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Mayer 94, Higman B P01; B This seems a correct entry. Until now, only one copy was known in Paris, FB though suggests that a second copy has been found in Berlin B Roffet, Paris. The date of publication is not mentioned, only the date of the privilege: 30 November Mayer , Higman B Trente pseaulmes de David. Paris, Etienne Roffet, []. P01; S This is a correct reference.

Until now only one copy was known in Paris, FB though suggests that a second copy has been found in St. Dolet, Lyon. Since in the only known copy Vatican the title page is missing, every title is a conjecture. One can ask whether it should not be indicated that a title is a conjecture by placing it between square brackets, since distinguishing between what is really written and what is a conjecture is essential for a proper bibliographic orientation.

Suggested emendation:. Lyon, Etienne Dolet, ]. The name of the printer and place of printing given on the title page are fraudulous: Rome, Theodore Brusz. FB Calvin, Jean. La manyere de faire prieres aux eglises francoyses. La forme des prieres et chantz ecclesiastiques. G02; S Geneva only owns a photocopy. The date of publication is not mentioned, only the date of the privilege. Trente deux pseaulmes de David. Although correct, FB omits essential information in its short title, since this edition also contains — next to a reprint of the first collection of Psalm poems Trente pseaulmes , FB — the second collection of Psalm poems Vingt pseaumes , translated by Marot while staying in Geneva.

This is vital information that should have been added cf. Higman B Trente deux pseaulmes de David Plus vingt aultres. An anonymous publication of the 50 Psalms text only plus some extras, which by means of typographical research has been conclusively assigned to Jean Girard. At first sight it is not immediately clear which of the next entries refers to this edition.. Cinquante Pseaumes.

P04, P This edition concludes the list of known printed editions of which a copy has survived. To establish this, we first describe what is known about these editions and then try to find a corresponding entry in FB. Mayer 74, Higman does not mention this edition.

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The existence of this edition is certain, because it is based on a declaration of the printer himself, as recorded by the scribe of the City Council of Geneva on 1 May During a session in which Girard was interrogated about his printing activities, he is summoned to name all his publications since his arrival in the city.

Mayer This implies, that we are looking for an entry which can be phrased in different ways. If Girard printed it as one issue it probably would have been entitled: La Forme des prieres et chantz ecclesiastiques.. If the two elements were printed separately we have to look for a hymnbook with Cinquante Pseaumes et cantiques and a liturgical service book: La forme des prieres..

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The references in the standard works are not univocal and C. Mayer does not even mention the existence of this issue at all in his bibliography:. This implies that we cannot be entirely sure whether the Psalter part was ever published, although generally this is taken for granted. A tentative description can be found in Higman, which is also the basis for the entry in FB, we already mentioned above:. H09, L The reference to H09 Halle and L03 Lausanne suggests that the team of St Andrews discovered two copies of this edition, of which the title suggests that Girard in did print Psalms and Forms together in one issue.

If true, not only FB should be suppressed, but also hymnologists and musicologists will be delighted and queue to consult these copies, since concerning the melodies of the Psalms in this edition one had to resort to conjectures based on re-editions of the Psalter in Lyon in Unfortunately, once scrutinised the entry FB turned out to be inaccurate. Even without the Psalter, FB testifies of a true discovery, but at the same time produced a ghost, since in reality only one copy has been found Halle , the Lausanne copy being undated and bound in a Bible-edition.

Calvin, Jean. La forme des prieres ecclesiastiques. One discovery has been made. Every remaining entry in FB referring to Marot and his Psalm poems must also contain a discovery, but this time of previously unknown edition. And indeed, there is one such entry:. Paris, s. If true i. The results of our test so far though suggest that some caution might be advisable, and indeed the full title , supplied by the librarian of Munich and by the editorial board from the database keeps silent about the date and excludes an early dating. It is clear that FB has not stood the test. It was neither accurate, nor complete.

Sometimes vital information that was available in other works of reference was overlooked; sometimes information provided was erroneous.

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The fact that some of the errors signalled above could have been avoided by consulting the online catalogues of the libraries is embarrassing for a project of this import. Is it possible, we wonder, that something went wrong during the final stage of FB, i. Les manuscrits comportent miniatures. Cest livre pertient a moy. Bodleiane ex dono Thomae Aisely, Theol. Ce sont des miniatures en grisaille. Un feuillet manque entre les folios 1 et 2, et , et A,, p. Concernant la provenance de cette paire, les renseignements ont fournies par M.

Julian Reid, documentaliste au C. Suzanne et les vieillards. Judith et Holopherne. Dionysii in Francia, congr. Ex dono emmi S. Pauli, card. Coyecque E. VIII, , p. A,, vol. I, chez S. Batut G. La litanie en prose comprend les saints normands et saint Louis. Il manque des feuillets entre les folios 8 et 9, 9 et 10, 11 et 12, 15 et 16, 84 et 85, et , et , et Sur cet artiste, voir M.

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