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With the hero armed with the reward, we move into Act Three. Here, the hero decides whether to stay in the special world or go back to the ordinary world. The energy or the story is revved back up, Vogler writes. The hero's passion for the adventure is renewed. However, all is not necessarily well. If the hero has not resolved the issue with the conquered villain, the shadow, it comes after her with a vengeance.

The hero runs for her life, fearing the magic is gone. The psychological meaning of such counterattacks, Vogler states, is that neuroses, flaws, habits, desires, or addictions we have challenged may retreat for a time, but can rebound in a last-ditch defense or a desperate attack before being vanquished forever. This is when expendable friends come in handy, according to Vogler, often killed by the avenging force. Transformation is an important aspect of chases and escapes, he writes. The hero attempts to stall the opposition in any way possible.

For a moment, after great risk, effort, and sacrifice, it looks like all is lost. This is when the hero finds that old familiar ways are no longer effective. He gathers up what he has learned, stolen, or been granted and sets a new goal. But there is one final test on the journey, Vogler teaches. The wizard has prepared a hot-air balloon to take Dorothy back to Kansas.

Toto runs. Why is that considered rare? Who knows.

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I almost always wear my awesome bracelet which has time stop, which means I never see night time unless I want to. Now I had 2 un-needed Night-Day Scrolls, so I figured, hey, why don't I just read both to get rid of them right away, and get back to daytime! Except it doesn't work that way.

I read one -- then had no light source to read the 2nd one! I ended up swapping the shopkeeper to block the door and just waiting it out. Then I made a mistake and accidentally stepped on one of the flying floors in the Pick-A-Choice shop, but fortunately it was the right one, and now I just waited out the night time in a 1x3 cell of I think impenetrable walls. At least, you can't dig through them. I do plan to try Wall Clipping through them, haven't had a chance to try it yet. I have a related question: is it ever worth using a secret pot on weapons or shields?

Is there any reason to use new equipment as your primary stuff? So the real advantage of new equipment, if it could be done, is to synthesize it onto regular equipment. If I could in effect buy the rune I wanted at the new item shop and then synthesize it onto whatever other equipment I wanted, that would be enormously valuable, even if I could only do it once per run.

Can you put regular equipment then new equipment into a Synthesis Pot or Mixer monster and make the runes transfer?? Never mind. I thought I had tested these things before but couldn't remember, so I just tested them again. I could not find a way to synthesize the runes off of new equipment.

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I tried with both Synthesis Pots and Mixer family monsters. So, I'm back to the question: is there any good reason to play with equipment in secret pots? What is it? It's also, obviously, much better than anything you can find normally, which is a huge help in dungeons like Heavenly Lake or Old Road, where you cannot bring anything but can still find custom items. Even better for these dungeons, each hit you take has a chance to upgrade your shield by 1.

Magic effects reflection is another effect you cannot get without Secret Pots. It basically gives you a permanent Reflection pot effect, without its usual drawbacks because it doesn't apply to your own staves. Another good point is that, if you take a resonating sword and shield pair, any custom item made from the sword will resonate with any item made from the shield, which allows for different unique abilities combinations while still keeping the resonance.

That's super useful info, thanks! Makes sense now why you might want to craft new equipment -- so you can find it in dungeons where it's better than level 1 normal equipment. I also never new about the? I've been reading through older pages on this forum about secret pots.

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As complex as I thought the model was, it's still a bit more complex still. I'd love to write a good page on the wiki about it, but would love also to validate my understanding before I do. Can someone please comment on the below? On 2nd thought, maybe I'd better just write something on the wiki first so other people can edit it directly. Not sure when I'll try to do that, given holiday constraints, but I'd very much like to do so. Thanks for the responses, everyone! I'm definitely trashing the sword, then. I did actually see the hatchet in the item book after posting.

And of course - I totally knew about the mixer recipe with the two different swift items, but I hadn't made it yet, so I didn't realize that WAS the Quick Hitting rune.

Good luck, bad luck and everything else

I feel silly for not making the connection. Given the neurotic way I play this game, I think it's definitely not worth it to me to meld the Worthy Sword onto something else and then get that something else to the Hermitage to get the Fragile rune removed and then get it home again, seeing as how the runes are obtainable other ways. But I'm glad I asked, because for some reason using the rune removal service in this way simply never occurred to me. I always thought of it as the method of removing a positive rune to make room for a better or different positive rune, since I can't imagine ever putting a negative rune onto something in the first place!

But this of course makes sense if you're willing to sacrifice the Escape Scroll or the time to clear the towers to get the item home again. I love all of your posts, rhaining! Thanks for the ideas to hunt down the Extraction Scroll. I also see another similarity between us - we're both very verbose. I am getting better at leaving behind items and uncleared maps for the trade-off of actually completing the dungeons, but I doubt it will ever be my default play style. I did beat Old Road on the first try thanks to a lucky find of a Monsterphobic bracelet early on and ensuring I didn't let managing the items take over!

The secret pots seem pretty straightforward when you use that list elsewhere on the forum.

It would be good to document the fact that the rollover to a new day happens at GMT midnight, and to document the names of the runes that are and are not available by other means with the in-game description, as well as what it actually does where it's unclear some of them are still pretty unclear to me. New page on your awesome Google Sheet, perhaps?

Also, ExNihilo's comment about resonance is a key discovery I made recently - the base items only maintain their resonances. So a New Item Baffle Axe with a New Item Anti-Confuse Bracelet with the runes for the growth, alert, and strength bracelets added on via Secret Pot would resonate, but that same bracelet wouldn't resonate with a Student Shield or a Nap Rattle, or a Counter Shield because even though it has the Growth or Alert, or Strength property, it does not come from the base item - Anti-Confuse does.

I haven't unlocked Old Road yet. In fact, I've only done about 5 different dungeons, as I'm currently on a rune-hunting kick.

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But, that might get too tedious so I might have to start exploring more dungeons again. Some runes can be obtained by distilling exactly one item of the same type via the Synthesis Pot.

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  • Historical Markers LOUISIANA (Historical Markers Series Book 17)?
  • Some can be obtained by distilling one or more items of any types via Mixer monsters. These two sets overlap but neither is a subset of the other.

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    Over and above this, the inherent abilities of items are not the same as runes. They are often quite similar, and in fact they can sometimes be identical, but they are not the same. Specifically, the inherent ability of an item can scale with the item's level, but no matter which level of item you distill into a rune, it will be equivalent to the item's inherent ability at level 1.

    Is this model correct? If not, can someone help me understand the correct model? Old Road opens when you level Koharu's sword to level 2. I think Gen and Okon have level requirements as well, but I can't imagine not meeting those first. That older post is great, but it would be nice to match those descriptions up to the in-game names and descriptions.

    I'm also really unclear on what some of them actually do in-game - clarification would be nice.