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John Doyle and Mick McAuley teamed up originally with the Irish super group Solas, and while they are now pursuing solo careers, tonight they join forces again. Anna Nalick's new album "At Now" paint an authentic portrait of the songwriter's development since she debuted with her first hit single"Breathe 2AM " a decade ago. Leader of Rory Gallagher tribute Band of Friends. The Growlers have forged their own twisted path on the global music scene; a party band that grew into a traveling circus playing music they call Beach Goth.

Psychedelic soul from Austin. The Wanda Houston Band, feat. The High Kings are charting a new course for Irish ballad music — equal parts rousing and reflective, energetic and insightful.

Part six: Life and death

Ottmar Liebert initially described his music as "Nouveau Flamenco. A timeless voice outlasts eras Haley Reinhart brandishes such a voice.

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The expansive scope of her range comes into full focus on her fourth album Lo-Fi Soul. This piece New Jersey-based powerhouse has set out to re-create everything about Bob Seger and his music right down to the smallest detail.

Commencement 2019: May 26, 2019

Singing Jazz Standards as well as songs from Motown and Broadway. Rescheduled Date! Elsewhere, Mija relied on long, satisfying synth arpeggios, brute-force vocal loops and distorted, insistent basslines.

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Usually an electronic artist working within the confines of an hour-long set moves abruptly from peak to peak, packing in as many climaxes as possible, but Mija maintained the pacing of a club setting, knitting her selections together with winning patience. Bonnaroo attendees looking to stand out in the crowd — or just have an easy beacon for their friends to find them — brandished sticks topped by eye-catching items like flags, heads and scrawled-on signs.

Wearing flip-flops in porta-potties; mixing wine, liquor and other things ; choosing to watch Bassnectar… the list goes on. The between-song breaks made for a choppy show, but they proved that Carti has perfected the art of inciting crowd mayhem: He barely rapped at all during his performance, and it barely mattered.

Bonnaroo 31 Best Things We Saw – Rolling Stone

It probably helped that Carti was the only young rapper on the Bonnaroo bill with a recent Top 40 hit. Located in the far reaches of the lot, this all-night, ambient anti-rave is where tired heads can melt into rectangular bean-bag chairs, stare at trippy patterns projected on the ceiling and meditate to body-buzzing deep-dub audio hallucinations courtesy of outsider DJs like Nanny Cantaloupe and Jimmy Tamborello. Two years ago, Reggie Williams was in the Bonnaroo crowd, watching Miguel and getting inspired to go full-throttle on his own musical dreams.

Thursday night, he commanded That Tent as R. But their Saturday late-afternoon set at This Tent called bullshit on such claims, with the trio proving to be both versatile musicians and confident entertainers. It was a lot of butts at one time. Rodgers and Chic are most certainly among the latter.

Mariah Copeland

Last year, Paramore put out After Laughter , a candy-dipped chronicle of depression and anxiety that used highlife guitars and high-gloss synths as a glare-inducing contrast to downcast lyrics. Early-afternoon slots at Bonnaroo are notoriously tough. The shade under That Tent provided little respite from the oppressive heat by midafternoon Saturday, when on-the-rise country songwriter Tyler Childers took the stage. Nodding to at least one inspiration for the verve and gusto of their live show, the band called up Nashville up-and-comer R.

But festivals like Bonnaroo serve as a nurturing environment for these acts, where fans greet each horn section and James Brown-like scream with glee.

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Shorty is an indefatigable frontman, alternating between vocals, tambourine, trombone and trumpet, and the sound of his band, Orleans Avenue, comes from the muscular wing of funk-rock, full of florid guitar solos and tightly choreographed dancing by the two saxophonists and bass player. Sometimes the horns served as a combustion agent — at one point, Trombone Shorty held a trumpet trill for well over a minute, fingers flying furiously as the crowd egged him on.


But this SuperJam had a more straightforward goal: Eliciting sing-alongs. Music festivals can suck up a lot of energy — the planetary kind, that is. Rob Loud. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Pooneh Ghana for RollingStone.