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But as somebody who likes my queer romance a bit more gritty, all it did was add to the story and make it more realistic. I enjoyed my read, and the naughty bits ; There was a lot of emotion at I definitely recommend this book for anybody whose in to queer scifi. This should definitely be in your TBR pile. Mar 12, Joyfully Jay rated it it was amazing Shelves: elizabeth.

A Joyfully Jay review. No one is white, no one is black, and try not to get too attached to the characters because there is a great deal of death, betrayal, and pain in this story. And the true heart of it is the relationsh A Joyfully Jay review. And the true heart of it is the relationship between Damian, Aris, and Raeyn.

When Damian was younger he was in a facility and there he fell in with another boy and became infatuated with him. Damian killed his attacker, but the event left him wary and wounded. Not just the rape and the betrayal, but his own enjoyment of the violence as he beat his rapist to death. When he met Aris, Damian not only found a friend and a lover but … a savior. Aris helped him get over his past and gave him a cause. Aris, as a voyant and as a person, is fragile. He needs, and Damian is more than willing to step up and take care of him in every way he can.

Feb 25, K. Silver rated it it was amazing. Set in a future that is a brutal projection of our current times, the story follows Damian as he struggles to keep his found family safe, fed, and paid. And his lover, Aris, out of the hands of a government hell bent on eradicating those gifted or cursed with the Voyance. The author does an exc Romance. The author does an excellent job in ratcheting up the stakes time and time again. The answer to the ever-present 'could this get any worse? On the other hand, though, there were enough lighthearted moments to make me smile and at times laugh out loud.

The twists and turns to kept me guessing, and as a lover of high-action scenes I was not disappointed. My favorite part of the book, however, would have to be the relationships. Some strengthened, some fell apart, and others blossomed. The way the characters interacted with each other kept me hooked, even when the guns weren't blazing and all there was to do was eat pancakes seriously, one of my favorite scenes! I do wish I could have known more about the Big Bad, but I felt the characters had enough personal motivation against them that the resulting conflicts were believable.

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I would recommend this book to light scifi lovers, those who enjoy high action, and anyone interested in a diverse cast that isn't just tokened in. Feb 22, Sara Codair rated it really liked it. No shortage of explosions! It took me a little time to really get immersed in this novel, but once I did? I had to stay awake until I finished it, even if that meant not going to bed until after a.

There were some missing pieces from the world building, and a few too many characters died for my taste, but the plot kept me on the edge of my seat, and I was rooting for Damian and Raeyn for the last half of the book. I don't usually like love triangles, but I was okay with this one. Harrow h No shortage of explosions! Harrow handled it well. Despite of all the action, I loved how Harrow found time slip in some gorgeous, lyrical descriptions. Their writing shined most when describing people and in the sexy scenes.

Empire of Light is a must read for anyone who likes assassins, smugglers, and dystopias. Feb 22, K. I received an advanced copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. A strong voice, awesome action, interesting character dynamics, fast plot, and a fun writing style makes this sci-fi adventure a very enjoyable read! I loved the world-building, the intensity of the stakes, and the protagonist who was just a joy to follow - even as physically battered as he got! I also enjoyed his relationships with other characters, including the 'found family' vibe with his Shadows crew.

It's a book t I received an advanced copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. It's a book that I definitely recommend. That means the writing is so bad, it physically hurts. The plot is full of action and leaves you kind of breathless. This makes for an extremely addicting read. I had to force myself to put the book down and get some sleep. The setting is quite dark, very much a dystopia for adults, with plenty of blood, sweat and tears. And some sex, but no romance in the traditional sense. Honestly, the romance kind of broke my heart.

But despite the action packed plot, there was a lot of feeling as well. It really affected me and I had to swallow back tears once or twice. And I really rooted for the three MCs. I enjoyed the world building, I think it was really well done and made a lot of sense. Honestly, I loved everything about this book. Feb 24, A. Lawless rated it it was amazing. An absolute must read.

Steve Sullivan says:

Empire of light was everything I could ask for in a dystopian novel. There was tons of fast paced action, mystery, danger and a romance that broke my heart and pieced it back together.

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I loved the MC, and his story was unforgettable. Feb 27, Ceillie Simkiss rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , sci-fi , reviewed , release , lgbtqia , arc , poverty. Read my full review here! Feb 25, ChaosMoondrawn rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , lgbtqia , science-fiction , dark , paranormal , futuristic , suspense-thriller , urban-fantasy. I would rate this 4. Damien is a guy trying to survive by making the hard choices. He's loyal and will do anything for the family that's been cobbled together in this dystopian future, especially his lover Aris, which puts him right between a rock and a hard place.

The story is set in Helos, previously New York before the Wars of Everyone is corrupt. Whe I would rate this 4. When Damien gets sent to take out a corporate guy named Mael Taerien, he's caught and blackmailed into killing Valyr instead. Taerien's henchman Raeyn sticks close to his side to make sure he cooperates. As the action intensifies, battle lines are drawn but they are fluid and everyone has to adjust to the ever changing landscape. This is a gritty story with an almost frantic pace. Damien is like a mountain goat, stubborn yet quickly adapting to all terrains.

It's not like he has any choice. The poor guy is in one fight after another beaten, choked, kicked, stabbed, and shot. Darien tries to play whichever side will help save Aris, himself, and their friends. Aris has his own plans and his own lovers. He's between his own rocks and hard places. The thing is Damien and Aris are both broken and the pieces don't quite match together. That doesn't change anything that is going to happen as everyone runs head first into their future.

Damien doesn't ignore things as well as he thinks he does, so the reader understands he sees what he wants to about the people he loves. He also forgets that everyone he loves is not like him. I'm of two minds about the secondary characters not being that fleshed out: that's a huge missed opportunity for emotional connection to the story, and thank goodness or I'd be a blubbering mess. As Damien gets closer to Raeyn, I wasn't sure who to root for, or against. In many ways Raeyn is a better match for Damien, but there are some major obstacles and their relationship has it's own dysfunction.

About halfway through this story my mind was partially blown, because a good author foreshadows. At about three quarters of the way in, my mind was fully blown. The only way this story works at all is because the reader only has Damien's POV. There is no way at all to describe this plot without spoilers. It's an impossible task and I don't want to do that. Just trust that there is a plot twist around every corner in this complicated web of lies and conspiracies.

Yes, some seem improbable but that's half the fun. This is action packed from beginning to end and could have benefited from some more quiet moments. They are there, but they are usually gut wrenching in their mental dysfunction, so they are not restful for the reader. They are necessary to understand the psychology of the characters. I also think the unrelenting pace is to stop the reader from looking at holes in the plot, or to try and work out what will happen.

But after going through this journey, the end is too optimistic for all the brutal world building that has taken place. Even though this has an ending, I was left floundering around wondering what now, but that might just be that I kept moving after the ride stopped. I'm going to say I enjoyed the ride. I read the publicity copy for the book and thought, this sounds fun. Why not? But I try to, sometimes, especially when things are rough. Which: yes. Full disclosure, it took me a minute to get into this book… but I was really glad that I did.

Empire of Light is a fast-paced ride, and the comp to queer Firefly with magic is on point. Without the squickiness of Joss Whedon to consider, why bother resisting? CW for all kinds of violence and guns everywhere in this novel, as well as positive representation of assisted death that appears on the page. There is very queer sexual intimacy that appears on the page in this book as well, and I found the mentions of use of condoms and lubrication in these settings utterly refreshing. However, there are also so many necessary ingredients for queer representation that feels real, impactful, and resonant.

Aside from the undeniably gay protagonist, there is also shame-free representation of kink, bisexuality, demisexuality, non-binary identity, trauma, and some kind of ambiguous non-monogamy, possibly with a side of sex work. This is a complicated book, but somehow, Empire of Light manages to come off as a colloquial, action-packed adventure story. For this francophone, it was particularly heartwarming that Harrow used French-language names for some of the geographical locations used in the book, even though the rationale behind that remains unclear to me.

To start off, huge kudos to the author for making the trigger warnings really clear in this book! To those who enjoy a more calm and sedate pace through the galaxy look elsewhere, because this wild ride gallops through scenes in a blur. Whilst it's certainly not boring, I sometimes would have liked a little more time in scenes before the characters rushed off to do something else. It certainly never had a chance to get boring, but I would have appreciated more time with some of the reveals before hurrying on to the next problem.

The main characters were generally likable, though many of the side characters didn't have the same sense of realism. It may be due to the pacing not giving them enough time to do anything, though. Empire of Light is the kind of book that doesn't let you breathe. The main character we get to follow is fun, but there is more simmering beneath the surface of the light-hearted Damian. He is an assassin for hire and as he grows apart from Aris, his unstable magical lover, and gets closer to the mysterious man named Raeyn, One thing I have to mention was that I found the development between Damian and Aris' relationship very fascinating to read about.

Harrow - Book 1

Many books that I have read have an interesting and intriguing storyline following two characters who get together, but very few times have I read a story about a relationship falling apart that felt both real and very compelling. The reason as to why I knocked this down to a 3.

The story would've really benefited from slowing down. There was little to no chance in getting to know the side characters of this story, which later only made me care very little about what actually happened to them as the story progressed. Mar 26, M. Valard rated it really liked it. I'm honestly not exactly sure where to start with this review.

There was so -much- crammed into this that I'm not sure I'll feel any assessment quite does it justice. The pros: -I enjoyed the world building. It was an interesting sort of sci-fantasy dystopia. Definitely really intriguing and well put together. This one was gritty and I felt it. Very sensory, sounds, smells, tastes. It was immersive dragged me into it and washed me along for the ride. I felt for him, perhaps in a way more than I did for Damian even though with first person the entire thing was seen through Damian's eyes. The cons: -Wow a lot happened. This was good in that it kept me there a bit on the edge of my seat but a con in that it was almost too much.

This was fast paced and though my reading has been spotty and slower than usual so far this year it was still almost exhausting to read. There's lots of it and no shying away from it. It's as vivid and immersive as the rest of it so though I didn't personally mind much it was almost hard to cope with. As it looks like this is the beginning of a series, though, I will expect those to be dealt with as it progresses. Overall, I liked this one. It was not at all the light pick-me-up sort of read I might have needed just at the moment but there was never any question at all of not finishing it.

Slow reading and all I did quite enjoy it. I do like this sort of thing: the action, the intrigue, the tense relationships were all right up my alley. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future books. I'd really like to know what happens next. And hopefully see more of Raeyn and Damian. So to me this was a solid 3.

Feb 23, Crazy4Books rated it liked it Shelves: queer-books , review-books , releases. I enjoyed Damians snarky narrative, but I never got super attached to him despite his tragic back story. I wish the story only focused on the enemies to lovers romance instead. I just didnt like Aris all that much, but Raeyn did eventually grow on me. As for Jay, she was my favorite character and I wish we got more of her. I also really liked their old blind leader Iltis, but the other members of th I enjoyed Damians snarky narrative, but I never got super attached to him despite his tragic back story.

I also really liked their old blind leader Iltis, but the other members of their gang didnt really do much for me, well except the cat. I was excited for the whole found family trope, but the direction it went in was pretty disapointing. I also felt like some of the characters decisions didnt make a whole lot of sense. I thought Damians old boss was an interesting character and I enjoyed their role in the story.

Despite the fast pace I was easily able to put this down and read something else. Theres a fair amount of plot twists, but since I wasnt completely invested they never really had that major shock factor. A couple of them were unexpected, but that doesnt mean I was happy with the results. I feel like some of the conflicts could have been cleared up with more communication. Im all for action and violence, but since there was so much of it the stakes lost its intensity after a while.

It also took away from time spent on the world and the characters. I really think some elements could have used a bit more development. I did enjoy the blackmail and all the political scheming. The writing wasnt always very clear and consice, but I still managed to read this in a couple days.

I thought this was going to be a space scifi, but its definitely more of a dystopian set years in the future. The entire world is supposedly low on resources and was consolidated into one government after the last huge war, but it didnt really feel that way. I never got the impression that the government was controlling the world, but more like a small country. As for resources, they talked about using gasoline a couple times so I dont know how low the resources really were.

I also wanted to know where the psychokinetic powers called the voyance came from. I did like that it had consequences though. I have a feeling the sequel might have more world building, but with the way the ending wrapped up I dont think Ill be continuing on with the series. It almost felt like a standalone and Im fine with leaving it at that. This was an excellent, engaging, fast-paced story! Fascinating main characters, interesting but dark dystopian world, well-written.

It's a fast-paced, action-packed, espionage-filled science fantasy novel. So it works if you're expecting that. The main character is an assassin-for-hire and works for whoever pays him. He tries to avoid the politics. He has his small found-family and wants them protected. But he's about to be swept up in major political intrigue with a lot of action along the way. Psychic abilities exist in this world but have a heavy cost.

Meanwhile the militaristic empire is getting worse. I thought it was well-written because I was engaged pretty consistently. I didn't get bored of the scenes, the character interactions, the twists, any of it. If you're a crier like me sometimes , have some tissue handy view spoiler [, you will probably cry in some parts because this book also has a few very lovable side characters who end up ripped away in acts of devastating brutality hide spoiler ]. So there is a LOT of action and a lot of intrigue.

Characters change and switch sides, relationships are in flux and uncertain. There were also a number of queer characters in here which I liked. But the way some of them are first worked in was a tiny bit forced. Afterwards it's not so much of a 'thing'. Overall a fulfilling reading experience. Hopefully there's more to explore in this world view spoiler [especially with the new regime or perhaps it the evil medical researchers who need some take down. Feb 11, Romana Em rated it liked it Shelves: lgbt-characters , read-in , arc , science-fiction.

However, when This is definitely one fast-paced read. Feb 22, R rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi , paranormal , reviewed , m-m. Damian is an assassin for hire. Aris and Damian protect their small band of thieves. A kind of unexplainable power that can kill or heal others and will eventually kill the user. Into the mix comes Raeyn, an unknown troublemaker and possible bad guy. All their lives are threatened and nobody comes out unscathed. No on page fantastic advancements to the human race. The artwork was bland and boring.

I especially hated how the people all looked like that weird snapchat filter. Anyway, as I said before: I will be forwarding this book on to a worthy recipient. You must live in the USA because sending things internationally sucks the big one. View all 21 comments. Nov 03, Sam Quixote rated it liked it. The people of Harrow County burned the witch, Hester Beck, on the hanging tree.

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That is, except for the one Emmy laid hands on. The story plays out somewhat predictably and slowly without a real standout character or especially brilliant angle. Also the idea of Hester creating followers out of mud, dying and the followers continuing on, living rich, full lives is a pretty interesting detail and quite shocking too. Also included if you read the single issues like me are the one page backups which recount the cursed history of Harrow County.

View all 15 comments. The story of a young girl whose fellow citizens believe the reincarnation of an evil witch sounds like a good premise for a graphic novel, and if the artwork is at this level the enjoyment is guaranteed! I will definitely check out volume 2!

Sep 09, Paul E. Morph rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics-read-in I love this book. Cullen Bunn's southern gothic tale of horror is as scary as any great horror novel and seriously creeps me the fuck out while also making me fall in love with the characters. Tyler Crook's fully painted artwork is beautiful and really is the best work I've seen from him. This volume collects the first four issues I wish they'd waited a bit longer and collected the first six but I'm not docking it a star for that; it's just too damned good. I recommend it to anybody who is a fa I love this book.

I recommend it to anybody who is a fan of the macabre This really is one of the best books I'm currently reading. View all 4 comments. Sep 12, Forrest rated it it was amazing. Only now, after I am done, do I recognize that the artwork was done by Tyler Crook, whose outstanding art graced the pages of B. I thought it looked familiar! This is horror the way I like it: Creepy, but not overly gory. I'm not a splatterpunk kind of guy.

In fact, I really hate gore and ultraviolence. But creepy? Give me creepy all day and all night long! And Harrow County has it in droves: Burned witches cursing her killers and coming back from the dead, homonculi, a skinned boy with a Only now, after I am done, do I recognize that the artwork was done by Tyler Crook, whose outstanding art graced the pages of B. And Harrow County has it in droves: Burned witches cursing her killers and coming back from the dead, homonculi, a skinned boy with a telepathic connection to his dermis, a girl who discovers that her father isn't who she thought he was and she is not who she thinks she is.

This is a gothic dreamstate with nightmare pacing. I'm not one to jump into a new series of anything lightly. I rarely read book series, to be honest. And I am very wary about getting "too involved" with a new comic book series. But here, I'm hooked. I'm living the dream. I've got to follow the light! View 1 comment. The townies burn a witch,she vows to return,now you are up to speed Young Emmy is introduced,I think you may be getting the picture. I wasn't crazy about this one,but I am planning on reading the next volume.

It better have more of a wow factor. The first volume of Harrow County was a treat. I admit that it took some time for me to warm up to how the characters were drawn, but after a while and together with the beautiful watercolor backgrounds did I quite start to like how the characters looked. The story was good, Emmy a young girl is turning 18 and suddenly everyone she knows is out to kill her including her father and she don't at first understand why, that is until she learns the truth It was never really terrifying to read, not t The first volume of Harrow County was a treat.

It was never really terrifying to read, not to me at least, a younger person may find it a bit gruesome. I think what I really liked when I read was that I wasn't really sure if Emmy was good or bad. And, frankly I have a feeling she has the potential to be either in the future. It will be interesting to read more to find out what's next for her.

Of course, it ended with a cliffhanger and I'm looking forward to reading more! Thanks to Dark Horse Books and Edelweiss for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! Mar 15, James DeSantis rated it really liked it. Woohoo I found a Cullen Bunn book I enjoy!

So this is Gothic southern horror. What's that you ask? Lots of accents, woods, and creepy shit happening all at once. Emmy is about to turn For a lot of people that just means going into adulthood in US.

HARROW Documentary 2013: "A Very British School" (1of2)

I know UK it's like And Japan like 14 or something like that but what's happening to her isn't the same as usual. She said she would return.

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Is Emmy that witch? Good: I enjoyed the art a lot. It's simple, clean, and works well to show off the emotions of characters. I really love the character of the skinless boy, Emmy is a strong main hero, and even the village people are interesting enough. I thought the 2nd half of this was really interesting and the twist before the final twist which I also like and turn the story is going are making it a intriguing one.

Bad: I didn't love the first half. Felt very cliche, been done, witch hunt type story. I actually had a lot of fun reading this. I read it all in one go. I'd give it a 3. Jan 08, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , fantasy. I'm happy to report that this was exactly what I was hoping for: dark fantasy with the feel of folklore. This is the sort of story that would have been well at home in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark , and that's fine company to be in, in my opinion.

Yes, the story unfolds a little slowly, and this volume seems to be largely concerned with world building. I do expect that from the first few issues in a brand new IP, after all. And I do find the world building to be largely interesting. The idea I'm happy to report that this was exactly what I was hoping for: dark fantasy with the feel of folklore.

The idea of the witch's mud people is especially cool, and something that's at least a step or two past any established lore that I know of. This just hit me exactly right from the very first page, and I'm so pleased to see that there's another volume coming soon. Feb 25, Krista Regester rated it really liked it. Harrow County did not do this.

The art and the dialogue match perfectly, while the storyline was straight to the point and easy to follow. The creativity of this graphic was hard to miss and did not disappoint. I'm wondering if other illustrators will make a cameo in future volumes. Poor Emmy. Birthed by a vengeful spirit, tormented by nightmares, hunted for death on her eighteenth birthday, kidnapped by loyal followers, this girl isn't having the life she'd imagined for herself just days ago.

But she's got friends - granted, one comes in two pieces - and she's willing to fight her past in order to make her own future so maybe she'll be ok. I enjoyed this. The art doesn't rely solely on darkn Poor Emmy. The art doesn't rely solely on darkness, there's a balance with bright colors and light, no doubt to show Emmy can go either way, having been born to one but raised in the other. It's creepy, yes, but also pastoral.

The forest is full of haints - they're not all bad, though some are awful - but the cleared land is relatively untainted I look forward to seeing where this story goes. Apr 19, Blair rated it liked it Shelves: release , graphic-novels-comics , ghosts-and-horror , read-on-kindle. Enjoyed this graphic novel, but I'm downgrading the rating which was originally 4 stars because, although I liked the plot and the art well enough, I realise now I've been left with zero desire to read volume 2.

Set in the titular, evocatively named county, it follows a young woman who, as she approaches her eighteenth birthday, finds her home and town and she are not quite what they seem. It's a 'Southern Gothic fairy tale' with witches, ghosts, and woodland monsters; backdrops full of cree Enjoyed this graphic novel, but I'm downgrading the rating which was originally 4 stars because, although I liked the plot and the art well enough, I realise now I've been left with zero desire to read volume 2.

It's a 'Southern Gothic fairy tale' with witches, ghosts, and woodland monsters; backdrops full of creeping shadows and twisted branches. I was hoping for an 'Over the Garden Wall for grown-ups' vibe from this and I guess I got it, to a degree, though it wasn't anywhere near as charming or memorable. Certainly entertaining, but didn't leave much of an impression. TinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr Oct 28, Malum rated it really liked it Shelves: dark-horse , graphic-novels , horror. Pretty good horror comic with witches, monsters, skeletons, people that can take their skin off and, scariest of all, hillbillies.

The story felt reminiscent of reading a dark folklore tale. The artwork had a water-colour style with muted warm tones. Striking the right the balance between creepy and emotional. I highly recommend this one to any fans of graphic novels or the horror genre. Jun 13, Sud rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , comics. When I saw Harrow County on the comic shelf, I stopped to admire it's rather creepy cover. So I read all the fluff and decided I'd take a chance. Well I am glad I did. Young Emmy lives in Harrow County. Harrow County is a very strange place. Emmy growing up hears a lot of rumors and stories about haints supernatural things and witches.

It seems that Harrow County has a strange and dark past. That strange and dark past may have come full circle and manifested in the young Emmy. Yet, this knowled When I saw Harrow County on the comic shelf, I stopped to admire it's rather creepy cover. Yet, this knowledge is not known only to her-it seems maybe the whole town knows and has been watching. Even her father. That is also I am saying. Does that sound interesting? Well then you might like it. I did. The story is creepy but has some really sweet moments as well. There are some really good people in Harrow County, there are some really bad people there too.

Only the witch is evil. Or is she? The story is well done and the pace of it is excellent. Even the "boring" parts are well paced and interesting. I really liked the creepy Harrow County. I like Emmy the main character.

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She has actual depth. She is at once a quite sweet girl, but there are subtle hints that she might have another side. The artwork is decent. It stylistically matches the creepy vibe of the story and thus it grows on you. By the end of the first volume I had to admit I thought the art seemed to work quite well. Harrow County was surprising in how good the story was and the horror background is well done. There is always a feeling of "much worse to come". So I won't say any more as there would be spoilers. So if you like Stephen King or Dean Koontz-give this creepy tale a try.

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It has witches and haints and demons. Doesn't that sound awesome? Recommended to any horror fan or anyone who enjoys a good story. Jul 06, Gary rated it it was ok. New England witchcraft folklore has been trending lately. Not that I'm complaining - I prefer the old school witches to the touchy-feely wiccan kind pop culture has been trying to sell us for the last couple of decades.

Harrow County, unfortunately, tries to live on both sides of that fence, and the result is a bit deflating after a promising start. Emmy is a lonely teenage girl living on a farm with her pa, who soon discovers she is the reincarnation of a witch named Hester yep, Hester that th New England witchcraft folklore has been trending lately. Emmy is a lonely teenage girl living on a farm with her pa, who soon discovers she is the reincarnation of a witch named Hester yep, Hester that the town lynched and burned years before.

Apparently, Hester the witch totally had it coming, but Emmy wants to be her own woman and not copulate with monsters or eat your babies. The townsfolk, understandably wary of monster sex and baby snacking, break out the torches and pitchforks and Emmy has to make a run for it. Without spoiling the ho-hum conclusion, let me say I can see where this series is going from here and I'm not terribly excited about it. I like the art, and the first chapter has some genuinely eerie touches, but overall I can't recommend it.

Aug 30, Crystal Starr Light rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novel , horror , dark-horse. Bullet Review: Four stars is probably high, but I wanted to differentiate from my 3-stars. Also I did enjoy this. It's creepy, a little gory. Though I avoided reading before bed - no nightmares for this girl! Jan 05, Tom Mathews rated it really liked it Shelves: southern-lit , graphic-novels , read-in Intriguing graphic novel which draws largely on hill country folklore and witchlore, one of my favorite subjects. Any story that uses the word haints has a good chance of sucking me in.

The illustrations are also unique in that they use watercolors. May 08, L. McCoy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of spooooky stuff! Shelves: creator-owned , dark-horse , comics-and-graphic-novels , horror , favorites , reviewed , in-collection. Years later this girl named Emmy becomes 18 and has some things in common with the dead witch. Why it gets 5 stars: The story is interesting.

The characters are well written and worth caring about. The horror in this book is great. Despite being a horror book it has a kinda fun tone which I like. Overall: An excellent horror comic that I definitely recommend, especially for folks who may like creepiness but not gore. Dec 10, David rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Witches, haints, creepy skinned children.

Shelves: horror , female-protagonist , gothic , supernatural , southern-fiction , graphic-novels-comics-manga. I like that era and setting for rural horror tales, so this volume, the first in a series, caught my eye at the comic book store. A teenage girl named Emmy discovers that she's actually the reincarnation of an evil witch that her fellow townspeople, including her own Pa, shot, stabbed, hanged, and burned years ago. When the time comes to "kill the witch" again, Emmy discovers that she has all the powers "she" did before, though she's still learning how to use them. The "haints" are interesting - a skinned boy, the Abandoned thing out in the woods, glowing fiery skeleton-ghosts - but Emmy is the protagonist and the story will revolve around her and how well the writer can handle her character development.

She is intriguing as a no-longer innocent girl who insists that she is not the same person she was, that she has free will and can take a different path than her doomed former self. Can she? She has already shown that she possesses the ruthlessnes and even the willingness to go dark if she has to. So the series can either be a complex moral drama, or just a monster-of-the-week. I am willing to read the next volume. The watercolor artwork which I am usually not such a fan of in graphic novels fits the mood, and Emmy in particular is rendered well, sometimes innocent and afraid, but you can see that powerful, deadly witch lurking beneath the surface.

Certainly worth investigating if you like Southern gothic horror. Jan 17, Orrin Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: comics. Do I need to convince anyone at this point that Harrow County is a particularly brilliant new bit of backwoods horror? If you've liked previous stuff from Cullen Bunn , you'll like this. And Tyler Crook does some of the best work of his career. I particularly liked the flaming ghosts. I always like flaming ghosts. Nov 21, Michelle Morrell rated it liked it Shelves: x-read , library , graphic-novels-trades.

Spooky tale of a witch dead and a witch reborn. Shelves: american-gothic , early-to-mid-twentieth-century , dark-fiction , child-point-of-view , childhood-is-scary , library-checkout , horror , children-in-danger-harmed , graphic-novel-comic-book. I like creepy, scary reads and this qualifies.

It's the kind of story that I can't describe too well without spoiling future readers. I'll keep things general and say that this is about a girl who is far more special than she could ever imagine, and how she comes to terms with that. This story was made for the graphic novel format.

The imagery is very powerful and instills dread and the shudder factor in me. It's beautifully drawn and inked, but icky. It definitely has an American Gothic kind of I like creepy, scary reads and this qualifies. It definitely has an American Gothic kind of feel, which is defined here. American Gothic is so distinct to America that those of us who are American can understand it without really having it defined.