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Change history? I won't rehash the plot again - you've probably read the synopsis and already know what the story's about. Firstly, I liked the science Chris has used. It's never going to please everyone, but his method of travel to a different time was as good as anybody else's including H.

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Reading this book was a lesson in American history with a litt What if Reading this book was a lesson in American history with a little bit of music history thrown in. Don't let that put you off if, like me, you're not from the USA; it's still a fantastic read regardless I know I did.

Chris LaFata's writing style is excellent, and he has obviously done his fair share of research and heavy duty thinking before putting finger to keyboard. I liked the little details he includes in the book - like the cut and design of 18th century clothes, the types of public lavatories at the music halls in Prague, the vivid descriptions of street life in old New York. Our main character's friend Mark says, "I understand about twenty percent of what comes out of Perry's mouth" referring to a low socio economic Virgininian character.

I think in reality, he would understand a lot less of what was said It's hard to imagine a time when there are no computers, no phones, no reliable mail service, no reliable news service, hardly any good roads, wild indians, no sewerage and mostly crappy food I loved this opening story in this series, I appreciated the brevity of the book and now I'd like to meet George Washingmachine too. Looking forward to read The star of this novel for me was the fantastic story it presented.

I was swept away almost from the beginning by this tale of time travel, intrigue, and action. Not only do we get the straight forward story of having to save George Washington from mistakenly dying. Nope, we've got mysterious messages from famous individuals, a background story from the Freemasons, and company men who know way more than they should. There was not one spot in this novel where I was bored.

George Washington and Religion · George Washington's Mount Vernon

My interest in finding o The star of this novel for me was the fantastic story it presented. My interest in finding out the answers to the mysteries kept me reading faster and faster as evidence by how quickly I finished this novel. Along with the story, this author really knows how to manage the flow of the narrative. There was not a time that I encountered endless amounts of exposition or descriptive paragraphs. Some exposition existed in the beginning of the novel, but that was necessary to help set the stage for the time-traveling adventure to come and for future novels which I personally can't wait for!

Once our heroes got time-traveling, it was a nonstop journey to a fantastic story. The character of John Curry was such an awesome choice to tell this story through. He's not your brainy scientist nor history guru. He's just an ordinary guy who has an extraordinary place in history and the destiny of the American Revolution. I really enjoyed seeing how he got swept into the rush of time-traveling and then made it his own by making difficult choices and carrying through on his actions.

There was also a nice side of humor between John and Mark that brought some levity to the heavy business of changing history. I adored this book. With a great story, very readable narrative flow, and likable characters, this book is highly recommended for those who enjoy time-traveling mystery and historical fiction all bound up with awesome. Nov 21, Kelly Willcoxbrackeen rated it it was amazing. Action-packed, unique, nail-biting, suspenseful, intellectual, are just a few of the adjectives that describe this book.

A group of scientists and historians invent a time-travel machine to travel back in time and observe history as it happens. The hero of our book first travels back in time and meets Casanova and gets into a bit of trouble. Then the historian manages not to get fired, travels to Washington's inauguration only to find out Washington got killed and America belongs to th Amazing!!

Then the historian manages not to get fired, travels to Washington's inauguration only to find out Washington got killed and America belongs to the British! Of course, its up to the history professor, and the scientist to figure out what went wrong and how to correct it. The characters come to life and feel like best friends to me as I cheer them on to save the country. Casanova was an unexpected treat.

The scenes were described so well, even the smells, the dangling and the itching of the s. The author kept the details so true to the time-line. The editing was very well done. I only spotted maybe one or two times where maybe something was italicized that shouldn't have been.

The Providence of God: George Washington and the Revolutionary War

This book definitely makes my top ten favorite of all time list! I recommend everyone to read this book!!! You will enjoy it! Keep on reading my fellow bookworms. Jan 08, Janica Smith rated it it was amazing. I have been wanting to read this book since I happened to meet the author last Summer at a conference. It is a little outside of genres I usually read but I love history and I was intrigued by the concept and drawn to his passion for the topic.

I don't usually like Sci-fi because it too often seems like the author just suspends the laws of science and physics for the sake of a fantasy world but this one had me hooked from the first chapter. In fact, I started out by just buying the sample chap I have been wanting to read this book since I happened to meet the author last Summer at a conference. In fact, I started out by just buying the sample chapter thinking it probably wouldn't be my thing.

But I immediately bought the rest of the book when I came to the end of the sample and read it every chance I got for the next couple of days. I especially liked that LaFata took the time and care to make the history accurate and the alternate reality plausible. And he even explained time travel in a way that I could believe that it might be possible. It is easy to see why this book did well in the Amazon Breakout Novel competition.

I was glad to see a series is planned with this being 1. I look forward to the sequels and watching this debut author develop further. Dec 17, Mark Lehnertz rated it it was amazing. Washington's Providence is an engaging and well-written tale. It should catch the attention of adults, young adult readers and even some younger, as it is an excellent example of story-telling.

Washington's Providence

One feels immersed in the history of the time and LaFata's research gives the authenticity that teaches as well as entertains. The characters come alive and feel authentic. Dialog is appropriate for the character and the era, and even the senses are engaged when he tells us how the places smell. Washington's Providence by Chris LaFata Dec 14, Cathi rated it really liked it. Not all time travel books are this good. Some are too complicated, some are too unbelievable, some are too romance.


This one is none of those. I liked the ending even though I guessed where it was going long before it got there. It was satisfying. I'd like to read the next one. The only thing that bothered me was the poor editing. I really wish self published authors would learn how to edit.

Jan 05, Natalie rated it liked it. Time travel books can be quite tricky to execute properly. This had some fun and interesting elements. Good research on the historical aspect. Could have used some fine-tuning with plot and character development. But, overall a fast and enjoyable read. Jan 08, Robert Loomis rated it really liked it. What a great read That is, someone who acknowledges God exists but believes He is detached from the activities of mankind. The evidence points to an astute leader nurturing religious freedom in a new nation, not rejecting his Savior.

To its all powerful decrees we must submit, whilst we hope that the injustice of our Cause if War, must ensue, will entitle us to its Protection. Any thoughts from anyone else?

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Instead, they were Theistic Rationalists. Providence Rhode Island was named by Roger Williams in He named it Providence, because he believed God had guided him there. Williams was a non-conformist in religion, and did not like the Church of England or the Puritans. We Trinitarians are still in a battle with them today.

The Unitarians were outlawed in America in the colonies, but George Washington made them legal and the first Unitarian sermon was in an Episcopal Church in Boston. The Unitarians of old believed in God, but today they are secular humanists. They accepted Marxism in the late s. Today there are Wiccan Unitarians and the Unitarians are proud to have homosexual churches. All people at the time of the founding were concerned about preserving and promoting Christianity, unlike today. You make good points. Although there are Unitarians who have been turned off by church being turned into a forum for leftist political activism.

In his order, Washington described the tradition as, "ridiculous and childish" and that there was no room for this type of behavior in the Continental Army. The altruism and integrity that Washington possessed is made evident by his restraint in his personal gains. At the successful conclusion of the American Revolution he could have made himself dictator for life. Or he could have allowed others to make him king.

George Washington & American Power

Preacher Weems has written that on Washington's death bed, "Washington folded his arms decently on his breast, then breathing out 'Father of mercies, take me to thyself,' - he fell asleep. Tobias Lear, Washington's secretary, was with him when he died. The following is his account of Washington's death. Have me decently buried; and do not let my body be put into the vault in less than three days after I am dead.

He then looked at me again and said, 'Do you understand me? I saw his countenance change. I spoke to Dr. Craik who sat by the fire; - he came to the bed side. The General's hand fell from his wrist - I took it in mine and put it into my bosom. Craik put his hands over his eyes and he expired without a struggle or a sigh!

Like other Deists such as Paine, Jefferson, Voltaire, Franklin, and Allen, Washington did not fear death but looked at it as just another part of nature. Though he didn't speculate much on an after-life, he was comfortable to look at his own death as part of God's design.

George Washington PROVIDENCE

George Washington offers us a tremendous example of altruism and positive action. His actions tell us stronger than any words could possibly do to persevere in the face of all obstacles. To never give up and to always combine our sincerely held beliefs with action.