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Williams Et Tu Loewen One by one from the inside out : essays and reviews on race and responsibility in America by Glenn C. Branch Madam C. Thompson The Harlem Fox : J.

Raymond Jones and Tammany, by John C. The legend of food mountain , adapted by Harriet Rohmer ; illustrated by Graciela Carrillo! My aunty was fully storming, she was like, Mac, what's the matter with you! We were all worried! And the whole time M? The thing is, M? We were so connected. My family embraced her; she never have to do anything.

She just brought her- self. That is what I miss the most. That's when her death became so clear to me. She was just a genuine person who arrived on my doorstep, the kind who doesn't want to take anything out of your house, that doesn't want to take anything from you. They don't have any bad feelings against you. It's just good. There's only so many people in your life who will come like that, one whole package you see right there. When I met her the first time, that's the same person I saw all the time. Personally, the huli I've experienced inside is because of that moment when she transformed from someone I didn't know, to someone who was such a good friend.

Why did she come to us and attach herself to my family? How much did we help her with? It must have been a lot, cuz my Uncle Mac and her was at Mo? This story is so wonderful that even my Aunty reflects upon M? After that trip, she came and stayed with us on Moloka? Even there she just sat and embraced it all. For me, becoming a part of?? I felt that?? That's like saying she was never even here.

She meant for?? Shana: I feel like I didn't get enough of her. To me she wasn't pau. Every time I think of her I cry, even though I didn't know her as well. She got inside of me so deep. When I think of her, I mourn the loss of something that could have been. Living in Ka? I hear her telling me, Keep going. Continue what you're doing because this is what you're meant to do. No need to be sad. My work isn't done, and you're a part of it now. All of us are a part of her work, continuing the legacy she began. Sometimes I feel like her generation looks at us younger ones and thinks, Ho you brats!

We work so hard, now what are you going to do? I feel that this is the time for our generation to huli, time for us to say, Okay, let's educate, and be educated. I'm still getting my education, but now I see a real purpose to it. Now I understand people like M? That's the huliau I. Our kuleana is to make a difference for the next generation. It's the nature girl, the one who went out on the land. She valued the?? She also knew that learning isn't just in books, and she exemplified that. That's what is so amazing and inspirational to me.

Her mes- sage, what she believed in, wasn't to just go to the university and get a degree. For her it was, Go out, touch the land, know the?? Touch the plants, get in the water, save the birds, and tramp across Mo? That was her university. She went out on the land, and not just in Hawai? She left Hawai? She hitchhiked across Canada picking apples to earn money to get to Nepal.

She hiked Katmandu with a homemade map the size of her palm, trying to communi- cate with people who didn't know English. What was so incredible is how she could then connect those experiences to her experiences as a Kanaka Maoli on her own homeland. She did- n't just experience nature.

She was able to bring it into her writing, especially the situation of modern, urban Hawaiians, many who have been disconnected from the?? We may be living in this place we say is our homeland where our ancestors lived and did all these things and cre- ated?? But they are just as foreign to us as if we left the country. That resonates with the question you posed, Shana, Okay, now what are we going to do?

Like Noe always says, Ma ka hana ka? She exasperated her academic advisors because on the verge of her PhD in English she stopped and. Here she was on the verge of a PhD in English. But she stopped and went back. Not for the palapala, but for the mana? She went back to learn the process of how to pound kapa, weave baskets, and take what she learned out in nature and create art with it, to make it something that was meaning- ful to her as an artist.

When I think about M? That's what M? She was the ultimate Hawaiian renaissance woman. She went out on the land, she got a university education. She was an artist and a writer who was always creat- ing. She carved her own k? She did everything. Leslie: M? One way I connected to M? She'd grab her backpack and go down to the Red Sea for a couple of weeks and just cruise, or hike across the desert. She and I used to sit back and roll laughing, talking about all of our traveling adventures. She made great observations, and shared many stories, bringing back home to Hawai?

I link many of M? Aunty Gladys inspired many people to achieve great things. That is a wonderful gift to give people, inspiration. Laiana: M? Aside from some of the stories you guys have been telling here, like her taking her backpack and going down to the Red Sea for a couple of weeks, think about how she probably had to pick up her backpack and go down to investigate the area of c3 non-profit status, copyright law, or whatever.

She would just go and do it, even when she did- n't know anything about it before. It never both- ered her to do that. Leslie: One of the most beautiful things that has been said about M? Her dad lived for those letters because he loved to read M? He sat up late at night after everybody went to bed and read those letters over and over again. That was his makana from his daughter. I wish he could have seen M? What a beautiful thing she gave to the world. For us, it wasn't material things, it was her writing. Leslie: Things she created from her hand, from herself.

Doreen said that their dad didn't have to leave the island, he could travel anywhere; M? A lot of what she wrote when she was abroad made you feel like you were there with her. I remember one story she wrote describing the bells in Nepal, the ones that the cattle wear around their necks when they go traipsing up and down the mountain.

Her description of the chiming bells was one of her most vivid memories of Nepal. Those are the kind of things I remember about her writing. Shana: You think of how many Hawaiians have actually done that. I mean, I haven't even been to all the Hawaiian islands! Thinking of Nepal it's like, No way! Kaleo: That's what I mean about huliau. How many of us, even if we did travel, can actually set that motion of our trip onto paper and make it come alive? That's an art. I never really thought that I could appreciate the nomadic nature of someone else.

That's why I believe that M? She also relied on her na? She went with her na? She really believed that people came and people stayed if they had the right na? We've had people come and go at different times, for different reasons. There was no bad feel- ings, no pilikia. When people came, she didn't take, and hasn't taken, all comers. She was very thoughtful. She really, deeply trusted that process, that the right people would come, the right pieces would be published.

I'm sure if you talked to anyone who has been trained in western business prac- tices, this is probably not encouraged as a way to do business. But we have been successful. Shana: What's good about M? That's what she did for me, she valued who I am. Michael: I've heard quite a few people say M? I believe that, too. She'd be there so often whenever I needed advice or support that I must admit there've been at least a few times I took her strength for granted. She was, and is, a truly remarkable human being, a remarkable woman, someone who could shift roles in an instant and be a leader, mentor, friend, and sister all at once.

When people want- ed to participate with?? She'd always reply, What do you want to do? That was so amazing. You think, Oh, I have a choice? Because we don't always have those options in our regular jobs. Laiana: She would seek counsel too. She wouldn't just say, Oh, I have this new person whose willing to do x and that was it. She would run it by people and get the information that she needed.

Sometimes it was with that smile. Sometimes she would dig a little bit deeper because what you said was not quite enough to make it click in her mind. For her it was the little things that were important, that's the kind of Hawaiian activist M? An activist is someone who actively promotes change for the better, and that's what she did. It was the way she lived her life. Every day. We can, and do, come together all the time. It's been a great struggle since her passing.

But as we've had more time to reflect. Shana: I just want to thank M? I never got the chance to say goodbye to her. Or thank her. Where are you oh M? Lindsey Waimea, Hawai? My grandma's lineage traces back to O? My maternal grandparents are Annie Miner Hale? This grandmother's lineage goes back to Maui and O? To my sistah Calm night, peaceful resistance. Night of calamity in the midst of Spirits traveling across the Ko? We sit and eat and listen and talk and think And wonder and daydream the nightmare. Brah, just fall in love T, just love him for what he is Nevermind looking for the one that fit Into my mold of the man for you.

Before asking him his mo? If I don't answer, it's not cuz I don't love you; Maybe I'm doing homework with my son, Or listening to my father sing him to sleep. We go; You know the way. You so lucky; They stay ova dea waiting, You neva even have to figgah um out. Whoa T, just remember me, hah. You know, when you get Rich and famous ova dea. I was looking, But she wasn't dea yet. She still stay here; But no need worry, She just cruizin'. Ola n? Yeh, I know you don't know them, Cuz you wasn't born yet. But they all stay ova dea; Das how come you no need cry If mommy not dea, cuz look all of dem.

You neva alone, no need be scade, You get one whole l? So try again, focus. Look, dea dem. One more sista And we paddle out, And we throw da lei, And we cry, And then we go home, And it all happens again. We say, latta on I goin talk to him Latta on, I going take da kids and leave him I going my sista's, I going my madda's. If he yell at you, put his hand down there and say it's HIS Den what is yours?

No hide? No more latta on. Let people know. You feel stupid or cold, Tink no one goin believe you dat Maybe it's not right or OK For him to treat you dat way Wen your heart stay hurt just as bad as your. Tas all Tas it. Latta on for all the sistas we wen scatter at da reef. We wen throw lei fo. We wen tink was all right. Nuff already. Open da pepeiao. We no need latta on. We get each odda. We get help. Right now.

We get. Gavin, raised in Carson, California, was an alaka? He had a passion for Hawaiian culture that was hard to match, and moved to Hawai? It is a work of fiction, com- prised of many stories and experiences within my family, and told to me by friends and students over the years. Gavin is the one who gave me the courage to tell it. Photo by Leslie Stewart. Slowly and methodically she cut the sides of each key, slicing in, and then down at an angle, just how her older brother Lehia had taught her only two years ago.

He had said she was too young to handle the sharp knife neces- sary to cut through the tough hard skin of the hala fruit, but M? When Lehia was cutting and stringing a hala lei for their cousin Puna's high school graduation that year, M? Lehia finally relented, and soon regretted it. He showed M? Lehia had passed the old cutting board to her, the wooden one T? Kepa had made from the trunk of a large mango tree.

Lehia favored the wooden board because it had more grip than the new plastic ones sold in the markets. The rough wooden grain helped keep the fruit from slip- ping as it was being cut. Just then the knife slipped and cut through the fruit, slicing into her finger. The trickle of red mixed in with the moist yellow stains left on the board by the previously cut hala, leaving a pretty orange pattern. Lehia laughed. He showed her again how to do it, and then let her practice until she got it right. Oh how the tips of her fingers had ached afterwards!

She didn't realize then that as she pushed the point of the blade into the resisting skin of the fruit that the back of the blade resisted, too. It pressed deeply into the sensitive tips of her young fingers, making a deep indentation. When she was pau she picked up four long broad ti leaves from the table and held them together by their stem, wrapping the lei around them. Then she carefully folded each leaf up and twisted the ends, tying them into a neat bundle.

When the p?? Aunty Aulani was standing at the stove, stirring canned corned beef and Maui onions into the sizzling hot black iron skillet. Aunty said nothing as she set T? She couldn't forget; now there was one missing. She looked up at her cousin coming in the kitchen door carrying three fat?

Marriage and Inequality in Chinese Society

The salt water glistened on his dark brown skin as he set the fish on the counter next to his mother. But that frickin' shark came at me again today wen' I was tryin' fo' spear? He sat at the table with M? Puna stared at her with a look of annoyance. Why da hell you goin' ova' dea? Ma, why you guys lettin' her go ova dea? Eh, Mo, you don'know about that kine stuff like your braddah, no make la' dat. She jumped down the stone steps and landed lightly on the. She remembered how they would run and chase each other down to the beach almost everyday after school since they were little children, each racing the other to be the first to dive into the cool Pacific water.

Don't leave me! The course pink sand crunched under foot as M? She walked the hun- dred or so yards down the beach to the ko? First she had to cross the muliwai, the mouth of the small streamlet that fed into the ocean. Tiny, nearly invisible fish darted around her, and long streaming limu? When she reached the ko? Lehia had told her about this ko? It was a stone altar dedicated to K?? In the old days when someone in the? She hadn't believed him back then.

It was just another stone on the beach; there were lots of them. How could this one be any different? She had asked T? But T? It was a kapu place. When people fished out here, they always went to the ko? Red fish, he? They always left the best. When the tide would rise, the rock would be completely submerged. The man? Most of the time, the water there is too shallow for the sharks to swim, but when the tide is high, they can come in. They like that place to h?

That is why we don't fish there; that place is kapu to the? When T? No such ting as shark gods, an' get plenny fish there; why gotta be kapu for some stupid sharks? She had been through this many times with Puna already. Puna and Lehia were first cousins and the same age. Lehia had been so proud of his Hawaiian heritage.

He loved the ocean: swimming, surfing, diving, anything. Daddy used to tease him that he was a fish with legs. He loved the mountains, too. Wasn't he the one that got everyone all gung ho to go up mauka and open up the lo? No one in the family had planted taro there in decades, not since T?

But Lehia was all for it, even though T? Me, I like rice. Within a few days, curious neighbors stopped by to see what he was doing. You wanna get off food stamps? Plant kalo! You wanna show your kids you somebody? You want sovereign- ty? Soon they were working side by side in the lo? They planted bananas along the muddy banks, and sweet potatoes on the fertile slopes. They built fishponds from scrap wood and heavy plastic and experimented with raising tilapia.

They met with Wai? Within the first year, the crops were productive and demonstration successful, resulting in some water being returned to the Windward side, and everybody celebrated. We gotta learn our culture, and take the lead. Haoles at the HVB define Hawai? They sell our land to the highest bidder. Haoles at the University teach our language to Japanese stu- dents. Then they go teach in da DOE. What's wrong wit' us? Why we no define these things for ourselves? We like dis' the Hawaiians at the University, call them? We da ones too vain and too scade fo' ack. Most people had laughed him off, teasing him.

Here, braddah, grab my? You know the one by Ka? Yeah brah, grab a beer an' come drink wi'd us. Jus' kick back an' play music. Everyone had laughed. But not M? She had sat and lis- tened. And not T? Who could have known things would turn out like this now? We were taught to be? American,' whatever that was supposed to be. Back then it meant not speaking Hawaiian. It meant being ashamed of how you looked, of being Hawaiian. I just wanted my keiki to have the best opportunity I could give them. So I never taught them Hawaiian. I sent them to the English Standard Schools.

Your Aunty, she seemed to adapt all right, but not your father. He questioned everything. But things were dif- ferent back then. She was staring at Lehia. It wasn't until the day after Lehia's speech that M? It never occurred to her before, not even all the times Lehia had tried to show her and teach her different things. They were sitting at the kitchen table eating sour poi and raw? Ae, kama, hiki n?. She, too, had a big smile. Dis' America you know. But there was no reply, only the soft lapping of the sea at her feet.

She stood up and slowly walked back to the house. By the time she got there everyone had finished eating. Everything was put away; all the dishes washed and stacked in the cup- board. Only the large green ceramic poi bowl sat in the center of the table, covered with a blue checked dish cloth.

She grabbed her hala lei and the p?? She was watching her favorite show again, Hawai? Ae, T? I'm getting my ho? Your brother had the best hands for lomilomi, make the pain go away real good. No matter what any- body say. Mai hilahila, mai maka? You doin' the right thing; the?

Lose money dat kine stuff. He was sitting in the creaky old rattan chair with his feet up on the railing, his? For the first time she noticed his little pot belly, the result of too many plate lunches, too many beers. She stared at him for a long, long time. Finally, she spoke, softly and deliberately. He did his best fo' teach us how fo' respect our culture. How fo' be proud of who we are. He went back to the?? He wen go college and look at da palapala fo' find his future. Our future, as Hawaiians.

He was gonna be a great leader. Where were you at Merrie Monarch? Sitting at your girlfriend's house, drinking beer with Russell guys? Lehia was there in Hilo, chanting the story of T? Pele on da stage. He was there aftah hours and hours of practice wit' Aunty Hattie's h? One group of people worked for 79 days and ended up with nothing. Another group worked for days and ended up with nothing. November 12, Hong Kong students plan to occupy roads surrounding the city's British consulate in anger at a lack of support from London for their pro-democracy movement, as authorities ramp up pressure on protesters to go home.

Activists say they want to show their anger at Britain for not standing up to China over "breaches" of the agreement the two countries made before Hong Kong was handed back to China by Britain in , designed to protect Hong Kong's social systems and way of life. She said she hopes for a turnout of hundreds and "maybe even thousands". The group is a new offshoot of the protest movement, Choi added, with around 10 organisers from all walks of life including a secondary school student.

Protesters in Hong Kong are demanding fully free leadership elections for the semi-autonomous city in But Beijing has refused to back down on its insistence that candidates must be vetted by a loyalist committee. Bailiffs are expected to start a clearout operation in the next few days, with thousands of officers put on standby over the weekend, according to local media. But seemingly undaunted, activists have put up large posters around the protest areas announcing the consulate occupation on November 21 and a Facebook page for the event has more than likes.

December 3, For instance, in the last 17 years, China has time and again intervened into District Council elections, Legislative Council elections and Chief Executive elections in Hong Kong. Under this document, the UK has moral, constitutional and administrative responsibilities to Hongkongers. The UK is supposed to make sure that the 3.

In a word, we urge the UK to fulfill its responsibilities to Hongkongers, to defend the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and to denounce China for violating it. Facebook March 29, At this time, I, Daniel Ma, as the founder of the Occupy British Consulate movement, announce that the action will terminate on March 29, We shall remove all tents and other miscellaneous items in the Occupy area.

When I first started the action on October 3, , my principal goals were these: to draw international attention to the Umbrella Revolution that broke out on September 28; to let the international community know that the Chinese Communists did not adhere to the Joint Declaration and let Hong Kong have One Country Two Systems and a high degree of autonomy. Since Great Britain is the other signer of the Joint Declaration, it has the constitutional duty to supervise China in implementing the Joint Declaration.

More concretely, we wanted to visit the British Parliament to present our petition in front of the Cenotaph. In reviewing the days of Occupy British Consulate, we obtained bountiful results. First of all, we were invited by the British Parliament to address testify in front of the British Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee about the status of the implementation of the Joint Declaration.

Although I could not go due to problems with my personal travel documents, two representatives went to testify on December 17 and spoke on behalf of the Hong Kong people living under the tyranny of the Chinese Communists! Secondly, the British Parliament heard our testimony and issued a white paper on March 5 to condemn the Chinese Communists for not keeping the promise to provide a high degree of autonomy to Hong Kong. Specifically, the August 31st decision of the National People's Congress Standing Committee did not provide a "genuine choice" for the people of Hong Kong!

They recommended that the UK government apply diplomatic pressure on the Beijing government to implement the Joint Declaration. It is very clear that the Umbrella Revolution has totally failed with nothing having been achieved. We cannot tolerate any more of these meaningless occupy movements that are designed only to capture the limelight!

After March 5, the British parliamentary folks are turning to their own May 7 elections. During this period, our international supporters will continue to inform us about the political situation in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately for us, as the politicking picks up there, they become less concerned about Hong Kong. After careful observation and consideration, we believe that the present Occupy British Consulate movement can on longer apply pressure on the United Kingdom.

Therefore, I have decided to stop the movement for the moment Coconuts Hong Kong April 2, As Occupy Central descended upon Hong Kong and was dismantled 79 days later, a less visible protest held on for dear life while the city resumed normal activity. Pro-democracy protesters have been camping outside the British Consulate in Admiralty for almost six months, but finally decided to end their campaign on March The organiser, Daniel Ma, announced that he no longer believes the occupation serves a purpose, since protesters have already spoken to the British Parliament and British MPs are currently busy with their upcoming elections.

Ma added that he also wants to concentrate on studying for his exams, which of course, are also very important. Panic is over now and China hasn't invaded. During the days, there was nobody there most of the time. You ought to leave! Ma: Our aim is not to have a coffee with Wilson. Wilson: The coffee is a meeting! Ma: Non-open conversation can't achieve anything.

Wilson: Ok, off the deal. The area with the grey bricks is British territory. The British Consulate does not welcome you people to petition in the area with the grey bricks. If you wish to continue to petition, you should obey police orders and return to the area with the red bricks. The instigator Daniel Ma was cited by Local Press as saying: "Occupy British Consulate is a battle for sovereignty and de-colonization. The United Kingdom does not have Hong Kong as a colony, so why are you fighting them over de-colonization? If you oppose Chinese sovereignty and colonization, please take it up with the Chinese government.

Their address is Zhongnanhai, Beijing. Are you guys afraid of the Brits? That is to say, nobody will care. They want self-determination, but Occupy British Consulate wants British intervention. What if Occupy British Consulate succeeds where the valiant Localist warriors fail? That's because Hongkongers like to wallow in self-pity and inferiority. Consider the following table:.

When a westerner man grows a beard, he is manly. When a Hongkonger man grows a beard, he is uncouth. When a westerner man shaves all his hair, he is tidy. When a Hongkonger man shaves all his hair, he is perverted. When a westerner man grows long hair, he looks cool.

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When a Hongkonger man grows long hair, he is a beggar. In summary, a westerner can do no wrong no matter what. But if a Hongkonger does the exact same thing, it is always wrong. When a Hongkonger says "I want genuine universal suffrage," he is a Yellow Ribbon zombie. In her Cantonese message, she expressed optimism about universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Take that, Hongkongers who are not Chinese! The way their police manhandled their own student protestors see Phoenix TV.

The Brits are more concerned about Occupy Britain, in which their homeland is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists who buy up everything in their stores see YouTube. Do you expect them to send in the gun ships? In the meantime, the Royal Navy can't even fly helicopters for rescue missions. According to City-State insiders, Daniel Ma comes from a single parent family. When he was in Primary 5, his mother took him back to their hometown of Xian. He lived and attended school there until he returned to Hong King in Secondary 5.

Then he joined the Passion Youth group. Daniel Ma showed up early to queue up in order to get a photo taken with Chris Patten while draped in a British colonial flag and holding a banning. This became an embarrassing scene. I admire you and your three daughters. Chris Patten responded coolly to Daniel Ma: "How old are you, kid? Did you know me? How old were you?

You were a little baby when I left. That is 18 years ago. Daniel Ma is year-old years now. So he was 4 years old in , but he remembers every second of that sad moment when Hong Kong lost its freedom and even the heavens opened the flood gates to rain down tears of sorrow. She is continuing to go after the Civic Passion political party. Leticia Lee said that she has read all of these publications. Every single woman in the publication is revealing her underpants and Also they use foul language. She said that the publications smear the police as being "evil" every one of them.

In response, Wong Yeung-tat of Civic Passion said that the Justice Alliance is applying pressure on their publishing activities. He insists that they will continue to publish. They merely turn the political parties into girls and therefore they are even making the characters prettier than in real life.

Wen Wei Po March 31, Recently our reporter visited a number of newsstands in Hong Kong. One vendor said: "If you didn't ask me, I wouldn't know that I am selling this" and "Less than one copy sold per week. When told, he said: "That's not acceptable. It will corrupt young people. Previously, Wong Yeung-tat of Civic Passion had said that the publication had a print run of 3, to 4, copies per issue.

Since the circulation was obviously poor, he said: "It will be closed down after five issues if sales doesn't improve. Leticia Lee is suspicious about the funding of the magazines. To print and distribute 3, to 4, copies per week would probably cost "six figures. March 31, Most of the ATV's debt will be exempted from the deal, it said. The transaction must be approved by the court, Deloitte, which was earlier appointed by the court as the agent for the free-to-air TV broadcaster, and the Communication Authority.

The stunning announcement came during ATV's Chinese-language newscast at 6pm, and was repeated after the commercial break for added impact. HKTV offered no comment and made no announcement to the stock market yesterday. According to the report, Wong Ching and his relative, Wong Ben-koon, who holds the HKTV would take over the broadcaster while the outgoing owners would take care of its debts.

The station was waiting for approval by the High Court and accounting firm Deloitte, which was appointed to sell a The Communications Authority would also have to approve. ATV's announcement stunned industry insiders, especially after Ricky Wong repeatedly and categorically denied he would do any such deal with the station he once ran for 12 days. They described it as a slap in the face for Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, who was evasive when asked about ATV yesterday morning, Leung would only say ATV's licence was being handled according to established procedures and the law.

They noted that the Executive Council had already delayed a decision on renewing ATV's licence for four months while waiting for a white knight. That was despite the fact the Communications Authority's predecessor, the Broadcasting Authority, recommend not renewing the licence, which expires late this year. Exco today holds a special meeting on ATV, arranged before yesterday's news. Analysts and political commentators said Wong Ching had put the chief executive between a rock and a hard place. It's widely understood that the government does not want to let Ricky Wong run a free-to-air station, especially after controversially rejecting the outspoken telecoms veteran's application for a licence in But rejecting the deal would deny ATV a lifeline.

He said the government had no grounds to reject it. Ricky Wong could not be reached for comment. He was understood to be out of town. The government instead granted licences to two pay-television players. ATV is running out of cash and has been taken to court for failing to pay staff. Wong Ching said last week that the station had no hope without a "miracle" by the end of March - yesterday. April 1, The Executive Council will hold a special meeting this afternoon to discuss troubled ATV's license renewal after a surprise announcement yesterday that its "white knight" is media-savvy Hong Kong Television Network chairman Ricky Wong Wai-kay.

The deal has not been confirmed by Ricky Wong. Despite the ATV announcement, up until last night Wong Ching had not submitted to the government any restructuring plan for the cash-strapped broadcaster. The government had given ATV an ultimatum by yesterday that it had to submit a proposal on restructuring the station for license renewal. But it is understood neither Wong Ching nor ATV had given any concrete proposal on the deal announced last night.

The Exco meeting will decide what the government will do when the ATV license comes up for renewal or, indeed, whether to withdraw its license, sources said. The sale of ATV shares gives Ricky Wong the license that he has desperately sought as the development means ATV will hand control of the television channel to him. The two shareholders have notified ATV's management that they accepted an offer from Ricky Wong to buy the controlling stake in the broadcaster, according to an evening news bulletin on ATV.

The report did not disclose details of the deal ,which will require approval from the courts, the firm's trustees DeLoitte and the Communications Authority. ATV last night released a statement, saying it was informed by the two shareholders that they had decided to accept Ricky Wong's condition to transact ATV's shares to HKTV and to waive most of the debts the broadcaster had accumulated.

Referring to former executive director James Shing Pan-yu, the report said: "ATV expressed understanding of the decision, and also thanks Shing's family's unconditional contribution to ATV for five years and six months. A spokesman for the Communications Authority said it did not receive any application from ATV regarding the transaction. A spokesman for Deloitte said it had no comment on the issue. The announcement came hours after Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said before yesterday's regular Exco meeting that procedural fairness must be used to handle licensing issues for ATV.

Bastille Post April 1, In its evening news report, ATV unilaterally announced that the major shareholders had decided to sell controlling interests to HKTV chairman Ricky Wong while accepting his conditions. Hong Kong Television Network has not reached any agreement with the beleaguered free-to-air broadcaster Asia Television on buying its shares, the company said on Wednesday morning, in another twist to events. It said however: "No agreement or agreement in principle has been reached by Mr Ricky Wong, whether or not on behalf of the company with anyone with regard to the possible transaction.

According to the report, Wong Ching and Wong Ben-koon, who holds a total He said that ATV made the decision on Tuesday and the shareholders hoped to announce the news in time. He said he was not worried that the image and credibility of ATV news would be tarnished. Accountants from Deloitte were earlier appointed by the court as ATV managers to sell a Former secretary for commerce and economic development Frederick Ma Si-hang said ATV could have possibly breached laws by issuing false information relating to sale of its shares.

Ma said he believed the Securities and Futures Commission, the market watchdog, would launch an insider trading probe over the matter. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and his cabinet finally pulled the plug on struggling broadcaster ATV yesterday, deciding not to renew its free-to-air licence which expires in November. On an April Fool's Day filled with real-life drama that created a bigger sensation than any programme the cash-strapped station has produced in recent years, the Executive Council spent four hours to decide that ATV did not deserve the lifeline it's been desperately seeking.

Commerce and Economic Development Secretary Gregory So Kam-leung, the minister in charge of broadcasting, held a full-scale press conference to explain that ATV had been given ample time to submit a sustainable business plan to carry on, but had failed to deliver. The station will be allowed to operate until April 1, , as the government is required to give it a full year's notice. If ATV continues to breach broadcasting laws in the interim, its licence could be revoked altogether. The new station, whose licence was approved in principle in , could begin operating a Chinese-language channel within a year, followed by an English channel a year later.

Yesterday's Executive Council decision followed a surprise announcement in the morning by Deloitte, the accounting firm tasked by the High Court to find a "white knight" to save the station. Derek Lai, Deloitte's court-appointed manager for ATV, confirmed that the broadcaster's de facto boss, Wong Ching, had agreed to sell his That was just after HKTV's maverick boss, Ricky Wong Wai-kay, categorically denied Wong Ching's stunning claim the previous day that the telecom veteran would be the white knight.

The non-existent deal was reported in the station's evening news broadcast, sparking a surge in HKTV shares. Reflecting public concerns that ATV had misled the markets with false information, former commerce minister Frederick Ma called it an "irresponsible" move and suggested the Securities and Futures Commission would launch an insider-trading investigation over the matter.

The broadcaster is already being prosecuted by the government for repeatedly failing to pay staff wages on time. But even before the government announced ATV's fate yesterday, the station issued an angry statement promising to fight on and suggesting it might take the case to court. There were tears in ATV's newsroom in Tai Po yesterday as long-serving staff received the devastating news. Many blamed Wong Ching for all their troubles, accusing him of single-handedly destroying the company.

As for the man at the centre of the storm, Wong Ching, it was time to wax eloquent yesterday. ATV will continue to fight and does not exclude the possibility of taking legal action. Asia Television Limited, April 1 If this is the second coming, then there must have been a first coming. Here are some fond memories:. Ng Kang-chung.

December 16, This reportedly prompted some mainland advertisers to pull their commercials. Mr Wong also reportedly planned to reform the way the station would handle news, making it more colourful and sensational, a move some news staff at the station described as being "demoralising". A senior source from ATV said last night Mr Cheung's remarks about the Beijing-friendly newspapers' credibility drew an angry response from the mainland authorities, who demanded an apology.

The source said this had sparked a row between the two men. ATV's board would deal with the situation in the next few days. Linus Cheung's public statement was that there were big differences in opinion with Ricky Wong. Since Cheung did not elaborate on what the differences were, many speculations arose. Those words offended the mainland powers, which applied political and economic pressures. The other reason was that Wong took a look at the account books and felt discouraged at the terrible shape ATV is in. But persons familiar with Beijing politics denied the theory about "pressure.

A Hong Kong government official said privately that he received no clue beforehand and only learned about the storm from watching television. He said that everybody was astonished by what happened. The gossip was that the officials are most concerned whether the story will be presented as the powers being unhappy with Wong's CCTV statement and therefore had him purged. Actually, there is another version going around yesterday, and it involves a case of sexual harassment. Since sexual harassment is a crime in Hong Kong, there may be further consequences.

Please register with my assistant Jelly. According to one ATV employee, "He said that he wanted to break bureaucratic practice and hold direct dialogue with the employees. But he clearly wants people from different departments to stab each other in the back. How many people will tell him what they really think? Everybody is scared that they won't be able to destroy others but instead they will destroy themselves! The meetings with the workers were later posted on the Internet.

According to an ATV source, "Ricky Wong said that he wanted to make sure that those who did not attend can watch the meetings too. So he ordered the video of the second meeting be posted on the Internet. Someone reminded him that this was an internal meeting and that Linus Cheung might have said something that borders on libel. As such, this could have been released on the company intranet. However, Ricky Wong was adamant. Therefore ATV must reform. They lack public trust in Hong Kong.

Ricky Wong followed next with a tirade on ATV: "I have never seen an organization that operates so poorly and has neither culture, goals nor communication. It is so bad. This is not the strength of ATV. We cannot be compared with mainland television stations on resources and cultural backgrounds. We don't have the resources to produce serial drama, so we will not go after that audience.

An informed source said: "The next day, the newspaper reported that he showed contempt about the 'mainland blokes. Someone quickly yanked the video, excised the sensitive portions and reloaded it. Ricky Wong paid each worker who spoke up HKD When one of them asked what the new management expected them to do, Ricky Wong upped the reward to HKD His behavior was repulsive.

Maggie, Amanda, Elsa, Jelly and Jessica all came over from City Telecom where they worked in marketing, purchasing overseas programs, buying equipment and cost control. He said: 'These five people represent me. Whatever they say is what I say. If they want you to do something, then it is my wish. You must do it! Since the five knew nothing about television operations, they caused chaos.

The workers there have nicked them the "Five Fuwas. They were like five Ricky's challenging the managers. At each meeting, Ricky will praised how the five have worked hard to help him and how they understand what he wants. Everybody is appalled. Among the five women, Elsa is considered the bitchiest. If you tell her something is impossible, she will say: 'Then I will tell Mr.

Wong that you said that you can't do it. She said that all the previous articles in the contracts are going to be voided. The Human Resources Department told her that all plus employees won't be paid in that case. Then she signed. And she goes to the production department to tell them that their work is poor. They also called a stop to all new productions after December 4 in order to save money. By next year, there may be no programs left to snow. When ATV has no good programs, there is nothing the sales people can sell.

According to an informed source, Ricky Wong also ordered the sales people to refuse mainland advertising. The sales manager told asked me whether to accept a mainland advertisement worth several dozen million. Ricky said, 'Not unless that client changes the name of the brand! In order to avoid head-on competition against TVB, Ricky Wong said during the press conference that he wanted to go after niche audiences.

But television veterans did not think that this was feasible. If you want to be cheap and buy some lousy programs, why should I watch you? Secondly, the government gives you a license to operate an over-the-air television channel for the masses. Why are you running niche programs? Is that acceptable to the government? He flippantly asked Bonnie Yuen: "Are your tits fake? Then he flippantt made fun of Miss Asia runner-up Belinda Yan for having "tiny tits.

Bastille Post March 26, It is not surprising that Wong Ching is unable to sell ATV, but this interview is taken to be a threat to the government that he is going to shut ATV down. This is a poker game. During the negotiations, one party complained that the asking price was too high, while the other party said that the offering price was so low that they would rather go bankrupt.

As time drags on, ATV is worth less and less. Wong Ching considered the offer to be too low. Perhaps he hopes to squeeze the government to find him a buyer willing to make a better offer. However, it is also possible that the government thinks that ATV is hopelessly dysfunctional with piles of debt and obligations, and therefore they would rather retract the license and open the bidding again.

On this day, HKTV share values rose by If unsuccessful, ATV will be declared bankrupt. March 28, Asia Television does not deserve to live. Any regulators in their right mind would have let it die a richly deserved death long ago. Yet, the Executive Council is still struggling to come up with the semblance of an excuse to renew its licence.

Frankly, it's just too bizarre. The state-owned station may be a mouthpiece for Beijing, but at least it has the resources to produce some decent news documentaries and historical soap operas. In two rounds of licensing decisions, local regulators made complete fools of themselves. First, they allowed a financially and intellectually bankrupt TV station to continue. Then they granted new licences to two subsidiaries of i-Cable Communications and PCCW without ascertaining when they would start to provide free-to-air services. So far, both have little or nothing to show for it.

Meanwhile, the one station, Hong Kong Television Network, that actually committed investment, hired hundreds of people - subsequently forced into redundancies - and produced actual new programmes was rejected. HKTV had even promised not to provide any news service that might be politically sensitive. Well, financially, see where ATV is now. And in terms of programmes, when will the newly licensed stations start regular broadcasts?

As soon as possible, they say. Well, HKTV has been broadcasting on the internet and smartphones. No doubt some officials would cite that as evidence of a lack of financial stability. But they let ATV live! And how was HKTV doing? At this time, its average prime time audience is around 0.

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At the time, ATV pleaded to give them a chance to come up with a re-structuring plan for re-consideration. The government consulted with its lawyers and allowed ATV until March 30 to do so. However, the government has not received the proposal. On the evening of March 30, Wong Ching failed to procure an agreement with another party. Therefore he decided to assert that he has turned over ATV to Ricky Wong, so as to create pressure on the government to allow more time.

Therefore, HKTV as a listed company has no information on such a deal. According to the source, the government bases its decision on license renewal upon performance history, and ownership is not part of the consideration. Therefore, this was a fake news story all the way. If the deal collapses, ATV goes bankrupt and all of them will become unemployed. So this deal is solely to buy a company with a license to operate terrestrial television pending renewal. Oh, yes, there is some outdated equipment plus what remains of the news staff. How much will that last if he can't generate significant revenues?

After 17 weeks, the ratings are now more like 50, viewers. The initial programs are supposed to be the best of the lot. Acquiring ATV means that HKTV programs can be seen on terrestrial broadcast, but the programs still need to be good enough to attract viewers. That does not seem to be the case now. Example: At their Miss Asia pageant, they can start asking questions are: "Are you tits fake?

Then they wanted ATV's license not to renewed. This finally took place on the last day before the Executive Council decides on the ATV license renewal, because Ricky Wong wanted to maximize his leverage and push the asking price down. Of course, ATV was bleeding to death during the waiting. An old house probably requires lots of repair and maintenance, but less so for a new house. He has just purchased an old house. He said that if he had been able to obtain the television license, he would have drawn a great response with higher ratings than TVB.

But his failure led him to be even more presumptuous and self-important. Since then he has matured and changed his personal image after self-reflection. He no longer thinks money is everything and he can put up with injustice. In closing, he wrote: "If I didn't do this, must I use force like the anti-parallel trader demonstrators in Tuen Mun? What would they say? ATV can probably appeal based upon a change of corporate structure while making sure that all past transgressions are rectified.

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Of course, this article was a feint. That relevant date for ATV is November 30, The government has issued no such notice. However, the delay was at the request of ATV, which requested the government not to make any decision until after March due to possible changes in corporate structure. The key to Ricky's successful bid was an agreement with the China Liaison Office. Both are Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference members and therefore part of the 'establishment'.

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Wong Ching was believed to be behind that dud. All such speculations are unfounded. Just think: Do you think the Beijing authorities give a rat's ass about Apple Daily? Next Magazine? Epoch Times? So why would ATV be different?

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Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. This type of dark humor is being threatened by the so-called Internet Article 23 law for Hong Kong.

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Under that law, this use of the ATV logo and Jiang Zemin's photo would be violation of intellectual property rights. All of the previous owners of ATV have lost money. Ricky Wong won't be an exception either. It is well-known that ATV sold off the rights to black-and-white movies as well as several thousand hours of serial drama. In addition, they sold off a lot of equipment. This allowed them to raise several tens of million dollars to cover some of the operating expenses. Without those towers, there would be no ATV signals. By midnight HKTV still hadn't responded. So far there has only been the unilateral announcement from ATV.

Before the deadline yesterday, the government had not received any information from ATV about any corporate re-structuring proposal. However, the two sides did not reach an agreement. This means that Wong Ching and others unilaterally decided to accept the proposal by Ricky Wong. Literally speaking, ATV is not reporting false news. They were only reporting on the unilateral decision made by Wong Ching and others. This decision is real.