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Calese, Gary D. Law Enforcement Methods for Counterinsurgency Operations. School of Advanced Military Studies monographs. Campbell, Jason, Michael E. O'Hanlon, and Jeremy Shapiro. Assessing Counterinsurgency and Stabilization Missions. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution, Celeski, Joseph D. Operationalizing COIN. Chiarenza, David C. Moral Warfare in Counterinsurgency Operations. Colan, Albert R. Corum, James S. Crider, James R. A Pragmatic Approach to Counterinsurgency. Drew, Colonel Dennis M. Cadre paper; Report Air University [U. Airpower Research Institute , no. Fair, C. Christine, and Sumit Ganguly.

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JSOU report ; Hurlburt Field, FL. Bolduc, Don. By way of overview, he begins by defining his battalion's mission as one of conducting "selected unconventional warfare tasks in a counterinsurgency environment. In addition, he was charged with assisting "the local populace through the use of civil-military operations, psychological operations and information operations, and then training the Afghan National Army along a decentralized program of instruction.

Bolduc closes by articulating what he feels is the importance of recording soldiers' oral histories. Collins, Joseph J. Understanding War in Afghanistan. Connolly, Colonel Peter. Counterinsurgency in Uruzgan Study paper no. Canberra: Land Warfare Studies Centre, Dimitriu, George, and Beatrice de Graaf.

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Factors that loom large in any counterinsurgency campaign--politics, society, economics, and outside support--bear only passing resemblance to Al Anbar. This paper highlights 9 major differences between Al Anbar and Afghanistan particularly southern Afghanistan and considers their implications for the Marine Corps. Neville, Leigh, and Richard Chasemore. New vanguard, Oxford: Osprey, Bogart, Adrian T.

Graff, Jonathan K. Metz, Steven. Learning from Iraq: Counterinsurgency in American Strategy. Smith, Andrew. Swanson, Scott. Arnold, James R. New York: Bloomsbury Press, Beech, Michael F. Involvement in Somalia. Breemer, Jan S. Cassidy, R. Daddis, Gregory A. No Sure Victory: Measuring U. Army Effectiveness and Progress in the Vietnam War. Fisher, Noel C. Hickey, Lawrence J. Pacific air Forces, Prior to the arrival of U. The western Pleiku area, however, on the western end of strategic Highway 19, which cuts across the country to the coastal port of Qui Nhon, is the logical entry point for any planned enemy drive to cut South Vietnam in half.

In this objective, the enemy has not succeeded. What emerges clearly from this account of fighting by the 1st Air Cavalry, 25th, and 4th Infantry Divisions in the central highlands is the absolute essentiality of air support to the survival of friendly forces. Perhaps never in history has a large ground force in war been so dependent upon air support, close air support, and tactical airlift, as well as other air support functions such as interdiction, landing zone preparation, reconnaissance, night flare drops, defoliation, psychological warfare, and search and rescue.

This study shows in detail the means by which air was employed in highlands fighting and how it directly affected and influenced ground action. They cannot continue to function effectively without the air umbrella provided by the vast armada of U. Air support, as can be seen from this study, is infinitely more than a new dimension of artillery. It is the difference between success or failure and no one will attest to this more strongly than the U.

Army ground commanders on the receiving end, many of whom are quoted in the study. Hooper, Edwin Bickford, Dean C. Allard, and Oscar P. The Setting of the Stage to Linn, Brian McAllister. The Philippine War, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, Marolda, Edward J. The Approaching Storm: Conflict in Asia, Navy and the War in Southeast Asia. From Military Assistance to Combat, Miller, Daniel G.

Mills, Richard W. Moyar, Mark. New Haven: Yale University Press, Niblack, Albert P. Annapolis, MD: U. Naval Institute, Ramsey, Robert D. Long war occasional papers, Global War on Terrorism Occasional Paper, Robert Ramsey distilled the insights gained by the U. Army from its advisory experiences in Korea, Vietnam, and El Salvador. In this anthology, he presents 14 insightful, personal accounts from those who advised foreign armies in various times and places over the last years. Unlike most of the monographs in the Global War on Terrorism Occasional Paper series, this volume is an anthology.

The articles are from past and present advisors, and they are presented without editing or commentary. Ranging from World War I to the present, this collection of articles, after action reports, and a RAND study was assembled from documents written for advisors by advisors and experts in the field. With one exception, the readings are in chronological order. The first reading, a list of suggestions T. Lawrence wrote for his fellow advisors during the Arab Revolt, is often referred to today. The next six readings from the Vietnam era include articles from military publications and a after-action report.

An article and after-action report from El Salvador follow the Vietnam readings. The next four articles address recent advisory efforts in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The last reading is a RAND study on advisor-counterpart relationships from that deals with military advisors in Vietnam.

Franklin Bell in the Philippines, Schreadley, Richard L. Shultz, Richard H. Guerrilla Warfare and Conterinsurgency: U. Lexington, MA: Lexington Books, Symmes, Weymouth D. Tucker, Spencer, ed. As a result of the Tet offensive, Civilian Irregular Defense Group CIDG forces assumed new missions, construction projects in progress were delayed, new construction was necessitated, plans to relocate open, close, and convert camps were deferred or cancelled and thousands of refugees were assisted. The most significant single action during the quarter occurred at Special Forces camp Lang Vei.

The large scale attack that had been expected occurred on 7 February when a combined armor and infantry attack overran the camp.

Legacy of the Cold War in Indochina

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Hedman, Daniel K. Liller, Otto K. Logan, Kevin. There, he began working with coalition humanitarian liaison cells. In detail, Logan recounts his dealings with 82nd Airborne Division personnel, with a variety of civil affairs and SF units, and also discusses his efforts to secure the cooperation and coordination necessary to ensure that humanitarian assistance work could proceed, unhindered either by logistical constraints or enemy activity.

In this vein, he explains the emergence and growth of the provincial reconstruction teams. As for advice as to how conventional and special ops forces can more effectively work together in the future, he insists that breaking down mutual "stereotypes and misconceptions" is key - and towards this end, expanded professional education on the capabilities and limitations of both types of forces is crucial. Martinage, Robert.

Strategy for the Long Haul. McCain, Steven A. Moulton, John R, II. Pratt, Christopher D. Roscoe, Theodore, and R. Annapolis: United States Naval Institute, New York: Public Affairs, Spulak, Robert G. Talkington, Rory E. Operation Odyssey Dawn and U. Special Forces Operations: U. Army Doctrine. FM Benbow, Robert. CRM, D Cutler, Thomas J. Dunnavent, R. Brown Water Warfare: The U. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, London: Osprey, Field, James A.

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Alvarez, Rogelio E. Interdicting Electrical Power Grids. Backgrounder, no. Washington, DC : Heritage Foundation, Saadawi, Tarek Nazir, and Louis Jordan. Cyber Infrastructure Protection. Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities. Department of Energy. Nuclear Effects Directorate. Wilson, Clay. Burdick, David S. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood.

Department of Defense, General Accounting Office. Combating Terrorism: Efforts to Protect U. General Accounting Office, Warner, Scott A. Master of Military Art and Science Theses. Bowers, William J. Marine Corps University, Boynton, Frank R. Dorman, Andrew M. Elleman, Bruce A. Cass series. Navy policy and history. Federoff, Jack A. Expeditionary Warfare and Conflict Deterrence. Grimmett, Richard F. Hendrickson, George B. Expeditionary Ship Battle Damage Repair.

Strategic Research Department , Tionquiao, and Christopher Kevin Wells. Expeditionary Warfare: Force Protection. Kraska, James. Oros, Carl L. Richardson, Doug. Robertson, Christopher H. Support of U. Army Special Forces in Expeditionary Warfare. Sentinella, Derek J.

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Hore, Peter. London: Chatham, The British Expedition to Abyssinia. London: Macmillan, The Campaign in Tirah, London: Macmillan and Company, Naval Brigades in the South African War, London: S. Low, Marston, Keyes, Roger John Brownlow Keyes. Adventures Ashore and Afloat. George C. Harrap, Low, Charles Rathbone. McNeely, R. Miller, Donald G. Marine Corps Operations in North China, Officer of the Regiment.

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Officer of the Royal Artillery. Roth, Patrick H. Sailors as Infantry in the US Navy. Rowbotham, William Bevill. The Naval Brigades in the Indian Mutiny, Publications of the Navy Records Society, vol. London: Printed for the Navy Records Society, Rynd, Captain F. Taylor, G. Farquharson, U. Naval History and Heritage Command. Casualties, U.

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Williams, Charles. Wingate, Major Francis Reginald. Abbot, General Augustus, C.

Devastation and Recovery

London: Smith, Elder and Company, A Year on the Punjab Frontier, in London: Richard Bentley, Ferrier, Joseph Pierre. History of the Afghans. Translated from the unpublished French manuscript by Captain William Jesse. London: J. Murray, Forbes, Archibald. The Afghan Wars, and New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, Low, Lieutenant Charles Rathbone, late I.

A Memoir. He is still comparatively young for a general officer, but there is probably small chance of his being employed in the service of his country, though in any politico-military appointment requiring delicacy and tact, with firmness and sound judgment, there are few officers in either the Home or Indian Services who could better discharge such duties. Oliver, Edward Emmerson, M. London: Chapman and Hall, Paske, Colonel Edward Hanson. Sale, Florentia Wynch, Lady. A Journal of the Disasters in Afghanistan, London: John Murray, Two volumes in one.

Translated from the Persian by Bernhard Dorn, Ph. London, Walker, P. London and New York: E. Dutton and Company, The China Relief Expedition, Davidson, W. Operations in North China. Herausgegeben vom Admiralstabe der Marine. Berlin: Ernst Siegfried Mittler und Sohn, Harlow, William C. Logistical Support of the China Relief Expedition. Kempff, Louis. Washington, DC: n. Leonhard, Robert R. Die China-Expedition Myers, John T. Military Operations and Defenses of the Siege of Peking. O'Quinlivan, Michael.

Marine Corps historical bibliographies, no. Winterhalder, Theodor Ritter von. Wien: A. Hartleben, Wurtsbaugh, Daniel W. The Seymour Relief Expedition. The Boxer Rebellion and the U. Navy, Anderson, Wesley J. Choate, Mary Jo. Dalzell, Stephen R. Dividing Our Enemies.

Iqbal, Malik Zafar. Kherbi, H. Thornton, William H. Joint Special Operations University. Subscribe to our summer-only newsletter to get great reads in your inbox once a week during July and August. Subscribe Magazine Newsletter. Login Sign up Search. Subscribe Login Sign up. Foreign Policy. President Lyndon B. Johnson greets American troops in Vietnam, October Information Agency A Question recently posed by a distinguished colleague is central for anyone who earnestly seeks to understand how an entire generation of American political leaders, with the best will in the world, pushed the country onto the slippery slope that led ever downward into the engulfing morass of Indochina.

There is a tendency today, especially among younger people, to denigrate the Stalinist threat, to discount the challenge and the perils it presented, and by various efforts at historical revisionism to conclude that the cold war was an unnecessary happening provoked by American imperialists Loading, please wait Will China Seize Taiwan?

"Small Wars" by Dr. Michael D. Gambone

The U. Afshon Ostovar. Stay informed.