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Even at practice I just wished I were playing instead of coaching. Despite her limited free time, Harrison set out to find a team willing to take her on as a defender. A small-town girl from Butler, she expected that a city like Pittsburgh would hold countless opportunities for someone in her position. It's clear that--along with a competitive streak a mile long--Harrison has lived with this decisive nature her whole life.

Though each of her six siblings dabbled in soccer when they were young, she was the only one who stuck with it. Harrison continued to play through elementary and middle school.

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By the time she was 15, she was ready to play on a club team. Her parents, though supportive of her passion, couldn't commit to driving her to games across the region while working and raising her siblings. Determined to play, Harrison didn't let that stop her. She attended the first practice where she met Jordan Daloiso '12 , who lived in the neighboring town of Kittanning and whose parents offered to take Harrison to games and practices.

Soon after, as Harrison and Daloiso transitioned quickly from new teammates to best friends, Harrison realized for the first time that she wanted to play soccer in college. After four successful years of high school and club soccer, Harrison settled on Clarion as her new home. She found an immediate connection with the squad's coach at the time, Nina Alonzo, forsaking even California University of Pennsylvania, whose women's soccer program has a recent history of notable success.

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Along with the school and the soccer program, like so many before her, Harrison says the town of Clarion won her heart almost immediately. It's so cute and there's a lot going on.

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Each session ends with a Cool Down and Team Talk. This session structure provides Coaches with avenues to debrief, discuss, and engage with the students at different times through different methods. This ability to focus on life-skills throughout the session is what sets us apart from conventional football coaching.

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Exemplar session plans and coach actions have been identified and created to assist the coaches in delivering the curriculum content better. It is imperative that the coach focuses on imparting values every session that directly correlate to a life-skill as part of our leadership framework. We believe in the healthy spirit of competition and believe that life-skills really come to bear in a competitive environment. The coaches are instructed to design a feedback cycle with the children through which they reflect upon the game to highlight essential learnings from the experience.

With a structured curriculum and licensed coaches, JFK looks to create an alternate reality for these children both girls and boys , wherein they can freely express themselves and inherently imbibe critical life skills. The program aims to create well-rounded individuals that are not only self-aware but also possess a moral code and can think critically to become productive members of society.

From overcoming discouragement and stigma, encouraging neighbours and friends to join practice sessions, to coaching peers as a side-gig, these young women have become role models who pushed the envelope on the importance of sport for women beyond the realization of their own dreams.

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Registration Number: 26 Singapore: Enabling Leadership Pvt. Registration Number: D. Enabling leadership through football. Apply to join us as a football coach. Positions open in Bengaluru. Applications close: July 7th, In order to keep his testimony strong, David actively attends church each Sunday and weekday activities. His mother, who has taught seminary for 13 years, taught his older brothers with him.

The strong bond that is so obvious between the Brown brothers likely results from sharing the same room growing up. They wrestle and tease each other as brothers do, but their teamwork is apparent.

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They care for each other and desire to see each other succeed. As each brother graduated from seminary and left to serve a mission, the class became smaller. He knew the importance of grounding his testimony firmly in the scriptures. An area in which he has put the Lord first is in Sunday matches. His coach and manager respected him for this decision and worked around it with him. David relates how the Lord blessed him for his obedience.