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See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Meet Alice Devlin. She is beautiful, rich, sexy, and spoilt. She has also been dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Greg, because he is in love with someone else. But how far will she go to seduce, destroy and humiliate innocent bystanders in her quest for revenge? And what will happen to her if her billionaire father finds out? Torn Apart.


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Masters Room. Ann Minx. Sarah Fisher. The Governess' Position. Shared and Examined. Bella Jackson. The Club 4: Displayed. It juts out from the tree like a small Saguaro cactus stem. It is level to my stomach. Feel it. Apprehension creeps into every pore of my body. Devlin explores my ass as I do so, pinching my cheeks and prodding the soft flesh.

The woody knob presses against the small of my back like the barrel of a gun. From behind, Devlin lowers the topmost restraints. Then he slips my wrists through the loops and secures them snugly with the ratchets. When he finishes, my arms are pulled so tightly above my head that I'm almost standing on tiptoe. I whimper softly. Once again, he secures it tightly. I'm in a very awkward position, with my right leg thrust high up and my left leg still dangling down, pulled by gravity.

My angled pussy is wide open and very moist. Devlin repeats this with my left leg into the opposing sling, so that when he is finished, I'm securely fastened to the tree, with both my legs hiked up in a 'V' formation above me. The bonds are tight and uncomfortable. My entire vagina and asshole area are cruelly displayed. If I look down, I can see my very prominent pink labia and my quivering clit just above the gaping black hole of my pussy. But Devlin is not finished with me.