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She left school at 16, and got a job at the Bank of England as a clerk. Lamb continued to teach herself by taking advantage of the bank's library during her lunch breaks and after work. She later worked as a secretary for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Lamb began writing at her husband's suggestion. She wrote her first book in three days and in between raising five children wrote several more novels. She died in October at the age of Charlotte Lamb. Sins Pride comes before a fall Title Page Chapter One Chapter.

Nope, the h is keeled over for another reason, cause it doesn't just rain tragedy and drama in HPlandia, it pours when we are at the final crisis. The h finds out she is preggers with twins and she has no clue what to do. The nice elderly lady the h is renting a room from manages to track down the H and he shows up as the h is keeling over and being ill again and finally the big explanations can begin. Five years earlier the H supposedly marched the aggressive OW right out of his and the h's bedroom and over to her husband in the adjoining wing.

There were tears and accusations and the H ended up losing his friend , the husband, after he drove them both to the airport. He claims the h had shouted at him that he was keeping her like a pet during her big epic ranty moment, so he decided to let her grow up on her own and just keep close tabs on her.

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But then he couldn't be apart from her anymore and coerced the h into living with him again. The supposed wanna be OW showed up at their home that same morning they reconnected because she wanted to make amends to the h. But the h and Oscar were out, so the H listened to her apology and let her kiss him, ostensibly as a kiss of forgiveness for her prior crass behavior. The h accepts this explanation, really she was too nauseated to do anything else, and finally lets the H carry her off to his Chateau of Love presumably for the big HEA.

This book is well done for a first time HP outing. Except for that very abrupt ending. It would be quite reasonable to think that when the vicious tart who ruined your marriage the first time around shows up again, you probably shouldn't go off into a secluded room and then let her kiss you.

You have a freakin' room Chateau and you don't have an open spaced, formal receiving area where you can set the trampy tart's skanky hiney down and force a cup of tea on her?

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I swear the h had her annoying moments on this one, but srsly, this H was an idiot. But he was an obviously in love idiot and they were both extremely nice people. Oscar was a great cat bonus, tho I had to rate down a star for the h leaving him the first time. But other than that, this is a pretty nice maiden HPlandia voyage and HB will prove to be one of it's nicest writers, so don't be afraid to spend some time with her when you want a safe HPlandia outing. I really really wanted to slap the heroine.

If not for her, this would have been a five point read. The hero was swoon worthy and so in love with the h it was painful to watch. And she was a total b word. I hated her almost. I only gave it four stars for the hero.

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  8. Even at the end, I had a hard time liking her. She sees a naked woman in her husbands bed and she sees him coming out the shower with a towel on and assumes the worst, as would I. But does she ever let him try and explain? No and I really really wanted to slap the heroine. I truly believed that too. The heroine has met a nice man, calls him a friend, and has been doing things with him platonically but has no romantic interest.

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    The hero gets sick of waiting and comes to get her thinking she has grown up but NOT! She is an absolute idiot. He kind of bribes her into coming to live with him for three months so that he can show her how right they were together. Only he was wrong, she was so mean and unlikeable I wanted him to just say enough.

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    Get rid of her whiny, self pitying self and move on. He takes her to an island, names a hospital after her, and totally calls her beautiful all the time. He says you are mine, but whenever he tries to explain about the girl in the bed, she shuts him down. Then they have 'procreational pursuits' that is her term for sex and then she is loving the loving and then she is a b word again! I would have dumped her. I wouldn't have blamed the h for dumping her. She drove me nuts and just when you think it is safe to go back in the water, bam the wannabe OW shark shows up again and she sees something and runs off without listening AGAIN!!!

    She hides out under and assumed name for two months and well you need to read the rest to believe it.

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    It was so annoying. He loved her so much. And boogenhagen she left her beloved cat behind the first time she left!!! What kind of woman leaves without her 'cat'! I was going to use the p word for cat to make it funny but I just couldn't do it but I am still laughing out load in my head. The cat has been abandoned for all that time and at this point, I knew that she could not be redeemed.

    HE even told her the cat was depressed for a long time after she left. I could never leave my pet behind. Husband, maybe but pet, hell no!!! But the cat forgave her, and when she runs the second time, the cat goes with her. So she did do something right in the book but that is it. The rest of the time she is a whiny, pathetic excuse of a woman. I wish I could have been the h. But I guess if we were h's there would be no HP's. So I have to live with it, I just don't have to like this heroine. TSTL is an appropriate moniker for her. And did I mention she left behind her 'beloved' CAT!???!?!

    That just slayed me. All I could think is I hope Boogenhagen doesn't read this or someone is going to be in a lot of trouble.

    His Cousin's Wife

    View all 6 comments. You couldn't have this conversation with the door open? You couldn't have been in an open room, say the family or living room, where the maid SEES what's going on? He admitted earlier that she was a little gosspit. Neither the hero nor the previous wanna-be ow thought this was a bad thing? He LET her kiss him? I don't care if she's happily married now and over her "infatuation" with him That alone knocked off a whole star in my rating for this book.

    This pretty much sums up the book: How could you think I would ever do anything to hurt you? I adore you, my sweet kitten. He should have gone after her View all 5 comments. The h, Leigh, is a rather melodramatic and insecure twit, while her French husband, Raoul, is a passionate and long-suffering sort. Leigh is supposed to be independent and self-accomplished. Instead, she comes off as stubborn, irritating and self-righteous. I just could not grasp what Raoul saw in her.