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Purchasable with gift card. In their own way and in their own surroundings, not portrayed as legitimate in public forums. My opinion. Ben, America was actually founded on Freedom to practice the religion of your choice or no religion if that is your belief. One could only hope. Speaking from Willow …. But Kenai seems to take the cake! Do you mean ACLU?

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Anyway, how about a moment of silence and do away with all of this nonsense and focus on running the borough, economic development and everything else that keeps us a economically afloat. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. This applies to everyone, and everyone should exercise it, even strange folk like Satanists, Nazis, racists, and all the other less-desirable voices.

Let it all happen in the light of day. Some religions, even now, perpetuate and accommodate the killing of any human not agreeing with them. Should all be given free rein in America too? Not without me kicking, screaming and fighting back, all the way down. The stories of some of her calls, are chilling. A dog, skinned alive, nailed to a tree. She mercifully put it out of its misery. That was on the outskirts of Wasilla. Done by a satanic cult. Free speech does not mean free action. How does this happen exactly? For starters, everyone on the Borough Assembly and in the audience should have gotten up and walked out, postponed the meeting, or met in executive session with no invocation.

Whatever it takes to confound the trash whose sole aim is not the advancement of Satanism or their particular paganism, but the denigration of Christianity and Christians. Could have been a non-denominational invocation delivered by leaders of recognized religions… no, it had to be satanic trash, delivered by trash.

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Imagine this expl del happening, in a public gathering before a predominantly Muslim, or Sikh, or any other audience who take their religion as seriously. It stops when and where Americans say it stops, ACLU, Satanists, and every other exemplar of deviant behavior be damned.

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Why are you worried someone might mistake tolerance for weakness? Are you insecure? My tolerance is based on the strength of my conviction that our system, our principles, and our character, in whole, are strong. Have a look at current events. Wonder whether our state politicians do what they do because they perceive us to be too weak to resist. Imagine your government-ACLU-Satanist team forcing you to tolerate more such nastiness at your doorstep, then you explaining to your children why you give way to it. Americans like you deserve that?

Did Chelsea Clinton Tweet ‘Happy New Year’ to the Church of Satan?

For those to whom the invocation actually means something, better to gather in advance and have a meaningful moment of prayer. Each person in attendance has the individual choice to invoke Jesus into the proceedings through individual, private communication with the One who is Greater, rendering the invocation of Satan or of any other god of no effect.

The only other choice is for the invocation to be deleted from the meetings since no matter who delivers it, it will be offensive to someone. However, I think praying to the One True God quietly is the best option as Christians should not be sending the message that we fear what they are doing—but rather convey that Christians have ultimately nothing to fear from any other religion. Truth and Grace win every time!

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And keeping the invocation means that Christians get a turn to deliver the Truth. Ultimately, freedom to make the choice to believe whatever we decide is a God-given right—He has chosen to allow it and respects the boundary He created — we should follow His example. He loved all, speaks truth to all, and died for all knowing that not all will choose Him. And I feel no threat from those who believe otherwise—only sorrow for them. In a move to appease Satan the Kenai has allowed his name to be exalted in their assembly.

This is a direct smack in the face of the living God who created all that there is. To do this is to invite demonic powers of influence to overshaddow all government functions. If you exalt the Devil you will be destroyed both in this life and the one to come. Can you imagine standing before the Lord of all creation and he asks YOU, why you did such a thing. After he laughs at whatever pitiful answer you give, he will cast you into the Lake of Fire so that you can be tormented for all eternity with that Devil in that place.

Repent now and cast that Devil out of your midst and serve the Living God through Jesus Christ and you will be saved. I agree with you completely. I have spent my entire life hearing devout Christians tell me and others like me that I deserve to be ostracized and abused, that I do not deserve life or love, and that after death I will be greeted with eternal torment. I have lived my life in fear of Christians because of this. Hearing a Christian prayer in a public place sends a shiver down my spine. Most Christians are not actually dangerous, though. You learn to accept the threats as empty and live and let live.

Fed lies about unfettered liberty and tolerance for the depraved. This disgusting display is the fault of the cowards who allow it. Matthew Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Matthew And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.

Matthew But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. Culture and customs define a society. A government provides a legal framework for acceptable behaviour. We were set up to be a small government and the responsibility to be for the system working laid at the feet of the individual.

Satan – Mountain View Chapel

Americans find it harder to be Americans without offending those who live among us and despise us. Recently in history those used the excuse of being offended to tear down our culture and customs for the simple joy of a sense of power of controlling a group. We are to sit down and let it happen to prove we accept that others have the right to be individuals.

Walk away with strength. There comes a time when the the bending stick breaks and we walk out, leaving you without an audience to shock. No government-sponsored assembly, or government-sponsored meeting of any kind, need feel compelled to invite or allow a person, or persons, to offer an invocation in a public meeting who does not meet the legal requirements set by the IRS for tax-exempt status as a legally established church. For purposes of simplicity, see here:. A lot of you are missing the point entirely, which is not that satanists want their invocations in public meetings.

Most of them do not believe in Satan or any supernatural beings at all and they exist on a philosophical basis — some for freedom, and some to oppose Christianity as the default national religion. And no, I am not one of them. I think they are genius trolls in this case, however.

Again, those of you turning this into some sort of supernatural warfare for souls or recruiting are missing the point, which is strictly constitutional. Get rid of the invocation entirely. It has no place in government. Honor the constitution and apply it equally and they will go away.

Simple solution. Open the damn thing with NO religious BS. Wasting time and money on gas going to any church is an affront to the air we share. All the pollution that trip to your church, no matter the god or devil you worship there creates will choke your grand children someday. Hail the air we share and the Earth we live in. F— your bull— religions. From personal, first hand experience. I saw several of the toughest, non-religious, nay saying, anti religion men I have ever met, turn to God in the moment they thought would be their last, on a sinking, storm ravaged fishing vessel.

We were far offshore and no navigation aids working on the vessel. That opening in the storm sky enabled us to see a familiar navigation point, about 20 miles away, that had been obscured until each and every one, in desperate need, had pledged their soul and entire being to God, if only he would provide divine intervention and save our lives. He did. We lived. That opening in the storm lasted about 15 minutes, but it saved our lives.

Ever since about 45 years ago , I have thought about that night and day of panic and what happened to let us live.. Was it real? Did it really happen? When anyone says I look like a devil worshipper, I am offended. You have no idea. People who face death suddenly realize how much God means to them.

Your turn may come. Just a few words to let you see the truth. Take heed. I have heard a popular conspiracy theory about the prevalence of Dobbsheads in public architecture; the person who told me about it specifically mentioned the Boney Courthouse. Nonetheless, if any of their adherents are still around, perhaps they could give an invocation, since everyone could use some Slack in their lives.