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Each story is a retelling of a classic tale from folklore adapted by Anthony Minghella with music by Rachel Portman , and features a human cast with creatures from Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Four episodes aired independently, and five were incorporated into The Jim Henson Hour , for a total of nine half-hour episodes, two of which were directed by Jim Henson. The series later continued as the spin-off, The StoryTeller: Greek Myths , and went on to tell further tales in several graphic novels and comic books.

In February of , a "comeback" series was announced as being developed by Neil Gaiman. Jim was enchanted by the idea of a television series that remained true to the subtlety and metaphoric richness of ancient stories. He and Lisa brainstormed the concept of the series, basing all of the episodes on authentic folk tales. The result of a strong literary research team joined with the magical visual effects and animatronics produced by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, The StoryTeller is a rare combination of ancient tradition and modern technology artistry. Jim Henson brought together an extraordinary talented group of collaborators to create the series How can I explain a character that … argh!!!

We lost each other, and we will never find each other again. That's what I say about the boat house scene!!!! I don't want to suffer alone View all 11 comments. Shelves: abuse , favorites , made-me-cry , death , moved-me. Just a tiny little pain, Three days of heavy rain, Three days of sunlight, Everything will be all right. Just a tiny little pain Hell, 10 stars! I'm actually in a state of shock right now. He's gone. No mo Just a tiny little pain, Three days of heavy rain, Three days of sunlight, Everything will be all right. No more I'm crying all over again! All the plans someone had of a summer - of the day they'll be able to make something come true for which they'd waited SO LONG - will never be fulfilled.

Just one shot and its over. God, I know I'm being so effing hollow here, but I feel hollow dammit! Just think about it that way, and you'll be soon drowning in your own tears. The Storyteller is a very realistic and heart-wrenching read, which will constrict your throat not just once but many times through it. You'll be begging for the oxygen which will refuse to come to you. I don't even have words to say anything about it, so I'm just going to leave it here. Maybe later on, when I'm outta my shock I'll edit this and make the review sound more plausible, but for now this is all I can give you.

Read it. Or else you'll forever be sorry for letting something as exceptional as this pass by. The anemones View all 8 comments. Feb 21, Wynne Katherine rated it it was ok Shelves: dnf. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. As we all have started to guess by now, if a book takes longer than a few days for me to finish, there's a high chance that it's gonna turn into a DNF for me. And lo and behold , we have a fucking DNF.

Honestly, maybe this is my final call to steer off and clear of YA. Cause damn baby, I tried. I tried, and tried, and fucking tried again, and again, and a-fucking-gain. But YA is just not for me anymore I'm afraid. Other than a very few selected authors, that is. Regardin Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Regarding The Storyteller, I don't have anything good to say about it, to be quite honest with you. The characters —— Abel and fuck I already forgot her name Anna —— was boring as fuck all. It was literally like reading two bricks trying to communicate.

One was a sheltered brick, one was a broken brick with hard edges. Ya know, the normal good girl bad boy trope. Which is fine. We shall give it the benefit of the doubt, cause why not. And then we get to know our beloved bricks. And guess what? They were supposed to be "in love" and "hot for each other". This book was listed under romance, but unless we're talking about how Anna's stalker was borderline obsessive with her which isn't the main story at all , I don't see anything romantic about this story.

Another thing is the writing. Like, I get it. You want this book to be pleasing. So you set up to write all the long ass proses that was supposed to be "beautiful" and whatnot. But damn bitch, this shit is anything but. It's so heavy with so much unneeded words and pretty proses and "supposed sexual tension" that I grew tired and sleepy after reading 2 chapters. No, like literally. I have to fucking nap after reading a few chapters. That's how fucking draining this book was. Other than the fact that our main female character Anna is tired of her pretty, sheltered, comfy life and wants to flirt with danger that is packaged in a broody yet sexy brick called Abel.

As for all the sad parts, or the traumatic parts, or whatever parts that were to come that managed to earn this book such high ratings, sorry to disappoint folks, but I didn't —— nor did I want to —— stay long enough to find out. Now if you'd excuse me, I'm off to find some other good books that didn't take me fucking weeks to get through. View all 12 comments. Shelves: addiction , cool-loved , beautiful-book , my-love-the-emotions-are-killing-me , sweet , torture , swoon-worthy , bittersweet , enjoyed , epic-so-so-epic.

It was Micha who ran. She saw him lying there, saw the blood in which he lay, so incomprehensibly red, light red—big, burst droplets of blood the color of poppies. A sea of blood, a red endless sea, crimson waves, carmine froth, splashing color … Micha was kneeling next to his legs and had laid her arms and her head on his knees, where there was no blood.

And she was singing, very, very softly. Just a tiny little pain … this broke me.. I have been sitting for 2 hrs wrapped in my blanket.. I added a new shelf for this: Bittersweet cz it is..

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This book is a story of a fairy tale of a story.. And every fairy tale needs a fairy tale teller.. BUT there is also.. Some love and heartbreak.. I am staying with the storyteller. Abel,, i wish he didn't do that, i wish he could have had a better life.. Nobody knew anything Nobody could know everything. There are fewer answers in the world than questions, and if you ask me now why that is so, I must tell you that there is no answer to that question.

View all 13 comments. Just a tiny little pain, Three days of heavy rain, Three days of sunlight, Everything will be alright. An hour and a half has passed , and the only sensible thing that i've done in that past hour is cry. Cry , because that seemed the only way to get rid of the pain. Pain , that this soul stiring , questioning your beliefs on love and forgiveness kind of feel this book leaves you with. I would be lying if i said that i've heard or read this kind of a story befo Just a tiny little pain, Three days of heavy rain, Three days of sunlight, Everything will be alright.

I would be lying if i said that i've heard or read this kind of a story before , and i would also be lying if i told that i have cried this way for too long before. Never before have i felt an emotion so strong , so over whelming that i know i could move a mountain or control the waves of the ocean with it. The storyteller is a book with so many riled up different kinds of emotions , that i felt that its really upto the reader to either submerge oneself in the vast depthness of this book or just skim the surface.

Either way it is impossible to walk away unscathed. A thorn of pain , a sprinkle of laughter , a touch of innocence , an hint of unspoken love , a trickle of tear , a spark of anger , its bound to touch you , bound to make you feel good or bad depending on the aura around the story. Cover speak : Absolutely and whole heartedly love this cover. But one must not forget that along with the roses comes its thorns.

Along with love comes its share of pain and heatbreaks. And sometimes hope crumbles too , giving way to agony and despair. The droplets of blood around are just that. One could also say that it symbolises 'Tainted love '. Why do i call it tainted? Well you will just have to read the story and find out. Honestly , the blurb of this book already talks about what this book and its story line and everything is It basically gives you moments and memories , that tends to linger with you even after you've long finished reading this masterpiece.

When an author manages to bring out the most complexes of human nature by spinning a tale of loss , love , pain and sacrifice then i believe that author has managed to win and conquer the hearts of all those who've read their work. And Antonia Michaelis is one such author. She apeaks of the human nature , the human trait to protect someone near and dear more than protecting ones own life , to love someone deeply without conditions , to follow dreams to secure someone else's future more than yours , to kill or be killed without hesitation and regrets.

All these above mentioned points are just a part of this amazing story. Another very inspiring point of this book was Abels story telling technique. How easily it could be called a work of imagination yet its full of reality and truth. Oh my i'm totally in love with the characters and this book Even now as i sit here and type out this review , i cant help but get all teary eyed..

Overview of the entire book 2 Florence and the Machine - Blinding. This was such a fabulous read , soooo glad i read it!! A story of life , love , death and everything in between!! Sep 26, Ails rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed , favorites , contemporary , thriller , mystery. EDIT: With more details There are two kinds of a good book: those that you enjoy but will soon forget, and those that will linger in your memory forever. It's unlike anything you have ever read.

Trust me. This book is brilliantly, beautifully written by Antonia Michaelis. I'm completely mesmerized by her words and her ability to interweave magic and realism in an intricate writing. How can you ever wear those shreds? Isn't it beautiful? Hello, the Beauty of Literature. I'm inlove. The story, however, is painful, enchantingly dark, and depressing. Sounds like your not kind of book? Not my kind either. It's like I have a love-hate relationship with this book. The turn of events are truly devastating, Anna is as stubborn as she is soft-hearted, and Abel is..

But oh God, no one can ignore the brilliance of this book. Here's an example: Abel telling a story to Micha his sister and Anna - "Come on, you must be hungry," a rose girl said, and the rose people led the little queen farther inland, till they reached a small pavilion filled with rosebushes. That was a few days after they met Anna.

Clearly, she's the Rose Girl in Abel's fairytale. Everything and everyone in his story matches up the reality with a hint of mystery. And it doesn't stop there, it goes on and on and on as they meet new people and continue with their adventure. I'm completely in awe! It sort of reminds me of The Sea of Tranquility because it's written so well and the unfolding of events is slow yet so spellbinding.

The only difference is, this book is so much darker and the romance is different in so many ways. It will certainly open your eyes to truths that are no fairytale. Overall, this is magical realism at its finest. It hurts! But, I find myself in a very rare moment. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't recognize sensational writing, heart-aching characters and a powerful plot.

The storyteller is a book I knew I shouldn't be reading, but the way it moves was so very enchanting that I couldn't stop myself even if I wanted too. I would have to agree with one of my GR friends, Rachel. This book re Oh! This book really did just destroy me. It's beautiful and painful, heartwarming and heartbreaking, magical and raw. It's the kind of story that will stay in my head for a long time to come but it's also an unforgettable tale that apart of me wishes I could forget.

Mar 02, Parvathy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who loves a good story. Shelves: favorites , glued-till-the-last-page , living-vicariously , movie-material , please-pass-the-tissues , young-adult. A good girl. A bad boy.

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A fairy tale that's true. A truth that is no fairy tale. Once in a while you come across a book that has a story to tell you, a story so alive that you feel you are living it with your every heart beat. A story where nothing else matter except the story itself. A story that stays with you every waking moment and makes you wish that it was just a story, You are not living it you are reading it, that makes a whole lot of difference.

Jodi Picoult · The Storyteller

Why can't you come out the trance it c A good girl. Why can't you come out the trance it created? Why can't it just tell you a story and leave it at that? Why follow you around refusing to release you from its grip? Will you ever come out from the world it has created? You can ask questions but don't expect answers because he weaves words to make a story but not answers. That's what Abel is, he is a storyteller who weaves magical tales for his little sister Micha. Not a polish drug dealer, not a thug but deep down a story teller.

But no one knows this part of his tale, they see him for what he shows, an outcast in a military parka with a cigarette in his hands and an earphone in his ears that plays white noises to keep the world out. In the house with blue lights and robin's, the rose girl Anna's life changes the moment she sets her eyes on a tiny worn out doll in the student's lounge. Who could it belong to? This tiny doll which she had the insane urge to protect. Could it belong to the polish drug dealer with icy blue eyes?

The intimidating outcast who has a little sister to look after. Does she want to venture in to this world outside her bubble?

The Storyteller - Official Trailer 2018

A dark unknown world where Abel weaves his story. To the world of a story teller and his little orphaned queen. Was she suppose to be a part of their story? With her beautiful white mare, her a one room castle, her canopy bed and her pink jacket with artificial fur. She was happy and content. She had a diamond heart which shone as bright as the sun. In the stories that Abel created his little sister Micha was the queen, the queen with the diamond heart that others wanted.

But the island was sinking and the queen had to reach the mainland before the man with the blond mustache claims her. The man who bears her name and will ask her to call him "father" when he meets her. He is not alone in his pursuits. There is the diamond trader who wants to take her away and trade her diamond heart. There is the diamond cutter who wants to cut out and shape her diamond heart to her liking. Can she out run them and reach the main land with the help of her sea lion protector, her rose girl and rest of her motley crew?. She has only has to hold on till her brother's 18th birthday to reach mainland.

Why is she so determined to be a part of his story? Why is she following him around and listening to the stories he create? Is she willing to leave the island of roses to be a part of the little queen's crew? Because it is a journey that could never bring her back. The sea lion never liked the island of roses. There was too many thorns and it was way different from their island. But the rose girl has found a place in their journey. She protected the little queen and in the process gave her heart to the story teller.

Everything was the same in the island of roses. She was waiting for the little queen. But the story teller was wary, the rose girl did not belong here. She has a different path ahead of her. One with less perils and a happy ending. Why does she want to be a part of something so disastrous that even the story teller cannot predict the outcome. Which means the murderer was with them all along.

The one who was killing off the villains in the story and in real life, starting with the man with the blond mustache, Micha's father and then the diamond trader, the social services agent. Is the murderer really among them? Is it the sea lion which can turn in to a giant wolf when the occasion calls for it? How far will the he go to protect his queen? Did the rose girl really fall in love with a murderer? The story teller who can weave magic with words, the one who has hurt her and gave her a scar which would never fade.

Is he capable of murder?

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If so will their journey have a happy ending or will the selfless rose girl fade away like all the other characters in his story? A single red rose in a sea of eternal winter. Will summer come for them? These broken characters trying to reach the mainland. Only time will tell. A story can be told in so many different ways but only a true storyteller can tell you a story in a way that touches your heart and leave a lasting impression.

Antonia Michaelis is one such story teller and this story a single red rose. Tears are rolling down my cheeks while I say goodbye to them. Those wonderful characters that has enchanted me. Maybe I don't have to say goodbye after all, I could make up my very own story for them.

If there is one thing that this book teaches you, then it is the power of a good story to captivate you. I was in double mind about reading this book. After reading the synopsis it is very difficult to comprehend that there is going to be a happy ending coming your way and I am not a fan of sad endings.

But curiously most sad ending books end up as my favorite. Antonia Michaelis "The Story Teller" is a different kind of an experience. Is there a novelty in the story?. At first glance the answer is no. There are a lot of stories out there with a tortured hero with responsibilities and a kindhearted girl who wants to show him some happiness in life. In the end either everything turns out happy or sad. But does it really make a difference? My answer would be no it is not the ending that makes the difference but the path that gets you there.

If the path is contrived, boring and unrelated you would be happy that the characters had removed themselves from the face earth. The best decision they made in this whole story, by relieving the earth of their burden. But if the path is imaginative and wonderful, with moments that nurture your creativity and enlighten your mind then you end up with a different sort of nameless, confused emotion that leaves you fulfilled and incomplete at the same time. That leaves a whole in your heart that your never want to fill up and this quality is the novelty in this story.

The in depth emotions, the strained relationships, the threatening secrets and a fairy tale that binds them all together. A fairy tale whose landscapes arise out of their doubts, the islands symbolic of their points in life and a path as treacherous as the frozen ocean in winter that can give away any time. A story within a story but which do you prefer? Antonia's or Abel's. At times I thought Abel's was a distraction from the true story line but as the story progressed I began to realize that the story is not just a story but an insight in to the mind of a simple story teller.

A mind so full of emotions that a simple rambling in between lines is not enough to bring out his true self but a beautiful story told in the simplest of words. A story where every one was trying to save the little queen. But was it the queen that needed the saving. Is she the victim here or is the subtlest of hints pointing to a different character altogether. The rose girl Anna, the one who wants to come out of her bubble only to realize that she was the only one without it in the first place.

Everyone around her has created a small bubble around themselves which she mistook for her own. She saw what others couldn't see but was her sight a gift or a burden. After finishing this story I am still trying to find the answers to these questions but in this story there are no straight answers only more question because in this world there are more questions than answers. Sometimes even the right question has no answers. A truly imaginative and wonderful book that will leave you shattered in such a way that even if you pick up the pieces and arrange them in order you could never be the same.

A must read. Feb 28, Wendy F rated it really liked it Shelves: Update I can't get this book out of my head. I talk about it at random times and I think about it very often. I had to bump it up another star, because it obviously affected me deeply. Original Review This book started out really strong. I immediately noticed how beautiful the prose was, especially for a translated book. I really liked the characters, and I loved the way that you got snapshot POV's for other side characters. Sometimes the characters did things that I didn't like, but every single t Update I can't get this book out of my head.

Sometimes the characters did things that I didn't like, but every single time I could understand what drove them to do the things they did. These were exceptionally flawed characters, especially Abel. I also loved, so much, the way the book read as though it was old fashioned. That beautiful prose almost left you with a sense of a historical, except you knew that it was modern times because of the phones they mentioned and references to the internet. I thought that added to the depth of the story. And this was one deep story.

Anna notices the 'Polish peddler' one day at school and something happens that draw these two together. He's reluctant but she manages to worm her way into his heart, and boy did Abel love with a serious depth. Over the course of their book you get a very intricate fairy tale that Abel is telling Misha his little sister, and through the fairy tale you get a glimpse of the intricacies that make up Abel.

Don't read this unless you've finished the book! The whole time I knew that it was Abel. It was a lot like Jellicoe Road , people. It wasn't that you shouldn't know the secret, it was about the way the secret is revealed. That is the brilliance. And for the record, I never hated Abel. I still have no problem loving him. What he did was horrible, terrible. Does that excuse him?

How do I learn the basics?

No way. He knew that though. He didn't want to be excused or forgiven. What it does do is make it easy to sympathize. At least it did for me. I, like Anna, was able to still love him even if I couldn't forgive him. And that's about the rape and the murders. I mean, how many times does a man have to say 'stop, no'?

In my opinion, Anna was also wrong, albeit on a smaller scale. I was uncomfortable with the scene long before he lost control because Abel kept saying he didn't want it. It's a body's reaction to stimulation and they can't prevent it. Anna's not listening to him was also wrong, it doesn't matter that he was the man.

I also really loved the ending. I was so sad, but I understood. On a less devastating level, it was what I hoped would happen. Now, I've gushed and gushed about this book, so your asking yourself why only 3 stars. I read the first half of this book rabidly. It started becoming more of a chore. I think I think maybe it just got so I think it was hard to read for me because it was just so desolate. The whole tone of the book was down trodden and heartbreaking and I think it just got to me. I'll still recommend this book like crazy.

Despite my 3 star rating, I absolutely still believe it deserves recognition. The End Apr 03, Ms. Translated into English, as The Storyteller see the English trailer. Anna is a good kid, on the brink of her final high school exams. She's determined to do well, take a year off, and eventually leave the "soap bubble" she's been living in. But she finds herself increasingly distracted by the mysterious Abel, one of her bad boy classmates, rumored to be a drug dealer. Hit with a strong stalkerish urge, Anna starts following him around, and soon finds out that Abel has a 6 year-old sister, to who Translated into English, as The Storyteller see the English trailer.

Hit with a strong stalkerish urge, Anna starts following him around, and soon finds out that Abel has a 6 year-old sister, to whom he's been telling a strange but eerily familiar fairy tale. As the story progresses, our characters grow closer, tragedy strikes, and the fairy tale that mirrors their lives much too closely starts to foreshadow a grim future.

I had initially chosen The Storyteller , based on its readability factor. Unlike the other German books I've tried reading before, I actually understood most of the first page in this one. Part of the YA genre, and chock full of raving ratings, I was fully prepared to be fairly underwhelmed, and yet It was Anna's "inner Gitta" that drew me in right from the start.

I greatly enjoyed the motherly tone that the heroine would channel through Gitta, and then go ahead and ignore its sensible advice. I don't think I cared much about the "real" Gitta, but I really liked Anna's inner voice. After that, it was the fairy tale within the story that kept me reading. I definitely felt the same excitement that Micha did, whenever Abel would finally pick its narrative up. As Lucky escapes while the Griffin sleeps, the youth takes a chest full of treasure on the shore of the island and returns triumphant. He explains to the ferryman to offer his pole to the next visitor in order to gain freedom.

The King begrudgingly gives his blessing to marry the Princess , yet is soon enchanted by the jewels Lucky has brought back. His greed leads him to the Griffin's island but he becomes impatient with the ferryman's speed. The ferryman offers his pole and the King is given the ferryman's previous fate as the ferryman is set free from his curse. From an early Celtic folk tale. In an adaptation of the Stone Soup fable, the Storyteller tells of a harsh time when he was forced to walk the land as a beggar. Finding himself in sight of the castle kitchen, he picks up a stone and fools the castle cook into helping him make soup from a stone, by adding it into a cauldron of water and slowly adding other ingredients to improve the flavour.

When the cook realizes he has been swindled, he asks that the Storyteller be boiled alive. As a compromise, the King promises to give the Storyteller a gold crown for each story he tells for each day of the year - and to boil him if he fails. The Storyteller does well at first, but on the final day, he awakens and can think of no story. In a panic he roams the castle grounds, running into a magical beggar who turns him into a flea. At the end of the day when the king calls for his story, the Storyteller confesses he has no story, and instead tells the king the true tale of his adventures under the magic of the beggar that day.

This is the only episode where the Storyteller himself plays a major part in the story he tells. This episode was directed by Charles Sturridge. From an early German folk tale of the same name. A farmer 's wife drives her husband mad with her desperate measures to have a baby. She says to him that she wants a child so badly, she would not care how he looked even if he were covered in quills like a hedgehog. That, of course, is what she gets: a baby covered in quills, as soft as feathers.

His mother calls him 'Hans My Hedgehog' and she is the only one to love him; his father grows to hate him for shame. So eventually Hans leaves for a place where he cannot hurt anyone and where no-one can hurt him. Deep inside the forest, for many years Hans dwells with his animals for companions. One day a king gets lost in Hans' forest and hears a beautiful song being played on a bagpipe. He follows the music and finds Hans' castle. When Hans helps him to escape the forest, the King promises that he will give to Hans the first thing to greet him at his castle - which the King secretly expects will be his dog.

Instead, it turns out to be his beautiful daughter, the Princess of sweetness and cherry pie. Hans and the King have made a deal that in exactly one year and one day his prize the princess shall be his. A year and one day later Hans returns to the castle. The princess says she knows what she must do. Hans asks her if she finds him ugly and she replies that he is not nearly as ugly as a broken promise.

They are married, to the dismay of the entire kingdom. On their wedding night, the princess awaits her husband in bed. He comes into the chamber with his bagpipes and takes a seat by the fire and begins to play the same beautiful music that saved the king a year prior. The Princess is soothed by the music and dozes off. She wakes and finds a pelt of quills as soft as feathers on the ground before the fire. She sees her husband in the form of a handsome young man freeing the animals of the castle, to live with his friends in his forest castle.

He knows she has seen him when he finds her slumbering on the discarded quills the following night. He tells her that he is bewitched and only if she can keep his secret for one more night can he be freed and remain in the form of the handsome man. She agrees.

The next morning at breakfast the Queen inquires why her daughter is so cheerful. The Princess tries to resist but as her mother pries she gives in and tells her that Hans is bewitched. The Queen says that the only way to reverse the spell is to fling the quills in the fire. That night when Hans sheds his quills, she obeys her mother and burns them.

She hears his screams of pain as if he were aflame, and Hans runs from the castle. The Princess has a blacksmith make her three pairs of solid iron shoes and slips away in search of her husband. She wears the shoes to nothing and moves on to the second pair, with still no sign of Hans.

When she is donning the third pair of shoes, she finds a river and reclines by it, taking off the shoes and rubbing her sore feet. Catching sight of her reflection, she sees that her hair has grown white. She weeps bitterly for her hair and her husband, forever lost. The next day she comes to a cottage , abandoned, covered in dust and cobwebs. Then comes the flapping of wings and she sees her husband whom she had so long searched for.

He toasts a glass of wine to no-one, "to the beautiful woman who could not keep her promise. She tells him. She tells him all of the perils that she has faced and how she has walked the world and worn through three pairs of iron shoes. Then she flings herself into his embrace and with her confession of love and loyalty , he transforms into the handsome man, the spell lifted by her fidelity and affection.

The Storyteller states that he was given the final pair of the Princess' third pair of shoes which were worn down to nothing. Based on the early German folk tale, The Six Swans. After the queen dies, an evil witch ensnares the King and turns his three sons into ravens to rid herself of her rivals. The Princess escapes and must stay silent for three years, three months, three weeks and three days in order to break the spell. But after she meets a handsome Prince , this is suddenly not so easy for her stepmother has remarried and to the prince's father From an early German folk tale, this is a variant on Allerleirauh as well as containing elements of Donkeyskin and the Cinderella story recorded by the brothers Grimm.

There is a widowed king, who has three daughters. Two are as ugly and as bad as can be, but the third nicknamed Sapsorrow is as kind and as beautiful as her sisters are not. There is a ring belonging to the dead queen and a royal tradition that states that the girl whose finger fits the ring will become queen as decreed by law. Neither of the bad sisters wish their father to marry for fear that his bride will stand to inherit his title and riches. In an effort to secure the royal wealth for their own they each try on the ring, though the ring becomes stuck on one of the sisters' fingers and Sapsorrow is forced to remove the ring.

When Princess Sapsorrow slips on her dead mother's ring for safekeeping, she discovers, much to her own dismay, that the ring fits perfectly and the king against his own wishes must marry her, his own daughter, according to the law. The princess attempts to stall the wedding by demanding three magnificent gowns: a gown as pale as the moon, a gown as sparkling as the stars, and a gown as golden as the sun.

Once her father provides these, on the night of the wedding she takes the gowns and goes into hiding, disguising herself as a creature of fur and feathers known as Straggletag. She lives thus for years, working in the kitchen of a handsome but proud prince. On the night of the ball, she discards her disguise and attends three different balls in one of her bridal gowns and captures the heart of the prince, leaving him naught but a single slipper as she runs off into the night.

The prince scours the kingdom for the girl whose foot fits the slipper and agrees to marry Straggletag when hers is the foot it fits. At this proclamation, her pets strip away her disguise for good and the two become happily wed. A heartless giant , who once terrorized the land before being captured and imprisoned, is befriended by the young Prince Leo who, one night, sets him free.

His older brothers go after the giant to capture him, but do not return, so Leo sets off to find the giant himself. Once found, Leo decides to find the giant's heart, but this is no easy task - it sits in an egg in a duck in a well in a church in a lake in a mountain far away. No easy task indeed. Even when Prince Leo finds the heart and brings it to the giant, one of the guards grabs the heart and squeezes it enough to kill the giant, whose dead body becomes a hill.

The Storyteller tells his dog that when Prince Leo became king, he retold the story where he states that he gave the heart back to the giant and that the giant never bothered the kingdom again.