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As an adult, I think this book is more for parents and is a great reminder to chill out and let our kids bloom in their own time and in their own way. The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf is a classic tale about doing your own thing and not letting any amount of pressure change you.

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I love the message this book has about being who you are no matter what environment you are in. This book is chill and sweet and the black and white illustrations make the readers feel like they are on the top of the mountain gathering blueberries too. This book is a cute look at the world of Fern Hollow where there is a large cast of animal characters who live in a small idyllic English village. The book itself is sweet, going through village life one season at a time but my favorite thing about this book and the others by the same author was the map of the village at the start and end of each book in the series.

This book inspired my imagination.

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I adored this book as a child and even though hospitals have changed a lot since this book was written the story still rings true. I remember reading this book before having to go to the hospital as a child and finding comfort in it. George gets into some trouble with a puzzle and ends up in the hospital with a bad tummy ache. It turns out that he swallowed a piece!

I loved the same things about it back then that my kids do today, the incredibly detailed pictures that offer an unparalleled launching pad for a young imagination. In the Night Kitchen Caldecott Collection by Maurice Sendak is one of the many books I remember exactly where I was when I first read it ; Coquitlam Public Library sitting in the shag carpeted row boat amazed that the main character Mickey had no clothes.

Mickey falls out of bed and into the night kitchen where the bakers try to bake him and ultimately he saves the day and falls back into bed and back to sleep. Even as a little girl giggling at the pictures in the book I read the words and felt the freedom from being little that Mikey felt.

Like me, he still got the heart of the story and even expressed that Mickey was naked because he was dreaming and got to do whatever he wanted. I read this to my son all the time. This book makes me incredibly sad. I read it to my son and we talked, we had a great talk about taking advantage of those who love us, and how it hurts everyone.

Amos is a mouse who is rescued by Boris a whale when he goes overboard in the middle of the ocean. After the rescue, they develop a tender friendship despite their obvious differences and go on their separate ways with full hearts. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig is a book many of you may recognize from your own childhood. I remember the sweet story from my own. As a rock he is unable to wish himself back into a donkey and is left to sit silently while his parents are frantic, search and finally grieve.

My son loved the story and I loved how when we talked about it he expressed so much empathy for Sylvester and his parents. The obvious message that you have to be careful what you wish for is a powerful one for kids learning about consequences. The other messages which for us were the more important ones were that family bonds can break through anything and that no matter what even if he is a rock I would never give up on him. Loveable blue monster and narrator of this story. This book is completely interactive in that Grover is speaking directly to the reader and asking them not to turn the pages.

It put me in fits of giggles as a child but as a mom, I love the reminder to never judge a book by its cover. Days can suck. So our childhood books are now vintage? Great list! We love a lot of these at our house too. Oh yes! Any Virginia Lee Burton book is a must read.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

The Little House is my favorite and my kids have loved listening to it on CD. I absolutely love this list. Many of my favorites made your list — yay! Thanks for sharing!

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I love almost all of these, but I have to disagree on The Giving Tree. Mine too. I hate it. I think one reading is useful just for the lesson of how not to be the tree or the boy. The Giving Tree is one I would never read to my kids at school. Absolutely the wrong way to live a life. What a truly wonderful list!! I am very excited.


Thank you very, very much. So many of my childhood favorites made your list! Like you, I see it as a story of selfishness. The boy takes and takes until there is nothing more to take, and he never gives anything back. Love this list. I so love those picture books. My kids did too but my husband thinks they are boring. They are wonderfully old fashioned. We also love Make Way for Ducklings but then we live near Boston! I have most of the books on this list!

Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee tops my list.

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Totally agree with Alligator Pie too. I loved most of these books as a child.

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I was so excited to see someone else loved The Monster at the end of this Book! I also had One Kitten for Kim- the twist at the end always delighted me! I loved these books as a child and shared them with many kindergarten students over the years. It was and still is my all tome favourite book! Thx for this super list. I have read maybe half so I have some work to do before grandchildren arrive!

Great suggestions to add though!

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Sometimes being sad can be good. They never participated in healthy competition, never learned their strengths and weaknesses. Those students had not learned how to fail or lose, two of the most important ways we learn to trust ourselves. Self esteem is achieved only through accomplishment, many times through trial, error, and lots of failure. This boy took from the tree until he was old, and the tree kept giving until she was a stump. So much wasted time. Nothing learned until both were at the end of life. Then we see them learn to ride, and when they come in wearing a big grin, we make some cookies and celebrate with a glass of milk.

You got almost all my favourites from my childhood except the Frog and Toad books, and Never Tease a Weasel! What a great list of books! Thank you so much for sharing. Fabulous large format original Louis Wain fairy book containing 12 full page colour illustrations and black and white line illustrations on all of the other pages. Paper covered illustrated boards [front and rear] over red cloth backstrip.

Professionally rebound, retaining the original backstrip and end papers and with the gutta percha reset and although holding overall it is delicate and a few of the pages have come loose. This is a problem with the manufacture of this book, mainly due to the poor early wood pulp paper quality which is now tanned and chipped around some of the edges, and just has to be accepted as I feel that too much restoration would detract. The quality and brilliance of the large colour illustrations is quite superb in this hard to find and quite rare Louis Wain edition.

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