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Read to find out! Small Lightning Bolt by Sammy Heroes reviews Doc never imagined he would find a baby car with the name of Lightning at his clinic's doorstep. And now he has to take care of a hotshot baby car who doesn't know the meaning of staying still. Freefall by Icestorm reviews Connor finds himself in a hostage situation far too familiar to one from his past.

He doesn't appreciate the memories it dredges up. Takes place after the "Best Ending", where Simon becomes a Kindergarten teacher. But even formidable front-runners such as themselves have their weaknesses. When faced with difficult challenges and circumstances, are they able to pull through to the finish? If they can't help themselves, can they help each other? Co-featuring Lightning McQueen. As though adjusting to life post-deviancy wasn't enough, his systems were starting to glitch whenever he came into contact with the human he was supposed to be protecting.

Hank thinks vulnerability is part of the "becoming human" experience, but is that really all it is? Pacifism by spiderstan0spiderstan reviews A downside of having a forensics lab built into your mouth is that it sometimes means having a BROKEN forensics lab built into your mouth. In which Connor gets an all too literal taste of the consequences of fighting, and Hank helps out. He had programming to tell him what to do, so he could not have thoughts of his own. Therefore, Connor was not alive. He is not alive.

Welcome to Radiator Springs by Adventurelife reviews Flo knew she was home the minute she stepped out of her car. Home was Radiator Springs. Ever wonder how the gang came to Radiator Springs He also doesn't understand why he still feels so machine. Why doesn't he have emotions like everyone else? Why is he so wrong? Dig A Grave by staringatstars07 reviews A leader wears many masks for his people. Markus shed them all the day he returned to the junkyard with a shovel. Thrown into the Invaders World by mewterra13 reviews Terra was an average girl who was having her sweet 16 till out of nowhere, she was taken into the world of Invader Zim.

Now she is living through the plot while trying to find a way home without getting caught by the Irkens or the idiot humans on Earth,with the help of Zim, Dib, Gaz and GIR,will she make it back home? The Invisible Man's Turn by pyromoosepoop reviews After the rest of Dracula's friends tried to scare the fangs out of Dennis, it's Griffin's turn. Takes place during the second movie. His coffee is horrible, but there are a couple of regulars, and then there's the kid working for him who has a messed up past.

The Invisible Man and the Hu-Man by pyromoosepoop reviews Johnnystein and Griffin the invisible man have a conversation before Mavis' th birthday. Snapshots by KiwiScribs reviews Sometimes it's the little things. Forgotten Friendship: Retold by dustyismahomeboy reviews Finn and Holley go on vacation, but the sight of an old friend stops it in its tracks. Finn does all he can to help Leland remember, but it seems that some sort of a war has been put on the agency and Cooper himself.

Returned by BrickSheep reviews Hank had a son. His name was Connor and he had been missing for three years. Homecoming by KiwiScribs reviews It has been 6 months since the revolution, 6 months since she disappeared. Hank isn't handling it well. Cold Wind by Shrapnel33 reviews On the hunt for a criminal, Connor winds up in freezing water, leaving Hank to get him home and warmed up.

This was pretty much an excuse to bury Connor under a pile of blankets. Spoilers for Hanks backstory. Previously listed as a work in progress, which was a mistake, I'm sorry about that, it's just a one-shot. The Boy from Ipanema by Alphawave reviews Kamski calls Hank up for a very special offer: complete a favour and Cole, the son he lost, shall be reborn as an android. Will this ruin Hank's chances of moving on or will this finally be the push he needs to let go of the past? Spinning My Wheels: One-Shots by Skoolgrl09 reviews A series of one-shots surrounding the lives of characters from Cars and Cars 3 off screen, including backstories.

Genres will vary. One-shots will be posted in no particular order. They will be posted based on their time of completion. OCs will be included. Although Markus has won androids freedom, an extremist threat emerges threatening to reverse that progress. While Markus-dealing with Carl's death- and Connor-while juggling a relationship- scramble to fix this problem, Kara and her group in Canada is struggles to make ends meet at her new home. The Accident by the-kings-tail-fin reviews Young Cal is excited for his parents to come back from vacation, even though he's having the time of his life at his aunt and uncle's house.

However, the icy roads have other ideas. Somewhere In Neverland by kaitekayy reviews After her dad dies and her grandmother is no longer able to care for her, Clarke goes to live with her cousin Jessie in New York. Everything will be fine. What Family Means by wolftez reviews Connor is ten years old when he goes to live with Hank. The life he finds there reroutes the entire trajectory of his future. In Which Worlds Collide by Magenta Mauve reviews When a mysterious disaster leaves the Tallest with no choice but to hide out on earth, Dib is forced to do something in order to keep his planet safe that he never would have imagined: Save the Irken race.

That is, if he can stay sane long enough.

  • Devour, A Paranormal Romance (Warm Delicacy Series Book 3).
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  • The Essays of Montaigne — Volume 16.

And you thought dealing with one Irken was bad! Reviews are greatly appreciated! But then things start to get insane. Why are some Lemons trying to sabotage the race? Why do people think she and Mater are spies? Who is this "Big Boss"? Who is this human woman stalking Fudge? My OC, Fudge, in Cars 2. Chasing Blue by Saberius Prime reviews Celestia is an ordinary car with a big heart.

When she runs away after a fight with her mother and stumbles upon the small town of Radiator Springs, she finds a family she didn't know she had. And more importantly, her father. Starts before Cars 1. Follows Cars 1, 2, 3. An AU idea as to how the first Cars could have worked humanized. Lightning McQueen makes it safely to LA after the three way tie race and becomes the first rookie to win the Piston Cup.

But, being new parents, there will be a few bumps in the road. She lived at home, went to university and loved Doctor Who. So what happened when one evening the Doctor appeared, along with a strange light? Was her reality really just a dream? Now, her whole life will change. In the land of Ingary, that's a very unfortunate thing to be. But now a happily married woman, Sophie has no time for misfortune.

It seems however, that it has plenty of time for her. Something very dark has come to Market Clipping, and it brings a secret that could very well tear Sophie's family apart. Summary is inside. This is a reupload of the story due to some errors on my part. Too Much Wax by the-kings-tail-fin reviews Gale Beaufort has to make an impossible decision. Storm - Complete. A Glimpse into the life of a Witch by xXxRinandSesshoumaruxXObsessed reviews Kiki is a full grown witch and has now figured out what her special skill is but the real question is; what else has she been doing with her life?

Who knows, really? All she knows is that she loves every single minute of it It carried on much longer than any of them expected. The Rivera's now have to deal with a boy who has a special gift and learning more about him and the strange supernatural world around them. Miguel isn't sure where he'll go now but at least he knows he has his family to guide him through life - and the afterlife. Vixen by Lyn Harkeran reviews When a cursed woman ends up bumping into an Infamous Wizard, her life is turned upside down. As if being stuck as a fox wasn't hard enough without Fire Demons and Flamboyant Sorcerers.

Diverts completely from movie canon with a few exceptions. Originally posted on Deviantart. The Rivalry Lives On by AllisonReader reviews It's been years since Lightning has raced against Chick, but that doesn't mean that they still don't have a rivalry going on. Add Cruz to the mix, and Chick's show is about to become more interesting. After he falls into a comical depression, the Irken Armada is blitzed by the Resisty, who have returned with more firepower than the Massive and its snacks can handle.

Zim sure would come in handy right about now Crush Christine, Alleviate Arnie by Traitor of All Traitors reviews As time and space continue to expand into the unknown, the fabric of reality creates ripples, echoes of every second, every moment, which take longer to fade away. Because he exists to undo the flaws that plague us all, he must deal with an echo of her once more and save her victim.

This time, however, he brings help in exchange for freedom and rewards. Read if you want to see.

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Conflict by the-kings-tail-fin reviews In this AU, the Detroit "Big Three" manufacturers have entered into a war to prove once and for all who's the best, and no one can stop them. Our favorite Piston Cup racers may not be what they seem This fic is a trilogy, told mostly through Strip's POV, but as more characters are introduced, it becomes more omniscient.

Cover photo courtesy of Tumblr user 2cute4u-h! Victory Lane Lemonade by the-kings-tail-fin reviews Sally's not scared of Storm in the least. Fridays by Buick Regal Racecar 56 reviews Harv's favorite pastime as the World's Greatest Agent is unwinding with a stiff drink and what can pass for a friend on a Friday night. Messages by the-kings-tail-fin reviews Jackson's always been a closeted McQueen fanboy, but he can't help who he is.

Member: LasVegasNan

Everything he says, every action he takes, and every message he sends drives a wedge between him and his inspiration. He hates it. Strip Weathers Breaks the Time Machine! In this story, Strip "The King" Weathers from Cars obtains a time machine and partakes in time shenanigans. This is not to be taken in any serious capacity. Takes place at the end of the first movie, during the little scene where Mater is showing them around the Doc Hudson museum.

Moonshine by whipplefilter reviews Doc has a secret. Sheriff's the only one who knows. As Doc's secret takes its toll on his health, however, he realizes he might have stumbled across a few of the Piston Cup's own. And sometimes, to tell one secret, you have to tell them all. What's gotten the obnoxious-never-shuts-up alien I know so quiet However one day their life takes an unexpected turn when Sophie is summoned to have an audience with Madam Suliman Follow Sophie and Howl as they embark on a dangerous journey to save their friends.

Summertime Advice by the-kings-tail-fin reviews In this oneshot, we get a peek into Lightning's relationship with his teenage daughter one summer day when she finds herself bored. Grace by whipplefilter reviews Doc's not ready to go. He never is. Takes place in between Cars 1 and Cars 2. Save Me by smile-clarenet reviews Sally and Doc have to team up to help a girl, badly hurt by something in her past, but time is rapidly running out.

Before long they have a fight on their hands, to save her life and solve the mysteries of her past before it's too late. The Curve by whipplefilter reviews Summary for Chapter 9: Run for your life. When in Britain by Storywriter reviews Hi all! I love the movie Cars 2 so much that I integrated my own OC into the movie plot. Her name is Christina Carson and in this fanfic, she joins Finn and Holley on their mission to stop the lemons, protect the racecars, and save the world.

I hope you all enjoy! Flicker by Frittern reviews Rory used to have a life. She used to think she was just a human girl with human friends doing human things. But ever since this alien showed up, everything is not as it seems.

#### CITY Honolulu, HI -

As her form flickers between who she is and what she believes, will she be able to use her own forgotten memories to help save an entire race of people? If you don't like, don't read. Not in Kansas anymore by multiverse-tourist reviews It had been a perfectly normal day - until one little moment of curiosity turned Lydia Rayne's world upside down; with a stranger living in her father's flat, familiar phone numbers turning out wrong, and her best friend claiming not to know her anymore.

Little did she know, that wasn't even the maddest part yet Into the Psyche 3 - Origins by Black Raider reviews A search for answers leads to a desperate situation, which leads to the most exciting adventure of Sky's life. Friendships will be tested, and it'll take the combined powers of Sky, Harley, and Katherine to find the truth. If all goes well, the ones who were lost will finally return. Third and final installment of the "Into the Psyche" series! Despite the name and the eternal compliment that comes with being a racecar named "Lightning", Lightning McQueen does not actually like lightning.

Or: The ficlet where Lightning McQueen doesn't like thunderstorms. Guns and Roses by the-kings-tail-fin reviews Sheriff is injured in the line of duty, but never backs down. A Kiss and a Departure by the-kings-tail-fin reviews Mater takes Holley out on a date, only to be interrupted by pursuing villains. Desperate actions must be taken to avoid harm. Sunshine and Rainbows by the-kings-tail-fin Mater gets into Fillmore's personal stash of 'goods' and devises the ultimate prank, or so he thinks.

The Void by the-kings-tail-fin reviews Strip struggles with losing Lynda, forced to live a life without her beside him. Mutual Embarrassments by the-kings-tail-fin reviews A cringe worthy event that most people fall prey to, Jackson accidentally calls Ray 'Dad'. Dib-sister 2 by Idakiller24 reviews While Zim and Gaz have been getting along in their new life, Dib has been left alone. When he hears of a new, more serious plot by the couple, he may have to do something drastic. All rights to Invader Zim belong to Jhonen Vasquez. Who Is This Girl?

Sargent Morris by the-kings-tail-fin reviews The long lasting effects of war cling to every veteran in some way, somehow. Our favorite Radiator Springs military jeep is no exception. Cal's First White Christmas by the-kings-tail-fin reviews Instead of going with his parents to the deep south for the holidays, young Cal gets to spend it with his aunt and uncle in the Carolinas.

This toddler has never seen snow on Christmas before, let alone experienced the holiday magic. After one particularly nasty beating, Zim loses everything when he's betrayed by a friend and launched into space. Alone with no way home, Zim loses all hope of ever breathing fresh air again until he crashes on Earth.

Hope's restored until it starts to rain. Good to See You, Hud by the-kings-tail-fin reviews The Thomasville legends gather at the Cotter Pin to watch the tie-breaker race, and are unprepared for what they see. Aperto by whipplefilter reviews Ten years after they first met, Francesco pays a visit to Radiator Springs to visit Lightning and Lightning's protege - a newly-minted Piston Cup Champion. Francesco probably wouldn't flirt with Cruz so much if McQueen didn't make such entertaining faces. One Day by whipplefilter reviews Sheriff is the one car Doc trusts to mend him. They probably shouldn't have been let out of the house.

Hope you enjoy it! Using Zim, they plan to exact revenge on the new Tallest. But there seems to be something more going on Rated T because I'm paranoid. Doc's Research by AllisonReader reviews Doc Hudson knows his type, race car, the last thing the town needs, and he's done the research to prove it. Except, somehow, he's won everyone in town over. Tripmaster by whipplefilter reviews All cars die alone. That's just the way it is. Cathy the Pirate Cat by wolfinsheepsclothing reviews A new animatronic comes along, what happens when she befriends the night guard?

Takes place during FNAF 1. Takes place Thanksgiving Harv POV. Well, nobody really knows, but they never expected uninvited guests. Who are they? What are they doing in Florida? Why am I asking YOU all these questions? All anybody knows is that this can NOT end well. Partially crack, but not completely. AU to my other stories. He's lived there as long as he can remember, listening to tales of its boom - though he's only ever lived its bust.

Still, life's cozy, if uneventful. Then a Porsche from Los Angeles rolls into town. Apologies by Viperdae reviews Sometimes play-fighting gets out of hand and you accidentally murder your best friend. And then you have to go to the ends of the universe to fix it. Ghosts Story by whipplefilter reviews The way Fillmore tells it, there is a ghost in the machine. And these ghosts, they can make All Hallow's Eve a treacherous thing. Because sometimes, they come back. Solstice by whipplefilter reviews The rest is hazy, as Sheriff's fever takes him beyond the realm of cognizance.

Through all this, Doc tells stories. Hours upon hours of them—but never about himself. Interlopers, Invaders, Investigators and Doom by Diloph reviews In the not-too-distant future, unstoppable forces collide when the Doctor arrives in the middle of Invader Zim's latest plan to take over the Earth. But unfortunately for the pair of them, Dib and Gaz, the four are drawn into a terrible plot that endangers not only the Earth, but the Irken Empire and possibly the whole universe as well!

Biscuits Over Glory by whipplefilter reviews Sarge and Lightning have a strange little friendship. But a friendship it is, and a kindness it does them both. Into the Psyche by Black Raider reviews A world where vehicles and humans live in harmony. Where there are humans and vehicles who can connect their very souls. Join me as we journey into the psyche and hear the stories of these unique creatures. Edited and re-uploaded! Flowers in the Desert by whipplefilter reviews Lightning's yelled at Cruz before.

He's championed her; he's consoled her. But this is the first time he's ever lied to her. But she has no idea until its too late that someone wants her dead. But the Entity of Death, Purgatory, offers her a chance to prevent her own death. But maybe she'll be able to save more than her own life. Warning: deals with very heavy themes of death, growing up and tragedy.

Old Doll by yaoigoddess22 reviews A young witch obsessed with the Gorillaz collects all of their merchandise. But that's not enough and decides to turn the band into dolls, save for 2D and Jag. Can the two save the band before the spell becomes permanent? Zim has conquered his city, and it is only the first step in world domination. But one of his hyuman slaves seems disturbingly happy about this turn of events Introverted by FanFicAddict reviews An Irken introvert is something that is cherished, but occasionally, one will be missed.

What happens when one of the incredibly fragile Irken introverts winds up being mistakenly sent off-world? Join our little introverted friend as he struggles to make do out of his comfort zone and far from home with his affliction. AU and OOCness galore. Retail Therpy by LavenderRare I normally work alone. I liked it that way. But, lucky me, I've got to teach a new employee how to do this job. Rated T for darker, heavier themes later on. But days passed. Then years. Hud's boy never showed. Listen by Seal reviews After being forced to sing by his SIR unit, Zim not only discovers he has a beautiful singing voice, he also discovers its powerful effect on those who hear.

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  7. He uses it to gain the worship of the humans and possibly a chance to conquer Earth. Sit back, relax, and listen to the melodious voice of Zim Fabulist by whipplefilter reviews Sheriff always figured if there'd be another soul on earth who knew him like this, it'd be a woman. But perhaps that time has passed. Radiation Stinks by whipplefilter reviews It's the 70s, and his war is over, though it's never felt that way. His war ended too many times for any ending to feel real. Today, he is in the desert. Los Alamos. They're only there to keep the peace, or so they've been told. Comeback Story by whipplefilter reviews An accident at the track leaves Cruz with amnesia.

    As she and Lightning struggle to come to terms with her diagnosis - changes in taste and temperament, memories no longer shared, and bonds no longer present - they also confront the possibility that those memories might be gone forever. And even if they do come back, there's no turning back the clock. There never is.

    Appreciation by whipplefilter reviews Everything Lightning knows about the world, he learned from Harv. He owes him a lot. But Harv just says, "Remember kiddo - anyone you work with, you're the one doing them the favor. Hell, you're eyes're saying thank you right now. I don't need your thanks, just your contract. Especially Chick Hicks. Surprisingly, she enjoyed dating him.

    Reputation be damned, he was nice to hang around with. But he really loved being a pace car. AU, Rod Redline didn't die in Cars 2 and instead got a chance to choose an alternate career. Chuck Armstrong didn't expect anyone to know his name. And he was okay with that. Slightly pre-Cars, featuring the Mood Springs car. Untying the Knot by godlygirl34 reviews After 4 years of marriage, Jackson and Cruz are hitting a rough patch in their relationship. When Cruz begins to endure physical abuse, she wonders who she can turn to in this desperate time.

    Will she be able to weather the storm and make it out alive or will this situation weigh her down in a pit of emotional despair? Humanized, lifetime style drama with Cars characters. Angelic Twilight by awsmpup reviews So, apparently, I died, and ended up in some weird room, where I met an angel, who decided to send me into that weird Twilight series my friend would go on and on about!

    Now I'm surrounded by sparkly vampires, guys who turn into wolves, and a very annoying guardian angel! Not to mention the worst of all! I have to go through puberty a second time! My life is the worst!

    Burning Sky by whipplefilter reviews They say he went airborne. They say he rolled-eight times, maybe more. Straight down the track, like a cue ball. Would've been gentler in the apron. It's a miracle he didn't injure anyone else. He doesn't remember any of that, though he swears he can remember the pain. His nurse swears he doesn't.

    Many things happened there, some good, but most bad. Especially for 2D. Bad things just kept happening to him there. But maybe something good can come up from all the bad? EVERYone has thoughts about that; and someone's going to get hurt. And Sally is Storm's lawyer. Dib is Happy by SaintHeartwing reviews Dib has long wanted this. For once in his life, he's satisfied with what he has.

    For once in his life, he's The happiest he's been in years. Although now it seems his new function is to help keep young Hiro Hamada out of harms way even if it means having to wrangle an energetic teenager and all the craziness that comes with him. Hiro's still growing And Baymax is learning about the young boy more and more everyday. Superior by ReptileRuler reviews AU. Zim hissed at the handmade bird that had landed close to his nest.

    TOO close to his nest! Fans, get ready Sunset by dib07 reviews Dib and Zim are doing their usual and are bringing each other down when they can. But when Dib falls sick, Zim learns that even enemies need each other. Disclaimer I do not own Invader Zim. Your Name in Lights by whipplefilter reviews At the start of his first season as Lightning's crew chief, Doc reflects on how the sport has changed, and what he and Lightning will need to be for each other. The aftermath of last season's tiebreaker race presents new challenges - challenges Lightning's not quite ready for.

    Bed Time Snacks by KanadeAkatsuki13 reviews It should have been a warning sign that having a new green classmate and a paranormal fanatic in the same room meant having to deal with all of the troubles that they'd bring, but since when did she care? At least Zim got her an adorable new son named Gir.

    Adjusted by whipplefilter reviews After Doc's death, Sally and Mack try to find Lightning a new crew chief. Doc can't be replaced, though - which is fine until maybe one day, it's not. What if someone could help Dennis and Leigh handle Christine and calm the Fury? If so, would it change the end of the film? Or are things set in stone? Note: Takes place in the movie verse. Sometimes love itself was enough to break even the most powerful of curses. Based on the film by Hayao Miyazaki. Baby Driver by whipplefilter reviews Cruz-and the rest of the racing world-haven't seen Lightning McQueen in five years, races, and a lot of questions gone unanswered.

    Then one day, he shows up with a tiny plus one. Ultramarine by distantmirrors reviews GIR stops functioning and Zim actually asks for help for once, a lot of emotions ensue. Join Flare throughout his experiences in the Cars universe. It's better than the summary says.

    She wants to have real friends and actually be happy. So, one stormy night, she speeds off down Route She has no idea what she's looking for, but when fate causes her to break down, she finds herself in a tiny town that just might be the paradise she's been hoping to find. Takes place after Cars in an AU where Cars 2 doesn't happen. Three AM by Ami. Bel reviews Mr. Resetti gets called to the mayor's house to stop them from resetting.

    What he actually finds is more trouble than he expected. Rated E for Everyone. The only shipping here is 'friendship'. Resetti - Complete. Life on Main Street by A Cowgirl reviews A series of slice-of-life stories featuring the main characters of the Cars series. Don't Time Fly by whipplefilter reviews All Lightning really knows is he doesn't want to go to Phoenix, but there's no doctor in Radiator Springs anymore. Besides, Doc was internal medicine.

    Never a psychiatrist. But another constant was Noodle's anger. A bit of a dive into what Noodle might have been feeling before Phase 4 dropped and straight after Phase 3 ended. Flat Out by whipplefilter reviews After the crash. Makes it hard to remember who you are. All that matters is first. He did anything to win- but he lost the approval of a lot of the racing community through it. Gregory rated a book did not like it. The Sword and Laser — members — last activity 40 minutes ago Online discussion forum for the Sword and Laser podcast and monthly book club pick. Add a reference: Book Author.

    Search for a book to add a reference. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.

    We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Merry Adventures of Morgan Summerstone it was amazing 5. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars.

    IOTG it was amazing 5. Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Gregory rated a book it was ok Black Widow 1 by Marjorie M. Gregory rated a book it was amazing String Theory by Gregory Thomas. The Jakkattu Vector is action-packed, with Tyler propelling you from one scene to another, giving you glimpses of the truth, glimmers of the lies these human-Mezna hybrids have grown up with, expecting you to piece them all together before the horrifying reveal.

    In between, she engages your emotions with the innocence of the young Thornes as they grow up, navigating the thin line between independence and insolence in their quest for truth. And then she feeds you heartbreak on a platter. The Jakkattu Vector is gritty and grim yet inexplicably hopeful as each of strand of humanity - human, Miscegenate, Undone - come to terms with who they are and what the Mezna has done to them.

    View all my reviews About the Book They came as saviors to a deteriorating Earth Julip Thorne questions whether there is more to life beyond the barren dirt, acidic seas, and toxstorms her people work and die in. Living in poverty on the withering Greenland Human Reservation, she wonders if the alien Mezna goddesses are truly as holy as the temple preaches. But nothing can prepare her for the atrocities she uncovers.

    Meanwhile, Jakkattu prisoner Sabaal suffers constant torture and heinous medical experiments as her Mezna-priest captors seek to unlock the key to her genetic makeup. Escaping from captivity, she finds herself suddenly alone on the hostile alien planet of Earth. When humans and Mezna collide, will Sabaal turn out to be the genetic vector the Mezna have been searching for all along, or will she spark the flame that sets a revolution ablaze?

    About the Author P. Tyler is the author of Speculative Fiction and other Genre Bending novels. Later, Pavarti went to work in the finance industry for several international law firms. Now located in Baltimore Maryland, she lives with her husband, two daughters and two terrible dogs. When not penning science fiction books and other speculative fiction novels, she twists her mind by writing horror and erotica. You can follow PK Tyler on Facebook , Twitter , and sign up for her newsletter , or visit her website here. Labels: ARC , book launch , book reviews , book tour , books , novel publicity , review.

    A Thousand Perfect Things by Kay Kenyon My rating: 5 of 5 stars From this holy place he decided that should a thousand perfect things ever be found, the world would end. Therefore to preserve the world, Rama declared that every manifested though should have a flaw. Astoria Harding has a tragic flaw. Her club foot has prevented her from participating in the many feminine pursuits of the day - dancing, socialising, finding a husband - so her grandfather, the renowned botanist Sir Charles Littlewood, has trained her in scientific methods and inquiry, nurturing in her an unnatural desire to follow in his footsteps.

    Tori's passions have been inflamed by the Nelumbo aureus , the holy thousand-petaled golden lotus from Bharata, seeing its discovery and documentation as her way into the men-only Royal Society. Her father's posting to Bharata and her chance to visit the famed Gangadhar Mahal seems fortuitous but soon proves to be a nest of intrigue and manipulation by the Anglics and the Bharatis, both alive Set in an alternate 19th century filled with magic, the social mores of the time seems evident throughout the book: white Anglica is the scientific, progressive continent; brown Bharata is the uncivilised, barbaric spiritual continent, ripe for Anglic exploitation and pity.

    It's also a time of uprising and rebellion, with the Bharatis fighting for their independence and the Anglics some of them at least coming to realise that Bharata is not theirs to conquer and keep. It seems that opinions and attitudes are changing for the better. I would like to think it was a well-written, nuanced view of colonialism and the interplay between England and India with magic added in , but in some ways, there is still a tinge of White Saviourism to it: the Rana is weak, tempted by Anglic science whilst the Ranee lives in an opium dream; Sahaj is petulant; Jai needs Tori to lead him; the only person who knows the way to the Golden Lotus a symbol for hope?

    Tori herself becomes a legend - for what else is there for a white woman in a brown land?

    Random books from LasVegasNan's library

    The only Bharati with independent agency seems to be Mahindra, the sadhu. Yet despite all this, which you don't actually think about until you start to analyse the book, A Thousand Perfect Things was a very satisfying read. Like the Golden Lotus, it blooms in hidden places, catching you unawares with its beauty.

    It's a journey through hidden walkways and dark caves to promises of light and liberation. Labels: book reviews , books , Edelweiss , fantasy , review , Science Fiction and Fantasy. Friday, 18 November fridayflash: a nanowrimo excerpt. Ataneq also peered around. She took off her shawl and used it to wipe her sweat. Why is it so hot here? But how does it happen? Her grandmother, the Fairy Queen, had been dead against their presence in the Kingdom, harbouring her anger and hatred against her supposedly human father, only to find that Darrick Hays was half elf and half human.

    He looked at her with worry sometimes. The ravages of time. He hated it. Too many years had passed - his wife and sons would have died by then so there was nothing for him to return home to. This was now his home, for better or worse. Do you think we should as Euthalia for her opinion? It looked a little translucent. Another thought struck him. Or, not yet anyway, if they really are from a new realm. I'm awfully far behind, so any form of moral support is welcome.

    Labels: fridayflash , nanowrimo , National Novel Writing Month , updates , writing. The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett My rating: 4 of 5 stars I've been waiting for this book ever since it was announced And Chapter Three It feels as if there are parts that are sort-of there, but it just doesn't sparkle yet. Like a slightly un-formed thought. I think Geoffrey could have been so much more - more right, more As a whole, The Shepherd's Crown felt a little like an extended goodbye. There were so many little goodbyes in each chapter - intentional or unintentional, I doubt we'll ever know.

    At some point, it felt a little like The Last Battle emotionally, as least ; it's as if the author himself is saying goodbye to his characters, bringing in older ones you didn't expect to appear in the book to let them have a last say, a last look. But well, as the afterword says, The Shepherd's Crown has a beginning, a middle and an end, and all the bits in between. Terry wrote all of those. But even so, it was, still, not quite as finished as he would have liked when he died. If Terry had lived longer, he would almost certainly have written more of this book. There are things we all wish we knew more about.

    But what we have is a remarkable book, Terry's final book, and anything you wish to know more about in here, you are welcome to imagine yourself. Wednesday, 9 November bookreview: Immortal writers Jill Bowers. And then the unthinkable happens. Her own characters kidnap her and take her into a strange world of immortality where she meets the Immortal Writers, headed by the one and only William Shakespeare.

    Immortal Writers starts off exciting and promising. However, the promise of the premise was more tantalising than the actual execution of it. We see much more of Liz struggling through her battles alone - or with her characters - with all the immortal authors being side bit actors, without much of a role. Except for Shakespeare. Overall, Immortal Writers was a pretty good read. Maybe about at 3. View all my reviews When you're done reading, head over to Jill Bowers' website to take her reading challenge!

    Labels: musicmonday , music , worship. I mean, it's a cool title. It felt like it was going to be one of those cool, cutting-edge books that blows your mind and opens your eyes. Instead, The Bad Habits of Jesus reads like rushed blog posts, like short soundbites cobbled together screaming for attention in an oversaturated world. It doesn't read like a book - which was what I was expecting it to be. Maybe I have over-defined criteria to segregate the media I consume. At the same time, it felt like Sweet was overextending himself and his definitions in a bit to fit his title.

    An easy example would be Chapter 2: Jesus procrastinated - Jesus delayed doing what he wanted to do or needed to do because the timing wasn't right, because he was telling time by his Father's clock and making the most of the time his Father had given him. Jesus stalled because "There is a proper time and procedure for every matter" Ecc High procrastination for Jesus was less to put off doing things than to wait for the right moment to do things, which often conflicted with the timetables and schedules of everyone else.

    Look, I get what Sweet is trying to say, but it basically turns out to: you may think Jesus procrastinates! But he doesn't! He's doing things at the Right Time! So yeah, you may find some good stuff in here, but it's written in a way that I'm disinclined to take seriously. I may be showing signs of age here. If you're looking for something on bad-ass Jesus and how to live radically, I'd say maybe you should pick up Subversive Jesus: An Adventure in Justice, Mercy, and Faithfulness in a Broken World instead.

    Labels: blogfest , book tour , books , Coexist , free. Friday, 28 October fridayflash: Social. Labels: fridayflash , flash fiction , writing.