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However, Island of a Thousand Mirrors focuses on the civil war that raged between and , exploring the perspectives of Yasodhara, a middle-class Sinhalese woman in an arranged marriage, and Saraswathi, a Tamil woman from the war-torn north who dreams of being a teacher. You'll want to visit: Turkey.

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Here are 10 must-read novels by women to inspire your next trip. Chasing the Light by Jesse Blackadder You'll want to visit: Antarctica Chasing the Light is a gripping fictionalized retelling of how three Norwegians became the first women ever to visit Antarctica. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Thr first woman to plant a flag im May 3, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase.

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The best. Thr first woman to plant a flag im the North Pole. This book needs to promote the author who should be the environmentalist of the year for her many accomplishments. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.

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Visit his website at www. Rascal is nearly home. He's desperate to find his owner Joel again - but then he's caught and trapped in an animal shelter! Time is running out for Rascal Packed with entertaining illustrations from James De La Rue. Fans of Morpurgo's Shadow will love this. Chris Cooper is the pen name of Paul Shipton, who grew up in Manchester and went to university in Cambridge. He spent several years teaching English as a foreign language and lived in Istanbul for a year. Paul then moved into publishing, working on science activity books and primary school English materials.

He published his first book, Zargon Zoo in Four years later, he published Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear, and relocated with his family to Wisconsin, United States where he works as a freelance writer and editor. He, his wife and two daughters, now divide their time between Cambridge, England and Madison, Wisconsin.

Rascal is hungry and tired, and missing his best friend, Joel - but when he finds three little abandoned puppies, he knows that he needs to look after them. Can he keep them safe and still find his own way home to Joel? Rascal is lost, and very afraid. But between Rascal and Joel are train tracks, wild dogs, and terrible danger.

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Rascal is a long way from home. But when a strange boy rescues him from two dog catchers, Rascal realises that he might not be the only one who needs a little help. Rascal is hot and thirsty, and still miles from his owner Joel. The woods are tinder-dry, and when careless campers start a forest fire, Rascal must fight to save not only himself, but a frightened and lost little girl. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. Ages The day Flora spots a team of sled dogs is the day she sets her heart on becoming a sled pig.

This poignant novel of a purposeful pig is sure to become a favorite with any young readers who have ever dreamed of exploring the great beyond. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages.