Guide Taming the Techno-Beast, Helping You Understand and Navigate Your Childs Electronic World

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It is secular, so you may want to combine it with some Biblical teaching about purity, but that alone often misses the practical which is so necessary today. Not sure if you are also looking for a resource for parents or a software app. If you are looking for a book resource, you might want to check out a new book from our own Jonathon Smith from Faith Ministries in Lafayette, IN. The book will be available October 1 … and he told me he will have copies at the National Conference in two weeks. Some good resources mentioned in the posts. It is however important to think beyond running filters, and remind children and us about digital citizenship and how our online postings become our body of work, ie, online resume.

We have to go beyond only avoiding bad behavior, and move to promoting good behavior and postings. Since , I've worked from home in web design and development, branding and consulting, freelance writing, ghost blogging, and blog content management. What a great post! I really enjoyed reading this post. We are not a homeschooling family, but we do struggle to find a happy medium between family and technology.

My husband and I have been talking about buying several acres and just putting a house smack dab in the middle of it. It is starting to appeal to us more and more…. Great job on this post! It is truly a word of encouragement for all parents. With having six kids, the technology struggle is something we deal with often. But it is vital for our healthy family unit to have it under control, rather than technology controlling us.

As a teacher and now elementary teacher librarian I have seen rising behavior problems and the shrinking attention span of our students which I know is from too much tech. They tell us teachers to teach more creatively and in short bursts. I guess thats because jobs are only interesting and done in five minute increments.

I am a techno my self but grew up with parents who included me in the family routine and didnt revolve it around me the child. We worked in the garden, helped build and clean and prune and whatever else needed to be done around the house. I watched dad fix and mom cook and both scrimp to give us adventures in the outdoors.

I was limited in my tv time and pushed outdoors to explore. I dont think it is any more dangerous out of doors for kids and if anything its less.

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I just spent two weeks in a cabin on a lake in Canada where ther was limited internet and cable tv. We did watch it. We listend to the morning weather on the weather radio, and then turned on the ipods to play our fav music before spending 6- 8 hours a day fishing, boating, and being out doors.

Students I see today are mostly grown, like weeds grow or seeds tossed helter skelter with no nurturing. Many students I encounter are used to commands from parents do this, go watch, be quiet no conversation, babysitters like video games and tv. Ive seen them outside walking with a phone playing a game instead of learning their enviornment.

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So Raise your kids dont grow them and the tech should be guided and fit in when its appropriate and not taught as the be all end all. Loved the post! May I respectly suggest this book to the readers of this blog post. However, I would say my husband and I are addicted to technology. We drove to Pittsburgh yesterday and we both checked our email and favourite websites along the way and while we were out for lunch.

We wake up and get our iPhones to check the news, facebook and email all before climbing out of bed. Last night I played on the X-box long after I should have been in bed, because it was relaxing.

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Every time we have the conversation, we both drop our gadgets like their hot potatoes. And yet, we keep going back for more. Nevermind our yet to be born children, we need to limit our own access to technology — this article reinforces that belief to me. Jeff, great insights on the issues with technology in the home. These are good touchpoints for all parents dealing with the insidious nature of electronics in our lives today! There are days when Plum Creek looks better and better. However, I do love my own technology. My kids live without it still, for the most part, but as they grow older, that is certain to change.

This is a great post and it is something my husband and I talk about often. It is stunning how a few hours of video games or movie watching changes behaviors so dramatically. Thank you for this post. I tried my might to hold off as long as possible, but alas, the Facebook won.

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I feel that is my job as a parent. As with all things new she wants to spend as much time as possible on it.

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Parents are all to often absent from their childrens lives and have no idea what is going on with them. It makes me sad. Thanks for this insight. Of course there are many opportunities for abuse, but with direct parental involvement, technology helps a great deal. In our home, we have frequent family meetings to discuss, among many other things, the world of electronics and how we use them in our family. In our household, we use the technology to benefit us, but it does not use us. We have other safeguards set up too, but mainly communicating with our children and setting up guidelines for our home works for us.

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Electronic gaming and such is for break times and not and end to itself. The techological world changes rapidly and it can be hard to keep up, but well worth it.

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  6. I find texting to be a great tool. So many games can be played as a family. The opportunties to gain information to answer questions is readily available. One thing I did find amusing was how very different your styles must be. Her posts are peppered with pictures where yours was very straight forward. Is having your laptop physcially attached to your hip a bad thing??

    Our youngest has never been all that interested in TV or the computer but our oldest could literally sit in front of a TV or computer all day. As a result, we have to be very careful about regulating his time. I totally agree with your comment.

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    This battle won't be slowing down anytime soon, so this is a book parents need to read. With a lot of Christian books like this I usually walk away feeling lousy about myself and like an impossible standard has been set by the author. But Todd's attitude on things is approachable and doable. Highly recommended. Todd Wilson approaches the subject of technology's invasion into our homes directly without calling for a rebellion against anything with a microprocessor. Although written in , Taming the Techno-Beast is still relevant in today's tech scene despite changes in social networks and gadgets.

    The illustrations and advice offered in this book are just as applicable to the reader today as they were were three years ago. It's a quick read. No beating around the bush. Todd gets straight to the point. Good, thought provoking look at technology today and how it can affect us--our kids-- others Godly, Biblical Approach