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This large-format collection features nearly 50 absorbing single-page and full-spread mazes, sequenced with increasing complexity, and includes inventive bonuses such as mazes with two paths to follow and a maze that runs on the inside covers from front to back. Solutions are provided, but for those seeking mindful activity or hours of puzzle decoding entertainment, getting there will be half the fun. Jackson is a New York—based broadcast designer and art director.

This is his first book. For customer service related to chroniclebooks. Chronicle Books.

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As a manager or an entrepreneur you are often put in a lonely position. In addition, you have a big responsibility. When things go wrong, all eyes are on you.

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The pressure of leading efficiently can be huge. A lot is being demanded from you while most of the time you are limited in options to figure out solutions. A lot of leaders have the feeling their resilience is being pushed to the limit. People get promoted into leadership positions due to their expertise, their technical knowledge and skills. However, leading a team demands a resilient mind-set and specific leadership- and communication skills. We can either work face to face or online. It gives you an insight in your own potential. We also determine your destination: what is the desired result that you want to get out of this partnership?

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Where do you really want to go? Are you looking for more inner peace, self-confidence, better relationships, more impact,… Do you want to feel heard and understood, or do you want more time, successfully achieve goals or go to work feeling excited?

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  • Then we build the strategical bridge that will take you to your destination. How do I take people with me on the change process?

    I doubt whether I have the ability to lead people. I have been promoted from colleague to manager. I am having trouble adapting to my new role. I am an entrepreneur and just hired my first employee or I am building a team. I want to increase my leadership skills.

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    You learn what you really need in order to grow. Higher sales figures and ROI then with any other form of training. Answers to your questions and solutions for your specific problems.

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    Insight in your qualities and your personal obstacles that sabotage you from optimally functioning and growing. An action plan for implementing the learned skills into your daily life and follow-up with the possibility to adjust where necessary. Maximum development of your skills in a minimum of time. Practicing in a new environment with the focus on your unique learning process. Increasing your personal effectiveness and achieving your professional goals.