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Four dancers burst in, a storm in both its physical form and its mental equivalent.

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Two of the three friends are affected. The result is often exhilarating physical dancing, which his company perform with tremendous gusto and technical ability. With the floor a constant reference point, there is much whirling and swirling and turning, representing both the wind and mental turmoil; cartwheels and legs high up in the air for the upside down world caused by storms and mental illness; the electronic soundtrack crashing and thumping and occasionally overlaying guitar plangent riffs reminiscent of s concept rock.

Think Brian May or David Gilmour.

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As the woman affected by mental illness Sarah Jane Taylor is particularly effective, her face marked by a frown of incomprehension as, her right arm taken by a violent tremor, she looses control of her body and her mind. Norikasu Aoki uses the floor to great effect to denote his deepening depression; as the friend who accompanies them in their voyage back to health, Ihsaan De Banya a veteran of the Richard Alston Dance Company is suitably caring, particularly in the very physical duets.

The dancing is spectacular enough, but there is no narrative arc, no development to involve the audience and take them on a journey. Once the storm takes over, nothing evolves, and the same images recur time and time again. Part 2 after the interval is just more of the same, leading to an intriguing denouement that involves the protagonists seemingly restored to health after being showered with ticker tape.

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“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.”

The Ocean. The Hip Hop Evolution.

The Ugly Duckling. The Winter. The Savanna. The West. The Valentines.

Dream of Sky. The Halloween. The Halloween Puzzle. File:The Exodus. The Alone - Alan Walker. The Plains. File:Dream of Sky color.

Break Dance Battle of the Year 2003 - Storm [Popping]

The Desert. The Alley. The Spring. The End - Theo The Mountains. The Easter. The Maze.