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And be sure to check out the latest 4K TV deals. The excellent display boasts the superior brightness of LCD and black levels that give OLED displays a run for their money, and Samsung backs it up with the Bixby voice assistant and superb built-in sound. And while this set looks good on the included stand, it's even better up on the wall, where the included One Connect Box and nearly invisible single-cable connection virtually eliminate the tangle of cables that come with most TVs. With local dimming and color boosting technology, the M-Series Quantum has impressive picture quality and great HDR performance, complete with Dolby Vision support.

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The superb OLED panel offers rich color and deep black levels without sacrificing detail or brightness. The A9F has excellent sound quality and robust volume, making it one of the best audio experiences you'll get from a TV; no soundbar required. Vizio TVs are popular with the cost- and cord-cutting crowd, thanks to inexpensive prices and a good number of free content options that come built in to the company's smart TVs.

The 4K panel offers Hz refresh rates, excellent backlighting with local dimming and an impressive number of HDMI ports for hooking up your other devices.

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You will give up some conveniences, like a voice assistant Vizio doesn't have one and a limited selection of local apps. But with built-in Chromecast supporting thousands of apps and easy content sharing from your phone or tablet, there's still a wealth of content for people ditching cable or satellite subscriptions. Great things can come in small and affordable packages.

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In fact, this is our best cheap TV overall. And you can find larger sizes at similarly affordable prices. Despite the inexpensive price, you'll get Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos audio support and integrated Roku voice search, giving you an outsize smart-TV value in a size that's perfect for a second TV or for use in smaller apartments. If you want big savings without a huge sacrifice in picture quality, the Samsung Q6F QLED TV is a good choice, boasting strong color and brightness and impressive audio, along with the Bixby voice assistant and super-simple setup for anyone with a Samsung phone.

In addition to being a well-made smart TV, it's also well-designed, with a look that's more sophisticated than that of the average TV. And it has an Ambient Mode that makes the TV both beautiful and functional even when you aren't sitting down for a show.

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It's like having a Google Home without ever setting up a smart speaker. Amazon users are also invited to the party, with full compatibility for Amazon Alexa devices.

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And there's more to the LG 65SK than just smarts, with features like Dolby Vision support, Dolby Atmos audio and short lag times for excellent gaming performance. The 4K display boasts a Hz refresh rate and uses LG's Nano Cell technology for improved color accuracy and black levels. HDR10 looks good.

Hopefully, it will catch on with content providers. LG is very good and uses quantum dots on some models that we have yet to test. Because each sub-pixel is its own light source, when a pixel is switched off, you get near perfect black.

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They can, on the other hand, generate much higher peak brightness, which compensates with most material and really makes HDR pop. The main issue with OLED is its relatively limited lifespan. When you add white to any color, it becomes paler. Fortunately, this phenomenon is only really noticeable on rare occasions or when using a color meter. A white subpixel is added to the existing red, green, and blue subpixels. A layer of these can increase the color acuity of a TV tremendously. That said, as mentioned earlier, other technologies are getting closer. Click here for more definitions , plus links to our most recent smart TV reviews.

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