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The numbers refer to where on the chromosome your mutation occurs and what kind of mutation it is. As genetic testing becomes more advanced, researchers will be able to identify that certain mutations infer an increased risk of specific cancers. Certain groups of people are at risk of carrying a BRCA mutation and should therefore be more vigilant if they display any symptoms of the hereditary cancers linked to a BRCA mutation.

If you have a family history including anything listed below, book an appointment with your GP to discuss it. It is useful to take any details you have with you so that you can show a pattern of cancers within your family.

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Ask your GP to refer you to your local genetics centre where you can further discuss your family history and concerns with a specialist genetic counsellor. These include — but are not limited to:. Home Inherited Risks What are genes and genetic mutations? What are genes? What are BRCA genes and what do they do? How common are BRCA mutations? Who is at risk of carrying a BRCA gene mutation?

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For example, in mammals, the Y-chromosome is only found in males, and parts of it could be traced back to a single ancestor as well. What would be fascinating, Alexander says, would be if you had a situation where you could trace this Y-chromosome Adam to a similar time as the mitochondrial Eve, as this would suggest some quick or sudden population expansion—the kind that comes when a species moves into new territory.

In the case of squid and sperm whales, it might also point to the reason for a population expansion among the progeny of the mitochondrial Eve. There could be some kind of parallel bottleneck, such as a big environmental change, that led to a similar pattern of low mitochondrial diversity. But Alexander is cautious of pointing out a possible link. Subscribe or Give a Gift.

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