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In a mystical nature-religious concept, personal themes of true life beyond death are treated. Unbreakable 2. Seven 3. Outrage 4. Blind 5. Judged 6. Steadfast 7. Imperium Frontman Rueban says, "The album is loosely based around the biblical character; Samson. Samson was depicted as the epitome of strength in the bible. Though, we might not be like Samson, we, as individuals have unique strengths that we can use. No matter who you are, what age group you belong, or what the status of your life may be, you have a gift that you can use. The pain only gets stronger when we refuse to learn a lesson.

The album music shows you how to gather yourself and be stronger than you have ever been, based on everyday life experiences. Januari

Caught on tape, this is the complete and honest performance of their setlist, which they had the chance to unleash live at Party. This production brings 6 tracks full of furious atmospheres and chaotic structures direct to the medulla. Includes booklet of 20 color sheets plus a postcard of each group. The band recorded 3 demos and three full length album and split up late Tim Kelly and Rick Skowron later joined the band.

Atrophy toured the U. The booklet also contains many rare pictures. The album is completely remastered by Max Morton and Randy Meinhard at Morton Studios and contains one exclusive bonus track. Facts: Long anti-spotify-intro great percussions on the whole album Feat.

Additional information on the album will be revealed in the coming weeks. We in VINTERSEA are incredibly excited for all of the doors that this partnership will open for us, and endlessly grateful for the worldwide fans that we will be able to reach. At the beginning of , Lengua Armada Rec. Maybe, some of the atoms in your body once belonged to Einstein, Galileo or the Buddha. What we are inhaling the trees are exhaling and what the trees are inhaling we are exhaling.

Everything is interconnected. The Kosmos is within us. We are the Kosmos. Chine anno is completed by bass player Tommy Erichson, guitarist Jokke Petterson ex. Kayser and singer Tintin Andersen ex Pray for Locust. Chine recently released their new EP 'Like Vultures' and are now sounding better than ever. Together with two brand new video productions, Chine are ready to take the next step and show the world their groove based and gloomy death metal together with a spectacular live performance with explosive stage presence.

Total Fecall pushes the boundaries of the extreme both musically and lyrically, and is easily one of the most offensive releases of Beauty And The Yeast 2. Waffle Stomp 4. Fifty Shades Of Brown 5. The Prolapse Is Out There 6. A Tale Of Two Titties 7. Crouching Pink Hidden Stink 8. Nostre-Anus 9. Yukon Cornhole More Tits Than Teeth Total Fecall The upcoming eleven tracks and the whole running-time of over 50 minutes will lead you into a more intense and darker direction than we did with our previous albums.

Hello my Metallic Fiends, I have two fun releases for you to sink your teeth into! With the entire line-up in tact from their debut, the band are maturing into a formative beast.

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The heavy moments are heavier, the melodic bits more refined, and while at times they lean toward technical, the band never get carried away and keep the focus in the songwriting. Rob Molzan's Decrepit Ross Dolan-like delivery never ceases to amaze and the stories he weaves are always captivating. The songs are definitely heavier and there is less instrumentation happening this time around.

You will not find the band's trademark horn section that reminded me of John Zorn's Naked City at times - it has all been replaced with more good ol' grinding. The influences that shine here definitely stem from the bands love of Discordance Axis, Human Remains, Nasum, and dare I say Anal Cunt lyrically at least.

Eve Dallas 22 Stirb Schätzchen Hörbuch 2

This is a fun one- enjoy! Having written a distinct 8 tracks by mid summer, and with the expressed aesthetic to have a single fretless guitar accompanied by fretless bass, they enlisted Theo Galetka Climi to perform drums in their soon to be quartet. After only a handful of rehearsals, Wishfield instrumentally recorded their full length debut entirely live at Andy's home studio, and without the aid of a metronome, such to create a recording space with not only no reference of time, but also no pitch-based reference point in light of the fretless instruments.

From this point, Mariah Timm Mariah Mercedes and the Bendz was asked to front vocals over the live recordings, leading the group to reconvene at Andy's home studio some months later to write and record the vocals in the span of about 20 hours, thus completing production on Wishfield's self-titled debut release.

Wishfield plans to promote their release in the coming summer of , playing shows in their home city of Minneapolis, MN, and to begin the process of composing new material that further explores this balance between live improvisation, shoegaze, and atmospheric black metal. After recording the first few songs, I got a strange phone call in the middle of the night that turned out to be from Tony Brummel of Victory Records. I thought it was a prank call; it turned out not to be, and I worked out record deals with Victory and Arising Empire in Europe.

One of the many things that make me happy about signing with Victory and Arising Empire is that they are genuinely fans of my music and know the history; they are not just labels trying to make money off us or the genre. The new music is the real deal and I know fans of aggressive music will love it. I hope these songs bring the old school and the new school together - bonded by the music we love.

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Digital tracks are available now on all streaming platforms. This powerful combination results in a fierce blend of aggression and ferocity, with mythical themes and nihilistic contemplations about humankind in the lyrics. Dwelling into the depths of ages, 'Heresy' takes you into a musical journey through different myths, philosophies and religious beliefs, to show the marrow of humanity's true nature and its place in this world. If someone digs the infernal and raw energy of the hungarian Tormentor, than here is the best chance to add a new act - yet in many ways similar hungarian madness - to the playlist which comes from the fields of modern metal.

This was our main goal, to achieve such ferocity. This is Needless, this is what the folks will get from our debut 'Heresy'. Rock of Angels Records, physisch und digital weltweit am 9. August Doyle, C. Jones, G. Doyle, W. Esmonde und J. Townshend geschrieben wurden Alle Songtexte von W. Destroyer a. Currently the EP is available digitally and a short run CD will be available very soon at their Bandcamp page.

This one represents the band in dark times. The songs follow the same style of "Uphill Battle" while providing more of a raw energy aided by the production. BARADJ is a musical band from Kazan Tatarstan, Russian Federation , which offers bulgar folk-metal tatar ethnic metal and can be seen as true pioneers of post-folk-metal. Today, the band is streaming three tracks taken off from their upcoming sophomore album "HUNNAR", which is set to be released on June 19th.

If you feeling bad. You can always try to turn your bad feelings into creativity and make something good out of it. Children Like A Blood Red Rose The Execution Of The Narcissist Eclipse Of Tomorrow Breeder Of The Dead 2. Horrid Ascension 3. Crawl And Slither 4. Dead Reign Rotting 5.

Maggotman 6. Time Heals Only Flesh 7. Cauterized And Lobotomized 8. A Night To Dismember 9. With a cutting wind always in your face, bringing tears to your eyes, you'll reach a place where the path finally peters out to nothing. There is no light but the stars and the horizon is as empty and distant as it was many cold miles ago. The only discernible features of this desolate landscape are the gnarled, stunted, wind sculpted trees that skulk like warped spiders, poised to attack when you turn your back.

It's a place with no name but loneliness, where all the sorrows in the world gather to cry their laments to the endless sky; and the sound of their song is the sound of Consecration Blending the decaying grandeur of epic doom, with the visceral power of primal death and the taste of memories so sharply poignant they draw blood and tears in equal measure, Consecration have summoned into being Fragilium - a towering album that stands like a pitch black monolith against the night sky, casting shadows so deep they swallow the darkness.

The currents of aching melancholy that sweep through these songs are so deeply powerful that they threaten to consume the unwary listener. The guitar melodies sing like sirens to the lost while the obsidian riffs devastate all that stand in the path of their inexorable, measured progress. Mastered to perfection by Markus Stock of The Vision Bleak and Empyrium, whose deft touch has polished the twilight sounds of Ahab, Winterfylleth and Secrets Of The Moon, Fragilium walks paths of unprecedented musical and emotional depth.

Respected guardians of doom, Solitude Productions, whose hallowed halls also provide shelter to the brooding mourners of HellLight, Ea and Doomed, will draw back the veil and reveal this masterpiece of misery on June 28th, bringing black clouds to the summer skies. While debut album Ephemerality and recent gargantuan compilation Remembrance offered glimpses of the potent power of Consecration, nothing could adequately prepare you for the soul crushing magic of Fragilium Then in the beginning of , somewhere in Lithuania, the horned entity calling himself simply as Hoofstomper ordered a few stray sinful souls names and former lives of those souls are not important to start creating music to gather more sinners under his wing.

In this chapter, Hoofstomper meets a lonely runaway, running for his life, when he encounters a mysterious figure which offers him a shady deal to survive The story now continues. With this album, Tormentor Bestial are not looking to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they have worked with all the elements from bands that have influenced father and son while growing up and made their own music world around it. The band's third album, Threat To Society is everything you can long for as a Bay Area-thrash fan: aggressive shouting, sawing riffs, a booming bass and driving drums.

Was kostet Amerika? Hope Eva Habermann Eine spannende Geschichte mit dramatischen Rennszenen inmitten eisiger Winterlandschaften. Erotikfilm; USA Psychothriller; GB Kriegsfilm; Romantic Comedy; Sportfilm; USA Actionfilm; HK Thomas Fritsch Juni — der Tod des Benno Ohnesorg Erotikfilm; S Katastrophenfilm; USA Romantic Comedy. Juni Seite 53 Sci-Fi; CDN Actionthriller; Agentenfilm; Golf Tag in Zandvoort Niederlande Abenteuer; GB Fantasyfilm; Thriller; D, USA Eine zeitlose Liebe. Hunde Geniale Rezepte gegen Fernweh Jahr Zeichentrick FSK Seite 51 Seite 54 Actionfilm; E TV Movie; CS Mafiafilm Wie Drogen wirklich wirken.

Der Blick in die Sterne Nofretete — Tod einer Herrscherin Live Golf Action; USA Kriegsfilm; USA Bruno Eyron Amtszeit Kinderfilm Crime; USA Thriller; AUS Kriegsdrama; USA Romanze; Spieltag Tag in Turin Italien Dokumentation; USA Horrorfilm; CDN Mystery; Wenn dir eine Stunde bleibt OP-Marathon am Gehirn.

Christian Wolff Formel 1 Grosser Preis von Singapur Freies Training in Singapur Freies Training in Singapur Golf. SciFi; CDN Mysterythriller; USA Actionfilm; F, USA Based-on; Live Fussball Raiffeisen Super League Die Jagd beginnt. Eva-Maria Grein Thriller; D Fantasyfilm; CDN Spielfilm; USA TV Movie; D Pascal Breuer Fussball Raiffeisen Super League Geschichtsfilm; Pest in New York. D Simone Hanselmann Simpson Biografie; USA Musical Bakterien im Herzen.

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Hauptrunde, Mittwoch Love Story; USA Tag in St. Andrews, Kingsbarns. Pol Dimension Italowestern; E, I Drama; GB Western; E, USA Adaptation; Gefangen im Eis. Jaguar gegen Anakonda Der Riesenbagger Carin C. Tietze Katastrophenfilm; Agentenfilm Wie das Universum entstand Western Es ist Zeit laut aufzudrehen! Weitere Infos siehe www. Zuzahlung: CHF Die urBeats by dr. Einsendeschluss ist der Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Stand Februar Animal Planet: Sitz, Platz, Aus! Nach Mr. Hart Sean Connery kam Mr. Gratwanderung nun nahezu perfekt.

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Australia George Lazenby , Mr. Shakespeare Timothy Dalton , Darsteller. September in Glattbrugg!

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Einsendeschluss: Jeff lebt noch zu Hause — weiter hat er es in sei- sich doch nicht so richtig aus der Deckung, nem Leben bisher nicht geschafft. Zwi- von der Arbeit nach Hause kommt. Der Erstling war eine Fortsetzung bloss eine Frage der Zeit. The Watch — Nachbarn der 3.

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Besonders auf den Aktivisten Fran- und G. Mit dem Wissen, dass Carlos jederzeit durch- der um Hilfe.

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