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As part of this role, Michael oversaw safety, equipment, driver capacity, non-driver staffing, sales, pricing, customer service, and overall operational execution.

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Prior to Roehl, Michael spent nearly 20 years in various roles at Schneider National. See all comments. Many executives fear social media because of the damage an irate poster can inflict. But if handled properly, even bad posts can be a good thing for your fleet. Part of a three-part series on how fleets can use Facebook to recruit and retain drivers. Lee Iacocca, who led Chrysler out of near bankruptcy by introducing the K-car platform, has died. The automotive icon, 94, died of natural causes. The global telematics market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate CAGR of Steve has over 20 years of The Germany-based global truck builder slipped below its opening share price soon after being listed on the Frankfurt exchange.

Choosing the correct tyres also impacts on fuel consumption rates as does the speed at which the trucks are driven. In this regard, he has installed the latest telematics and mobile app technology which enables drivers and management to easily track fuel consumption by individual vehicles on a daily basis.

This information, along with the fuel efficiency reward scheme introduced by the company, has dramatically helped influence driver behaviour. We understand that we are working with, and not for, our customers. Our motto is to never to say NO to our customers. Often in business, it is not so much what you do but how you do it that counts" explains Michael.

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However, responding to this crisis made us a much more efficient company," insists Michael. As a direct result of the measures the company introduced during the downturn, the business is now 20pc more efficient than it was back in At only 39 years of age, Michael is full of ambition. While the transport sector continues to be a challenging business, he sees no shortage of opportunities.

He also wants to continue to focus on growing the company's share of the pharma transport sector and is planning to build a new 40, sq. Not content to stop there, he even has plans to open a new depot in the UK in the near future. Michael Dixon started out as a driver. Today however, instead of driving trucks, he is driving a successful and forward looking business. Over the years, he has shown great courage and foresight in addressing the needs of an ever changing transport sector.

He has done this in the face of increased competition, rising fuel costs and ever more stringent regulations. Instead of surrendering to these challenges, he has become even more innovative and has shown immense resolve in his determination to grow the business. As he and his team of over staff look for more and more opportunities to grow, they understand fully that, at the heart of such growth, will be their willingness to continue to serve the needs of their customers.

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It might seem obvious but many people in business overlook the simple things in pursuit of profit and expansion. You always have to look after your clients and staff no matter how big the business gets. Business is all about people.

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Surround yourself with quality staff who are capable of, and committed to, bringing the company forward with you. Invest in getting the best from your team and that way, you will attract and retain the best staff. Structure in business is important. It becomes even more important as your business grows. Structure ensures that people on your team are in roles that play to their individual strengths and that there is an efficient flow of information within and between the various functions of the business.

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Ellie Donnelly Against the Euro, the pound was on track for a 10th consecutive week of losses on Wednesday. At one point it was 90 pence to one Euro. In it for long haul - haulage company keeps on trucking Michael Dixon shares what it takes to run one of Ireland's most successful freight companies Sean Gallagher with Michael Dixon. Like most companies, Michael experienced a dramatic fall in revenues in and For more information about this company, check out their website: www.

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Surround yourself with the right people: Business is all about people. Structure your business: Structure in business is important.

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Irish Exports Association 'extremely concerned' as pound set for tenth consecutive week of Also in Business. Irish Exports Association 'extremely concerned' as pound set for tenth Against the Euro, the pound was on track for a 10th Retrofitting homes could 'provide significant bundles of work' amid fears up to Marts Report: Only low supply saving marts from meltdown Twelve months ago, we were in the middle of the longest dry spell in living Margaret Donnelly: Surplus of unwanted calves is a potential PR nightmare for our dairy