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It is more than a simple alphabet book, going into detail about lanterns, chopsticks, panda bears and so much more. What I love about these books is that younger children can be shown the pictures and given an easy to digest synopsis of the text, while older children can read the whole book. The illustrations by Zong-Zhou Wang will make the most reluctant traveler want to get on a plane to China, they are simply spectacular! Yes I said gas station. I ran in for some Diet Coke and came out with an alphabet book!

This book is amazing, bright, beautiful and even though I bought it for my daughter since its bright colors and sturdy pages are perfect for a baby, my almost 4 year old son adores it. What I love is when he reads it to her. The native art is gorgeous and if you are unfamiliar with North West coast art you are in for a treat.

A Was an Apple Pie by Eitienne Deslessert takes the classic nursery rhyme and adds odd dinosaurish aardvarky creatures to it. I personally thought the creatures were odd to the point of distraction but my son gobbled up this book and loved the creatures.

I really like the text because of how it uses both all the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet easily. Firefighters A to Z by Chris L. Demarest is an alphabet book that teaches about fire safety and the danger firefighters face every time the alarm sounds. My son is fascinated with firefighters right now, he loves to dress up as one at preschool and we often take the long way home to swing past the station and see if the engines are in.


Demarest is a great book for any cowboy enthusiast. From Buckaroo to Tumbleweed, Guitar to Lasso this book takes readers through some common and some not so common cowboys terms and accessories. Wonderful paintings of fruits and vegetables seem ultra simple and it is but somehow the way the author has pieced this simple book together is brilliant. From a teaching standpoint I love that there are both upper and lower case letters on each page. This book will grow with your child, and beware it will also make you hungry.

Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming is a wonderful example of what an alphabet book should be. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning their first letters, the text is short , the letters are front and center and the illustrations are fun and interesting.

My son loves this book, I grabbed it at the library after remembering how much my Pre-K class loved it too. Many alphabet books are too long to read entirety at circle time or in one shot with a toddler. This is the exception to that rule. My son will sit through this book every time we read it. His love of this book was really a jumping off point for his love of letters in general. I wish I could say I taught him his letters but really reading this one particular book over and over at his request probably did the trick. Each page calls out the letter and then offers an animal type starting with the same letter.

I love the use of alliteration, giving descriptions of the animals using the same letter the animals starts with: C, cozy cobra curled up in a comfy chair. Unlike Dr. A fun read for kids to help reinforce the letters of the alphabet as well as letter sounds repeating words that make the same sound.

Readers follow along with a little bunny all the way from a to z! The rhyming text is bouncy and my son was fully engaged. I love the language used like the words dash, gale and jaunty. Good books are good books no matter when they were written, and readers will always love them, I loved this book. Alphabet Soup by Scott Gustafson is a treat! I read a lot of alphabet books and this one stands out for so many reasons. Otter is hosting a potluck and his animal friends are all bringing something to share.

Each page is devoted to an animal with a coordinating food item and more. Each page is dedicated to one large photo and a animal, plant or other part of North West nature. My son was reluctant at first wanting to read a Star Wars chapter book but only a page or two in he was asking not to skip any of the text and we were discussing the information about the sea animals. Many of the letters represent sea animals like sea stars, urchins and of course orcas.

That is what I love about books like this you can adapt them so easily to your audience. T is for Touchdown: A Football Alphabet by Brad Herzog is a beautiful book that will delight even those of us who are never happy to see football season start. I admit even being an anti fan this book was fun and really full of information that a football scrooge like myself can appreciate. Like most alphabet books it devotes a page to each letter with vibrant illustrations. Not everything in this book is by any means unique to the United States but many are.

20+ books about dinosaurs for kids

I specifically appreciated the I for Immigrants page, both from a historical and personal perspective, my son loved the J for Jazz and we both loved all the whimsical illustrations. There are a lot of learning opportunities for all ages. The subjects that really stood out for me for further learning were U for Underground Railroad and V for Valley Forge. Alphabet City by Stephen Johnson is a fascinating take on an alphabet book.

The alphabet is found in different places in the city, like a fire escape, and the rose window of a church.

Children love trying to find the letters and adults will too! Awesome , amazing and definitely worth checking out.

The sarcastic bits will keep parents giggling too! The bold bright colors kept my daughter who is 10 months old wide eyed the whole time and the playful way Suse MacDonald adapted the text had my son listening from A-Z as well. It was incredibly fun to read allowed tongue tying me at times which resulted in us all giggling hysterically in a heap. A book that can do that is a must have in my opinion. The Alphabet Tree is a stunning book. The book is all about letters that come together to make words and then after a caterpillar informs them that they need to say something they join together to make sentences.

Up to this point the book is a brilliant teaching tool , but for me the best part is yet to come. A fantastic activity to do with your child after reading this would be to ask them what they would write to the President? For younger children using letters on leaves you could spell out easy three letter words like they do early on in the story.

All in all a brilliant book. A must have for all bookshelves. Many alphabet books are great tools but this one not only entertains it never gets old. Its text is musical , its premise is brilliant in its simplicity and kids love it. Flip flop flee. When I saw it at the library I grabbed it and so glad I did. I liked the details in the illustrations even if the sometimes gross humor was not my favorite, but kids will love it. The photographs of other babies will keep your little one interested and you will be surprised how soon they will anticipate the next page, I know I was.

Sadly our copy is now flying the friendly skies , we took it on a flight with us and forgot it on the plane. Hopefully someone with a baby finds it. All Aboard! For example the letter O is overpass with loops of road and hidden in it is an O. Some letters were easy to find some were hilariously hard. We read this to my son tonight at bedtime and while we stared at the letter H highway picture debating where the h was, he fell asleep between us in his bed.

Dinosaur A to Z by Roger Priddy

This is a great alphabet book for families with children just learning and those who have mastered the alphabet. Oh and the debate was settled , we were both wrong. The final page highlights the letter in each picture in a compilation of the whole alphabet. Each page has two items for each letter and that was the perfect amount to point out with my daughter who is 20 months. The book is simple enough, each page is devoted to a letter like most alphabet books, and on those pages are objects that start with the letter.

There are cheeky bits of dry humor throughout as a fly shows up on pages after F and my son liked the S page with a sack of stars and snow for Santa. All in all a little different but not ground breaking. I loved it because for each letter there are 4 usually very cropped pieces of paintings, showing only that part that fits the subject of each letter. Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton. This book is a great introduction to dinosaurs for toddlers and preschoolers. With very simple text and plain illustrations, young kids will learn basic facts about dinosaurs and be introduced to some of the various types of dinosaurs that existed long, long ago.

The illustrations are silly, the text rhymes, and the book is a delightful read for kids ages This book invites kids ages to imagine all the wonderful things a dinosaur could be useful for. Things like opening cans, mashing potatoes, plowing snow, shredding paper, or scaring off burglars. Of course, the book also discusses some things dinosaurs would NOT be good at, like carrying a picnic basket, pushing a grocery card, holding a popcorn bowl, or just about any other task involving food — since the dinosaur would always eat it!

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? This book is a bedtime favorite due to the wonderful illustrations and preposterous behavior of the dinosaurs who are supposed to be going to bed. But are dinosaurs really so ill behaved? Perhaps not all is as it seems. Dinosaurs lovers will note that each page features a different dinosaur, and the type of dinosaur can be discovered in the illustrations. Tea Rex by Molly Idle.


In this adorable story, a young girl has invited a tyrannosaurus rex to a tea party with her and another friend. The interplay between the matter-of-fact text describing how to host a good tea party juxtaposed next to the hilarious illustrations of dinosaur behavior at the tea party makes this book a delightful read that will get a chuckle out of kids and adults alike.

Kids ages will particularly enjoy this book. This book reads like a how-to manual for owning a dinosaur. Dino-loving kids ages will get a big kick out this funny book. Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Stickland. This is a great rhyming and counting book for toddlers featuring some terrible dinosaurs who push, shove, play tricks, get tangled up, and more! Brontorina by James Howe. Madame Lucille is skeptical at first, but she agrees to accept Brontorina in her ballet class.

As it turns out, Brontorina proves to be quite an excellent ballerina. However, she is so big that she barely fits in the classroom, causing problems for the other students. Eventually, Madame Lucille tells Brontorina she must go. At that moment, Madame Lucille realizes that the problem is not that Brontorina is too big; rather, the problem is that the studio is too small.

The story and its wonderful message will be enjoyed most by kids ages Rory is a young dinosaur who decides to go on an adventure one day while his dad is napping. Along the way, he encounters a number of challenges. Rory believes he is facing each challenge alone, but unbeknownst to him he has a special someone watching out for him and keeping him safe.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems. This story is a very creative take on the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. This version has a layer of humor that will be greatly enjoyed by adults, but that may be lost to the children in the target age range of year olds. That is because this version slightly mocks aspects of the original version that would never occur in real life, like a family each having their porridge at a different temperature, or a young girl wandering alone in the woods with no supervision.

The book also employs some minor sarcasm that will go right over the heads of many kids. In this book based on the style of Dr. This is a fun book for kids ages Dinosaurs have been extinct for thousands of years. But what would happen if the dinosaurs came back? For example, dinosaurs could carry people to work and back. Dinosaurs would guard homes and scare away robbers.

Dinosaurs could help build big skyscrapers. Dinosaurs could push away the rain clouds so the sun would always shine. And dinosaurs would make great pets for people who love dinosaurs. For ages Gus, the Dinosaur Bus by Julia Liu. Gus is a dinosaur bus who takes kids to and from school each day.

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