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About the UrbanA Project The connections, tensions and contradictions between inclusivity, social in equality and ecological sustainability are sources of endless fascination and debate, especially in the context of cities and rapid urbanisation. This includes issues of green gentrification, climate justice, energy democracy, social housing and many others.

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In our UrbanA project on Urban Arenas for Sustainable and Just Cities , we synthesize knowledge and experience generated in projects that tackle urban un sustainability and in justice. Over the coming three years, UrbanA will organise a series of four blended Arena Events online and physical where we bring together city-makers from across Europe who aim to design and transform cities into sustainable, inclusive and thriving urban environments and want to learn from existing and new approaches. It is a starting point for distilling and co-creating knowledge on drivers, barriers, governance scenarios and policy recommendations for just and sustainable cities.

While the UrbanA database will focus on EU-funded projects, we also welcome your knowledge of other relevant projects. Please let us know by filling in this short survey.

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For more information on UrbanA, take a look at the website in development. You may have seen the latest cheerful news from Hungary this week! In a breach of the freedom and autonomy of higher education institutions in Hungary and around the world, legislation has been proposed to the Hungarian Parliament that would make it impossible for Central European University to continue operations within the country.

Specifically, the legislation would prevent Hungarian universities from delivering programs or issuing degrees from non-European universities on behalf of CEU. This is critical as CEU functions under Hungarian law as both an American and a Hungarian institution, and existing legislation allows for university programs and degrees from OECD countries including the U. This legislation is discriminatory and strikes at the heart of what CEU has been doing for over two decades, in full conformity with Hungarian law.

Not only does it offer fully funded graduate education to nearly all its students, but it is the home of cutting edge truly original research across a range of disciplines.

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There are currently a number of grassroot critically minded actions planned — from teach-ins to protests — but there are also things you can do from wherever you are:. This summer school looks great. Info The city has long fascinated documentary filmmakers and social theorists alike. From city symphonies to dystopic visions, the cinematic representation of the urban stands for modernity and its discontents.

Urban space constitutes a privileged site for such experiments, not only due to its constant transformation, contestation and discovery, but also as a laboratory for aesthetic, collaborative and interdisciplinary explorations.

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Through its powerful social aesthetics film provides ideal tools to engage with the city, while the new media offer a space for new forms of documentary, storytelling and cross-media ventures to emerge. Together, they inspire innovative narrative forms that recreate the urban experience through open, collective modes of participation and interaction. This course proposes an intensive, research-focused program for the creative development and experimentation with new forms of expression, engagement and collaboration in and of the city. For this it invites a number of selected projects and matches them with leading professionals in the field, who successfully combine film, multimedia practice and urban interventions in their own work.

It offers theoretical and practical input and provides the space for urban researchers, filmmakers and multimedia artists to interact and collaborate towards accomplishing their own projects. CfP: Cities of the forking paths: intercommunal dis harmony and the rhythms of everyday life. Global cities are variously represented as utopian multiethnic, interreligious celebrations of cosmopolitan difference, or conversely as dark hives of ethnic and class conflict.

Against this split narrative, smaller cities that exhibit ethnic or religious tensions are often portrayed as lacking, provincial or backwards.

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Thinking through these ideas rhythmically temporally and spatially allows ethnographers and historians to explore the everyday realities of how community is performed and circulated in smaller cities. It is our contention that inhabitants of plural cities exhibit creative marginality in the face of contrived coexistence, that the heteronomous spaces and times of cities produce contradictory logics that undermine ethnonationalist state goals, and that the mundane cycles of everyday life can destabilise seemingly hegemonic projects.

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The shortlist Council wanted to retain a broad range of options to develop further. The wastewater would be treated to a higher standard than that achieved through the current wastewater treatment plant. Applying some dry weather wastewater to land, with the remainder being discharged to groundwater via high rate infiltration soakage through the ground surface.

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Discharging most treated wastewater to the ocean, and applying some to land. This would require a pipeline and other infrastructure to move the treated wastewater to a coastal discharge point. What happens now? Got a specific question or would like to know more? Follow this project Sign up to receive information and updates about Nature Calls.