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Women falling in love with their patriarchal captors, and with their captivity. According to this second argument, the virgin in the castle is female sexuality itself, condemned to prison millennia ago for threatening the partriarchal social order. The sexual fantasy of being locked in a castle may be just an attempt to wring some meager pleasure from the whole sorry affair. What an intriguing topic, Dr.

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I very much look forward to the subsequent articles in this series. Although I personally would not dismiss that idea as a possibility for some - what about the psychological draw due to rehearsal type benefits, and desires for safety. Similar to what sometimes draws viewers to horror films. I agree that problems and distress in general are enough to generate novelistic interest. And once you put this together with sex, that's a sure attention grabber.

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Perhaps though there's something more specific -- I think there is. I think dominance and submission, predator and prey, are hot button issues for humans, especially sexually. It's a contentious area, though, politically and scientifically. For females I think there may be an additional hot button component in there, as well: our need for physical and sexual protection. A key element that - I think - has made the Twillight Saga so compelling for girls and women.

Real quick here, however: Is Pamela successful in preserving her virginity, until after her Master's "conversion"? Yes, Pamela succeeds in staying a virgin until marriage. In fact, from the text it's darned hard to detect whether she ever loses her virginity at all, even after marriage.

I'm glad you mentioned the need for physical and sexual protection. It's something that's politically far more acceptable for you as a woman to write about than for me as a man. But I think it must be valid. I really need to spend some time to read Thomas Moore, he reminds me a lot of how some Jesuit theologians approach contemporary schisms like that of turning the other cheek when facing a social injustice. I can perfectly understand BDSM under the banner of mature sexual experimentation that contributes to personal growth and self knowledge.

I suppose we all need to learn to tame our dark urges, and by doing so, we might be even become more authentic individuals. Easier said than done these days in which consent is so important even at it's most basic, i. Obviously, there are safewords, but the initial negotiation needs to be sealed with an "enthusiastic yes", especially from the submissive party. The book is rather boring in my opinion, and I find it strange that people consider it sexually illuminating in any way. As you mentioned, the story is old and it expresses a narrative that might be very well "learned" as opposed to "experienced".

It makes me think that it would take a great deal of courage and sense of self to deinternalize all our cultural values, mores, motives, etc. My thoughts on FiftyShades in this regard: boring or not, it's selling like wildfire, and most of the people who read it seem to feel they're getting their money's worth. Which suggests to me that it's satisfying some needs. What needs, exactly? That's where this gets interesting. Could be many potential suspects, as I hope to detail in future posts. You've got me curious, though: What do these Jesuit theologians have to say about responding to social injustice?

Yes, I suppose people are getting something out of FSoG, and I look forward to your insights on this. In regards to the Jesuit theologians, I'm afraid I'm not the best person to explain their points regarding psychology and violence within a social context.

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I should probably refer you to the writings of Ignacio Martin-Baro for that. It's interesting what you mentioned - about it being more "politically acceptable" for me, as a female, to mention the female desire for physical and sexual protection. But I understand what you mean. There seems to be a modern-day fear that a man protecting us, will automatically translate into our oppression.

How compelling it is, and unusual in our modern world, when we see a man depicted in a novel or on the screen ie: such as Edward Cullen , that loves a woman so much as to restrain himself - and protect her. It seems like the popular mainstream message to our girls and young women is that dating requires mandatory sexual intercourse, as part of the initial "getting to know you" phase.

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We insist to them that this is proof of their sexual "liberation" - attained by denying their female bodies and expressing themselves sexually as if they have bodies that are exactly the same as men. We tell them not to fret too much about STDs, pregnancy, abortion these are not things to make too big a deal out of!

We shame young girls who express a desire towards being sexually reserved, call them prudes and accuse them of being "hung up".

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How interesting that despite the cultural push towards women's sexual liberation being dependent upon women acting like men, appearing in charge and attempting to "have it all", stories in which a man dramatically restrains his own sexual urges adn protects the women that he loves send us running to the bookstores and the movie theaters in droves; appealing to our deepest longings, making us swoon and even bringing tears to our eyes - reminding us of something that we've lost, and indeed, that many women feel they no longer deserve nor even have a right to express.

For me, this represents a new sort of very destructive, health-wise repression and shame regarding the expression of true female desires and sexuality. Contact us. Press enter to begin your search. Associated Collection. Forestine Discover our 28 shades matching Ressource's very first collection of wall paper.

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She taught in Edinburgh before moving to the ancient town of Alnwick. In the shadow of Alnwick Castle love in war is of the moment, passionate, selfish, selfless, doomed.

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