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A s I was reading The Catcher in the Rye for a second time, it suddenly dawned on me that that was the book Mark David Chapman had on him the night he killed John Lennon. The red book is mine too. I put my red book down, because it all felt as part of a weird dream. I think that, in any case, the one who was a phony was Chapman himself; along with the men who hired him to do the job, who must have been also the ones that put the book in his hands. Just like the book itself, Lennon and the Beatles became a usual reference in pop culture; not only for their extraordinary music, but also because their story is one about dreams come true through talent, success, fame, and fortune.

John Lennon was also very outspoken when it came to pointing out hypocrisy and falsehood. The people who patsied Mark David Chapman out for the job possibly had the book in mind, because they had established similarities in the personalities of Holden Caulfield, John Lennon, and Chapman himself. Chapman said that Lennon was a phony probably because there were instances in his life that evidenced his character flaws, since his early days with The Beatles; like the time when they decided to fire Pete Best, the original drummer.

Who knows. There where so many times when Mr. Lennon indeed came across as a flake. But then again, if we get down to it, everybody has their own stories to share about a time or two when they lost their character. Which leads me to think that we live in a world where phony is always at the door, waiting for us to lose face to take over. I could try to defend Lennon and swear that he was anything but a phony, but I am not going to do that, because this is not about making apologies for anyone.

But not by somebody who claims to be his fan and barely knows anything about him. A man who, by the same token, also goes out of his way to swear to the cops that apprehended him that he acted alone, when he was not even able to get himself together enough to make sense of what was going on around him at the time of his arrest. Later on, he would declare that a voice was telling him to do it, similar to what happens in the Manchurian Candidate.

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That brings me to the reasoning as to why I think that Chapman is a phony and even an impostor. Especially if we take into consideration the accuracy and relative ease with which he did it; everything went so perfect, and with no unnecessary racket, that appeared to be choreographed. This opens the possibility for the involvement of a third, and even a fourth, party. Like the doorman of the Dakota building, at whose entrance Lennon was murdered; or the limousine chauffeur who had just dropped him off in the open.

Because, although I am no conspiracy theorist, I think it was too much of a clean shot to actually concede it to a nut like Mark David Chapman. And both of them happened to be standing there too. And I understand that some people may feel cocky enough to brag about shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die; but the thought of doing time in Folsom Prison might make them want to take that statement back. As for The Catcher in the Rye , it also carries its own history of disappointment and supplantation, since the book did not live up to the expectations of many a reader.

Holden, like Lennon, was no man of action in the pragmatic sense. And they both could take the most minimal human interaction to heart. The same can be said about its author J. He, like Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, only wrote a novel and a handful of short stories, which was enough to put them in the pantheon of the most influential writers of 20 th century, in their respective languages. So they opted for becoming hermetic and elusive. What about Mark David Chapman?

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He might get to spend the rest of his life locked up; or he might go free at his next try. Either way, it makes no difference to me. Since this is not a piece about music, true crime, conspiracy theories, or literature; what have I just written about? Y desde luego que hay monstrouos, pero no lo son todos. Nobel Peace Prize my… Oh my! W hat is the world coming to? Yes I know, who said you need to do anything to deserve it?

But that only goes to show, once again, how messed up this world is and how much politics affect more and more things every day.

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But, on the other hand, people like Mahatma Gandhi and Vaclav Havel were left out of the jackpot for no convincing reason. He plays saxophone, hangs around with the boys, and cheats on his wife at the work-place; how much more common can you get? And we have another Nobel Peace Prize laureate in the person of Al Gore: the man with the master plan.

Pero sin la broma Monday, November 28, Kurt Cobain came as he was. K urt Cobain would be 45 next February had he managed survive his environment and were still with us. We still remember his music, not only for its distinctive sound, but also because, although rock bands have come and gone, after Nirvana nothing really big has happened, since everything has been pretty much just incidental in the music world.

Yes, Nirvana was the last big music news in the past two decades, whether we like it or not. It was twenty years ago, in the Summer of , when I was going door to door selling Kirby vacuum cleaners around the dusty neighborhoods of El Paso. Lithium is a drug used to treat patients with Bipolar Disorder, a mental health condition in the category of Mood Disorders. And, aside from the title, in its contents the song also alludes --unconsciously, perhaps-- to the mental state of bipolar people. The singer announces that he is happy, but then, without warning, he goes off in a sort of manic-psychotic outburst.

The same way that John Lennon was the sixties and Michael Jackson was the eighties, Kurt Cobain was the nineties; and that is something. Serrat y el carrusel de la vida. Es un tanto triste ya de por si el escuchar esas hermosas canciones en el tiempo presente.

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Con tristeza o sin tristeza, no podemos evitar lo que va a pasar; it is what it is , dicen los gringos. Lonely People. Had not been for the Pope's recent statements about world affairs and Islam, he would still consider himself a company man. Oh yes, Mr. Pope went too far this time. It wasn't wise, it wasn't politically correct and, worst of all, it wasn't good public relations at all. What good can come out of bashing Islam like that, in a world where their presence is being felt stronger every day?

He can declare all he wants; but making those kinds of statements one day after the anniversary of ? Of course the shoe would fit. They all could go to hell as far as he was concerned. Es un caso excepcional, no veo cual es el problema. Si me he equivocado o alguien desea rectificar, ruego que lo haga. Puede haber casos extremos. Ya siento que sonase tan brusco. Repasemos los ejemplos que pones. Se informa del nombre que se le puso al nacer.

No se habla de su etapa anterior a cambiarse de nombre, probablemente porque no es relevante. El cambio de identidad fue muy temprano, por lo que no hay menciones a la etapa anterior. Creo que este es uno de los grandes rasgos de calidad que diferencia esWp de las otras. Saludos y gracias. Volvemos a los taxones. Si "perro" no es ambiguo, es que todos los perros son Canis lupus familiaris y todos los Canis lupus familiaris son perros.

Vale, Chucao. En ninguna de mis intervenciones he defendido los nombres comunes en los taxones. Anna Cookie 29 jul UTC. Perfecto Aleuze, pero lo que yo veo es que hay tres maneras o posturas. Ninguno, porque es una sola especie. Anna Cookie 18 ago UTC. Luego, vienes con el argumento de que hay que sancionar a Manu por haber retirado una plantilla. Pero a priori , eso no es problema. Todo esto se debe probablemente, a un problema de cierta controversia real existente incluso fuera de la Wikipedia y esta puede de hecho, ayudar a aclarar las dudas existentes.

Hola a todos. Referenciarse, puede ser.

Guarnerius - Lucha Eterna [Arcanos Abismos][2003][MEX]

Tuvo muchos hijos, fue lavandera y su secreto era comer chocolate". Wikipedia no es un diario ni un noticiero. Hable del acontecimiento, no de la persona. SpanishMath 20 sep UTC. Desde ya muy agradecido. Jorval Chao. Gracias Angus. Me funciona ocultar la parte izquierda como me indicas, pero no puedo editarla, en todo caso con eso avanzo bastante. Gracias nuevamente. This is an announcement of a new feature that we deployed here today. Called guided tours , this lets you create interactive, step-by-step tours of any page, process, or feature on the wiki.

You can try this feature out by appending "? The test tour is just an example, but we've also added a " firstedit " tour that needs translation. It might be something you want to add to links on the Sandbox or other places that encourage new people to edit. Software developers can write tours of new features they build, and local admins can create tours here in the MediaWiki namespace, just like gadgets.

There's a guide to creating tours on-wiki. Hola, desde hace un tiempo, no puedo revertir ediciones con Twinkle. Si lo intento, obtengo el error:.


Uso Linux y Firefox. Gracias, un saludo.

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Hola amigos. Rerencia de la RAE. Gracias de antemano. Parece ser muy popular entre los portugueses. En cuanto a los "beneficios" que se describen:.

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Los usuarios se quejaron porque lo pusieron por defecto y entonces desarrollaron un gadget para que el que quisiera naranjo lo activara. Pasado el tiempo, terminaron desactivando el gadget y volviendo al naranja por defecto. Y no lo pusieron. Un abrazo. Saludos y agradecimientos. Gracias por su ayuda. Esperemos que su promesa de hacerlo para finales de se cumpla. Las tareas principales funcionan bien.

No soy usuario registrado pero considero que hay un agravio importante que afecta a la generalidad de Wikipedia. A modo de ejemplo:. Entonces, mi idea es que utilicemos los destacados aprobados en en adelante, pues no creo que haya problema en que vuelvan a estar en Portada. Creo que no es la primera vez que se plantea este tema, pero hay que hacer algo Buenas a todos wikipedistas.

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Muy cordiales saludos a todos. Pero bueno, tampoco importa mucho. Es un caso similar a semiproteger para prevenir el vandalismo.