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In many cases their lives and friendships were intertwined. Some joined together in marriage. Later, some descendants fought in the Revolution on the Patriot side; others remained loyal to the British. Learn the impact of these decisions on these people's lives. This book continues tracking some of these families until the late s. There are 63 portraits of 67 people, and the museum locations of most of these portraits.

John, born ; married, , Elizabeth Bond; , Ruth Blackford. Peter, born ; married, , Elizabeth Androvette. James LaTourette, the youngest brother of Henry, never married. He was a weaver and worked with his brother, Henry, until his death in , at Fresh Kills, Staten Island. He was born in Chapter X. Keve writes: While a mere boy he served as messenger for General Washington during the winter he was encamped at Valley Forge. He was a weaver by trade. He died Feb. Keve, in a letter to the writer of these annals dated from Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Dec. Tower see page 20 of his History when in Paris obtained a copy of the LaTourette and Mercereau coats of arms; that she furnished a copy of each of these to him, except the descriptions which were so abbreviated and in technical French that his cousin was unable to make out the meaning.

The Mercereau coat of arms shows in yellow two ducks facing each other and sitting in water. I he background is colored water blue. The LaTourette coat of arms is of similar size, shape and background, but the central part is made up of two full diamond shaped figures, three in each row, and parts of seven other similar figures. VanDalson Susannah, b. John Seaman, Charlotte, b.

I, , m. William Ramsey. Esther P. April 24, , m. William Woodward. Elizabeth Oliver, b. John Keve II, about John Fullwood, b.. Nancy Ann Watson. Eliphelet Cole II, b. Peter The latter four children were apparently not given in the above record. Keve writes that he found the birth record of Elizabeth Oliver Cole at page , Records of the Hackensack Dutch Reformed Church, where it appears that she was baptized Oct.

Keve and Sabine Florey , m. Cyrus J. John Fremont Keve, in his History pp. I 0 and I I, writes of her: "Elizabeth Oliver Cole Keve, the heroine of this history, was noted in her youth for her great beauty, and in her more mature years for her queenly bearing and intensely religious character. Her very appearance proclaimed her to be one of superior birth, while her majestic and dignified presence reminded one of her noble French ancestors. On invitation of her son Cyrus, she made her home with him in about I at Paoli, Wis. She died of liver complaint November 14, At page 9 he shows that Alexander Hamilton came to this country from Nevis in October, I , and that "according to our tradition Theodocia was born in Nevis and came over in the same ship with Hamilton.

In Encyclopedia Britannica 9th Ed. He occupied a "plantation" which his father had acquired. The location was in a remote part of New Jersey at the time, for it was without transportation except by horse until long after the war. Note must be taken of the fact that the railways were not common until after I Steamboats were not common until after However, steamboats would not have been of benefit to Henry, of Lebanon, inasmuch as there was no navigable waterway.

The nearest point to water transportation was probably Boundbrook 17 miles distant on the Raritan River. Boundbrook is about fifteen miles above the mouth of the rivor in New York Lower Bay, at the southerly tip of Staten Island. From this place, Fresh Kills, where his father lived, could bo reached only by rowboat or small sailboat, a distance of about seven miles along Arthur Kill.

There was, of course, no telegraph, telephone, or radio. Probably there was no stage-coach, or postal service, until long after Henry and his wife, had taken up their residence at Lebanon. Living conditions, at that time, were no doubt more difficult at Lebanon, N. Now all of these persons I am weil acquainted with historically. I have heard mother speak of them time and again as her aunts and uncles. He had one child.

They lived at Bond Brook and had three children, one son who died at sea, Sally, married Dr. Swan of Somerville, Betsy married John G. Steel of Bond Brook. Great Uncle Peter LaTourette married an Adrovette and moved to what was called at that time the Susquehanna Country in , and there are plenty of descendents still living in Wayne County, Pa.

Henry, of Fresh Kills, makes no mention in his will of his son Henry's wife, but mentions his daughter as Susanna. Clickener enclosed with the above letter a "Schedule A" in which he mentions Henry, of Fresh Kills, giving the children as "Susan born , married Wm. LaTourette states, in a letter to this writer, dated October 31, , from Kensington Ave. Clickener's mother, and that there is now no descendent of Henry, of Lebanon.

Clickener, in the above letter, further writes: "John LaTourette, your great-grandfather, married Elizabeth Bond. There came to this country, of this family, 4 Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah. Sarah married Mjr. Clickener, in Schedule B accompanying the above letter, gives the family data of John G. Henri, born I , died I , had one daughter; Joseph Bond, born , died in Canada, single.

John, my wife's father, born , died , married Sarah Schenck, in Dec. Abram, born , died I , married a Manny. Not less than five children or more than seven. Th is closes the second generation. I am the 12th child in our family, born , Oct. The writer found the family Bible of John G. The entire record will be copied here, except some little parts where the paper was frayed too much: 38 The Sons and Daughters of John and Elizabeth Latourette -nn, Born October 22, , Died April 26, David, born July 12, Sarah, born Feb.

Henry, born Oct. Joseph, born May 28, Mary, born March 25, Susanna, born Feb. John L. Abraham, born Nov. Elizabeth Lambrit, born Nov. Matthias Clickiner was born - - -, John William Luobold, barkman, born Nov. Isaac Manning was born September the 31 Julia LaTourette , his grand-daughter, was born October the 31st, Annahgusta, born June 10, William, born April 25, John K.

Here some of the page is torn off, but no data is thought to be missing. Still Manning, born June 3, Eliza Ann Manning, born July 30, John Manning, born Feb. Benjamin Manning, born June 20, Manning, born -gust 20, I Phoebe Manning was born December 24, Nathaniel Drake Manning, died Dec. Julia Chamberlain died June 21,1 Chamberlain died June 25, Sarah Elku Manning died Sept. Nettie Manning died Sept. Here the remainder of the page is gone but it does not appear that any data is missing.

Mother Elizabeth LaTourette died July 8, , aged Nancy LaTourette died April 26, Grand-mother Bond died April 25, Grand-mother Sarah LaTourette died Jan. Father John LaTourette died Feb. Aunt Sally Vanotrick died Feb. Mary Clickinger died Feb. David LaTourette died July 16, Grand-father of L. Mother Phebe Manning died Feb. Sarah Frances Manning died Dec. Sister of aunt of Isaac M. Father Benjamin Manning died June 2, I Father of Isaac M. Isaac Manning died Jan. I 9 days. Matthias Clickiner died Nov. Husband of Mary, known as "Dolly".

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Minnie Nevins died Aug. Susanna Manning died May I I, , aged 78 yrs. Wife of Isaac Manning. Jacob Randolph, I 5 April, In Turkey. Births of Sons and Daughters of William B. Franklin Pierce, born Sept. Albert Still, born Nov. Anna Janett, born Nov. Sarah Ellen, born April 8, I Mary Emma, born March 4, Clara, born Apr. Abram L. May, born Oct. I 8, I Laura, born Dec. Phebe Manning and Elijah Chamberlin married Sept. William B. Manning and Susan LaTourette married Jan.

I, torn off. End of Bible Record. John's son, Abraham, born Nov. March 21, on June 15, Abraham J. Peter, born Feby I, , married Amelia S. Jackson, Oct. She died Apl. Married again to Anna M. Lacy Oct. Alla Maria, born Aug.

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Married Isaac Lamereaux, June 17, , 3 children. William O. Lives here. Sarah B. Powell died and she's still at North Hector, N. Hunt died in Married George Osgood of Mich. Daniel, born Oct. I went to the cemetery this P. It looks much like photographs of his brother, David, of Lodi, grandfather of the writer.

He was a robust, energetic looking man.

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The writer has often heard his father and aunts father's sisters speak of "Uncle Abe. I was named by him. He had two sons, three daughters. I don't remember the name of the elder of the three, but she married a canal boat captain whose name I have forgotten. Mary, the second daughter, was single when I was there in I or 3, and a younger one whose name I have forgotten. Uncle Peter finally sold out at Kings Ferry and moved back to Broome County to spend the remainder of his days with his relatives..

They lived at Bound Brook. Chapter XIII. This family is well covered by a letter to the writer post-dated, Kings Ferry, N. She lists the kindred that had settled about the lakes in west-central New York, sc accurately that her letter and inclosed data will be quite fully copied: "Lyman E.

Broome, Latourette, and Mercereau Families of New York and Connecticut : 17th to 19th Centuries

LaTourette, 2 I 8 E. Dear Cousin: Your letter, concerning our genealogy, of Sept. I am a pretty busy woman just preparing for a week of rest and mental stimulus too, at Clifton Springs Sanitarium. When I return D. I'll write again. I think you must be the de la Tourettes, into whose family my attorney at Ithaca, Simeon Smith, Esquire, inter-married. His wife was Sarepta. On a trip, last year to the Pacific Coast, I went to see some of that family.

I think our family line must diverge about our great-great-grand-father's day. They were really cousins, though Mamma always gave them the curtesy title. For further information about our line, I think W.

Broome, Latourette, and Mercereau Families of New York and Connecticut: 17th to 19th Centuries

LaTourette Mercereau of Binghamton. I have correspondence and the line of the late Rev. LaTourette, U. Chap, of the U. Indeed I know nof if Victoria herself has so hoary a record. I 0, I died 2 Peter, born Aug. Jersey, died Saturday 3 Catharine, born Sept. Left home; no more heard of him. Henry de la Tourette, born Sept. John de la Tourette, born May 3d, I Ann de la Tourette, born Jany 28, We said that was imperfect French form, we would have but one r.

Tour - tower , ette small or little. You see it was a clinging to the old Italian form,, della Torretta, of the little tower. He is buried at Union N. Married Feb. Two children; Clarissa Lapham, born Jan. Her mother Elisabeth Ogden Quigley, was a near kinswoman of Gov. Aaron Ogden. Their children were: Zerviah Ogden, born Oct. Married Jonathan Tilton, who died. Married Samuel Bejamin, who died. She died Sept. Mary, born June 20th, , died July 12th, Elisabeth, born Mar. She died Friday, May I 7th, Pneumonia from grippe. Henry, born Mar. Rob't Campbell, near Sioux City, Apr.

Joanna Thompson, born Nov. One child, a daughter, Augusta. The former speaks of him as having been born at Wood- bridge N. The latter clipping shows that he died at Vestal, June 23, I , 99 years of age, born at Woodbridge, a long time resident of Cayuga County, later at Kings Ferry, where he married Anna Quigley, granddaughter of Capt. Thomas Quigley, of Elisabeth, N. Other information is given which is covered by the above. The Sarah referred to on a preceding page as being the second wife of someone, was undoubtdly Sarah Lane Wood, the second wife of Henry, of Fresh Kills.

Goodyear inclosed a note about Rev.

LaTourrette, saying that he always spelled the name with two r s and that his daughters married two certainly army officers U. She is now dead. Fourth Street, Bayonne, N. Latourette, above mentioned. The next chapter will show the "line" as thus given for it furnishes much information though it neglects to give reference to any records and, in the first two gnerations, fails to give dates or the names of wives and husbands, and is somewhat erroneous.

The writer has a letter dated at Medford, Oregon, Dec. In the sketch, John W. The gold mines of California then attracted him. He spent a few years there, was married and took his family by ox team to Rouge River Valley, Oregon, where he farmed for 14 years and engaged in cattle business at Klamath, Oregon; that he then drove a herd of I 75 cattle, I miles to Arizona, where he became one of the largest and most successful cattlemen of the state Territory, at the time ; that his wife was Rosanna Mathers, a native of Quincy, III.

Cornelia Munds, of Jerome; Mrs. Rose Sheridan, of Phoenix; Mrs. Viola Wells, at home in Phoenix. No dates are here given. The balance of the genealogy is covered by that given above by Sarah Atwater Goodyear. Chapter XIV. Thus far these Annals have covered the line of genealogy but briefly. More will be given in this chapter. About , Rev. LaTourette who was in the ministry and U. The chart is somewhat difficult to interpret in places, but it contains much valuable informaton in brief form, although it lacks dates in the first two generations, and fails to clearly show the line of descent.

Here the line will be stated as interpreted and comments or notes will be stated in parenthesis, as follows: Jean LaTourette married Marie Mercereau and they had children, Marie, Jean, Pierre and Henri Note that there were others as shown in Chaptr V. The daughter, Marie, married. Broome, and had a son who was Lieu't. The children of Henri were Mrs. Note that although Mrs.

Bedell, of Philadelphia, was a descendant of the daughter, Catherine. Another descendant of Catherine is given as Rev. Johns, New Brunswick, British Possession. Note that it seems uncertain whether Catherine, who married Stephen Bedell, and Elizabeth, who be- 48 came the wife of Johnathan Lewis, are intended to be shown as the children of Henri or of Jean.

James 2d, the son of Jacques, is given as born in and died in , married Mary Stoutenborough or Stouten- burg, and they had children, John born Mch. Journeauy; Stephen, born Sept. I, , died Aug. I 7, I , died I , no issue; Annie, born I , died , no issue. Anne Crocheron is given as having children; John, Dec.

I , no issue, age 26; Mary died I , married Edwin R. Bennett and had son, David LaT. Evans, two children, Elisabeth, about 45, unmarried; David, Dec. I aged I 3; Richard aged about Albert, Jane, William and Ann, are also set out as brothers and sisters of Lucinda. Note another line extending from James who married Cornelia Ann Gale to a group as follows: David, died in infancy, Rev. La- Tourette, married Annie M. Annesley, Joshua, died Apr. Annesley are given as having children: Cornelia, 1st child, Rutgers, married Lieut.

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Harry G. Cavanagh, U. Henry Romeyn, U. Cornelia Rutgers is shown as having Harry LaT. Cavanagh, born Ft. Douglas, Salt Lake City, Jan. Annesley Cavanagh born Ft. Lyon, Colorado Feb. Union,, New Mex. The last date given in the chart is , which is probably the year in which it was written. LaTourette, that The Rev. The above fails to show how Richard LaTourette and his sister of the big brick house on Izzard Hill, Staten Island, came into the family.

It would seem that Crocheron whom Anne married probably had a daughter who in turn married a LaTourette,. The facts above and to follow definitely establish a lineage of both Rev. LaTourette and of Richard C. The line of descent of Rev. Onge, born about , marriage about , fled to America about ; marriage in France legalized under English law in New York City in LaTourette, born 18—, died Izzard , above St.

Andrews Church, at Richmond, Staten Island. In order to supply more information about the first three generations the writer will here insert extracts from the notes taken by him when in 50 New York City, Staten Island, and New Jersey, in The Record of St. I I Sept. I, , Catrin, daughter of David. Born Sept. Funeral Nov. De Groot was baptized July 26, , married Dec.

Wills, Vol. On page , vol. At page I 8, Vol. LaTourette, and Mary. Bayles' History of Richmond County, N. Marie, Sept. I, , ditto. Henricus, Jan. Anthony, April 15, , ditto. Joost, April 4, , ditto. Presumably it was from church records where the parents were communicants. Evidently the parents of the above were of the first generation, and the parents of the children listed from St.

Andrews Church, are from the second generation. Bayles, however, gives additional information that the records of the Dutch Ch urch at Port Richmond show that Henricus, son of Jean LaTourette and Marie Mersereaux was baptized Jan 24, I , and adds that this was probably the same Henricus as the above with an error in the year.

The above Abigal who married. LaTourette is manifestly the one who married Peter LaTourette b. I as shown in Chapter VI above. In order to check on dates and names one must know about the churches and places on Staten Island. Clute, in his History of Richmond County p. Drisius, who preached once a month to the French Vandois Waldenses who later blended with the Dutch and formed the Reformed Dutch Church; that the first church building was erected in at Stony Brook, south of Black Horse Corner along the Amboy Road, and nothing but the foundation remained when Clute wrote; that in a Huguenot Church was built near Fresh Kills Seaman's farm when Clute wrote and preaching was in French by Rev.

Peter Stryker, minister. No doubt this church and grave-yard had the record of Jean and Marie's family, after , and the record in good part of Henry and Sarah's family. The writer, when there in and was unable to get the data except through wills, and other public records. Bayles further states, in said history, p. I I, , Johnathan, born Jan. The tombstones in St. I I, , died Feb. Winant, born March 17, , died Aug. LaTourette died at Cathawba, Ala. Clute's History of Richmond County, at page , gives the same information as that given by Bayles, and stated above, and additional data that James LaTourette, probably one of the Jacques previously mentioned, and Elisabeth, his wife, had a son, John, born Dec.

I I, a son, Johnathan, born Jan. In Vol. See also p. In the writer interviewed Abraham LaTourette, who resided at Tottenville, located at the south end of Staten Island. It was apparently a copy of the will mentioned above of David LaTourette, of Westfield, probated Dec. The writer took notes from the copy which the speaker produced. Abraham, the speaker, said that his father was buried at Bethel, and his mother at Woodrow cemeteries, and some of ancestors in Richmond Church-yard. He produced an old family Bible which he said had been his grand-father David's.

Notes from it by the writer show: Grand-mother Phoebe Cole LaTourette born - 30, 17 - The blanks are where the writing was torn off or obliterated by age. Aunt Susan LaTourette, born Oct. Father Abraham LaTourette, born June 29, Abigail LaTourette, born March 25, John LaTourette, born May 1, Elizabeth Ann LaTourette, born Sept. I 3, I How, and why, does it last? Through the decades of the twentieth century, Through the decades of the twentieth century, advancements were made in almost every field of human endeavor, including medicine, science, and technology.

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