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My first proper series that was published was an urban-fantasy series with five books that has to be read in order, sequentially, otherwise the story really does not work. Newman: Now that I'm writing the fourth stand-alone novel, there's a little bit of me that's going, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to stay with this person? And it's been interesting going back to Carl [Moreno, the point-of-view character in "After Atlas,"] because Carl is a major character in this book, but he's a secondary character [as opposed to the narrator]. It's been really nice looking at the impact of what happened in "After Atlas" on him, albeit through another character's eyes.

Saying that, I don't feel I've lost anything so far in the choice I've made with writing them all as stand-alones. I think because they're very tight first-person POV, we're in their heads all the time, we're … going so deep with each of the characters, that I'm not sure that there would be much more I would want to necessarily do.

Longer year and shifting seasons

But I am delighted to revisit, so who knows what may happen? Newman: Book 4 does have some characters who are from the previous books, and it's completely set in space. I'm currently having my internal battle between what I like to talk about and what I don't like to talk about. The protagonist is Dee, who is Carl's best friend from "After Atlas.

She's a really, really interesting head to be in. That's as much as I can say. Newman: I think that all we need is the political and philanthropic will to make that happen.

Mars: What We Know About the Red Planet

I genuinely do believe that. There's some genuinely interesting stuff that's happening in terms of propulsion technology which I was looking into for the book I'm currently writing, because in "Planetfall," it's backstory [about] how they get to the other planet, [but in Book 4], this is not backstory.

This is happening now, this is the spaceship they are on now. When I write sci-fi, I like to know that it's correct.

Countdown to Apollo

Anything that I put in there is as correct as I can make it. I do have to have one big lie, in terms of generating enough energy to be able to fuel the propulsion system which is being used in this book. But if we could crack that, and I think theoretically we could, then I think it's possible. But like I say, it's not the science that I think holds us back.

It's the people.

Top Books on Mars - The Red Planet

And that encapsulates all science fiction ever. It's all about where we put our energy, what we try to build on the level of civilizations having to work together to build a thing, and I am not confident that we are close to that yet. And I find it infuriating. A lot of my anger at that goes into "Before Mars. The words are easy for an eight year old to read without adult assistance yet this book can entertain both and share a special time together.

Smith "Taaa! Louis, MO This review is from: Sharks! All of the books by this author are amazing. They all give a general background of the animal and interesting facts about them. The best part is that they have usually 3 videos that you can click on and watch right there! These are great education tools and I think they are great for children I read and watch them too! If you're looking for a fun way for your child to learn about animals, these books are the way to go. You can sign up to receive emails from the author about promotional days that the books are free on amazon.

But I think these books are definitely worth the price. There is even a "True or False" section at the end of the book to bolster learning and boost the fun Why not try some yourself? True or False? Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. Mars is also called the blue planet. Mars was named after the Roman god of war. Mars is bigger than Earth.

The Solar System Song

One day on Mars is almost the same length as a day on Earth. A typical year on Mars lasts for almost two Earth years.

Eight Great Books About Mars

Mars has no ozone layer. The dust storms on Mars can cover the entire planet. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 56 pages. The air is times thinner than on Earth, and mostly made up of carbon dioxide.

Human explorers will have to wear oxygen masks and special suits every time they step outside their sealed homes. Violent storms can whip up clouds of dust. Sometimes these spread rapidly around the entire planet, hiding the surface from view.