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It will contain 20 poems. Each poem will contain one of the items below. You may not use the same poem twice. You may not use any poem we have read in class. Rhyme any kind Free Verse Poem 2. Imagery Narrative Poem 3. Simile Lyric Poem 4. Metaphor Consonance 5. Alliteration Assonance 6. Personification Refrain 7. I absolutely love poetry.

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Poetry can have so much meaning written in the words. When I think of a poem, I think about someone pouring their heart out to me. They use rhythm and schemes to draw us into the words. Sassoon, extended far beyond his own works. His journey through the conflict of war reflected a wider evolution of the literary world. And its ok, where I used to let them upset me, I now thank them for there negative comments!.

That means I'm doing OK!

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Who are you to judge one of God's creations? Does your criticism carry you above the clouds? Expression of If I'm not mistaken, the topic is under "Funny Cute Poems". Secondly, everyone has a purpose to fill in your life, you have your positive, supportive people.

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And you have your negative nay-sayers. Both fulfill parts in your life.

Nafrat (Hindi Poem)-- Poet: Gautam Sarkar

The Supportive people keep you encouraged and push you on. So albeit negative comments they usually throw, I'm saying I now understand why. Thats why the verse: I have learned a lesson from you however, that has given me new insight. No one is judging here, I'm just saying what the bible says about "Before you judge the splinter in my eye, you must first remove the log from yours" Paraphrasing:. But I appreciate your comment. I hope ya didn't think I was trying to start an argument, was not my intention, Just wanted to see what ya had to say ; I wasn't disappointed though!

Good poem nonetheless. True,they need to have something rich in their lives! Else,they will be empty all through! Negative people bring you down and positive people bring you up. I'm in favor of positive people. Great Poem. In those books, he has proven to be just about the most self-conscious writer that we have about poetry in this cultural moment, particularly in terms of its precarious relationship to the dominant narratives of money and crisis. What makes him particularly astute, however, is that he queries poetry in terms that we should query everything. If we ask what poetry is worth, why not ask what everything is worth?

In Leaving the Atocha Station , his brilliantly corrosive novella of , his protagonist is a wretched example of the poet-as-bounder, necking back prescription drugs, booze and anything else he can get while working his way through a generous grant that he has received for a project on Spanish Civil War poetry, a task for which he has no feeling or intellectual commitment.

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He is a lucky fraud, perpetually living with a sense that he is about to be found out; at the same time, this understanding does not inhibit him, rather it only licenses further corruptions and lies. He pretends that his mother is dying from cancer to manipulate the affections of a Spanish woman, and claims ownership of traumatic experiences which others have offered him anecdotally, such as an eyewitness account of a drowning in Mexico.

I could lie about my interest in the literary response to war because by making a mockery of the notion that literature could be commensurate with mass murder I was not defaming the victims of the latter, but the dilettantes of the former, rejecting the political claims repeatedly made by the so-called left for a poetry radical only in its unpopularity. I had been a small-time performance artist pretending to be a poet, but now, with an alarming fervor, I wanted to write great poems.

If I was a poet, I had become one because poetry, more intensely than any other practice, could not evade its anachronism and marginality and so constituted a kind of acknowledgement of my own preposterousness, admitting my bad faith in good faith, so to speak. Reading poetry, if reading is even the word, was something else entirely. Poetry actively repelled my attention, it was opaque and thingly and refused to absorb me; its articles and conjunctions and prepositions failed to dissolve into a feeling and a speed; you could fall into the spaces between words as you tried to link them up; and yet by refusing to absorb me the poem held out the possibility of a higher form of absorption of which I was unworthy, a profound experience unavailable from within the damaged life, and so the poem became a figure for its outside.

It was much easier for me to read a poem in Spanish than Spanish prose because all the unknowing and hesitation and failure involved in the attempt to experience the poem was familiar, it was what invested any poem with a negative power, its failure to move me moved me, at least a little; my inability to grasp or be grasped by the poem in English that I felt, in this respect, like a native speaker.

So even if a poem usefully prevents us from comprehending everything, and even if this is exhausting, it is worth doing because its chaos feels as real as the chaos that is experienced everywhere else other than the poem:. Poetry does not only offer a pleasurable alienation, therefore it is not irresponsible in that way. Poetry does not get thrown out of the prose world, rather it throws itself out, policing itself independently within its own irresolvability; this represents its peculiar toughness, and Lerner has made this thorough comedy of poetry into his signature.

The sociopath poet of Leaving the Atocha Station actually drives you into thinking about accountability, the poet-academic drifter of The poetic establishment has co-opted contradiction. And the poetic establishment has not co-opted contradiction. Are these poems just cumbersome or are these poems a critique of cumbersomeness?

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Once you know to read Lerner for his honk as well as his snigger and swagger, you are in good shape. Chief among our exports: wisps of precipitation. Because it receives the impression of your teeth, it is genuine emotion. Compare the streak left on the gemstone with that left in the retina. Confusing the desire to display affection with affection, we applaud the veterans of an imaginary conflict with real victims. An immoderate reverence for tradition guides everything but our reading. I throw my own party and go away.

In The Hatred of Poetry , Lerner writes an apology for poetry that is nevertheless based on a sense of its ridiculousness, hence the title which does not really sound like an apology. Ultimately the talk of love and hate for poetry is a way of trying to validate it in the eyes of a larger force which is completely indifferent to poetry as it is to pretty much anything else , outside of its ability to be monetised. And most people fucking hate poetry. It is practically impossible to hate all of it, even if you might hate the poetry you learned in school.

Curiously enough, the people who often say they hate poetry are not harassed supermarket cashiers or driving instructors but undergraduate students of English, especially when they are not given an option of avoiding it.