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At a Georgia Camp Meeting Sheet Music by Kerry Mills

Shields Tunes of the Munster Pipers , ; No. S: O'Farrell's Pocket Companion O'Sullivan notes there are several versions of both air and words extant under different titles and refers to a list given in DOSB vol. This air retains some currency among traditional musicians today. Source for notated version: the Irish collector Edward Bunting noted the melody at Deel Castle, Ballina, County Mayo, in , according to the index of his collection. T:White Blanket, The [3]. Ireland, County Antrim. T:White Bread and Butter. A2 c3d2e2 d2c2A2 A6 A2z2A2 c2d2e2 g2e2c2 d6 d2c2d2 e3 a a2 a2g2e2 e2f e2.

T:White Breasted Boy, The. D Mixolydian. Source for notated version: "Copied from a MS. T:White Calf, The. Source for notated version: the index to the Irish collector Edward Bunting's collection asserts the melody was noted "at Deel Castle, Ballina in ," while his MS copy is marked "from Charles Byrne's singing. See " Fight About the Fireside. Canada, Prince Edward Island. The tune in its original form is properly catagorized a Scottish Measure.

One of the first printings of the air is in Playford's Apollo's Banquet of where it was called simply a "Scots tune," and another early title seems to have been "The Duke of Buccleugh's Tune. Linscott finds a relatively late printing by Herd in , by which time the air was thoroughly established. It was used especially as a uniform decoration and to mark irregular troops in the 18 th century and various colors represented different loyalties. It is popularly though the title of the tune refers to a these Jacobite symbols. Other military citations include it as one of two stirring tunes along with "St.

The title is from a Jacobite song from the 18th century written by Muiris mac Daibhi mac Gerailt Maurice FitzDavid FitzGerald perhaps after, it has been variously suggested, the fashion of wearing white ribboned plumes in men's hats of the time or possibly to the white cockade which Dublin ladies wore in their hair to show their support of the House of Stewart. Oh pretty brown girl of the white cockade,.

Who grieved and charmed me with abundance of love;. Come with me and don't torment me,. Because I mocked your white cockade. The melody appears in the music manuscript copybook of Henry Livingston, Jr. An important land-owner in the Hudson Valley, and a member of the powerful Livingston family, Henry was also a surveyor and real estate speculator, an illustrator and map-maker, and a Justice of the Peace for Dutchess County. Chief Justice of Governor of New York. Burchenal gives the tune as commonly played in that region for the contra dance Camptown Hornpipe. It was listed in the repertoire of Maine fiddler Mellie Dunham the elderly Dunham was Henry Ford's champion fiddler in the late 's.

The title appears in Henry Robson's list of popular Northumbrian song and dance tunes "The Northern Minstrel's Budget" , which he published c.

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The English novelist Thomas Hardy, himself an accordion player and fiddler, mentions the tune in scene notes to his drama The Dynasts :. The room is crowded. The ball has opened with 'The. White Cockade. The author of English Folk-Song and Dance pg. Tilbury learned his repertoire from an uncle, Fiddler Hammond, who died around and who was the village musician before him. Kershaw was a fiddler who lived in Slackcote, Saddleworth, North West England, in the 19 th century, and his manuscript dates from around onwards. Clare [Breathnach]; Francis MacDonald b. Adam, ; No. Aird Selections , ?

American Veteran Fifer , ; No. Bayard Dance to the Fiddle , No. Blake Ye Ancient Song and Fife , ; pg. Burchenal American Country Dances, vol. Cahusac's Pocket Companion for the Flute , ? Carlin Gow Collection , ; No. Cazden, Jigs, Reels and Squares , Vol. Creighton, ; No. DeVille, ; No. Emmerson Rantin' Pipe and Tremblin' String , pg.

Ford Traditional Music in America , ; pg. Gow Vocal Melodies of Scotland , ; pg.

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Gow Complete Repository , Part 2, ; pg. Graham, ; pg. Hardie Caledonian Companion , ; pg. Howe Complete Preceptor for the Accordeon , c. Howe School for the Violin , , pg. Hunter Fiddle Music of Scotland , ; No.

“At a Georgia Camp Meeting” Sheet Music

Huntington, William Litten's , ; pg, JFSS, vol. IV, pg. The Joseph Kershaw Manuscript , ; No. Joyce Ancient Irish Music , , No. Keller Giles Gibbs Jr. Kennedy Fiddlers Tune Book , vol. MacDonald The Skye Collection , ; pg McDonald The Gesto Collection , ; pgs. McDonald Highland Vocal Airs , ; pg. O'Daly, , vol. III , c. O'Malley, , pg. Preston, , pg.

History of West Virginia

Ritson Scottish Songs , vol. II, pg. Robbins, , No. Shaw Cowboy Dances , ; pg. Thompson Scottish Airs for the Voice , , vol. Tolman Nelson Music Collection , pg. Trim Thomas Hardy , ; No. White's Excelsior Collection , ; pg. Wilson Companion to the Ballroom , ; pgs. Originally recorded T:White Cockade, The. A2B2g3a bagf efge d2B2B T:Second to the White Cockcade. Z:Jack Campin May USA, southwestern Pa. Source for notated version: Levi Hall Pa. Bayard Dance to the Fiddle , ; No.

USA, Oklahoma. AEae tuning. Thede says the name possibly alludes to the Missouri White Creek. The tune was one in the repertoire of the Oklahoma Collins family, some members of whom contributed to Thede's book; the modern-day representative of this musical family, fiddler Earl Collins, recorded several albums. Thede The Fiddle Book , ; pg. T:White Creek.

S:Tom Sauber. N:AEae tuning. A2 A2: 2 A2 AB. Canada, Cape Breton. Appears as "Time To Go". USA, northern Michigan. See also the closely related tunes " Good for the Tongue " and " Jenkins' Hornpipe. Source for notated version: blind fiddler Michael Daffy Co. The White Friars were the Carmelites, so-called because the dressed in white. T:White Fryars Hornpipe. B2 cBcd e4 g4 agfe defd efge a2 A2 A3 B. E Minor. Scottish, Strathspey.

T:White Heather [1]. S:Kerr — Merry Melodies , vol. Scottish, Jig. The tune was a signature tune for the radio show of Scottish piano accordion player Jimmy Shands, and much beloved of Scottish Country Dancers. G Mixolydian. Mac Con Mara was groomed for the priesthood in Rome until he was expelled for his "wildness. The soil is rich and soft, the air is mild and bland. Her barest rock is greener to me than this rude land. GTD Heritage Trad. T:Fair Hills of Eire O! Source for notated version: Patrick MacDowell, "the distinguished sculptor: born in Belfast died " Joyce.

B Dorian three sharps. A modern composition by Franklin Heyburn. Bluegrass, Breakdown. Intro, AABB. Composed by the 'Father of Bluegrass', mandolinist Bill Monroe. Source for notated version: Blaine Sprouse [Brody]. A pipe tune. T:White Houses of Sheildag, The. T:Taighean Geala Shieldaig. John Glen finds the earliest appearance of the tune in print in Robert Ross's collection pg.

It also appears in the manuscript collection of Captain George Bush ? Source for notated version: the Bush MS [Keller]. Keller Fiddle Tunes from the American Revolution , ; pg. Seattle William Vickers , , Part 2; No. T:White Joak. T:White Jack. S:William Vickers music manuscripts, pg. English, Morris Dance Tune time.

Bacon The Morris Ring , ; pg. May have been composed by Oliver O'Higgins. T:White Leaf, The. Canadian, Reel. Composed by Falmouth, Massachusetts, writer and musician Bill Black. T: White Lightning, My Ass! R: jig. N: Refers to an actual beast of burden named White Lightning. N: details on request. B ecA ecA fdB fdB gfg gab aga gfe. USA, Missouri. Christeson Old Time Fiddlers Repertory, vol. T:White Man.

“At a Georgia Camp Meeting” Sheet Music | Smithsonian Institution

The title is perhaps "Bright Mountain. T:White Mountain Maid, The. USA, New Hampshire. New England, Waltz. The title refers to the famous northern New Hampshire range of the Appalachians. McQuillen, Bob's Notebook , vol. The tune is " Puncheon Floor [2] ," considerably simplified, with a third part added. Knowles Northern Frisk , ; No.

T:White Petticoat. Levey 2 nd Collection , T:White Pony, The. Z:transcribed by Ted Hastings. The tune comes from the repertoire of Joseph Allard , mentor of Jean Carignan. Old-Time, Breakdown. AEac tuning. Various artists. USA, Indiana. Reid [Silberberg]. See also the related " Oklahoma Rag " and " Beaumont Rag. Messer Way Down East , ; No.

T:White River Stomp. Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne. T:White rock, The. A modern composition by editor Michael Raven. American, Waltz. Source for notated versions: J. Fraley Rush, Ky. Fraley [Phillips]. Matthiesen Waltz Book II , ; pg. Rounder Records, J. Fraley - "Wild Rose of the Mountain. T:White Rose Waltz. Page, Northern Junket , vol. T:White Rose Waltz [2]. S:Page — Northern Junket , vol. Ryan The Hidden Ireland , Source for notated version: the music mss of papermaker and musician Joshua Gibbons , of Tealby, near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire Wolds [Sumner].

Sumner Lincolnshire Collections, vol. S:Joshua Gibbons ms. American, Clog. Al Smitley suggests the tune may possibly have been named for the clipper ship White Star , a name that appears in American Clipper Ships by Howe and Matthews. Much more likely, however, is that the melody was named for the White Star Line, a steamship company launched in , officially called the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company.

They were known for their comfortable, often luxurious accommodations, and, though this compromised speed, the ships were the favourites of the leisured classes. T:White Star Reel. Source for notated version: Ruthie Dornfeld [Phillips]. T:White Wings. English, Waltz. N:A title Ed picked for Lou Quinn, a lifetime close friend who comes from.

N:a place near Whitecross in County Armagh. It was mainly through Lou's. N:encouragement and support that Ed continued to write traditional tunes. Kammer and Guy A. Dumont and Chad P. Bennington DOI: Gilhuly and Simon R. Hutchings and Guy A. Dumont and Bernard A. MacLeod DOI: Loewen DOI: Autonomic nervous system response to vibrating and electrical stimuli on the forearm and wrist. Evaluations of tactile displays of physiological monitoring.

Evaluation of a tactile display around the waist for physiological monitoring under different clinical workload conditions. Improved neuromuscular blockade using a novel neuromuscular blockade advisory system: A randomized, controlled, clinical trial Anesthesia and Analgesia DOI: A novel wavelet-based index to detect epileptic seizures using scalp EEG signals. Target controlled infusion for kids: trials and simulations. Cerebral temperature varies across circadian phases in humans.

A novel method to estimate the aortic pressure waveform using B-mode ultrasound images acquired from a suprasternal view. Dumont and Craig R. Ries and Bernard A. Development and evaluation of multidimensional tactons for a wearable tactile display Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Human computer interaction with mobile devices and services - MobileHCI '07 Pierre Barralon and Ginna Ng and Guy Dumont and Stephan K. Optimizing the tactile display of physiological information: Vibro-tactile vs.

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Electroconvulsive therapy: a model for seizure detection by a wavelet packet algorithm. Optimizing the tactile display of physiological information: vibro-tactile vs. Multivariate analysis in clinical monitoring: detection of intraoperative hemorrhage and light anesthesia. Optimization of rectangular pulp stock mixing chest dimensions using dynamic tests Tappi Journal Variation in blood pressure as a guide to volume loading in children following cardiopulmonary bypass Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing DOI: Ries and Ernie Puil and Bern A.

Sandor and James E. Input design minimizing the v-gap in cross-directional models of paper machines Proceedings of the American Control Conference Identification of symmetric noncausal processes: Cross-directional response modelling of paper machines Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control A non invasive wearable sensor for the measurement of brain temperature.

Seizure detection by a novel wavelet packet method. Finite horizon based switching between stabilizing controllers Proceedings of the American Control Conference An adaptive Cusum test based on a hidden semi-Markov model for change detection in non-invasive mean blood pressure trend. Modeling paper machine cross direction slice lip responses close to sheet edges Pulp and Paper Canada Estimating arterial stiffness using transmission line model.

A setpoint generation tool for optimal distribution of chemical load between bleaching stages Pulp and Paper Canada Bhushan Gopaluni and Philip D. Loewen and Mohammed Ammar and Guy A. Dumont and Michael S. Davies DOI: Dumont and Mihai Huzmezan and Craig R. Ries DOI: Gilhuly and Alex Bouzane and Stephan K. Schwarz and Bernard A. MacLeod and Guy A. Identification of channelling and recirculation parameters of agitated pulp stock chests Journal of Process Control Leonardo C.

Ng and Jo C. Adaptive change point detection for respiratory variables. Modelling for computer controlled neuromuscular blockade. An evaluation of a vibro-tactile display prototype for physiological monitoring Anesthesia and Analgesia DOI: Local discriminant bases in machine fault diagnosis using vibration signals Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering Two-dimensional frequency analysis for unconstrained model predictive control of cross-directional processes Automatica Junqiang Fan and Gregory E.

Stewart and Guy A. Continuous noninvasive blood pressure measurement by pulse transit time. Quantifying uncertainty bounds in anesthetic PKPD models. Improving paper machine cross-directional control near the sheet edges Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Automatic control of broke storage tanks Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Multivariable averaging level control Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Wavelet packet analysis of paper machine data for control assessment and trim loss optimization Pulp and Paper Canada A setpoint generation tool for optimal distribution of chemical load between bleaching stages Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Dynamic mixing in agitated industrial pulp chests Pulp and Paper Canada Detecting aliasing between cross and machine direction variations by variable sampling rate Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Real time paper machine data wavelet analysis Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Toward an advisory system for cesarean section spinal anesthesia Proceedings of the American Control Conference The effect of operating conditions and design parameters on the dynamic behaviour of agitated pulp stock chests Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Semi-intrusive multivariable model invalidation Automatica Leonardo C.

Kammer and Dimitry Gorinevsky and Guy A. Gough and Guy A. Semi-intrusive multivariable model invalidation Automatica DOI: Two-dimensional loop shaping Automatica DOI: A controller perturbation technique for transferring closed-loop stability between systems Automatica DOI: Performance and design of agitated pulp stock chests Appita Journal Adaptive control of control valves with friction Pulp and Paper Canada Dynamic modeling of agitated pulp stock chests Tappi Journal Time delay integrating systems: a challenge for process control industries.

Time delay integrating systems: A challenge for process control industries. Concepts, methods and techniques in adaptive control Proceedings of the American Control Conference Stability-preserving modification of paper machine cross-directional control near spatial domain boundaries Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control Yap and K. Ezra Kwok and Guy A. The role of model uncertainty in cross-directional control systems Pulp and Paper Canada CO; An experimental demonstration of recent results for spatially distributed control systems Proceedings of the American Control Conference H 8 robustification of a paper machine cross-directional control system Proceedings of the American Control Conference Estimation of the anesthetic depth using wavelet analysis of electroencephalogram Annual Reports of the Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University Dynamic simulation and control of a paper machine wet end Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Event-triggered deadtime estimation from closed-loop data Proceedings of the American Control Conference Seasonal model based control of processes with recycle dynamics Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research On the performance of informative wavelets for classification and diagnosis of machine faults Lecture Notes in Computer Science including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics Constrained robust predictive controller for uncertain processes modeled by orthonormal series functions Automatica Gustavo H.

Oliveira and Wagner C. Davies and Nancy E. Heckman DOI: Constrained robust predictive controller for uncertain processes modeled by orthonormal series functions Automatica DOI: Wavelet packet analysis of paper machine data for control assessment and trim loss optimization Process Control News for the Pulp and Paper Industries Performance monitoring for cross-directional control systems Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Adaptive control of valves with friction Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Wavelet packet analysis of paper machine data for control assessment and trim loss optimization Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Event-triggered deadtime estimation - comparison of methods Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Role of model uncertainty in cross-directional control systems Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Spatial loopshaping for cross-directional profile control: design and implementation Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering Evaluating the performance of cross-directional control systems Proceedings of the American Control Conference Spatial loopshaping: A case study on cross-directional profile control Proceedings of the American Control Conference Learning-theory-based training algorithm for variable-structure dynamic neural modeling Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks Tuning feedback controller of paper machine for optimal process disturbance rejection Control Systems: Information Tools to Match the Evolving Operator Role Constrained multivariable control of a wood chip refiner: Transfer screw speed adjustments linked to design flexibility Pulp and Paper Canada Extended off-line least-squares method for parameter identification and time delay estimation Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control Cross direction response identification and control of paper machine using continuous wavelet transform Proceedings of the American Control Conference Advanced model based control for continuous process industries Proceedings of the American Control Conference Paper machine data analysis and compression using wavelets Tappi Journal Cross-directional control on paper machines using gram polynomials Automatica Kristinn Kristinsson and Guy A.

Paper machine data analysis using wavelets Control Systems, Preprints, Conference Fault detection for pressure screens: Screening removes undesired materials and contaminants Pulp and Paper Canada Dual adaptive control of chip refiner motor load Automatica Bruce J. Allison and Joe E. Ciarniello and Patrick J. Tessier and Guy A. Dual adaptive control of chip refiner motor load Automatica DOI: Modeling a wood-chip refiner using artificial neural networks Tappi journal Dynamic model of pressure screens for fault detection Tappi journal Dual adaptive control of chip refiner motor load: industrial results Pulp and Paper Canada Hydraulic compliance identification using a parallel genetic algorithm Mechatronics DOI: Analysis of flow injection peaks with orthogonal polynomials Analytical Chemistry Generalized Fourier smoothing of flow injection analysis data Analytical Chemistry Fuzzy logic modeling and optimization of a wood chip refiner Tappi journal Prayer is an act of repentance and dedication to Him by our vocation as believers in His power.

The message above is simple. We must seek beyond physical healing to embrace spiritual healing. It is this kind of spiritual healing that connects us with God and with those around us. The medical center in Tbilisi, Georgia an independent nation formerly part of Russia , burned a year ago, leaving residents of this capital city without access to healthcare. KAHC is working with Counterpart International, a nonprofit organization that assists underdeveloped nations in sending a foot container of medical and furniture supplies.

Kettering Adventist HealthCare volunteers prepare to load supplies for the Russian hospital. From there it will be shipped to an overseas port in Georgia and trucked to the hospital. Upcoming loads will be sent to India, Peru, and Zambia. The team is also assisting with Hurricane Katrina relief, the largest humanitarian effort in United States history. Kettering Memorial hospitals received the Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence, ranking them in the top 5 percent. HealthGrades, the leading healthcare ratings company, conducted the study on 5, hospitals and concluded that.

The hospitals were also recognized for excellence in several areas of care including pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and stroke. It is because of these individuals that we are among the best in the nation, and other hospitals actually come to us for advice on improving their quality. I know it is going to be a blessed occasion since we did not have the privilege of meeting last year.

I look forward to seeing and greeting you June July 9. God bless you with safe travel and good health. Cheatham, President. An educator throughout her career, Simmons has served in departments of education as chair Kentucky State University , associate dean University of Louisville , and professor Oakwood College, La Sierra University.

She has also added administrative experience as academic vice president of Oakwood and provost and academic vice president for La Sierra. Simmons has been a prominent member of accreditation and corporate boards within the church and in the community. Simmons and her husband, Nord, a retired high school teacher, have two adult sons, Darryl and Christopher, who are also educators.

During the week, attendees can participate in free workshops on health, community services, family life, and more. Youth Sabbath, July 8 Roscoe J. Before being elected to this position in October , he served for five years as the vice president of administration of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in MidAmerica located in Lincoln, Neb. Prior to serving the MidAmerica Union he was the special assistant to the president and regional affairs director of the Seventh-day. Adventist Church of the North Pacific Union.

His ministry began in the Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in where he pastored several churches over a period of 10 years and later became the first black youth director of the conference. Howard is a certified diversity trainer and has preached the gospel in Russia, Africa, England, Canada, and all across the. United States. Presently he is a candidate in the doctor of ministry program at Fuller Theological Seminary. During his senior year while attending Oakwood College in Huntsville, Ala. Out of that union came forth two children, Heather and Seth. Howard loves young people and has a passion for preaching and seeing individuals come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Welcome would personally like to invite each and every member of the Allegheny West Conference family to join us for camp meeting on June This theme will be evident throughout our sermonic presentations and seminars. One seminar in particular will be a five-part series on the book Preparation for the Final Crisis. This is the result of many years of dedicated work and service. On June 18, we will honor our seniors with our first-ever camp meeting brunch.

Marshall Kelly will be the speaker. We hope this will be one of many events where we can honor those who have been used by God to make our conference what it is today. These are just a few of the camp meeting activities we have planned. But the most important ingredient is your presence. I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Emil D. Peeler is currently senior pastor of the 1,plus-member Dupont Park church in Washington, D. The author of The Zacchaeus Effect, his powerful preaching and teaching has taken him around the world. Abraham J. Jules, DMin, is a featured speaker at numerous revivals, weeks of prayer, workers meetings, camp meetings, and seminars on evangelism and church administration.

Currently Dr. Jules pastors the Mt. Vernon church in Mt. Vernon, N. He has pastored churches across Georgia and North Carolina and served as executive secretary of the South Atlantic Conference for six years. Edward Reid is an ordained minister and licensed attorney. He is certified as a teacher and counselor by Crown Financial Ministries. Reid has done considerable study on the topics of Christian money management and eschatology. She is a favorite at youth camps and youth congresses and federations. Carla is the founder of No Excuses Ministries a youth group dedicated to strengthening the lives of young people.

Ruth-Ann J. Mosby, a native of Saginaw, Mich. A creative genius in her own right, RuthAnn developed and portrays the comedic church lady character Gethel A. Jones, whose zeal for the cause of God has inspired and entertained audiences of all ages. As a public speaker, Ruth-Ann has presented in various venues around the country. These workshops are designed to provide healing for all types of loss including the death of a loved-one or friend.

They also address a variety of issues pertaining to high-order living, purpose in life, and self-awareness. Valles is the founder of No Excuses Ministries, a youth group dedicated to strengthening the lives of young people in the church. Presenters Abraham J. Peeler is currently senior pastor of the 1,plus-member Dupont Park church in Washington,. For 22 years he served in various leadership positions including pastor, evangelist, and revivalist.

Marshall Kelly has spent a lifetime singing to patients in hospitals and nursing homes as well as during large-scale evangelistic meetings in America, Australia, Ghana, Fiji, and regions beyond. She listened, was encouraged, and recovered! Most recently Kelly sang in Japan at the naval air station for servicemen returning from duty in Iraq. Their look is crystal clean and contemporary, and all share a strong commitment to family, community, and God. Welcome am always impressed with the crucial role of the Spirit throughout the New Testament. The New Testament depicts the Spirit as an empowering, experienced reality in the life of the church and believer.

As believers we live by the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, are led by the Spirit, sow in the Spirit, and bear the fruit of the Spirit. The Spirit conforms the believer into the likeness of Christ. The Spirit is the empowering presence of God for living the life of God. Please join me for our annual camp meeting on the campus of Highland View Academy in June.

The speakers, seminar presenters, and musicians have been selected to make your experience memorable. During his tenure, church attendance has increased nearly tenfold. Many of our constituents will remember Dr. Ottati from his years in the Columbia Union, where he served as ministerial director and coordinated evangelism and multilingual ministries.

He was also a frequent guest at Chesapeake camp meetings. James W. Gilley is senior pastor of the Dallas First church. He previously served as a general vice president of the Adventist Church in North America and oversaw ministerial, evangelism, stewardship, media ministries, and special assignments. He was also a pastor, evangelist, ministerial director, and conference president.

His latest book is Keep On, Keeping On. Dwight K. He is also speaker for the weekly radio and television program New Perceptions and host of The Evidence television program. Harold B. Smith, PsyD, is on the staff at Andrews University. He is an ordained minister and a licensed psychologist in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Much of his practice has centered on attention deficit disorder in children and adults. He sees himself as a coach who enables people to grow in their relationship with their heavenly Father.

He also spent 10 years as a missionary in Alaska. You will be amazed at how simple it is to draw people to the love of Jesus when you know their faith stage. No more fear, pushiness, or hesitation. Eva, an associate pastor of the Spencerville church, has a wealth of experience as a pastor, administrator, and editor within the Adventist Church. How did the New Testament believer come to an ongoing, experiential bonding with the Spirit?

And how may we? This will be an interactive and prayer-oriented study. Musicians Remmers, DMin, senior pastor of the Hagerstown church. We have all been challenged to pray for someone in need. Seminar participants will examine Bible promises and great examples of intercessory prayer found within its pages. Remmers will also explore the principles of effective intercessory prayer and ways of dealing with difficulties. Discover tools for a stronger and deeper prayer life.

Come learn how! He is married to his best friend Bettina and they have a 7-month-old baby, Bethany Grace. Bettina works full time at home caring for Bethany and part time for the World Church president on special projects. Born in Fiji to missionary parents, Gary says he, Bettina, and their American daughter are now missionaries in the jungles of North America.

Jeannie Pedersen-Smith is an adjunct professor of voice at Andrews University and a certified music teacher with experience at every academic level. An ethnomusicologist, she was granted funding from the National Endowment for the Arts to collect and catalog St. Lawrence Island native songs. An experienced oratorio singer, she has performed throughout the country. She received her Master of Music from Andrews University in and is currently working on her doctorate at Michigan State University.

She and husband Harold enjoy singing together. We may even hear her sing with her sister, Charlotte McClure. Charlotte McClure directs the camp meeting music for adult meetings and programs. She has coordinated the music using the talents of members throughout Chesapeake for six years. She is an associate pastor of the Spencerville church in Silver Spring, Md. Charlotte began formal music training at age 5, when her pastorfather took her to lessons and her teacher-mother monitored her daily practice.

One of her college majors was music, and she has enjoyed opportunities to play and sing professionally. She loves hymns and other sacred music and believes they are active worship. He has also served as a singing evangelist for the Quiet Hour in a meeting conducted in Ethiopia. When the compassion and love of God floods our souls it will be evident on the outside. MMS will share its mission, and Robert Boggess will lead in the lesson study.

She provides musical ministry for The Quiet Hour, and was with us several years ago with speaker, Bill Tucker. Welcome back, Vonda! God is using him in a powerful way to present His present-truth message with clarity, surety, and hope. We are honored to have Marvin Moore with us for a fascinating three-part series the first weekend Friday through Sunday evenings. Recording artist Jeff Hunt will have a mini concert on Friday for adults and a full concert for youth on Saturday night.

Robert Robinson comes to us directly from the enchanting land of India where he serves as assistant to the president for evangelism. Randall Murphy will be our Sabbath School superintendent. Murphy retired in after serving as president of the Mountain View Conference for over 13 years. He now serves as Valley Vista Camp manager. Mountain View Conference schools will be our mission emphasis. William Johnsson, born in Australia, has served the Lord in India, at Andrews University, and currently as the executive publisher of the Adventist Review, and Adventist World editor-in-chief.

He has authored 18 books, including four books on Hebrews, and has written about periodical articles. It is an honor to have him as our special guest. With a focus on the simple elegance of the gospel, Message of Mercy enjoys performing in hopes that listeners will be drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This wonderful experience will be filled with many new adventures! Third, morning seminars will include segments on health, diabetes, and vegetarian cooking.

Then, each evening, there will be English-, Spanish-, French-, and Korean-language meetings with special guest speakers. Speakers include E. And 3ABN will be there to cover it all! Bring your family, and a friend, and join us for a week of spiritual blessings at Tranquil Valley Retreat Center.

His evangelism campaigns—via satellite, Internet, and personal sermons—attract thousands, and many souls have been baptized through his efforts. He has authored several articles and books in Portuguese and Spanish. Currently he is pursuing a doctoral degree in leadership at Andrews University. Lee graduated from Oakwood College.

He has a long and fruitful denominational career as pastor, evangelist, writer, departmental director, and administrator. Neville Harcombe currently serves as executive secretary at the Columbia Union Conference. He has served as conference president and executive secretary, as well as ministerial, long range planning, evangelism, stewardship, communication, and Sabbath School director, and senior pastor. Finck is a thoughtful leader who enjoys leading by consensus.

He is a powerful speaker and seminar presenter. He also serves as conference English evangelist and has worked throughout the United States and Puerto Rico bringing many souls to Christ. Joel Soto uses his God-given pastoral and leadership skills to equip lay evangelists and small groups in his Bridgeton, Cape May, and Pan Americana Spanish churches. They are baptizing more than souls per year.

Laffit Cortes is the conference youth and health director. He is passionate about helping youth who are going through difficult times. He was part of the Hilton International Corporation team and has trained many people in culinary skills. He loves history and politics and once served as an honor guard at the White House for many years. Willie Ramos was born in Chicago and raised in South Florida. Ramos uses ghettostyle poetry, sermons, and a touch of humor to share his testimony. And this year we have two Sabbaths to enjoy the splendor of nature and the spiritual word together.

Sung K. These two men co-wrote the book Avance which discusses the first study of Seventh-day Adventist Hispanic members in America. Pastor Hernandez works for a research corporation and lives with his wife and family at Andrews University, in Berrien Springs, Mich. They will share the speaking schedule, which begins Friday night with Pastor Ramirez. Hernandez and Ramirez will make their important textbook available to leaders who want to help create a dynamic future for the Hispanic work in Ohio.

Junior Kelly Marchena will give a concert Saturday night. He is the singer for La Voz de la Esperanza and performs concerts around the world. You will be thrilled to hear this marvelous music to the glory of God. In addition, a baptism is planned for Sabbath afternoon.

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Make plans now to attend this important reunion. Begin the day by refreshing your soul through an encounter with God. This daily experience will be like freshly baked bread for the soul, served with the power of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. At times like these, when we grasp all that makes God great, we naturally respond in worship. What could the people of God do for the kingdom of God if they really wanted to? Worship—a rhythm of grace and challenge that shapes the household of faith.

Join fellow worshippers and be drawn into the presence of God. Reach new heights in your spiritual life through this daily worship gathering. Learn about the faith, courage, and commitments of those who responded to the call of God and shaped the fledgling movement in the 19th century. Be inspired by aspects of the birth story of Adventism that you may not have known before.

Sing the hymns and songs that were sung by. Renew your commitment to the onward journey of Adventism into the future. Do not miss any part of the all-day Sabbath Celebration, concluding at 9 p. Nashville, Tenn. He has recorded 11 albums and three music videos. The careful balance of spiritual, social, and recreational programs will make camp meeting a delightful experience for youth and children. Whether you camp in a tent or hotel; whether you jet-ski or rollerblade; whether you like watching the sun rise or watching it set … this first weekend in July will be that kind of moment when the words of Jesus, through His Spirit, will be heard clearly!

Join hundreds from around Ohio and beyond for canoeing, swimming, beach volleyball, reading, jet-skiing, beach walking, biking, sand castle construction, golf, birding, sailing, sun-tanning and … a Sabbath afternoon beach hike with stories Jesus told on the shores of Galilee. For information about housing and registration, go to www.

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  • Featuring morning and evening worship with Clarissa Worley— a pastor, writer, and composer from Oregon. Welcome hat a joy to spend time in the spiritual refreshment of camp meeting. This year we are delighted to host well-known Christian recording artist Michael Card for our community invitational concert. Purchase tickets in advance, and invite your friends and family to the Sunday evening concert so they can taste a little of the Adventist camp meeting experience.

    Exchange the discovery of powerful encouragement from the Word of God, and take time to pray together. There will be programs and activities for the whole family. He has been a pastorevangelist, dean of men, college professor and president, union and division youth director, division field secretary, and president of the InterAmerican Division of Seventh-day Adventists for the last 13 of his 40year ministry.

    Brown will speak Friday evening, Sabbath morning, and Saturday evening. He hosts the Prophecies of Hope television series and the Bible. Talk radio program. He will also speak for the last Sabbath during the morning and evening worship hours. Sunday, June 11, 7 p. In everything he does, Card encourages his audience to join him in the journey to know and be known by God. Invite your family and friends to this ticket-only concert.

    In this practical and hands-on seminar series, you will learn specific tools for working with children in your church and community and meet requirements for certification. This year pastor Andrew Francis and Randy Preston will speak for the young adult meetings both weekends and every evening during the week. He previously served as the Chesapeake Conference president. In these last days, we need to be right on target with the mission of Christ for the local church. Bill McClendon shares how church planting is the best way to refocus on the original message and mission of the Adventist movement.

    High school-aged youth will spend the week in worship, community outreach, and recreational activities. A singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, instrumentalist, teacher, and lover of music, Sandstrom will present a concert featuring music about how God has changed his heart. All of a sudden this person becomes the central focus of your future plans. We set aside the chores and cares that capture our daily attention and practice living a life that currently only the angels enjoy; a life that is all about Jesus.

    We invite you to experience a life that is all about Jesus—His love … His grace … His coming! Each morning, afternoon, and evening, you will hear devotional messages and dynamic preaching that will fuel a renewed experience with Jesus. The seminars will equip you to take full advantage of the resources and blessings that are available to those who make the commitment of discipleship. The fellowship will enrich your experience and promises to become a key reason for your wanting to return in years to come.

    He made the decision to commit his life to gospel ministry after attending an IIW evangelism series in Victoria 12 years ago. His clear grasp of Scripture and warm, dynamic presentations have been an inspiration to many. Boonstra, who lives with his wife Jean and their two daughters in Southern California, will share timely messages during the evening worship services. His greatest joy is helping people experience a life-changing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. His favorite hobby is writing Scripture songs with his wife Bodil Chen. They have two sons, Christopher and Jonathan.

    Morris will lead the early morning, lifechanging prayer series. In addition to the seminar, he will speak about health for the 11 a. He was born in Maryland but grew up in Egypt. Ted is married to Nancy, and they have three daughters: Emilie, Elizabeth, and Catherine.

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    Wilson will deliver the Sabbath morning message. We can then take inventory of personal assets and character defects and make amends to God, others, and ourselves. The Empty Nest Syndrome — You thought it would be great to get the children out on their own. How do you relate to adult children? Birth Order — Real or Fiction? Does birth order really affect us? Is the cry going out to awaken the foolish as well as the wise? Can we know if the second coming is near?