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Amara was able to run away thanks to a few bits of luck. The first was that before her household colleague in Dubai was sent home, she gave Amara her tablet computer and instructed her to hide it.


The gamble paid off. Her final stroke of good fortune was that she knew one person in the UK, an old friend from her home country who was working as an undocumented domestic worker in London and whom she contacted on Facebook. A few months after leaving, she managed to get in touch with the maid who had worked with her in Ascot. She was surprised to hear from Amara, because she had been told by Madam that she was in prison. That woman is still working for the family in Dubai. For over two years, Amara managed to scrape a living in London.

As cleaning work was poorly paid and the hours unpredictable, she taught herself cake-making and sugarcraft by watching YouTube videos and began supplementing her income by selling cakes. Now that she is able to, she calls her husband and children daily and although, at ten, her youngest is too old for lullabies, Amara sings to her every night before she goes to bed.

In her absence, her husband and her in-laws have been raising her children. She has not seen them since they waved goodbye to her at the airport, three and a half years ago. Her family had no idea how dearly Amara paid for these monthly remittances. To avoid upsetting or worrying them, she has never told them that she was abused, that she ran away from her employer, or that she is now undocumented. But a few weeks before we met, a shock event toppled her precarious new equilibrium.

The boarding house in which her rescuer and friend was living was raided by the UK Border Agency, and her closest confidante was deported. Heartbroken and shaken, Amara realised she needed to address her legal status before she suffered the same misfortune. Domestic workers are often hidden in plain sight.

One woman rushed to change out of her uniform, having just finished an early-morning shift, and the others began stretching to upbeat pop music. Then I found you, a group of hope. J4DW was founded in and is run by domestic workers, many of whom spend their only day off volunteering for the group. It is lobbying the government to change British visa regulations and offers its membership of more than 1, workers a range of support services, pointing them towards legal advice, providing courses in IT, English and employment rights, and occasionally organising rescue missions for those held captive by abusive employers.

Even for those who are treated well by their employers, life is tough. Even so, the atmosphere at the meetings is warm, friendly and stubbornly optimistic. Amara first visited J4DW days after her friend was deported. Sarah, a Filipina, was staying temporarily with Begonia, having been rescued by a group of J4DW members from a house in Kensington, central London, a few weeks earlier.

She is 36 years old but looks and sounds much younger, with a high, hesitant voice and a permanent uncertain smile.

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She had no winter clothes and because her employers rarely provided her with food, she subsisted mainly on coffee and the occasional biscuit. Despite her ordeal, Sarah believed that she was unlikely to be recognised as a victim of trafficking and did not want to be referred to the NRM in case her claim was rejected and she was deported.

Her six-month visa would expire in two months, but she did not feel she could go back to the Philippines yet. She still needed to save enough capital for her siblings to start their own small business and for their children to go to college. As she saw it, her only option was to work in the UK illegally. After Sarah left for her interview, Begonia sighed and told me that she was unlikely to heed her advice.

She thought that Sarah, like many other ODWs, would be desperate to accept any work offered, and employers often realise that undocumented workers are unlikely to complain if they are exploited. Begonia was right. She would have Sundays off, but would not receive holiday pay. A large number are from the Philippines, but some are from other countries in south-east Asia, or sub-Saharan Africa. Some have been in the UK for years and now have British citizenship; others are working illegally.

Many have harrowing stories to tell of abuse and ill-treatment, and although the details vary they are linked by a common thread: every woman had torn herself away from her loved ones in the hope of giving them a better life, and no amount of hardship had persuaded them to abandon that goal. Begonia was no exception. She was exhausted. Sundays were her only full day off, and because her employers had a new baby she had started working hour days. She would normally have contested this change, but her father had heart problems and while she had to worry about his medical bills she could not afford to risk her job.

She told me the story of how an employer in Hong Kong had attempted to sexually assault her. Begonia managed to escape to her room and barricaded herself in while she packed her belongings and wrote her resignation letter. Then she crept outside to hide all the kitchen knives bar one. Her children now live with her in the UK and she has acquired British citizenship. She has also represented the group in parliament and at party conferences, and often speaks at forums for international workers.

Begonia wants domestic workers to appreciate the bigger picture and to join her in seeking greater social and political recognition for those who are in their situation. She urges J4DW members to view their struggle as part of a broader fight against low pay and poverty in the UK. She wants to give members of J4DW the confidence to join demonstrations and speak out in public, and many of them do — if they can.

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Farr is to appear in the Portland Parish Court next Tuesday. The partially burnt bodies of elderly British couple were found at their home in Mount Pleasant on Friday, June The police investigating the murder have theorised the pensioners were killed to thwart the investigation into the fraud. A reliable source close to the investigation revealed that Farr was well known to the couple and that his mother had previously worked for the Andersons.

He said: "The police have charged a young man whose family was known to the Anderson family. Taylor was born in Iowa in , deciding twenty years later to move to Los Angeles so that she may fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. However, the only job she's able to land is that of a waitress, working for six years in some diner across the street from Paramount, barely able to make end's meet on such a salary. But, one day she is approached by Adrian Powell , and he tells her that he has a lot of lonely rich friends in need of Unintentionally, Michael and Taylor fall in love with one another and their affair becomes long term; he ends up leaving his wife, famous decorator Olivia Rice , and marrying his mistress, but he is submissive in his divorce and his new bride is forced to sacrifice beloved maid Lupe to Olivia.

Taylor and Michael interview a new maid, Marisol Duarte , following the reluctant departure of Lupe.

The beautiful blonde is initially hesitant to hire such a well-spoken newcomer, wanting her old maid back, but Marisol agrees to work on a trial basis, saying that if the Stappords are unhappy with her services after one week then she'll leave. Marisol later happens across a crying Taylor and wonders what's wrong. Taylor doesn't believe that Marisol would be able to understand the kind of problem she's having, but the maid disagrees, assuring her new employer that she gives excellent advice.

Caving, Taylor admits that her problem stems from the first Mrs. Stappord, Olivia Rice ; Marisol recognizes her name and knows her to be a famous interior decorator, hearing that everything in the household was personally selected by her prior to the divorce. Taylor wants to change things and make her home more to her taste, but Michael is worried that this might offend Olivia, hence her tears. Marisol assures her that in the grand scheme of things, she's still the winner, and an ex-wife's throw pillows hardly compare to the likes of good health and an adoring husband At Michael's birthday dinner, Olivia drops in and makes a scene, throwing a crystal heart against the wall as a visual metaphor for how her heart was broken when Michael left her for a younger model.

Taylor begs that her husband do something, but it is Marisol who steps in. She manhandles Olivia out the door, to the applause of the party guests, and this convinces Taylor that her new maid is worthy of a full-time position. Unbeknownst to her, however, Marisol is actually undercover, trying to exonerate her son of Flora Hernandez's recent murder. Marisol approaches Evelyn Powell and offers to work for her on her days off, already having cleaned the room in which Flora was stabbed, and Evelyn would be delighted to finally land a new maid When Marisol asks, Taylor wholeheartedly denies her consent, assuring her new employee that the Powells are in no way her true friends.

However, when Adrian hears that he's lost the chance to have the mysterious and beautiful Marisol working in his home, he approaches Taylor and threatens to expose her past as one of his prostitutes should she continue to deny him access to her maid. When Marisol returns to the Stappord mansion, she finds Taylor crying due to this conversation before saying that she can work for the Powells whenever she so wishes. Marisol wants to know what Adrian said to Taylor to change her mind, but Taylor replies that all Marisol needs to know is that Adrian can be very persuasive when he wants to be Taylor goes shopping with Marisol to prepare for a dinner party and, at the supermarket, they run into Olivia.

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The latter apologizes to Marisol for the way she acted at Michael's birthday party, and Marisol accepts the apology, but urges her to apologize to Taylor as well. However, Olivia refuses to, and reveals that Taylor used to be a prostitute. Later, over drinks, Taylor explains to Marisol how she got into the sex trade business, and Marisol recommends that she tells Michael about Olivia's knowledge before the latter spreads it. Taylor requests that Marisol be by her side when she tells him.

When they finally break the news to Michael, he decides that they all should leave to New York , an idea that doesn't please the women. Marisol later tells Michael that she can't move because of personal reasons, and suggests that she talk to Olivia and find out how she discovered the truth and what her intentions are. Later, Marisol stops by Olivia's with the pretext of bringing her some mail, and starts complaining about Taylor, hoping to ingratiate herself to Michael's ex-wife. Olivia asks her in for tea, and Marisol tells Olivia that Taylor is terrified that she might tell people the truth, and that the Stappords want to move to New York.

She then lies and tells the old woman that Michael is still in love with her and will probably want her back, so it's best for Olivia if they don't move. Olivia decides to write Taylor a letter to let her know she won't tell anyone. She then asks how Olivia found out about Taylor's past, and Olivia reveals that she was told by Evelyn Powell.

Marisol tells Taylor, who is delighted, and she then asks her boss to explain to her what is going on with Adrian and his prostitutes. Taylor explains that he hires women to seduce his inebriated friends during intimate get-togethers, while the friends have no idea of what is going on, and then he simply disappears when the time for love-making comes.

Marisol is confused, and wonders what Adrian could get out of this When Marisol is snooping around the Powell house, she comes across one of Adrian's many DVDs which features Michael and Taylor having sex from when the latter was a prostitute. She is forced to abandon viewing due to the sudden appearance of Evelyn , and when she returns to continue collecting evidence, the DVD has been moved.

Therefore, she decides to go in another direction: she makes martinis for Michael and Taylor and reveals to them that Adrian has a collection of DVDs of Taylor's sessions. Marisol offers to steal them, but she'd have to know where he keeps them stored. Michael keeps drinking, and Taylor asks them if he knew anything, but he doesn't respond and storms out.

The women follow him to the Powell house, concerned, to find Michael beating up Adrian and demanding to know where the DVDs are. Evelyn shows up with a baseball bat, however, and intimidates Michael into stopping.

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She then takes Marisol to a room hidden at the end of a hallway where she sees a camera pointing at a one-way glass, on the other side of which is the bedroom where the prostitution sessions took place. On the walls are several shelves filled with an extensive collection of DVDs.

Evelyn picks up the Taylor collection, on their way, Evelyn tells Marisol that she is fired. Marisol realizes on her way to the store that she's forgotten her wallet, but when she returns to the Stappord mansion to retrieve it, she is shocked to discover Taylor and Michael making love atop the kitchen counter. They fall off in disgrace and try to apologize, ingratiating themselves in their maid's eyes by revealing that they're trying to get pregnant.

Because of this, Marisol offers to take her boss to a fertility clinic she's familiar with, and Taylor is grateful for such an opportunity, having been worried that Michael might leave her if she's barren the same way he left his childless marriage to Olivia. Marisol assures her against this, knowing that Michael adores her, and, at the clinic, Taylor asks her friend how she knew of such a place. Marisol reveals that she herself found out she was infertile there, but it was okay because she and her husband simply adopted. This comes as a shock to Taylor because she thought Marisol had no family, and so the fake maid quickly fabricates that she had to give the child back after she divorced her ex.

An apologetic Taylor then bumps into Joan Fisher , an old friend of Olivia who has no qualms in telling the first Mrs. Stappord that Michael is attempting to impregnate his new wife. Olivia is distraught and appears in the Stappords' kitchen, only to be warded off yet again by Marisol who is forced to break the old woman's heart all over again by revealing that she lied about Michael still having feelings for her. Taylor is pregnant and can't wait to share the news with absolutely everyone she knows, but Michael is worried about word getting out because of how Olivia might react.

To avoid her having to find out the hard way, Michael pays his ex-wife a visit and amicably breaks the news that he's successfully starting a family with Taylor, to her dismay. Marisol, meanwhile, convinces her beautiful blonde employer to have a dinner party to announce the pregnancy officially, having an agenda that involves talking to her son's old catering colleague about something to do with Flora's murder.

Taylor is at first hesitant by the amount of guests who end up arriving, but everything turns out for the best and the Stappords are able to joyously announce the good news to all their friends. The festivities are cut short however when Marisol spots something horrifying outside Olivia Rice is hanging by the neck from a tree, attempting suicide due to Taylor's pregnancy. Everyone is shocked and Michael quickly works to have her cut down, crying over the possibility of his former spouse's death.

Taylor is deeply saddened to see how much he obviously still cares for her. Michael misses Taylor's first scan, where she heard the baby's heartbeat, because he was busy visiting Olivia in hospital. Taylor is very unhappy with how often he's been doing this and they fight about it, leading the beautiful blonde to seek out Marisol for some of her legendary good advice; however, the maid is absent from the house because she's secretly meeting with someone.

The next day, the undercover maid suggests that Taylor go with her husband on these visits to prove her support and remind him of her presence in the marriage. Taylor commends Marisol on being so smart and wonders where she was last night, pointing out that she tells her everything about her life while she knows nothing about Marisol's.

Marisol assures her employer that her life just isn't that interesting; meanwhile, she's been setting up a "surprise" meeting between Michael, Remi Delatour and her lawyer Ida Hayes , all in her efforts to exonerate her son of Flora Hernandez's murder. The meeting does not go well and merely makes Michael suspicious of Marisol, for she didn't exactly try hard to keep Ida from entering his home.

Taylor later discovers Marisol eavesdropping outside her husband's office, which she finds strange. She decides to follow her maid's advice and go to the hospital with Michael, to his joy, and while there she tells him of what she found Marisol doing, wanting to think nothing of it because of what a good friend Marisol has been to her since she was hired.

He tells her to keep an eye on their maid Curious about Philippe Delatour and his involvement with Flora's death, Marisol asks Taylor a few questions, knowing Philippe to be one of Michael's most faithful clients. Taylor doesn't really know anything, only that Philippe pays Michael a grand wealth of money, and grows suspicious when her maid continues to press the matter. Because of this, Taylor decides to phone her husband and tell him the kind of things Marisol's been asking, leading in turn to Michael telling Philippe. With the latter's private investigators at his disposal, Michael is able to find out that Marisol's real surname is Suarez: she is the mother of the boy arrested for the murder of Flora Hernandez.

This too is told to Philippe, who assures his lawyer that he's already "taken care" of the matter. Michael now knows that Marisol is in danger and confronts her with the truth, advising her to leave as fast as she can before Philippe's gunman can track her down.

A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, by Thomas Middleton

Taylor, awaking from the nap she took due the tire of being pregnant, also becomes wary of the truth about her maid, not caring so long as Marisol never lied about being her friend, which she didn't. She insists that she stay so that they themselves can protect her, but when she goes outside to retrieve Marisol's bags, Philippe's gunman confuses her with his target and Taylor is shot in the torso.

She collapses to the ground, blood pouring from her wound, and Michael is devastated to find her in such a state. With her employer's life in critical condition, Marisol rushes away to phone an ambulance. With a bullet in her stomach, Taylor is rushed through hospital with Marisol and Michael fast in her wake. The latter warns the doctors that his wife is pregnant and they promise to do all that they can to preserve the baby Taylor is left miscarried and Michael is utterly crushed by the news.

After hearing about this herself, Marisol enters her employer's hospital room and begs Michael to tell her about Philippe , needing to exonerate her son. Michael refuses, pointing out that he's Philippe's lawyer and so nothing he tells the undercover maid will hold up in a court of law; all that would happen is he would be throwing away his legal license and Marisol still wouldn't be able to touch Philippe.