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Anna Jacobs, The Trader's Wife , about a young Englishwoman in the s who agrees to marry a Singapore trader to help her employer expand his business connections; 1 in the Trader series. Anna Jacobs, The Trader's Sister , about a young Irishwoman whose dream is to escape her brutal father by joining her brother in Australia; 2 in the Trader series.

Anna Jacobs, The Trader's Dream , about an Irishwoman who brings three orphaned children to Australia in the hope that a relative will adopt them; 3 in the Trader series. Brenda Jagger, The Clouded Hills ; also titled Verity , about a young textile mills heiress in Yorkshire and her arranged marriage to her handsome cousin, a ruthless businessman, during the upheavals of the Industrial Revolution; 1 in the Barforth trilogy. Brenda Jagger, Flint and Roses ; also titled The Barforth Women , about two families in nineteenth century Yorkshire amid the class tensions between the old landed gentry and the wealthy new industrialists in the textile business; 2 in the Barforth trilogy.

Brenda Jagger, The Sleeping Sword ; also titled An Independent Woman , about a well-educated young woman who marries into a dysfunctional family and struggles for independence; 3 in the Barforth trilogy. Brenda Jagger, A Song Twice Over , about two women in nineteenth century Yorkshire, an industrialist's daughter and an Irish immigrant, who are in love with the same man, who devotes his life to improving conditions for factory workers.

Brenda Jagger, Distant Choices , about two young half-sisters, one legitimate, the other illegitimate, who fall in love with the same man in mid-nineteenth century Yorkshire. Syrie James, Dracula, My Love , a reimagining of the Dracula story in the form of Mina Harker's secret journals about her love affair with the count.

Stephen Jarvis, Death and Mr.

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Dinah Jefferies, The Tea Planter's Wife , about a young bride who joins her husband in Ceylon, where she finds an atmosphere full of secrets. Janette Jenkins, Little Bones , about a young crippled girl, abandoned by her family, who becomes the assistant to an unlicensed doctor whose clientele are actresses.

Maggie Joel, Half the World in Winter , about a London family in after the death of their youngest daughter, and the turmoil that follows a tragic accident on the father's railway. Ken Kalfus, Equilateral , about a British astronomer and his disaster-plagued effort to dig a huge perfect triangle in the Egyptian desert in order to communicate with the planet Mars in the late nineteenth century. Garry Douglas Kilworth, The Devil's Own , about a British soldier from the upper classes who enlists in the ranks instead of buying a commission; set during the nineteenth century Crimean War; 1 in the "Fancy Jack" Crossman series.

Garry Douglas Kilworth, The Valley of Death , about a British soldier from the upper classes who enlists in the ranks instead of buying a commission; set during the nineteenth century Crimean War; 2 in the "Fancy Jack" Crossman series. Garry Douglas Kilworth, Soldiers in the Mist , about a British soldier from the upper classes who enlists in the ranks instead of buying a commission; set during the nineteenth century Crimean War; 3 in the "Fancy Jack" Crossman series.

Garry Douglas Kilworth, The Winter Soldiers , about a British soldier from the upper classes who enlists in the ranks instead of buying a commission; set during the nineteenth century Crimean War; 4 in the "Fancy Jack" Crossman series. Garry Douglas Kilworth, Attack on the Redan , about a British soldier from the upper classes who enlists in the ranks instead of buying a commission; set during the nineteenth century Crimean War; 5 in the "Fancy Jack" Crossman series.

Garry Douglas Kilworth, Brothers of the Blade , about a British soldier from the upper classes who enlists in the ranks instead of buying a commission; set in nineteenth century India; 6 in the "Fancy Jack" Crossman series. Garry Douglas Kilworth, Rogue Officer , about a British soldier abducted and accused of desertion before he can get back to his unit, just as the Indian Mutiny is coming to an end; 7 in the "Fancy Jack" Crossman series.

Christine Kinealy and John A. Rudyard Kipling, Kim , about the orphaned son of an Irish soldier who grows up as a street urchin in India and is recruited as a spy in the "Great Game" of the British to control central Asia. Lisa Kleypas, Secrets of a Summer Night , historical romance about a beautiful and charming young woman in Victorian England who is a wallflower because she lacks a dowry; 1 in the Wallflower series. Lisa Kleypas, It Happened One Autumn , historical romance about a young American heiress whose independent ways are disapproved in Victorian England, especially by the man she falls for; 2 in the Wallflower series.

Lisa Kleypas, The Devil in Winter , historical romanceabout a shy young woman due to receive a large inheritance who marries a rake on the condition they remain celibate, in order to foil her scheming relatives; 3 in the Wallflower series. Lisa Kleypas, Scandal in Spring , historical romance about a young woman who fails to snare a husband three years in a row and is given an ultimatum by her father; 4 in the Wallflower series. Lisa Kleypas, A Wallflower Christmas , about a good-looking American man who comes to London to court a bride from an aristocratic family but needs help adjusting to English manners; 5 in the Wallflower series.

Matthew Kneale, Sweet Thames , about a young engineer determined to fix the London drainage system amid the threat of a cholera epidemic in Mary Robinette Kowal, Shades of Milk and Honey , Regency romance fantasy about a young woman in a society in which magic is a commonplace and expected skill for ladies of quality; 1 in the Glamourist Histories series. Mary Robinette Kowal, Glamour in Glass , Regency romance fantasy about a young bride honeymooning in Belgium when Napoleon's escape from exile puts them in peril, and she must use her magical skills to get her husband out of prison; 2 in the Glamourist Histories series.

Mary Robinette Kowal, Without a Summer , Regency romance fantasy about a young couple in London, where they must find a husband for a debutante and solve an international crisis; 3 in the Glamourist Histories series. Mary Robinette Kowal, Valour and Vanity , Regency romance fantasy about a young couple attacked by pirates while on their way to Murano to study glassblowing; 4 in the Glamourist Histories series.

Stephanie Laurens, A Comfortable Wife , a Regency romance about an attractive woman in her mid-twenties who tries to persuade an eligible bachelor to marry her. Jacqueline Lepore, Descent Into Dust , a gothic fantasy novel about a young woman who visits a remote manor house on the moors and discovers she is destined to be a vampire hunter. Nell Leyshon, The Colour of Milk , about a farm girl who in goes to work for the invalid wife of a vicar and then, as she learns to read and write, struggles to tell her story.

Johanna Lindsey, The Heir , historical romance about a newly minted aristocrat who discovers his station in life requires him to marry a woman he dislikes rather than the woman he finds entrancing; 1 in the Reid Family series. Johanna Lindsey, The Devil Who Tamed Her , historical romance about a beautiful woman who, having spurned the man she was engaged to marry, finds that her parents have arranged her carefully chaperoned kidnapping by a man who vows he can tame her sharp tongue and make her marriageable; 2 in the Reid Family series.

Johanna Lindsey, A Rogue of My Own , historical romance about a woman appointed a maid of honor in Queen Victoria's court who is forced into marriage with a reluctant suitor after he seduces her and she becomes pregnant; 3 in the Reid Family series. David Liss, The Twelfth Enchantment , historical fantasy about a young woman whose father's death forces her to live with her tyrannical uncle until the notorious poet Lord Byron arrives with a cryptic message for her.

Wells looking back on his life and his relationships. Norah Lofts, Jassy , about the friendship that develops after a girl who seems to have mysterious powers moves into a house that a neighbor boy has long admired. Norah Lofts, To See a Fine Lady , about a dairy maid who chooses a life of financial security over a marriage for love that she fears would lead to a life of poverty.

Norah Lofts, A Calf for Venus ; also titled Letty , about a young doctor and a new serving girl at a disreputable coffee house. Norah Lofts, Lovers All Untrue , romantic suspense set in Victorian England about a young woman struggling to escape from her dominating father's control. Norah Lofts, Charlotte ; also titled Out of the Dark , about a young schoolteacher from Cornwall who goes to teach at a school run by a suspicious headmistress, where a favorite student dies and she begins to wonder whether she may have been responsible.

Norah Lofts, Gad's Hall , about a modern-day woman who moves into an old house with her family and begins to have supernatural experiences that hearken back to the terrible secret of the people who lived there in the s; available with The Haunting of Gad's Hall in a single edition. Norah Lofts, The Haunting of Gad's Hall ; also titled Haunted House , about a nineteenth-century family with four daughters, one of whom dabbles in the occult, bringing a mysterious evil to the house that cannot be banished until a century later; companion novel to Gad's Hall ; available with Gad's Hall in a single edition.

Norah Lofts, The Day of the Butterfly , a Regency romance about a young woman who seems doomed to the life of a prostitute after being fired from her nursemaid job, until an artist asks her to model for him. Claire Lorrimer, The Chatelaine , a family saga about a woman who marries at seventeen and is happy to become the chatelaine of a manor house until she realizes the true nature of her cruel, greedy husband; 1 in the Rochford Trilogy. Claire Lorrimer, The Wilderling , a family saga about a woman restored to her rightful family only to be betrayed by her father; 2 in the Rochford Trilogy.

Michelle Lovric, The True and Splendid History of the Harristown Sisters , about seven sisters from rural Ireland who become famous for their exceptionally long hair. Elizabeth Lowry, Dark Water , about a ship's doctor and the hero who saved men from a mutiny, and the bond formed between them during a terrifying voyage around Cape Horn that drives one of them insane. Elizabeth Ludwig, No Safe Harbor , about an Irish woman who travels to America in in search of her brother and falls in love with a man who may be dangerous; Christian message; 1 in the planned Edge of Freedom series.

Jonathan Lunn, Killigrew R. Jonathan Lunn, Killigrew and the Northwest Passage , about an officer in the British Royal Navy on a mission to find a sea passage through the Arctic from the Atlantic to the Pacific; 4 in the Killigrew series. Jonathan Lunn, Killigrew and the Sea Devil , about an officer in the British Royal Navy on a mission involving espionage in nineteenth century Russia; 6 in the Killigrew series. Rose Macaulay, Told by an Idiot , about the family of a British clergyman whose faith is perpetually in crisis and their lives from the late s into the s.

MacAvoy, The Grey Horse , historical fantasy about a horse who becomes a man; set in late nineteenth century Ireland during the risings against the English. Malcolm MacDonald, The World From Rough Stones , about a railroad foreman and the equally poor young woman he marries who begin an ambitious climb toward wealth; 1 in the Stevenson Family Saga. Malcolm MacDonald, The Rich Are with You Always , about a couple whose climb toward wealth is threatened by the behavior of their friends, a pious woman and her sex-crazed husband; 2 in the Stevenson Family Saga.

Malcolm MacDonald, Sons of Fortune , about the four eldest children in a wealthy family, who rebel against their father's strict approach to life; 4 in the Stevenson Family Saga. Malcolm MacDonald, Abigail , about a wealthy young woman and her discovery of sex during the outwardly repressed Victorian era; 4 in the Stevenson Family Saga. Malcolm MacDonald, Rose of Nancemellin , about a Cornish lady's maid who loses her job when she impersonates the master's daughter and goes on to a career on the stage. Walter Macken, The Silent People , about a young Irishman who has to leave his rural town during the famine of after he gets into an argument with the landlord's son.

Sarah MacLean, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake , historical romance about a year-old spinster heiress who decides to recklessly break society's rules and flings herself at the man to whom she has long been attracted. Verna MacLean, Farewell Rhilochan , about the Highland Clearances of the early nineteenth century, when Scottish Highlanders were forced from their homes. Anne Mallory, Three Nights of Sin , historical romance about a young woman who, to save her brother from the gallows, agrees to do three favors for a mysterious stranger.

Mathias Malzieu, The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart , whimsical historical fantasy set in Edinburgh about a young man with a clock for a heart; written by a French rock star. Benjamin Markovits, Imposture , about a doctor dismissed from the service of Lord Byron who falls in love with a young woman who is under the impression he is Byron; 1 in the Byron trilogy.

Benjamin Markovits, Childish Loves , about a man who inherits unpublished manuscripts about Lord Byron from a friend and tries to revive his literary career by writing about his friend; 3 in the Byron trilogy. Rebecca Mascull, The Visitors , about a deaf, blind girl in Victorian England who learns to communicate with a hop-picker on her father's farm and later travels to South Africa during the Boer War, where she learns the truth about the spirits she communicates with in her mind.

Beatrice Masini, The Watercolourist , about a young woman staying with a famous poet and his family while she makes watercolor illustratations of the plants in their villa garden near Milan, who becomes curious about the family's many secrets, some potentially dangerous. Beryl Matthews, When Midnight Comes , about a strong-willed young woman who in , after her father's death, finds work at a New Forest estate that breeds war horses. Roger McDonald, Mr Darwin's Shooter , about Syms Covington, the young sailor befriended by Charles Darwin when they meet aboard the Beagle, who assists in shooting animal specimens in the Galapagos Islands, and is later troubled by the implications of Darwin's theory of evolution.

Bernie McGill, The Butterfly Cabinet , about the mistress of an Irish manor house, imprisoned in after her only daughter dies, and the servant woman who many years later tells her story to a young woman. Betty McInnes, The Longest Journey , about a Scottish woman in whose son is sentenced to exile in Australia while she tries to hide a secret about her past. Katharine McMahon, The Rose of Sebastopol , about two young Englishwomen who take separate paths from Victorian London to the ravaged battlefields of the Crimean War, one dedicated to nursing the wounded, the other to finding and caring for her army surgeon fiance after she learns he has fallen ill.

Elisabeth McNeill, The Storm , about the widows in a fishing village on the Scottish coast after their community is devastated by a storm in Elisabeth McNeill, Turn of the Tide , about the women of a fishing village on the Scottish coast and their continued efforts to rebuild their lives after a devastating storm; sequel to The Storm. Doreen McNicol, Rachel Wicks , about a young woman who grew up in a Victorian workhouse but marries a wealthy gentleman, and the cruelty she experiences from her husband, his family and the staff of his mansion.

Jean Mead, The Widow Makers , about a family which moves from the Lancashire coal fields in search of a better life in the North Wales slate quarries; 1 in the Widow Makers series. Jean Mead, Strife , about a family in which the father's efforts to start a union for quarry workers are opposed by his wealthy son; 2 in the Widow Makers series. Valerie Mendes, Larkswood , about a young woman sent to her family's old mansion in to recuperate from an illness, where she discovers clues to tragic events in that divided her family.

Patrick Mercer, Red Runs the Helmand , about a newly appointed British general who arrives in Afghanistan as a young Afghan prince sets out to remove the British from power during the Second Anglo-Afghan War in the s. James A. Michener, The Journey , about four English aristocrats and their Irish servant who cope with disaster as they search for gold in Canada. Jean Jardine Miller, The Family History , about a modern Canadian widow whose research uncovers the story of an ancestor in Victorian London who was also a widow; self-published.

Susanna Moore, One Last Look , about the experiences of two English sisters and their brother in Calcutta, where he is serving as governor-general. Jude Morgan, Indiscretion , a romantic comedy about a young woman whose well-meaning but hapless father arranges for her to become the companion of a wealthy widow after he loses all their money. Jude Morgan, A Little Folly , a Regency romance about a brother and sister who finally escape their father's stifling influence when he dies, when the brother embarks on an affair with a married woman, and the sister rejects the man her father wanted her to marry.

Margaret Muir, Floating Gold , a seafaring adventure about a British naval captain sent on an Atlantic mission in Margaret Muir, The Condor's Feather , about a young Englishwoman who travels to Patagonia in and embarks on a riding expedition across the Pampas, where her party struggles to survive threats from escaped prisoners, hostile Indians and dangerous wildlife.

Janet Mullany, A Most Lamentable Comedy , a Regency romance about a young widow who sets her sights on a handsome gentleman without realizing he is as penniless as she is. Lilian Nattel, Singing Fire , a novel with a touch of magical realism about two immigrant women in London, one in the East End Jewish ghetto and the other in the wealthy West End, and the child who brings them together.

Marina Julia Neary, Wynfield's Kingdom , about a boy from the London slums who is taken in by a disgraced physician. Sheila Newberry, The Nursemaid's Secret , about a young maid sent from her London home at Christmastime to care for the sick child of a family in the Isle of Sheppey. Elle Newmark, The Sandalwood Tree , about a historian who travels to Delhi with his wife and son in as British rule in India comes to an end, where his wife finds year-old letters in a wall of their house and decides to unravel the story behind them. Kate Noble, Compromised , a Regency romance about the less beautiful of two sisters whose wit and spirit nevertheless attract the viscount engaged to marry her sister.

Kate Noble, Revealed , a Regency romance about a beauty whose rivalry with another woman over the attentions of a marquis causes her to stumble upon the identity of a famous spy. Jean-Pierre Ohl, Mr. Pamela Oldfield, The Birthday Present , about a London singer offered an unusually large sum to perform at a private birthday party in Lauren Owen, The Quick , historical fantasy about a poet and his sister and a mysterious society of wealthy men in a London stalked by vampires in Jeremy Page, The Collector of Lost Things , about a naturalist who joins an Arctic expedition in search of the Great Auk, a bird which may already have been hunted to extinction.

Charles Palliser, Rustication , about a Cambridge student sent home to the run-down mansion where his recently impoverished mother and sister live, when a series of disturbing crimes begin in the area. David Park, The Poets' Wives , about the wives of nineteenth-century English poet William Blake, early twentieth-century Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, and a fictional Irish poet of the present, and the sacrifices they make for their husbands.

Una-Mary Parker, The Fairbairn Girls , about an aristocratic family in Argyllshire that in falls victim to a curse. Matthew Pearl, The Last Dickens , a thriller about Charles Dickens's American publisher's efforts to find and publish the end of his unfinished last novel, despite murderous opposition. Nicky Penttila, An Untitled Lady , Regency romance about a young woman who weds a Manchester merchant in and discovers his business is putting weavers like her birth father out of work.

Sarah Perry, The Essex Serpent , about a young London widow who visits Essex in the late s with her eleven-year-old son, where she and the village parson are drawn together by rumors of a mysterious serpent. Arthur Phillips, Angelica , in s London, a mother consults a spiritualist after seeing a spectral figure attack her daughter.

Jill Pitkeathley, Dearest Cousin Jane , about the flirtatious and free-spirited Countess Eliza de Feuillide, a cousin of Jane Austen, who comes to England after her husband is guillotined during the French Revolution. Matthew Plampin, The Street Philosopher , about a journalist who becomes a gossip columnist "street philosopher" on his return from the Crimean War in an unsuccessful effort to forget the horrors he saw there.

Jem Poster, Courting Shadows , about a young architect and his conflicts with the villagers when he takes on a restoration job for a neglected country church and decides to clear out elements he considers superstitious and unsound. Christopher Priest, The Prestige , magical realism about a stage magician in the late nineteenth century. Natasha Pulley, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street , about a London man who finds a watch which mysteriously saves his life, and who then goes to Japan in search of its maker. Laura Purcell, The Corset , about a teenaged seamstress awaiting her trial for murder who tells a woman phrenologist she can kill with her stitching.

Arthur Quiller-Couch and Daphne du Maurier, Castle Dor , about a Breton onion-seller and a recently wed woman in nineteenth-century Cornwall who are compelled to relive the experiences of their past lives as Tristan and Isolde; begun by Arthur Quiller-Couch and completed by Daphne du Maurier after his death. Julia Quinn, A Night Like This , historical romance about a governess who knows she should not flirt with the nobleman who attracts her.

Julian Rathbone, A Very English Agent , about a man who has been a police spy for the past 40 years and wants a pension badly enough to use blackmail; 1 in the Charlie Boylan series. Julian Rathbone, Birth of a Nation , a man who has been a police spy for the past 40 years tells about his adventures in the Galapagos and America; 2 in the Charlie Boylan series. Julian Rathbone, The Mutiny , about a British spy who becomes personally involved in a conspiracy in India; 3 in the Charlie Boylan series.

Kalyan Ray, No Country , about Irish emigrants who in , fleeing the potato famine, end up in opposite parts of the world, America and India, and their descendants. Deanna Raybourn, The Dead Travel Fast , historical fantasy about a free-spirited Scottish spinster who goes to stay in a decrepit castle in Transylvania in and becomes involved with its disturbingly magnetic owner, Count Andrei Dragulescu.

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Tracy Rees, Florence Grace , about a Cornish orphan who, at fifteen, discovers she is related to a wealthy and notorious London family. Rachel Florence Roberts, The Medea Complex , about a woman kidnapped and committed to a lunatic asylum in Meg Rosoff, The Bride's Farewell , about a young woman in rural England during the s who understands horses better than people and flees to the Salisbury Fair instead of marrying her childhood sweetheart. Frances Sands, Daughters of Hunger , about a woman who dies of malnutrition during the Irish Potato Famine and her daughters and granddaughters over the course of years.

Anthony Sattin, Winter on the Nile , a novel about year-old Florence Nightingale's trip to Egypt, which portrays her meeting the young future author Gustave Flaubert and finding the courage to decide on a career in nursing. Graham Sclater, Hatred is the Key , about the Dartmoor Depot, originally built to hold 3, French prisoners, where 10, Americans from the War of were housed in terrible conditions even after the war ended; self-published. Gavin Scott, The Adventures of Toby Wey , about the farm boy who rescued Charles Dickens from child labor, operated a chess-playing machine, and played a role in developing the first public railway; self-published.

Susan Sellers, Vanessa and Virginia , about the relationship between novelist Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell from Vanessa's perspective.

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Diane Setterfield, Bellman and Black , about a man whose childhood killing of a rook begins to haunt him after tragedy strikes his family and he makes a bargain with a stranger. Diane Setterfield, Once Upon A River , about a mute girl rescued from drowning in the Thames in the late s and the three different families who want to claim her as their own lost relative. Miranda Seymour, Count Manfred , about a woman who becomes engaged to the mysterious tenant of a mansion belonging to Lord Byron. Jacqueline Sheehan, Now and Then , about a modern woman who wakes up one morning to find herself among her ancestors in Ireland.

George Shipway, The Chilian Club , about a group of retired British army officers who decide to redeem the honor of their disgraced regiment by assassinating union leaders and other leftists. George Shipway, Strangers in the Land , about a well-meaning but ignorant English general, newly arrived in India, whose seemingly minor changes in the regulations result in disaster. Enid Shomer, The Twelve Rooms of the Nile , a novel which imagines that on her trip to Egypt in , twenty-nine-year-old Florence Nightingale met Gustave Flaubert and shared a passionate friendship with him that changed both their lives.

Eve Silver, Dark Desires , gothic romance set in London during the s. Eve Silver, Dark Prince , gothic romance set on the coast of Cornwall during the s. Rawlinson and his work in the Middle East from to ; self-published. Dan Simmons, Drood , a horror novel about the final years of author Charles Dickens. Gillian Slovo, An Honourable Man , about a British doctor and his wife who are separated when he volunteers for an expedition to Khartoum to rescue General Gordon.

Anna Small, In the Arms of an Earl , historical romance about a shy bookworm who marries a composer who later inherits an earldom, creating social pressures that make her life difficult. Diana Souhami, Gwendolen , about a beautiful young aristocrat who marries a wealthy man after she learns of the loss of her family fortune; a retelling of George Eliot's novel Daniel Deronda from the perspective of Daniel's wife. Susan Squires, The Burning , a vampire romance set in England. Wesley Stace, Misfortune , about an orphaned boy raised as a girl by a befuddled lord in nineteenth century England.

Charlotte St. George, The Wheel of Fortune , about a young English woman forced into an unhappy marriage which results in scandal; self-published. Sara Stockbridge, Cross My Palm , about a shy young girl in high society London and the fortune-teller who reads her palm but keeps a secret of the ill-fortune she sees in it. Dacre Stoker and J.

Barker, Dracul , a novel which imagines the young Bram Stoker spending the night in a desolate tower as he awaits a manifestation of evil, and writing about the events that have brought him there; prequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula, co-written by Stoker's great-grandnephew.

Established historian & writer. International No 1 best seller.

Irving Stone, The Origin , a biographical novel about Charles Darwin, who pioneered the concept of evolution after his voyage of discovery on The Beagle. Rebecca Stott, The Coral Thief , about a Scottish medical student and the beautiful young woman who steals from him when they share a stagecoach while traveling to Paris in in the wake of Napoleoon's defeat.

Stuart, The Valiant Sailors , about a nineteenth century First Lieutenant in the British Navy who must cope with a despotic and possibly insane ship captain; 1 in the Phillip Hazard series. Stuart, Hazard of Huntress , about a newly promoted ship captain in the British navy sent to spy on the Russians during the Crimean War; 4 in the Phillip Hazard series.

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Stuart, Hazard in Circassia , about a British naval officer sent to negotiate an alliance with the mountain-dwelling Circassians during the Crimean War; 5 in the Phillip Hazard series. Stuart, Victory at Sebastopol , about a British naval officer during the Crimean War who faces court martial after making a difficult choice during the press of warfare; 6 in the Phillip Hazard series. Stuart, Escape from Hell , about a British naval officer who volunteers to help rescue a besieged British garrison during the Sepoy Mutiny; 8 in the Phillip Hazard series.

Debbie Taylor, Herring Girl , about a twelve-year-old boy who under hypnosis recalls a past life in a coastal town in as a herring girl who may have been murdered. Rosie Thomas, The Illusionists , about a woman working as an artist's model who becomes involved with a stage illusionist in Sandi Toksvig, Valentine Grey , about a woman who disguises herself as a man to fight in the Boer War in the place of her homosexual cousin.

Carrie Turansky, The Governess of Highland Hall , about the daughter of missionaries who must return from India to England, where she becomes governess on an estate in financial trouble; Christian message.

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Wendy Wallace, The Painted Bridge , about a sane woman whose husband has her committed to an insane asylum near London in Wendy Wallace, The Sacred River , about an invalid in Victorian London who travels to Egypt with her mother and aunt on the eve of an Egyptian revolt. Sarah Waters, Fingersmith , an orphan girl grows up among a family of petty thieves in nineteenth century London. Sarah Waters, Tipping the Velvet , about a woman who impersonates men on the stage in Victorian London. Katherine Webb, The Misbegotten , about a governess who marries a wine merchant and moves to Bath, where she meets a former soldier haunted by his memories of the Napoleonic Wars whose childhood sweetheart disappeared and was never found.

Ian Weir, Will Starling , about a surgeon's assistant in London who becomes concerned about a successful surgeon's involvement with grave-robbers. Review at the Globe and Mail. Deborah Weisgall, The World Before Her , about the nineteenth century British novelist Marian Evans, who wrote under the pen name George Eliot, and a twentieth century woman sculptor, both of whom spend their honeymoons in Venice. Fay Weldon, Habits of the House , about a London aristocrat in financial trouble in and his plan to secure a wealthy Chicago woman as his son's bride; 1 in the Habits of the House trilogy.

Fay Weldon, Long Live the King , about the family and servants of an English earl at the close of ; 2 in the Habits of the House trilogy. Charles Gidley Wheeler, The Believer , about a nineteenth-century man's journey from legal scholar to businessman to grimly rigid adherent of a Christian sect, the Plymouth Brethren. Anne Whitfield, The House of Women , about a young woman who sacrifices her own possibility of happiness so she can protect her six younger sisters from her violent, tyrannical father.

Anne Whitfield, Her Shadowed Heart , about a troubled young Yorkshire woman who believes her mother hates her, and learns the reason for her coldness only after falling in love with a man who owns a mining business in South America. John Wilcox, Siege at Khartoum , about a young British officer on an urgent mission to Khartoum to rescue a general besieged by a band of religious warriors; 6 in the Simon Fonthill series.

John Wilcox, The Shangani Patrol , about a British officer who, while held captive by an African tribal leader in , discovers a Portuguese plot to undermine the treaty between the tribe and Cecil Rhodes, Africa's richest man; 7 in the Simon Fonthill series. John Wilcox, The War of the Dragon Lady , about a former British officer and his wife caught up in the Boxer Rebellion when they visit her missionary uncle in China; 8 in the Simon Fonthill series. John Wilcox, Fire Across The Veldt , about a former British officer reinstated as the colonel of a cavalry unit as the Boer conflict continues in ; 9 in the Simon Fonthill series.

John Wilcox, Bayonets along the Border , about a former Army scout who, while traveling in India, is asked to deliver an important letter, amid dangerous unrest; 10 in the Simon Fonthill series. Lauren Willig, That Summer , about a woman of the present who inherits an old house outside London and begins uncovering its history when she finds a pre-Raphaelite painting of the woman who lived there in James Wilson, Consolation , about an Edwardian author of children's books whose life and marriage begin to fall apart after the death of his baby daughter.

Sandra Wilson, Lady Jane's Ribbons , historical romance about a young woman who sets out to win a stagecoach race in Val Wood, The Harbour Girl , about a sixteen-year-old Scarborough girl in the s who mends fishing nets and must marry her lover after she becomes pregnant, but soon discovers she has made a serious mistake. Geoff Woodland, The Triangle Trade , about a Liverpool slave trader's son who speaks out against the slave trade in , as momentum builds toward the British Trade Act of which would end it. That is why we read historical romance to take us back to another time we blindly believe to be much better than the sneaker and blue jean society of our day.

Why are we so critical of heroines? Is it because women relate more closely with their gender than they do with men? Any author, who has taken a course or read a book on character building, will tell you that it takes talent to craft a hero or heroine and bring them to life. The law of character building includes the pros and cons of that imaginary person.

Can an evil person experience a pang of guilt or a saint have a sinful thought? Of course they can, because without dimension, they are not human. By the end of the story, the fictional individual should have grown in some way or changed for the better in spite of their flaws while conquering that obstacle that looms between them and their happy ending.

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I will raise my hand and admit that I tend to write prickly people because conflict is the spice of my stories. You will no doubt find more amiable and agreeable ladies elsewhere. Prickly women who come across as bitches. Spanking Femdom Degradation " Lucinda Brazon ready for download! Click Download or Read Online button to get billionaire s baby promise book now. When Marta K is selected to join Unit 54, an elite and highly secret spy ring, she thinks that the hard work is over. Think again.