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As an eBayer, you might enjoy the ones I did with Scavenger Life. That was a great idea. Only wish they put them out more frequently. Fellow early retiree and FI-er here! Congrats on publishing your book! But having lots of rabid fans definitely makes it worth it…like Done by Forty and GoCurryCracker…who loved your book and recommend it, so I had to buy it! I think maybe the task of writing and publishing a book is one only those who have done it can appreciate.

I know until I went thru the process I had no clue! I never want to stop travelling! But my impression is yours is, as you say, a very impressive generation. Thanks, Jim! Millennials would be so much better off if that were the case. Regardless of the opinions of us Boomers. Congratulations on publishing the book! I bought my copy and started reading it.

I am working the plan to be FI by ! I have also been enjoying all your interviews about the book on the different podcasts afford anything, so money, mad fientist. OMG dude! Thank you for sharing the value. Jim I did fail to put some kind of indication that my opening line was more of an idiom denoting that am in California.

I approach life with healthy doses of humor As soon as I finished your book, I was so motivated to comment via knee jerk response of the proverbial pen , that I was rash in elaborating on how much I enjoyed the effort, delivery, experience and wisdom that you put forth in this book. My suggestion is that everyone give this a read. Best wishes and sincerest regards Lesa. Folks, this is definitely a book worth reading! Congratulations on a great book, Jim!

I bought the book yesterday and just finished reading it today. Gotta love Amazon Prime. I live close to an Amazon DC, so my stuff comes next day. I really enjoyed learning more about you and your family and of course your investing methodologies. Long time since I have posted but looking forward to your reading your book. Least I can do for all the advice you have provided on this blog regarding all aspects of life for the last few years.

Hello Jim, I ordered and received your book. I finished it in three days. I plan on giving a copy to my recently college grad daughters. How do you recommend factoring in pensions to our overall plan? Just as a component of our total amount needed to cover expenses? Our plan is to quit our stressful jobs in about 2 years— mid 50s considered early by many standards. If the pension is large enough, you can also use it to justify tilting your investment allocation more heavily towards stocks, if you wish.

More risk, now offset by the pensions, allowing for more potential growth from the larger stock exposure. Congrats on being so close to retirement and for having a daughter in the PC! Thank you so much for all the info you provide here. Do you recommend keeping my portfolio here or transferring it over to Vanguard? One of the nice things about a Roth is that you can move it tax and penalty free anytime you chose. BTW, I did my own version of what the character in the movie advises the young guy to do. I worked for a psycho.

My Story - The Path I´m On To A Better Life

Tended to hire us overeducated folks because of our credentials and then mismanage, micromanage, speak abusively, etc. I have a decent amount of money saved in the bank that is only really growing by me putting more in, keen to invest somewhere but trying to pick shared always scared me — these index funds sound great. Guessing trying to invest in the USA one will have tax implications and you are also betting on exchange rates too, plus extra cost of exchanging currency?

But it seems like it fits more with the index style where you have all the massive american companies which arguably rule the world, where as on the asx they are more local?

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Thanks, Kadin. Appreciate the reply, and apologies for jumping the gun — the international part was only a chapter or two away! I just finished the book and took the first step — logged in to my super Australian version of social secruity? Jim, Just finished your book…really enjoyed the down to earth style and helpful information. I just sent my son an urgent note to download it and read it asap.

Thank you for taking the time to write this book and share these valuable lessons and ideas. BTW…I reco your book on a regular basis to anyone who will listen…. Dear Mr Collins, I was pleased to recommend your book to my library, and even more pleased when it appeared on their shelves. I read it and I love it. Furthermore it was a treat to read your writing.

Thank you. Mr Collins, I am only about half way through your book but am enjoying it. I am also very reassured by it since all my investments are with Vanguard. I had been investing for years and had a good nest egg started when I transferred my funds to Vanguard. Is there a fund with a lower minimum available to save their money in prior to the time it becomes 10K? What are your suggestions? Thanks in advance for your response.

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Slightly higher ER, but exactly the same portfolio. Dear Mr. Does this make sense? Will it work? What would be the caveats? Heck, read the whole series or my book for a more concise review. It might seem like a lot, but your money deserves no less. All my life I thought I was just going to save everything and then hope I had enough to live on when I hit Now I see the path and it is simple. Anyway enough praise. I am missing something.

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I know you must have covered it, but I must keep overlooking it: where do you keep the extra saved money? Once you max out your tax-advantaged accounts IRAs, Ks and the like you just open up an ordinary, taxable account and start building it. I bought both the audio version and the print book from amazon. The audio references a downloadable. Am I overlooking something obvious? Could you please help me locate the pdf or send me a link?

Once there, click on the PDF link located below the book title. This will give you a dialog box to Open, Save, or Save as. Thoroughly enjoying your book! I listen to it on my walk to and from clinics everyday. I am a veterinary student soon to graduate and unfortunately with debt. Fortunately though, this book is a terrific resource and I have already begun planning how to tackle this with your advice. Thanks for keeping it simple! I was wondering, where do I find the pdf that goes along with the audiobook? I do apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

We are currently working on getting it resolved. When I asked for clarification, he said the download is not yet available, but they are working on it. So, give it some time and try again. First off, loving the audiobook! I have recommended it already to many friends and family members! Nicely captured advice backed by hard to dispute data. Also, missing information. A specific example is in chapter 12, at the end of stage 6, the audiobook references to look at a two yield graphs in the PDF, these graphs I do not see in the PDF.

While listening to the audiobook, I was reading along in the Kindle version, this was page where it refers to these yields graphs, in the Kindle version, the graphs are shown. These are the graphs I was expecting to see in the PDF. Would you kindly advise? I have reached out to Audible several times, with no one on their side seemingly looking to help correct this.

Thanks for bringing the problem to my attention. I am Canadian. Will your advice translate into our financial market? Or do you have some recommendations for books that are similar to yours written for the Canadian market? Let me know at your earliest convenience. The investing principles discussed here on the blog and in my book are universal.

The specific funds I suggest to implement them are not. In the comments section of this post you can find a robust discussion of options available to investors around the world, including Canada:. I am not aware of a book focused on the Canadian market with these ideas. However, my Canadian friends at Millennial Revolution have one in the works. You might also find their blog of interest:. In the book you discuss how to reduce the tax burden associated with required minimal distributions RMD by systematically converting funds in an IRA account.

The Simple Path to Wealth

This seems like a very prudent strategy if you anticipate your income will increase once you start taking RMDs. My question is whether and to what extent you are including opportunity costs in this calculation? Thanks for your reply. You point out that by doing so, you will pay lower taxes now on your required minimum distributions, because you anticipate the RMD will be higher than your current income and you want to lock in the lower tax rate.

So my question is whether you have considered this from the standpoint of opportunity costs. Each year you will be spending some additional money to pay taxes to cover the yearly tax burden of doing the Roth IRA conversion. But this money could have been invested instead of being used to pay taxes. The only thing that matters, is whether your tax rate will be higher or lower than now in the future.

Obviously, this is very tough to call. Your future income could be higher or lower. Congress could change the tax brackets. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. At long last, three years in the making, my book is finally published and available: The Simple Path to Wealth Whew! Here you go, click on this: Once you do, I have a very important favor or two to ask.

The Simple Path to Wealth : J L COLLINS :

If you have a blog, please write a post review and send me a link. I plan to put up a post highlighting the best these. Not a book reader? Want the content in a second video? Here you go:. His motives are altruistic; he wants you to cast off the shackles of debt, accumulate F-you Money and create your own freedom. JL makes reading about investing and financial independence fun, sometimes even hilarious. For non-Americans, the book is also a fantastic read. You remember that teacher — the one who had an incredible passion for their subject, who told great stories, but who also explained the most complex topics in a way that you actually understood what they were saying?

JL Collins is that kind of teacher. His book will help you take charge of your personal finances from early adulthood all the way through retirement. If your goal is financial freedom or if you are looking to help your children become financially responsible adults, read and learn The Simple Path to Wealth. It is the only path you will need to follow!

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Comments Any chance this will be in kindle form soon? Yes, I published the Kindle version at the same time. You should see it there soon! You can buy the Kindle version, Laurie. Thank you, Lucie! Jim — congrats on publishing the book! What would it take to get a copy signed by you? Will there be a book tour? Thanks Tom! Thanks TC! I appreciate the review and I love the idea of it being reviewed for the Canadian market. Reviewed and purchased! Thanks Jone… I appreciate the review and the sale, and I love the idea of bugging your library to stock it.

Any chance of getting this on iPad? Thanks Adam! Not specifically, but it is available on Kindle if that works…. Many congratulations Jim, the book is winner! What a wonderful story, Kelly! Review coming! Thanks Julie! Hope the people you gift it to both enjoy and benefit from it. Me too, Andrew! Glad you like the videos, Andrew. I wrote up a review. I shared it on Amazon, but not sure how long it will take to get published. Thanks Andrew! Just saw it on Amazon. Hi Andrew… Please do look me up. I am going to buy myself a copy and request my library does as well. Without reading it yet, thoughts on giving this as a graduation gift s?

Jim, Congrats!! Thanks Joe! But now, seeing it out and with the warm reception it is getting, it definately was worth it! Maybe not better, but certainly more polished.

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Thank you, my friend! Hope they read it! Just wrote a review on Amazon. I wish there was 6 star rating available My younger daughter is at Columbia Law school so she will need this book to learn how to save once she starts making money.

A Simple Path to Changing Your Life

Thanks Shilpan! Maybe you can write in 6-stars! Thanks Paul! Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about 26 Steps to Heaven , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 14, Hermione Laake rated it really liked it. This is a light read and motivating book. Reminds us what is important as we struggle with relationships and challenges in our everyday and working lives.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A great day, but the anxiety still managed to find a way to hoover over me like a pesky fly. Eat a better diet — more fresh fruits and vegetables, less gluten and processed foods. Reduce alcohol consumption — a beer now and then and an occasional glass of wine is enough. Work on my new book more often — I will make good progress each weekend and also add it to my weekly writing schedule.

Today is a good day to start. What is A Simple Path? Thank you so much for the post Alex. It was exactly what I needed. Alex Blackwell. Stay strong, Alex. Kathy — thank you for sharing the quote.