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Le due scuole di pensiero sono da sempre in competizione. Certo, prima dovrebbe avere gli strumenti adeguati per poter valutare e confrontare le caratteristiche oggettive per poter in seguito dare il suo personale giudizio di preferenza. Direct olfaction After having evaluated the look, the process moves on to smelling the cup that has just been extracted, while the crema is still compact.

Releasing the aromas Stirring not only ensures that the aromatic compounds are uniformly distributed throughout the coffee; even more important, it releases the aromas trapped in by the layer of crema. Questi sentori sono intensi o assenti? Raffinati o pungenti e penetranti? Second direct olfaction During the first smelling, the extract had not yet released many volatile substances. Now, however, after stirring the crema, smell the cup again bringing the nose to the surface of the espresso so the scent molecules can be more intensely perceived.

With the hand wrapped around the cup to funnel the aroma-laden vapors, bring the cup to the nose and inhale sharply doing this at regular intervals avoids compromising the sense of smell. This amplifies our ability to perceive, and identify, the characteristic fragrances in the espresso. Are the fragrances intense or absent?

Are they refined or pungent and penetrating? What are the main notes? Of the three sensorial phases, taste is the one that confirms, or refutes, the previous visual and olfactory assessments. Remember, taste will also consider heat and tactile sensations and take into account important retronasal sensations. Con un grado di tostatura scuro, invece, la presenza della sen-. The sense of taste uses the taste buds so we can recognize, and distinguish, the flavors in the extract and determine their intensity.

The second macro-sensation in coffee is acidity, typical feature of fine washed Arabica coffees. This nuance of flavor emerges in espresso prepared using green beans that were adequately ripened on the plant, processed at just the right moment and subject to state-of-the-art roasting and extraction. Vice versa, a light roast gives the coffee marked acidity or tartness when a rapid process is used. With a dark roast, instead, the sweetness is drastically reduced.

In espresso obtained with a dark roast, sourness will dominate, overpowering both sweetness and that pleasant sense of acidity. Moreover, the coffee may be somewhat astringent. It hails from China, the first country in the world where tea was cultivated and tea leaves processed, the place where preparation techniques, serving methods and ceremonies were developed. How to evaluate the quality of a tea Defining the quality of a tea is an art and mastering this art requires time, dedication and passion.

Determining the quality of a tea derives from a series of characteristics that include, not only its age, but also the color and condition of the leaves, features that can be detected with experience and by tasting the brew in set ways. Every day, the Tea Taster examines hundreds of teas, just taking a single sip of the beverage, determining the flavor and aroma, and then spitting it out.

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He also examines the dry leaves and those used for the infusion. Thereafter, the taster judges the quality of the tea. For example, a good blend can be composed of 40 or more types of tea, even coming from gardens on different continents. And this is without considering that even a garden that always grows the same variety will produce widely differing qualities depending on the time of harvest.

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The Tea Tasters work is irreplaceable, the basis against which importers make their bids at the auctions. However, it is also essential for both the transformation laboratories and the great tea companies. Tea tasting requires a great deal of experience and plays a major role in the tea trade; it is the means by which the merits of a given product are ascertained and evaluated.

Knowledge of the methods used by tea tasters is important to growers, providing them with information on defects in their preparations right there in the land of origin, helping them eliminate undesirable characteristics and improve the quality of their production. The properties of the liquor are the most important qualities of most teas; however, on occasion, the tea can present a poor steeped leaf.

Only the most obvious differences in tea infusions can be promptly noted by the scent; practical experience quickly teaches one to recognize the various characteristics of each tea. To sample the tea, the taster prepares the infusion by measuring about three grams of leaves and placing them in a ml cup fit with a lid. He then pours boiling water over the tea and lets it steep for about five minutes; once this time has elapsed he pours the tea into a handle-free cup.

The infused leaves are then passed from the first cup where they were steeped to its lid and exposed for viewing. After a few minutes, when the infusion and steeped leaves have cooled a bit, their color is examined and the liquor tasted. In performing this operation, the taster slurps up a bit of liquor from the special tasting spoon, making sure that it is distributed over the entire palate. After tasting, the liquor is not swallowed but spit out. Il dispositivo Vacuum, anche se delicato e poco pratico per la sua forma e struttura, offre, durante il suo laborioso utilizzo, una bellissima esperienza visiva.

Known also as a Cona famous British brand of Vacuum coffee pots , the base model of this elegant device is made of two glass globes, set one on top of the other with a filter of paper, plastic or glass between them. Although the shape and structure of this very delicate coffee pot is not particularly practical and it is quite laborious, the Vacuum coffee pot is really delightful to watch at work.


Brewing coffee with the Vacuum method involves three main steps: hot water rising to the upper chamber, steeping of the coffee in the liquid, and return of the brew to the bottom chamber. During the first stage, the lower chamber is filled with cold water and set over a source of heat. Before the water reaches a boil, the upper globe is assembled, including the filtering system, and the coffee is set in the chamber.

If a spirit burner is used, the process can be accelerated by heating the water in a separate pot on an electric heating plate or gas stove. If the pot used can be placed directly over the heat source, it is best to preheat the lower globe to prevent abrupt changes in temperature which would break the glass. To ensure a good balance in the cup,. When the water in the lower chamber is at a full boil, steam expansion produces pressure which forces the water up through the tube that leads into the upper chamber holding the coffee. To help the coffee steep, when half of the water has reached the upper chamber, the grounds suspended on top of the liquid should be stirred.

The connecting siphon tube does not reach all the way to the bottom of the lower globe and thus a bit of water approximately 2 cm is left at the bottom. Besides preventing the pot from overheating and ensuring that it continues to produce steam, this remaining water will slightly dilute the beverage. The second phase is at its peak when all the water has reached the upper chamber and steam bubbles through the brew this should not to be confused with boiling. At this point the heat is lowered just enough to keep the brew in the upper globe bubbling for about minutes.

Then the pot is removed from the heat and set on a surface that is neither damp nor cold and the third and last phase of the process begins. Here, as the lower chamber begins to cool down more quickly and the steam condenses, a sort of Vacuum is created that soon sucks the brew back down into the lower chamber. This suction is so strong that the grounds left in the filter at the top will be nearly dry.

In the cup, coffee prepared with the standard Vacuum method has greater body and is richer than filter coffee; moreover, it is free of the light sediments that can be found in French Press brews. Then, let it cool at room temperature. Finally, enjoy your brioche col tuppo accompanied by a cappuccino or ice cream. Per preparare le brioche, iniziate a sciogliere il lievito di birra nel latte a temperatura ambiente; intanto tagliate il burro a pezzetti e lasciatelo ammorbidire sempre a temperatura ambiente.

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Sul piano di lavoro create una fontana con la farina setacciata e il sale ed al centro inserite lo zucchero, le uova leggermente sbattute e il lievito sciolto nel latte. Ottenuto un impasto molto morbido ed omogeneo, mettetelo in una ciotola imburrata, copritelo con un canovaccio umido e lasciatelo lievitare in forno spento con la luce accesa fino al raddoppio del volume circa 60 minuti. A questo punto riprendete il vostro impasto e formate le brioche. A cottura ultimata, sfornate le brioche e lasciatele intiepidire. Infine gustate le vostre brioche col tuppo semplici accompagnate da un cappuccino o farcendole con del gelato.

Panoram Italia. Domenica Martinello. Baker Ed Bozzo. The Backbone of Italy. Castello di Miramare. Data processing for each of the above purposes will be done on paper, with an automatised and telematic system and, especially, through postal service or email, telefhone also by automatised calls, sms, mms etc and telefax. If the remaining data not marked as "compulsory" will be missing they will allow anyway the providing of this Service.

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