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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Okay, so did you guys know that witch hunts throughout history actually constitute a pattern of political oppression upon women?

Riding the nightmare : women & witchcraft from the Old World to colonial Salem

Because according to this book, no one has ever figured this out before. Seriously though, this is a great example of how to do good history badly. They use primary sources well, backed by some scant but effective history of the printing press and other related matters. However, this is all they do. In particular, yes you really have to deal with the apparently thorny issue of witchcraft as a symptom and product of superstition before the scientific revolution. Which, uh, both usually did. Especially in cases like the fascinating ergotism theory, which actually could have helped the thesis.

Most irritating. Unrelatedly, it is clear that Diana Gabaldon and the Pratchett-Gaiman team did at least a little research on the history of witchcraft — apparently the witch Mrs. Duncan was a real person, as were the Devices and Nutters. Apr 02, Lecrissa Langille rated it liked it. This book started out strong but could have used a bit more research and use of research material to back up the female oppression theory better.

There is a great bibliography in the back of this book to help you get started.

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Dec 24, Lisa rated it it was amazing. I wish there were a million more books that so eloquently discuss the tragic history of our doomed sisters and mothers. I'm on my third read. A wonderful book of history and feminism. Jan 16, Karieft added it. Amanda rated it liked it Jan 21, Art rated it liked it Mar 09, Stephanie rated it really liked it Dec 26, Richard Seeger rated it liked it Sep 30, Reese Lightning rated it it was amazing Sep 21, Rebecca rated it really liked it Feb 21, Dany rated it it was amazing Jan 12, Heath Mac rated it liked it Dec 15, Eva Raykova rated it did not like it Nov 09, Kitty Snaev rated it it was ok Jun 29, Sarah Bansak rated it liked it Feb 11, Jane rated it really liked it Jan 05, Dan Sharon rated it it was ok Mar 04, David Conlon rated it liked it Mar 18, The men are especially egregious.

Gordon has long moments of absolute blankness. At times, he is still and emotionless, not giving a hint of what he is thinking or of his motivation see the pictures above. Karen is very cute; almost too cute. She also has a strange acting style where fear is pretty close to laughter. Once again, this series has put me in a position where I feel I must be missing something obvious.

Nothing as incoherent as this seems could have made it through the production process. Just about nothing about it makes sense to me. What is the horse? Did Jude die? How did Gordon become man of the house? Seriously, that kitchen scene is such a non-sequitur and so tonally different from the previous scene that it suggests a time leap or even a different reality. At times the 14 year old actress shows a strange maturity, and at other times is just a kid. Gordon seems to have a creepy relationship with her. He brings her along on a romantic weekend with Tess, takes her side in childish arguments.

Is he a pedophile?

Nightmare Riding - Spell - World of Warcraft

She seems to be cool with that, egging him on at the end. And would the state really allow the single non-biological uncle with tinted sunglasses to adopt this Lolita? Something is going on there that they were either too dense to see, or too scared to commit to. Too many unanswered questions.

Nightmare or Riding the Night Mare

Again, why? Did the necklaces with initials have some mysterious, evil powers? Tess had one, Jude miscarried after the weird dream. After another nightmarish dream, Tess dies and we see Karen with a similar necklace. Not sure what that says about me, lol! Ok, I just watched this and had to research why it was so incoherent. Riding a horse has sexual symbolism, and Gordon went from wife, to sister, to…. Was it his daughter? Absolutely bizarre.

Gordon is gross, although Tess is portrayed as the bad guy? She is watching him perv out on the daughter in the kitchen and then decides they need to go party at a cabin, and then he brings the daughter? I think somebody cut the pedo portions, making the whole thing a mess.

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  • Finally, Tess was dreaming about her daughter taking her spot, hence the dreams with T necklace, and necklace shot at the end. Freud here.


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