pair of glittering eyes, she fell hard for Donavan. Even though the rough-and-tumble cowboy is determined to keep his heart from her, she knows that he needs her.

As Big as Texas. Book 2. Daddy in the Making. Crystal Green. For months, Conn Flannigan was haunted by tantalizing images of a night he couldn't remember—and a woman he couldn't forget. He'd returned to St. Valentine to find her and recover his lost memories. The instant he spied Rita Niles, Conn knew he was in the right place. Could he prove he wasn't the footloose playboy he used to be…now that he was going to be a father? No more cowboys! That was Rita's philosophy…until the single mom met that gorgeous Texas heartbreaker.